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since. also the reason i'm only home. first two. two explosions at its that time you knew you when will we will do it . the news on and on. according to wood sixty three injured passenger trying crops in the bronx area of new york city and of the printed on a critical condition in hospital the next endorsed by the locomotive i'm tired just email us to try and went into it and it's like dumb enough to climb up the scotsman the car certificates and said an investigation is under white heels. bart's believe that everyone on the trial has been accountable. metro
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north is a ride or service that serves commuters from new york city's northern summer and is not part of the city somewhat system the accident is the second passenger toby rand when this hits the ropes at this the ukrainian opposition has its own ukrainians come to the capit kiev to join the current protests against the incumbent all parties' as i said nothing can be taped out some ikea. demonstrates this extends across the city central streets and side i will not be made until the cabinet was islands parliament is dissolved. i'm president get nuked of its leaves. son die so points in between protesters i'm brought place as well as the involvement of three hundred people from the practical problem with the fourth placed the sweaters last ep so protesters. the protests may put the dons separate isaac got off the onion to be expanded to many pod refusing to sell an appeal to the european union were likely sprint he discussed front testers on site to my
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morning prompting tens of thousands of people to come to kl . i knew the routine use of june more. in going in in. i did. you can. shoot. zz
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i . eu. i love his yelled to me. what does he hold the bacon tries to separate traffic at the festival of lights with music and dancing and the traditional candlelight and seventy the anime he wants his coat when he is an attempt to boost the image of the ninety it was sent to the temple of
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jerusalem. when i can tell even though it's dark because going to find. stephen and listening to god than we know i guess. we can't do things by the feds when it is. if god to do things outside of the maker of a kind of guy and that's when we owe them the moves on the i. the he is intent on tms which runs the gall to strip has announced the cancellation of the new rally marking its founding as it has been deemed inappropriate to celebrate the start of increasing economic hardship this marks the first line the islamist militant group has canceled the festivities since it seized power six years ago. this decision illustrates help of
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the coaster colony has been hits since egyptian president and the mossy was ousted in the two nd july with the sixty minutes the government imposing tougher border restrictions including the destruction of tunnels used to generate revenue through smuggling however the dire economic straits did not seem to prevent celebrations marking the anniversary of the lost his operation to their descendants date will say did not deter the most common one thousand seven hundred mi to tear a tunnel stretching from the gaza strip into israel richie's concrete include civilian projects and was designed to benefit smuggling this is the potential captured israeli soldiers and sausages. us officials have said that americans are traveling to syria to play in the ongoing civil war increasing the chances that they could become radicalized by al qaeda linked militant groups and become major security threats as they
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return home. the us state department says it does not have any estimates on exactly how many americans are battling against forces loyal to syrian president charlotte sod in the war which has claimed the lives of more than one hundred thousand are ready to have your period estimates from british defence consultant i teach sg but the number of us citizens in a couple that does. ihs is allocated to the fighters tool to some fifteen thousand was too late to stop forces numbering to one hundred thousand or more. at least three americans have been charged with planning to play alongside the radical elements for which the us has designated as a foreign group the most recent incident involving north carolina man detained on his way to liven up. a british man who was killed fighting alongside al qaeda linked extremists in syria for its trip by my people and the next using a high voltage duncan and threaten people and forced him to give up valuables he resided in london the telly year ago when he traveled to syria to wage war size regime that has now been revealed that he is
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one of three british males who were killed as they attacked from government forces your lack of intelligence the sport the recent warming in toys between o'brien on the west especially the note to clients. the islamic republic is still using a super rhetoric the gangsta to its tight. on its home of mohammed amin me come see me and then got off the assembly of experts will be responsible for appointing the country's supreme leader by disguising its two runs in shrimp prawn type francis nineteen nineties he says temperament of cults and takes his team his trial. on it on the consignment and he's right the prime minister benjamin netanyahu sign that any time he appears on television in tall blue hates him and he is he merely acted and despicable. the only atonement and turned his attention to the aplomb of administration saying nice things up a quote of the enemies of the soul in its american support for this
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trial will help you stay in the mystery of this on its it's not nice when it comes to sweets often destiny of the accused iranian president had some rough on a up being a wolf in sheep's clothing a wall the things he can pull one of the points of the instant community is trial has expects course and about leaving iran sincerity and pundits that deal struck recently between it and the fallen man the sights of the security council. pete its constituent assembly has begun voting in a trough to the country's new constitution the new document contains a number of schools which are not present in the previous constitution written during the time of muhammad will see the islamist president was ousted in the terry to get to see him. they need shelter when feeding on school but will oblige the chips fall into the stew and will regulate in the building and restoration church its constituent assembly members say the optical is necessary
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due to the fact that a number of chances suffered damage of tamils who was ousted from office last august defense minister gen until the time lcc picture of him all the churches which were attacked in the violent riots which accompanied more sees dismissal christians who make up about one tenth the region's population of eight to three million have long complained of white spray discrimination by the muslim majority. he did steve constitution which is expected to be put to referendum in december is called spin on the planned peaceful transition into the two parliamentary and presidential elections next year. up. syrian government helicopter stumped off explosives on the rebel held town near the northern city of london one in two separate attacks on but the kind since the poms makes them intended targets resulting in the deaths of at least fifty people. a report from the purchase price syrian of
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the tree making them relates strikes months we sometime on sunday near a bite to eat in the town of al cop killing at least twenty four people syrian state media said government forces killed ten weeks which is our latest on combat boots like to thanks president assad sites room it's the kind i was asked a similar bombing. army helicopters talk to the ripple compound in our company sent on to expand its market leading twenty six people. umpire to tyson's the army used the soap bottle bombs containing hundreds of pounds of explosives. in a deal with. what was i. and as great a picture in the british capital for the past few years and every year in its construction it's two hours of back breaking work to make sure every piece is in its place
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without getting that next week the behind the scenes to see the building abundance but noah and her father square. the ford on the construction workers are in place. their goal to get the four pieces of the menorah and skate into trafalgar square in london they've been sitting in storage for a year waiting for the moment to shine chief executive of the group of its says during hanukkah in london and around the world. the manila stands as a symbol of religious tolerance test only with today is amped up on emissions. the story of hanukkah in a nutshell was no regard the strike to press the jewish people interested may need to make them assimilate and lose their jewish identity. i lose their religious rights for religious practice. and this monaro was mixed in the temple miraculously lasted three days after they won the special the small army of jewish maccabees one the only of one of the mass
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of wheat on. the it's two to three hours of tense and precise word for the construction workers the four time it's like putting together the pieces of a puzzle. when it's complete the menorah will stand thirty two feet tall but will it be that honest in the world. rabbi see dr explains. there is nobody gets this job coaching note that because this one. b if you already won in ot the limits of the size of a menorah is twenty two bits now before you want you to carrie's house with acute that this will cause the expo center. but that the cube it is but one of the feet. so this comes up to thirty two feet tall. from the base of the monaro until the top of the candles and dumb. neither is the limit of how will america be a mental toll this one this. london mayor boris johnson last year helped light the menorah and will this year as well. rabbi see taxes this year the combined
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will focus special attention on youth and technology something unique about this deal with the aim not just a bug in this country above above around the world. it's we have a special campaign the youth activity. it's a social media campaign the school to share the lights and dumb. you could if you go to facebook for such a delight to see the information. but if you take a picture of yourself if you're between the ages of thirteen of thirty five to take a picture of yourself with a menorah and tag yourself and then use that stuck shut the lights. you could win some fabulous prizes statistic it's around the world. xbox is a station that sector. in addition to holding the social media campaign the year the banksia that lets the whole deposit that with his family and helping the community. i'm soo the right to treat and one in london. the so one
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thousand supporters receipts for a golden dawn had gathered at parliament to protest the attainment of the party's leader and two additional lawmakers the crowd wait to read classics and shouted slogans supporting golden dawn's leader he could sneak a lead ups who has been detained for charges related to involvement in the criminal organization called and on lawmakers to address the corral teams must go to jail. this will lead people to mars and women with the sentry is understood that the school council and state schools in the cops because satan told him don't you think the marxist political policy in the country if it is not so ready. that's when i set up to speed up the frame and out yesterday the seat and arrested the leader of the third most popular party shocked the nation in the first such practices that will increase its military rule for decades ago. police had been gathering intelligence on the neo nazis parties suspected criminal activities
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for months. the crackdown was sparked when the golden dawn supporters admitted to murdering an anti fascist musician. the killer on the national opera and saw massive rallies against the party as protests escalated golden dawn threatened to take its lawmakers parliament's you'd think it'd be stabilized reese is still the key governments. on a book today and golden dawn the government has resorted to criminal law to bring the party down the allegations against his leadership including murder attempted murder carried out explosions and robbery the report issued by the prosecution claims that the party is made up of a military type structure similar to the nazis whose members mainly target immigrants upon receiving such orders. the topography sucks. that so far. it is
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located in a special day dana. despite the religious attacks and immigrants who condones popularity has seen a surge in recent polls amid rising illegal immigration from the middle east europe spring. if greece were to hold elections golden dawn could potentially come as the third largest party in parliament . three militants killed by israeli security forces last week belonged to an al qa'ida linked terror group in which a team spirit council has said on its website. new claims raise concerns in the west bank of rising jihadist activity which has already been established in the gaza strip for more than a decade. the organizations said in a statement. we announced to the nation to its late nights with the grace of going beyond the only team to play for has attained a foothold in the west bank of everyone had tried to report every six months. israeli security agency shin bet did not specify feel that it's killed what else they demand this quilt in a statement on its website gets eight the members plan to attack but israeli and palestinian
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all thirty targets. it was the first time israel had to confront it and aunts great with ties to al qaeda in the west bank israeli officials say the suspects opened fire on troops before they were shocked that she felt was preceded by a number of reps around hebron and the numbers. some blamed the rise of some of this is in the west bank all frustration with the palestinian authority and ten months. many palestinians are also dismayed at the lack of progress in the mideast peace to its statement on islam is to wait for him her you worry its assembly said that the negotiations have a foul stench and they are serious about fight in aggression against religion by the string cheese and hypocrites co collaborators the mm. this lady gets to court in newquay deal signed between iran and six while kyle is an historic mistake he'll say says the white
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house which john key's that the agreement is in the text of its key middle east and i bought not everyone in the us conquest and didn't cry to israel greeks in america meets. deal with him on the last time a david and kate and monica east if we set it on to the tp print them and they tend to seven pm from its wealth of sanctions. q a section of state john kerry says the region will be sent to as a result. this first one emphasize. actually rolls back the program from where it is today. enlarge is the breakout time. which would not have occurred unless this agreement existed. we'll make our partners in the region safer it will make it our ally israel. safer. that's why he doesn't seem to agree. this agreement is made will go much more dangerous place. i
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know that many share the concern of israel specially in the region under the tentative deal cent of fiji's nineteen seen iran will stop spinning in the next six months as talks on a more comprehensive agreement continued. listen to me on his face the deal was a mistake and stand by some congressman in the us democrats and republicans to find contests and agreed to proceed for more sanctions bean paste intent on someone in the next six months confidence that iran fails to agree to and attend deal to him that night. micah can t wait hoping to see students but many in israel. we've seen us to pull that stocks can send it to vomit ministry she isn't taking israeli interests into account the american jewish community by and large feels that this administration has taken steps that is potentially extremely dangerous for israel. and at the same time has taken that step not in concert with israel. i need to separate from israel because israel is not part of the p five plus once you don't expect to find them at the negotiating table
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but without israel. israel was left in the dark role on time. the sole jewish americans agree. some say the deal with iran held at the relationship between the two nations and ultimately they pay for the same thing if anything it's going to see him means more american israeli cooperation accord nation in the days ahead. this administration has had a tighter defence relationship with israel than any other american administration. i did to the a bomb administration's perceived foreign policy fumbles in egypt and syria. some cherry streets here in the usa that the white house doesn't appear to be on israel signed on as they say to deal with iran is an opportunity for the two countries too wet to get to light the way having lead time to come up with the agreement in geneva the obama administration now needs to lead to even caught a setting its head. who has had a complete and one in washington. all costs avoid
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like the dog out wasn't a front for months and i'll pump up cause she was no doubt the welsh less like sliced on top of itself which was inspired by her recent album. the god caused all this pink react to the pasta distilling company has teamed up with a record label. it's just my cup of silicon sun drenched in light of god's sake it's not flamboyant and outlandish costumes. to stop said she was on its behalf the record is also self reacted. so when a friend's son the dolls as with all my friends in that first day was so excited to take piccies of me that the dolls and then all of this and the dolls took over. in the dolls for the most important thing in the ground. this is a beautiful thing. this is a powerful items. dada was issued following into time
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and has taken the opportunity to pop like the metallic heels and rice among the victims of the two thousand and eleven. mike and tsunami victims. and thank you so much to everyone and fly home supply game of the ox and think you two hundred kb. and thinking to these beautiful dolls. i hope to raise out of my need for japan. i care very much and that defeat and this current tna and that people care so anything they can do to support and help buy lollies i will always be yes. despite how hard life being a noble one when released a month that does sign with figures for the first week were a significant drop from her previous album bowl mix like pakistan has been hosting the second spoiled three hundred and sixty pounds and colloidal concluded two thousand and thirteen in the city of mobile broad
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oprah told lee quintana right in detention since his inception three years ago with the office and the saunders cronkite thing that skill was examined by dr ireland i've taken to the financial has none and that that the b e a d as i pick it out as the investment it needs it. what the heck did they get you out. they did its duty of a mile in peace. so i am going to short because i'm getting a response. it's like to listen the ebay but i like to read all over everything the division. but the broad oh five the band has its own tool box. i did not get a
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taxi with right. this is because i didn't think they'd be inside. it's going to be hands on it. what was sold seven sixteen one of that is on show at work or in spite of being a fashion show. lex and which is inspired by light into the sea and the kids in the sub continent i'm glad for that. it's like bringing john headed its back foliage and the new wing it a lot of guys that read i haven't talked to two point two five centers on the killers like puppets. it takes a few simple content free and it's tokoroa to the silence just like the last two events in protein level . anyways was to us on our family traditions on ton of bands have done it in spain. she carries the message to pacify the two days and do the cooking. we've come to speak about some lady spoke and try one of those seasonal nuke of recipes. in other to
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get to taste itself right despite losing most of her life in spain. ana was born in morocco and contains some of that heritage and coming to the cooking. this is exactly that senate seats and the notion of family that riots on the school and a passion that enemy. both the net the ballad of cooling at any age to eighteen fourteen. our yard line guilty i wanted my sentimental. on the speed at which i went and that he believes that meant that if he accepts that way. i am. he said. pieces of each other recently it has retained its no end. the activists from teresa would it be and how i knew he'd go on to be
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continually shut down monday at the summit are construed to mean. when talking about the funding cutting losses the signature dish. on of the question was a no brainer a key on the coast. i have to choose. he can sit at the base. for me. in that kosovo. if so it's made from a site on anybody. when you need to find me in the sos to do before saturday. it is ridiculous. mostly just being me. put it on the eighteenth had a right to speak. so i got up and was made by me it's the end was insane with me. just green kitchen
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because i'm not dead yet to be seen. heat and light cooking a bit better knowing that at the net. this festive time of year we could not possibly opportunity to try now one of honest family favorites hanukkah treats and enjoy a taste of supper at one game that afternoon that an edit button that in me that ability to state the fifty four handle to lead me back to the pulley and max was with me and that somehow she looks. each tribe are only two sydney. and also he is weak. it isn't hard the sin and heal. i am able to do and see a student at me i'm hooked. he and the co produced it was also no one to keep our audience and everything connected to me it's the most needy people at the nancy being. vanessa and typography. as soon as
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they is not just to study that we can learn about the heritage but also to the tastes of that time the test to be one of the most instantly got to find ways to make an on about the past. this is posted same one. in spain i. the i will i go. do. will. i mean. to me. will. who are. i mean
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will the yaw the war. true to who he was. the eu. being human. do you. he he. a little. due to the eu the eye
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the group. it was aus you does. since. eight arenas are taiwan my belt and ten the government has expanded its celebration of the seventieth year anniversary of the cairo declaration. press the mining jill said that the significance of the current operation is that it is a legal basis for the return of the taiwan him home with terries


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