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the atrocities against women by at how much i'm pleased with how when a human powered up thinking. the us the us and abroad as us vice president joe biden store to store in east asia tour in tokyo after which you will stop in beijing and seoul to emphasize washington today to asia. the talk in a dreamlike the delayed appointment of two government officials and it belongs gridlock at the national assembly. rio will start working level meetings on whether to join a us led asia pacific trade pact that would lead to forty percent of the world's
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economy. they sever second year in korea life from seoul and keep them from when they do so much for joining us. we begin with the president's confirmation of three key government posts today which went through despite the lack of the national assembly's blasting the president talking head pushed ahead with the appointments to maintain stability in state affairs as all elementary businesses come to an effective holt from a boycott by the opposition party the presidential office correspondence was into surface. health and welfare minister please don't kill prosecutor general keen to attack a cheese stick on a term high tech and have benefits to place your perspective seats by
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president mckinley. ordered the new we appoint officials to work or brooding up the normal practice is to penetrate its tv fears that its production. make sure that nobody in any case to find the constitution and the beaches democratic principles the president had to lay off three appointments due to strong objections by the opposite party. after all confirmed that she's on her nomination was in the last week passed by the ruling party last week. the central office of challenges said mandate that it can no longer delay the appointments for the sake of normalizing stated fears and made it clear that the decision was not made with any political considerations. to see the president appears to have decided to fill the keep those to minimize disruptions to deafening affairs and that prolonged re launched the national assembly in korea. nominees for the cure for the past this and you're the parliament re confirmation hearing. but regardless of the result
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the president is allowed to push ahead with it upright and twenty days after a bill for parliamentary approval has been submitted to the assembly. all the girly party welcomed the syntax appointments. the main opposition democratic party three of the position stated that she is completely disregarded the national assembly. especially as it took place during a meeting between the leaders of the two main rival party the nomination for health and welfare minister vu it was the subject of the strongest opposition by the dpp over allegations that he had to use him or her credit cards or personally wouldn't it. i can use them hooray is gearing up to carry china's recent move to expand its air defense at all a person up its own as soon as tuesday. the new air defence zone will cover more of chris outlying islands and also an ocean research station. connie lee has more plans to meet rob kearney as
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the air defense identification zone. he can be finalized by tuesday. and it comes after sunday's national security policy the name of the officials and ruling party lawmakers on their money trying to attain and new air defense down and expansion of korea's own airspace in the east tennessee. government officials declined to reveal what was discussed during the meeting led by national security adviser to junsu they said progress was me korea is now considering expanding the east perth or south to not only country in tow which is covered by a ten at japan's defense announced but also the southern islands of monaco and brutal. korea has already axed pain and to redraw its air defence but his request was turned down flat. in a new lead to careers the sixteen s in a tent to meet strong claims over disputed islands in the train in si units and cut them in japan and t enduring
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change. meanwhile the current government has told the nation's airlines to ignore his call to submit my plans to fly over the east china sea. i attain its demand that all flights be reported. christian teaching ministry says kareena airlines do not have to comply. honey mead. and he is and in the midst of the heightened tensions in the region us vice president joe biden arrived in tokyo on the first stop of his weeklong trip to north east asia where he will meet with the leaders of japan china and korea. polly has the details on how the arizona dispute is likely to dominate talks this week vice president joe biden's trip to asia this week is expected to reaffirm america's commitment to be a pacific power and try to ease tensions over china's controversial new air defense so after months of intense u s foreign policy efforts in the middle east and budget
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flights at home. the us is now trying to re establish connections in the region but in a ride today in tokyo where you will seek to push forth in agreement with japan on the twelve nation mauled by a trillion dollar trans pacific partnership trade deal. better known as the ttp his trip comes less than a month before on ministerial meeting between the related countries where they will negotiate to conclude the tee pee pee by the end of this year. but biden's trade agenda has been overshadowed by a heightened tensions in the region. after china declared a new arizona. it overlaps with one already said the budget and tells the covers islands controlled by a tokyo. china has become more assertive in the east china sea. under present she didn't came. and this is putting the stages two economic giants china and japan in direct military competition. weary of a rising china. biden will address the issue and seek clarity regarding china's
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intentions when he meets with present she later this week according to senior us official. by this final destination will be south korea. we'll meet with president park in hay and assess the ttp the controversial airspace issue and north korea. all of the audio mix the intensifying where the northeast age of major powers in the region are bracing for more advanced weaponry to bolster their defence capability. curry is no exception as the country's reportedly seeking to increase its number of aegis destroyers our defense finish a course on and on has more on the parent arms race in asia. sundown which sparked fresh diplomatic friction easy pacific region by unilaterally the clearing its new here and defend sound of the east china sea is feverish and beefing up its air and sea defence. china plans to for two or two more aircraft carriers like twenty
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twenty five extending the total number to read while upgrading the seventy nine surface vessels and fifty submarines it already possesses. it's also marching ahead with the stealth fighter jet project successfully completing the likes of its own a fifth generation stealth combat aircraft and tea and twenty the g twenty was built to counter america's most advanced fighter jets the f twenty two. every athlete is in the middle of the years of drought with china and japan is pushing to double the number of its aegis destroyers. military sources and scholars say the defense acquisition program administration has requested to increase the number of aegis destroyers from the current three to six and top military officials have tentatively agreed to give it a go ahead. the issue is expected to be paid to vote during the joint chiefs of staff meeting presided over by chairman painting he and december to one second. some three trillion won or about
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two point eight billion us dollars will be put aside to deploy the extra destroyers by twenty twenty eight. and what to read it possesses six easter story or to eighteen summer rains has also joined the race after launching its warship is a mile to ten biggest military ships and world were to look the other nation plans to deploy a few additional aegis destroyers for more summery. her torment plan is expected to be announced at the end of the year. tokyo also plans to appeal to forty two f thirty five a stealth fighter jets like twenty seventeen. given the spate of activity analysts say china's new and clear air defense now he has reignited arms competition and the cia. band names. for expert state on the ongoing tension in northeast asia that began with china's move to expand its air defence
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zone where joined by dr tong kee you and senior research fellow at the center for international area studies of the university of foreign studies welcome. the tba. so what's the significance of these air defense sounds and is worth all the current commotion in the ensign and space of the space is composed of the three sectors and defense i didn't keep the chill unpaid carers and for the flight information reason. n korea is a defense identification zone was set up by the united states in nineteen fifty one the lead in a typical resist but he has not been glued to some part of the korean territory and intensely identification jones was set up in nineteen sixty nine but did include some parts of korea is tapering and this time china has become and the salt air defense identification gel and it includes korea some territory and also overlaps with each offensive defense identification zone. so this becomes a hobby should come
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in three countries. as china's more aggressive stances recently actually backfired in giving us more justification in its pivot asia. he has so close to the sp but they show policy well actually timeouts allow action and close to locking up on the use of the season to strengthen the pivot asia policy. and about well we witnessed these three weeks in a state we witnessed the cds so well in a tree to raise taking place for the last few days and this can be integrated as a typical example of security dilemma. taking on the action with the contention of strengthening its own security will dampen its own security said his company the block but can be taken is example of the ongoing situation of northeast asia what's your outlook of the possibility of the current tension between and among the parties and turning into a military class i hope that they can feel and what happened but that will be as a possible up well
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to korea i shoot well he can know or have a tendency in defense identification job as well he can unilaterally declared its air defense led the team shot without the prior consultation in korea in the field will be informational negotiations to be as it is recommended to take of leading strand to see when facing an unreasonable request from the copper pot so we can declare all newly styled least in the past don't you know that's really an negotiations can take place after that. well speaking of announcing our own air defence zone will that stir the pot more in the region is well in terms of military tensions. well i don't think it's handle it depends. well he responds directly to death. to the core yes the least tell the cia defense down as they had no prior consultation with a crayon but there's a possibility of some kind of milan. military conflicts among stakeholders. but as i proceed i hope that they kind
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of thing won't happen and so to what extent are the korean air defense of the expanded when it comes to dili still be screams his defense young one think leah is that he should include all the koreans take three am well lining we have tried out and get into town to buy thing. so can we expect these tensions in the region to continue and the house of the korean government response. well i suggested and northeast asian countries to launch a kind of secret is out of west records is a lovely scene so well as present about all of these proposed to note the station trust building process but it hasn't worked unsuccessfully so far. the sometimes crises can be the moments when the negotiations and corporation ken stott said these can be a good point when resuming the process this is that the suffering government to do more. well i think so and i think so he sent me korean government can
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initiate the royal oak. well not mediate a sometimes korean government can take the role of a right to it because we have them in the country's this canto kind of agreements from others stakeholders so well that is can the stock of what stresses it out of the most east asian countries. both are considered so much for your insights tonight. and joining us here thinking that in me. before your dna. and another began. get the latest line of soul expert analysis from h's heartbeat with a viewpoint on the covert its local network and why. for
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the odd rifle that has seventeen always on standby the ad is moving a step closer to joining negotiations for us a free pack them in asia pacific nations call the trans pacific partnership or ttp the current officials urge you to begin working level meetings this week but officials from united states japan canada and other countries taking part and on the fourth retreat deal items from ck custody cups. during the ninety minutes trail conference of the world trade organization that kicks off on tuesday in bali korea is expected to hold preliminary but lateral talks with countries taking part in the last leg. ttp. korea's trade ministry said monday that it expects the bali gathering to provide an opportunity for collecting information related to the negotiations for viewing conditions for its participation in the regional trade pact. the korean government expressed its interest late last week in july to the twelve nation talks aimed at removing trade barriers on the ship pacific
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countries making up about forty percent of the world economy. the government said the trade pact involving the united states japan canada and nine other nations will call korea boost trade and the region the initiative of the so called trans pacific partnership treat pack is spearheaded by a wash and ten which is trying to reaffirm its influence in asia pacific region. on the other hand is focusing its efforts on the regional comprehensive economic partnership. a sixteen nation the deal that involves hand as hand nations and six major asia pacific economies including china korea and japan korea which already has free trade arrangements with both the united states and the european union previously maintained that they would focus on pending free trade talks including those with china and australia before deciding on the ppp the trade ministry says that its final decision on whether to join the top three ppp will be based on the outcome of preliminary bilateral
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talks with the countries involved. wednesday adding onions. the curry as consumer prices stayed and the zero percent range for the third straight month in november helped by dropping the prices of farming and petroleum products statistics korea says the nation's inflation rate and stopped to point nine percent last month from the same period a year earlier. quickening slightly from the point seven percent being tallied in the previous month the core inflation which excludes all tile oil and wheat prices rose one point eight percent in november from a year earlier and point three percent from the previous month. china is having to be the first nation in thirty seven years to land a spacecraft on the surface of the moon. annie moved one step closer to that goal early this monday morning with the successful launch of a rover that's expected to land on the lunar surface in less than two weeks time. and it has more on china's first moon mission. in a major
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milestone for the country's ambitious space program title on sa's first lunar rover mission from a site in the south west of the country early monday morning local time. was it. according to the beijing aerospace control center at the time that three pro has entered the earth's orbit. that means that on the three pro was successfully launched the law must repeat carrier rockets hit low income school in the mall and a six wheeled robot a broker called it a graph that if everything goes the plan. the rover will win on the moon the mid december where one can touch a lot of servants and search for natural resources. the probe is scheduled to return to earth in twenty seventeen the singer's assistance of the second state of china's lunar exploration program the first that was warming the movie which was accomplished first time in two thousand seven. that thursday will be returning
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rock samples to earth by the year twenty twenty after which the mesa will look into the possibility of sending a few men to the moon's surface casing and says that a space program for peaceful purposes but the us department states as it was to prevent china from a business these capabilities as it continues to gain a strategic advantage have been added and it is did you know to thailand the anti government movement issued an ultimatum to prime minister yang locks in a while to step down within two days a call that the thai leader rejected outright. on monday. once a lock as links on sunday nights the opposition leading to protests in thailand. a prime minister he knocks in a one two day ultimatum to step down from her post and not by monday night scene is not possible for her to resign due to the nation's constitution but she did add that she is still open to talks. opposition leaders
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intent to buy ansett saturday there was no room for negotiation. but did not elaborate on what actions might follow at the request was not accept six days of protests and violence over the weekend when opposition protester is government supporters and police clashed at least four people have been killed and hundreds injured during demonstrations in the capital of them caught about thirty thousand protesters gathered at the major government sites over the weekend in efforts to unseat prime minister in that the protesters accuse the prime minister being a puppet for her brother former prime ministers since no one was ousted in a coup in two thousand and six. given there was a dampening of exchange it's not a military regime and understand and take care of him protesters see it at the opposition leader called on government employees to go on a general strike monday like the bottom of the as a national holiday for all government employees for
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the presentation of the government. it's not just continued on monday as demonstrators tried to storm barry key to the prime minister's office. however correspondents said that the number of protesters seem to have diminished compared to the weekends. meanwhile several universities more than sixty schools and the main united nations office in the capital were closed on monday due to security concerns. it's a lot i didn't use. re season concluded over the weekend in spectacular fashion and see which sits in the sports center to wrap everything up trusting that they stone age yet. well if you haven't heard already by now people want steelers so that at the tip of the respondent the tigers on sunday with a stoppage time goal from team one there was a ninety fourth
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minute miracle. tigers box that gave the steelers won bill when it became the classic trophy. as for next year's afc champions league entries etsy store and tumble joined the tigers and steelers in the morning. and meanwhile tinto was relegated despite winning their final match and the sole striker day on sunday out of its t do as the top scorer of the year and with that he was a disappointing end of the season for worse on footballer to juneau who just missed out on the casey classic trophy and the scoring title. but he still earned a consolation prize for his efforts he was happy because sports player of the year award along with korean baseball and beat the hole and put it in work and got it for the second year in a brawl. also there until a dodgers pitcher due in june was recognized with a special award as well. and separately more warts nixon's popular hall was also in the uk deals
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cup player this year by his peers. now let's move on to world football with a great twist of course. and by her neighbor cousin school monday the headline tuesday's three nil win over the weekend the sensational striker admitted to one in each half keeping his team starting at second in the bundesliga at the goal over to the epl team will go. he started in cardiff city's three nil loss while keith o'neill played the full ninety minutes in sunderland's nil nil time now finishing off with korean ladies called operates time on the brake to the top where owners at the cape lpg award ceremony the twenty one year old was given the tour's player of the year award along with the ones with the top money and points finish. so hats off to her for a great performance all season long. now that does for me here the sportscenter this has been speeding tech tech tech at midnight for the latest in the world of sports. cr. i did. a cheesy
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you see eye to eye. a day shea. last week it felt as if winter was right around the corner but today felt like fall weather. we then for an outlook of the weather forecast for december let's go over try to put down at
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the left of center put down the evening giants he had these days it's difficult to get a grasp of the weather because it changes so frequently. but lest i get that idea on how to stem that is shaping up well in early december went for a catch to get more than an epic showers or snow especially in the southern regions however be said have at the seasonal temperatures. now mid to late december looks to be cold with temperatures dipping below seasonal averages plus those of you in the west was freed and said be ready for heavy snowfall. now moving on to our current conditions the nation is at the end of the high pressure system from nine am which is why edwards the cloud atlas. well dry weather warnings i still can't bank and east coast regions and it has been almost a month of those conditions. now the fed to keep yourself hydrated and watch out for four expires now although we're forecast to have all like weather this week finds us from china has
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moved in reading it twice as much find that unusual and the atmosphere. keep in mind that i find that since they let us be there wednesday morning self skeleton and the elderly said. take caution. looking on six mps and the tears cells that topic they add to the crease but a high of eleven meanwhile cities down south we could see little of teens holding on sale at their meetings said this morning alone three to seven degrees before hitting thirteen in the afternoon all the while out at eleven and zero degrees respectively. that's all for now but i'll be back with what update after midnight. they slow down broadcast on this monday night's abc canes so emotional and thanks for watching will see a sin mdm
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you. thus the effects of us astray. but back then at its base. so i was real interesting going to germany and doing something on my very good friends is german and he had been talking about a family history isn't everything in the conversation i realize the complexity of not just of my own relationship to become the holocaust and grandparents. but some of the other side of the same history young people in germany have very very complex relationship to you oh it's so not suitable or not insisting that time they encounter it. do i go to germany to sew the explorer
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lot of issues and one of them i was meeting young people monday in about mid twenty s third generation great grandchildren of the world what a generation this to say and. see the connection that i had with my friend or texas or more broadly the spleen is yes and your daddy and that mostly young germans. in front of the shadow of what we're doing the hard ons when the two months the first time that was two thousand and eight. and asymmetry from people had contacted the city is at it and also the site so it isn't i know it is learnt that are good in it because there were lots of things going on there the park itself was built out of rubble. it works too. but then suddenly it's the same
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guitar and the israeli athletes and anne were murdered in flux. so that would lay in its history teacher. i began to more contemporary discussion not just world. what's happening what's happened. we hear girls. white industry. store in places like that. staying with them. it was meeting a friend. joanne and friends but it's as though its network. it became like family. people who were all there kitty is that the development process. so this suggests a familial relationship. wed. the astros and the title is sort of play although as you know it it is empty but start with our son's mind and heart of living history day or so. of
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that. exactly and so sort of like trying to make some and think it's about. what it really is a sunday. richard action we used to the ukrainian witnesses its largest protestant almost a decade hundreds of injured government buildings and as so often and bought signs that he's a child up for my patients also. all of that year. well i like the whole thing. this is what it was given voice to those of you on his activity by


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