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tv   Journal  PBS  December 2, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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nice to see. called. new evening will or will you. i know. the content of the need of the un. headlines this hour. the siege continued to expand basket yesterday modern ukraine changed course and book deals with the european union. just create havoc in the thai capital bangkok and authorities issued an arrest warrant for the leader of the nt government
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demonstration. the two teams the wind which the knock. he praised an illegal ivory trade. on approaching the that is to senior cream and intense in san suu kyi's independence quick single and not need to rest in the car yanukovych stepped down demonstrators have laid siege to government buildings angry at the president's be futile to sign a pro europe pack. it also occupy the mayor's office and turned it into what they're calling their revolution headquarters i'm the worst critic and i'm missing more than a decade opposition leaders and bonds tubing down the dock minute the fronts are heartening in ukraine. crowds of demonstrators blocked key government buildings and taking control of facilities in scenes reminiscent of the two thousand four orange revolution. thousands have pitched tents and belted state of the government resigns. anyhoo closer ties
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to the european union who make their country more prosperous. i am against our criminal president on tv they see that we have salaries of three hundred zeros. but i can tell you that no one has his salary. in the province's people are starving it with me. chairman and eu officials are worried that the conflict could provoke further violence in ukraine also reducing the spread of course the freedoms and rights of people. the last race. at the same time limited appeal to demonstrate this to show restraint. of course this comes as a result of the fact that many many things seem to feature in europe. they are disappointed with the results revealed his son. but to hope that i love to continue opposition groups have set up a courtly since entering him occupied city council building. normally fractious
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groups say the protests won't stop until the government resigns. you hear people took to the streets because they're disappointed yet the government and ministers keep changing but the situation hasn't changed it keeps getting worse and worse corruption and lawlessness. we have to change the system. your article. the parliamentary opposition hopes to force a no confidence vote as early as tomorrow. if the measure passes it would clear the way for new elections. the number left hand and i have on the line of cars find one i cut it close and independence crap like it's been in need of repairs as night is not one and at what is really the situation oh and i put one hundred people as well the government but that can occur when a kid like that
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he looks at them that they keep on coming out of whack actually it's two am what i particularly care for me to have faith. actually quite that you are cheerful we've got nowhere to be seen they would call it at my gun. for now at least look at it that i like to think it's a situation student wellness what do you see in london in the coming days. like the fact that other people at the end of the weekend the trip that i'm bigger than them. that could become more radical and actually it's because the political convention that he be spent the report that the private company to get. they kept driving. elliott get a copy i actually planned it that will happen in a ukrainian that the cake they want. they want change the whole political system and get a
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card that looked like he can peek at the end of the day it seems that get a call that at all. ukraine. i think that the treatment of play these two to set the agenda in the country. is like. and when did that a local party it up and felt the tip that i cut it to the jetty at their cute and like the fact that they each had always had to get a kick that could cut the cake plate. some cheeky yet tried the cake at the rate that it would take down. i say unto thee my taste. well coach is also timely to an arrest warrant has been issued against the prominent protest leader to take in two months with charges of insurrection. beat in the camp in bangkok eagles supporters to fly to the finish and bring down the gospel and administer you look a lot who won a confidence motion in harlem last week says there is no question of her resignation
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between protesters and riot police dragged on into the evening. demonstrators pressing their demand that prime minister again looks to watch step down. security forces used tear gas and water cannon to keep crowds at bay. protesters keep trying to storm the buildings including government headquarters. undeterred by concrete barriers and barbed wire. on monday police began shooting at protesters using rubber bullets at least two people were reported hospitalized. after days of escalation as the government has also issued an arrest warrant for sixty forty rule protest leaders attempt to bond on charges of insurrection. that is punishable with life in prison or death. that came after she said tuesday was the deadline for the prime minister to resign. in its day getting to know what listens to people and consents to returning. then on we will treat you to know
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what's going to stay because we mean it's it's small enough to know why. i thought still i had said she was going to top notch and power to an unelected body whatever the majority of the people want is what's best for the happiness of the country. so we listened to the majority. if the majority can agree to negotiate and stop the protest. i'm willing to do anything. the guy in my mind. my pc's nowhere in sight. both sides are preparing for more classes to come. earlier we spoke to our correspondent a cool glass in bangkok and dance to tell us more about the time authorities issued an arrest warrant for opposition leader to take it up edit to try the court issued an arrest warrant for her to be kept to a particular action over its attempt to topple the elected government which shall be
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added to life imprisonment according to police the car again. last week called already issued the warrant was to keep the red. taking the occupation of government building. no protest leader took a pic taking more and will be prominent. we have to keep in mind particularly fake cricket captain of the chalk ink flowing throw the ongoing crackdown on protests that becky spring two thousand and ten. don't forget that we're suppose to perform friday to compete. it was said deputy prime and that that time. now all meet together to look into our hk ppl going to topple the government nevertheless and diseases. the peaceful silence even more difficult but being here people illusion that the three of the borrower. we chatted. it depends on the turkish leader priming the game repeatedly said that the cute willing to talk politics that it did nothing to compromise. i've met a lot of people were demonstrating peacefully on
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the protests have become increasingly violent and the copycat don t history of wanting more and wanting it was mainly men are not pretend that it came out to demonstrate against the government or it didn't completely get it you cannot hide a small intentionally striking i'm not going into the conduct of those protesting the fact that the pt there with his back to long lake city. i cannot imagine that he would pick it up just like that. us banks two news from the middle east the un says it is growing evidence that meeting syrian government officials including president bashar al assad has committed crimes against humanity. the un human rights chief navi penny she said. see the police and interviews with thousands of indians. seguin corner of the international criminal court to open a probe into
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the country see them all finished and then the fourth when reading these two months prosecute is the question the program aimed at changing my nights in preventing or declines came into effect in the eu on monday. it's called euro store it stands for european border surveillance system it's not without its critics but the hope among some that will help avoid massive tragedy like the most recent one off the coast of the italian island blockages more than three hundred period migrants died when the boat they were traveling in sync on the coast of love begins in october. he sounds just like it has become all too common. the european border control agency contacts which is headed in warsaw has introduced a new system called the eurostar which it says will make it easier to react quickly to such emergencies. the whole company of the eastside. as a main component of course is designed and knit one. it is typical in mama's organized
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crime and illegal immigration is in the end of fourth day of this. believe it cos its campuses olson to save the lives of people in distress at sea. each brand going on this map shows clearing incident has been reported. helicopters and drones and satellites collate the information fed into the system. your search down toward european border surveillance system. critics say it's more about turning away migrants and helping them. non governmental organization human rights watch says youngsters priorities are in the wrong place. it just got this context is connected to the big brother to the mediterranean area. it grows primarily to prevent immigrants from entering the eu. we sit context and change its road to rescuing migrants and preventing deaths this year. who or what
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importance. only time will tell whether the new system will actually help decrease the loss of my grandma is in the mediterranean sea. in australia the great barrier reef has long been under attack from global warming oil leaks and dirty way school to name just a few it's estimated that hobbled to the car and has disappeared over the last thirty years. some scientists are now working hard to make sure that those coral species don't become extinct thousands of individual breeds make up australia's great barrier reef. it's home to fifteen hundred species but the unique ecosystem is under threat. the coral grows every year but nowhere near fast enough to keep up with the re entry to be destroyed the us and australian scientists are working to stop the decline. we create a coral fertility cunning and leave bank down the red coral sperm and the status of
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the crust and sounds and meat company and a tank to hold them for now but to use them in the future. and so the marine biologist developed a method to preserve the curls dna freezing it in liquid nitrogen eight minus one hundred ninety six degrees celsius. workers at sydney's to run to him already can serve more than one hundred billion cells. which is collected at sixth street these tend to be added and the bank and that makes this the biggest crime population in the wells up in humans. so far the bank has not captured the species diversity of the barrier reef. but the scientists say they're working on becoming more and more coral samples providing certain that the plant receiving the species in the wreath. the reef itself cannot be seent us based online retailer amazon has on failed plans for a new drone that could get you your orders faster the octave content as it's knowing when
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to give us more packages to more than two kids having soft top notch. amazon ceo until the sauce coats to get them out and sunny. in short defined as milburn dominated and tons of sand. and i'm too much force is not in militancy puny think my luck is the meaning of life to the era of the twenty year old spaniard became the youngest ever winner of the award gala ceremony in monaco. he's already the motor gp world champion for twenty thirty. past season was his very first in the motorcycle road racing what's your hearts and will want some kind of bondi beach the only concrete gains ground in vienna and in jimmy's been a continual the regulation dates all the way back to fifteen sixty harry andrews has got to do on nominated for world cultural heritage recognition by unesco. if it's approved germany will have something
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to tell us in twenty sixteen when the long term five hundred years old one is a short break but when we come back we'll have a special bulletin on the changing face of the extreme right in europe and the guy is anti immigration anti european union county's one as in politics in seven countries stay with us. they are goo
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assisting with this color broadcasts continues to look far right political parties in europe beginning here jim this is not cheap boxes meant especially the genius of expressions of fun ideas putting comp and is to see the symbols and a take on and on daniel. some politicians here believe the extreme right party the npd fall foul of those laws should be banned. others want to beat them at the ballot box and the cases being the least and tuesday the second attempt and the meat to uncle and aunty. after the first one faithful than a decade ago
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the new neo nazis. they keep a respectable appearance germany's far right npd have perfected their squeaky clean image. looking like friendly activities at this protest in berlin last year. its members ridicule efforts to ban the organization the original interior ministers have compiled a huge dossier to prove there's more than meets the eye. gone for snacks is anything inherently and pds counts of violent and racist ideology which thousands of pieces of evidence. i didn't care the entire financial house of his chewing republican will come crashing down in the next two years. for his inflammatory rhetoric is too violent and more than one occasion. take a second from the last piece to find clues to a party held in mid and
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west pomeranian. in two thousand for he was convicted of assaulting a leftist protester at a local rally or take action. the scat the party's organisational manager spent two years behind bars for his role in a racially motivated bomb attack in two thousand. and argue that while the npd may be small. its members cause a real threat to security in germany the bnp to the npd is fighting against our democratic way of life on all levels. locally regionally and nationwide. it is still very aggressively with the party doesn't shy away from abusing people verbally or physically. and they had links to the nst a cell. it all comes together. you wouldn't mind so as that no basting with them and that's the sound. i would freeze all the parties and sixteen jet li and its elected deputies would be kicked out of the legislature's the sitting this issue could come next year. on the main gym in
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the european union on tuesday contain the rising on its support for europe's windscreen aunties. leland euro skeptic lines drawn to scale back the influence of eu the eu announced the government's alliance has promised to turn on the boat in a ballot for the european parliament has ruffles calling for a quarter needed the spots more. they've joined forces to fight what they called the monster in brussels. last month the minds of detention is geared to tears and french right wing politician lovely nap and it raised red flags across europe from budapest to paris nationalist parties are on the rise. for complex crises the offer simple solutions like leaving the eu or tightening immigration laws. it's ocean. occasions like these right wing in this case when a constituency or you could get my incentive
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for twenty minutes of equipment. right wing populist parties had been elected to parliament in the country's march here in yellow. in norway switzerland and the balkans mark in orange. even in government in twenty eleven to his nationalist two scenes party rode a wave of your skepticism. twenty nearly twenty percent of seats in parliament but the steady once established parties against aligning themselves with populist movements the authors see politicians should instead make a more concerted effort to explain complex issues to voters such as the euro bailout. sunday's forty two miles. people need to know the truth. most of the citizens need to be informed citizens they need to understand why the eu is trying their best interest the study also recommends that european governments take a tougher stance against people who violate the country's immigration laws. because athletes get nationalists of one of the most successful propaganda tools. i was david
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cameron is trying to score three of st a dvd of free trade deal between china and the european union. his comments are causing me to stare in brussels china is open to a deal but much of the eu is suspicious. in the comments at the top of the predicted to china british prime minister david cameron and his chinese counterpart li chi cheong diplomatic relations between the nations have been under strain since cameron met the dalai lama last year. but cameron is keen to put differences aside in favor of closer economic times. some in europe and elsewhere. see the world changing them on the shelf liner off behind the bamboo. trade buyers britain wants to tap the trade barriers. i believe as i said to premier league just that. the way forward for britain and china is more openness and done the proposal is not sitting well with the european commission which has described the move was
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premature the eu is already discussing a possible investment agreement with china. it appears that a free trade agreement could flood the market with cheap chinese students. cameron's comments came as the eu approved an agreement with the ageing to limit the import of chinese solar panel. the eu has accused chinese manufacturers and selling solar panels in europe and far below the market price and of receiving illegal subsidy. in august the trading partners reached an anti dumping deal the next two years chinese solar panels suppliers in breach of that agreement face hefty import tariffs in the eu. it will turn out to west and moving the markets this monday. here's our correspondent in frankfurt on abortion positive economic data from china and from the seventeen euro countries helps the german market into tampa red really climb on new record highs. but on the other hand the outputs momentum also was limited by
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the sea as off season crop which lost nearly ten percent it isn't announced that it plans to sell its loss making steel factory in north america but the sales price is too real for many investors. what's more it is a man outside a pass to increase its own capital which includes this negatively in the value of existing shares and last but not least it isn't probe said that it will reverse the recent sale of its stainless steel unit was getting back an old problem that no one at that very few people here believe that this group will return to profit next year. nine was an insight to share here's a quick look at the market numbers for you now. tommy's dax first of all was down by just one four hundred percent ninety four oh one the finish euro stocks fifty down by the third of a percent to thirty seventy seven. in the united states the dow jones industrial average is trading at my next point two eight percent sixteen forty
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right now. the year also down the us dollar. one thirty five thirty eight. i learned to other companies are facing a big losses in french prosecutors to accuse the german auto giant france's lot on gas corporation. there is a space group of the ats of insider trading. back to two thousand and six even eds stop by and the two hundred companies the concept a new scheme not that npd is something unique and boss was having previously promised to keep it sweet and super jumbo plane. share prices. eds when shopping on bananas german telecoms giant deutsche telekom is looking to cut thousands of dollars and ninety services units the report says up to six thousand johnson on the chopping block empty systems. unions fear the numbers could even be higher hundred staff visit bbc is japan's continued
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presenting me with this mom in the news on the scene butch wanted to discuss the continent's elephant poaching problem. the most prized ivory tusks and made the most hardened killers to sell the material for things like jewelry sculptures and two populations and printing costs in the spring amazing the things in your enforcement and comical and hats. the report begins in kenya where elephant protection measures are already taking flights. this elephant is one of the lucky ones not to get ninety eight came from a wildlife rangers tranquilizer gun. once the beast is not us. kenyan wildlife rangers put a collar on him. they can track his whereabouts. the integration of all the more mins. it's going to read this it takes that is depicted on
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the courts will be offered its own sacred to christians who are devoted to corn. it endures. the new councils rangers will fight to the elephant in helicopters i plan to cut it on his back to making identifiable from the am. the measures are aimed at reducing the recent increase in data from a tree with no storage system in the seventeen nineties. when we look. all of the continent's elephants. on the situation for today's these in many ways a razor in that situation. around twenty five thousand infancy killed every year for the tasks and the number shot up in recent years. in twenty ten is to give reached a tipping point. the number of elephants killed the cost of reproduction rate. unless that changes to the defense could disappear from the african wilderness by twenty fifty. the situation in west and central africa republic he drives many to hunt or ivory. trey didn't
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quite go as it's cold. is fueled by the month from asia the border region between cameroon central african republic have on conga and the democratic republic of congo is particularly dangerous for elephants political instability and violence in the region may click easy approaching. east in kenya. the government spends millions of viewers each year to protect the creatures. it's in the country's interests to have them around. safari tourism is a major source of revenue. now african ministers meeting in botswana are looking at proposals for cross border solutions that would see the deployment of more game keepers the illegal ivory trade. if the plans didn't work eyes. this guy could be one of the last of its kind in the wilds of africa. not likely to be with us the air. are you. the i
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the end. yours. thus you can watch him eat sea world you were ever you go. makes me ask for your own tablet access program schedules on demand video. i don't mind
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saying he's the author writes a book. i enjoyed the us versions available. this is your marketplace today research makes k roo and new guru


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