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tv   RT News  PBS  December 2, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm PST

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do you. i knew. zune the monarchs the next book the book and not the assembly the federal mortal woman finds to get off the terror watch list. why was she on it in the first place i was in effect they have more on that just ahead. and another spy development of the nsa surveillance case a foreign leader of this theory looks like our neighbors to the north pole the sky and the state during two thousand and eighty eight n g twenty summit in canada for an expansion of international surveillance coming up. in orange county police officers are on trial over the death
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of the local polish man. for months now there's been a video showing how kelly thomas was beaten and detained by police officers before his death. the latest on the case later in the shower. it's monday the summer sack and five p m in washington dc and the camo pattern and or watching her knee while starting off the news this hour in federal district court in san francisco with hearing the case today of the hand with in fruit or move her name from a terror watch list for over eight years now less than even the teacher name on it almost impossible to get off of stanford university phd student raw honey over at me not him if he was boarding a flight home to malaysia from the san francisco international airport in two thousand five when authorities arrested her they told her she was on the terror watch list. when angelina says even he was allowed to travel again understood ninety was for the first in the cell was revoked. i knew what's the evidence loving answer is unclear at this point and the government argues that revealing the information
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that put her on that list would jeopardize national security. and if indeed he was not alone in the end of last year the us database of potential international terrorists known as the identities and dana martin biron in short i had eight hundred seventy five thousand names on it. that's up from seven hundred forty thousand names and just the year before that. becoming list includes multiple alias is there are fewer individuals and there are actual names on that lance but nevertheless a huge number of people are affected spend time with just being the master watch list that's run by the fbi which and in potential domestic terrorists to attack blessed as well. critics argue that the list is not affected town on sunday i have for instance is one of the boston bombers was on the last four years in authorities failed to prevent the attack can assess the effectiveness of the terror watch list is many of the bar a civil rights attorney at payer. thank you
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so much for joining me now first i wasn't talking about how you get your name on that less is the real bonafide way that the light that will tell them you're on that list while the government doesn't reveal officially to people whether they are on the list an anti black greasy usually happen is that a federal law enforcement agency. make little pro. not many people including us citizens to the watch list and then never revealed the reason for being included on the watch list or even officially let them know that they are on the list and there's just not really any sure fire way of these people finding out why they ended up on the list in the first weeks and i understand a muslim sounding names are more likely to be on that once was. because they are credible dress or that because it's more of a stereotype. while there's no reason to believe that just because somebody has a muslim name or muslim sounding name
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that they are more likely to be a threat in any kind of way. ahmed and the experience of the civil rights legal community we are seeing that the list is far are disproportionately affect being around people with muslim sounding names so as far as we can tell. there is some type of religious profiling going on that leads to the compilation of thoughts but you can't distinguish trust the difference between the terror watch list and no fly list share southern no fly list is actually a sub component of the greater terror watch list and the no fly list is the list. and that if you are unlucky to end up on it for some reason it means that you cannot earn fly in or out of the us singapore and generally means that you can't even afford a flight that's going to cost u s airspace and in practice it also means that other types of transportation are also close to you for example a non us countries many of them use some form of the us no
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fly list to bar people from flying. we've also seen as indications that the list is given out to ship captains and that prevents people from all snowboarding on boats and ships to try to travel. sure the lines and federal agencies using racial profiling in the past. take for instance the surveillance of the mosques in new york city. almond after the policy of racial profiling was actually very popular among new yorkers. so is the reason enough to continue these practices because there's not enough push back. this is not really any good reason to continue racial or religious profiling in order to compile this list because i am as you mentioned earlier we haven't seen any reason that it is effective. there are people who are that's who. for example the boston bombers who maybe could have been caught if one for some and i were able to be given the leeway to focus on. other
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indications that sunday is a fact besides some of the listener derivative of the greater watch list. i'm at the same time we are seeing the rights of innocent people being infringed everyday and because their place on the watch lists for no reason and so for example a lot of these people can fly to attend to business matters to attend to personal matters such as funerals in a can do really heart breaking for these people. i mean ok says with a terror watch les has in fact produce the results and now that i can tell you off the top of my head and i'm not going to save a hundred percent that time there are not cases where some derivative of the watch list did legitimately avon enforcement but the problem that we are seeing right now is that they're just far too much air and the watch list obviously is not a hundred percent helping us catch legitimate threats. but the watch list is also catching and too many false positives too many innocent people are being put on the list unaffected and they just don't know why. enhances about thirty seconds left but
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one found similar names between two people say to mike and lopez's for instance unfortunately that can definitely lead to problems so for example if their son miguel lopez on who has legitimately a dd and i you know our knowledge enemy but has actually engage in some kind of wrong doing on a few maybe have a similar birthday to her. there is a chance definitely that at an airport you accidently be flagged as that person and falsely identified as a friend maybe not even allowed to board the plane. it's a very scary notion indeed that a simple ad name containment gets you on what's that that could potentially have that uncommon watching it when he and a parcel rights attorney for care. thank you so much for joining me in you. well another day another edward stanley t telling the nsa spying design of the country this time cbc news broke the story with journalist glenn greenwald how the broadcaster reveal the largely redacted documents that detail how the american spy agency conducted in one spot and
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surveillance during the two thousand and eight g eight and twenty summits. cbc news wrote the briefings and notes the stamped top secret show the us turned its ottawa and the sea into a security compound coast during the six day spying operation by the national security agency while us president barack obama and twenty five other foreign heads of government or on canadian soil in june of two thousand ten hundred us operation was no secrets to canadian authorities. so can the canadian authorities not only knew about the find was going on in our country but they may have even participated in it and has privacy advocates crying foul earlier by steve anderson executive director of open media for more on this latest docu shock when first asked whether we should never feel like the cry is about these latest disclosures. well we already know a thing. really surprising that most canadians. we're a go it
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would only allow a foreign spy agency to spy on our soil actually go and our country said its operations and one in three people. as a stronger candidate in the g twenty. i think that he's impressed many came. it surprised me. even though the revelations. i can stay on for the update until you know in my reading chair. it was a the sta many others. i'm really not expect it to all of us and stay inspired. people in canada as to how far they've been cooling swim between the us and canada in cooperating with these efforts it's fair to say it. ruiz team and we know that their son started on three minutes. and we knew
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that. they made you cry the robots. operation. in toronto. aside from its. they did it on clearance. then the so i didn't and what about the evidence is there anything valuable that we know came from the spying efforts. they did or did anything to italy in the day i think that actually goes to a larger issues of how much does all this going to cost you at this spot there listening to me that spending four billion dollars the spying operations. they even were it me know if they control your spine and diplomats. there's a question that canadians are being addressed as mr notes respond i was in brazil. and so we
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know that in a few days we actually had a baptism or the media. now last month in your or any other dot ca group to lead the bc civil liberties association to form a lawsuit alleging that canada's spy agency is the illegal and unconstitutional what it is doing anyway. any progress on how have you heard anything back. it's so integrated into the wee expecting the coming weeks and months the government stated to me it's the snow. we're hoping that they will. this is a willing party in a casing for information and uses this opportunity. radiance on glass. and what's going on by this team canada. how sick user data the institute's web site it's a real opportunity for them. so we are keeping them alive. such changes would you like to see if that mostly transparency related are we talking about viable changes and really bringing in
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canada's spy agency. looking for teachers and seniors inserted a review the answers the median income you know whatever information is being caught up in these scenes to secure databases. answering those questions answered the astros were all a decent place to ensure that any aspiring goes on its military needed. there is oversight accountability into it. if i get swept up the state because we know that in recent years. three thousand pages of sensitive citizens at a profit of seven hundred and twenty thousand canadians in so the very least you know it. databases that needs cleaning. people are. most of
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the cases in twenty ten semester is this the hard and it's a sad when eunice olsen and yesterday. now when i talk to reports that you've done or that you dread to think that it is canada's spy agency which is really taking the initiative here to widen and brought and the people that spies on what you think of the nsa is time possibly behind it pushing canada's spy agency to really be part of that fine by alliance. yet it is a strange calm when i think definitely the us in venice it is really putting on both inspiring and there's a fault line that people really are and will include including people in the us and texas to canada the only casino. yesterday in a report saying that the immune from the excess. he sets a new one the piglets. it is on the radio the wet season. do they really wanted in a player in its spy activity even though you know that
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canadians are really interested. it's a scene in the evening of april ap in a civil servants on lobbying expeditions and seasoned operations and allow them in it to get more money and that's why there but his wounds and that's why it's the season. the most expensive government building the extremes this. it is amazing. meanwhile the tears of the intelligence committees on capitol hill hit the airwaves this weekend senator dianne feinstein and representative mike roger made appearance on cnn's state of being in to talk about everything from the nsa to terror threats facing the west bank. no one even commented come out. senator feinstein told candy crowley that we are no safer in and work to let you know it she'll also defended the nsa and said it's time to let the agency get back to its job. sensex reports. i can hear is now worldwide statistics indicate that the fatalities are way out
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the numbers are way out on our new bombs carried the bomb strikes being reinforced. for those bombs they are bonds that go through magnet letters the bomb maker is still alive. senator dianne feinstein chairwoman of the senate intelligence committee. playing the fear card on sunday to defend the nsa. her counterpart in the house rep mike rogers also played the card. we are fighting amongst ourselves here in this country about the role of our intelligence community. this is having an impact on our ability to stop what is a growing number of threats. so we've gotta shake ourselves out of this pretty soon and understand that our intelligence services are not the bad guys. so what has the youtube congressional you tell she is using scare tactics on a sunday morning this pressure building in congress to hold a vote on actual nsa reform on actually raining in some industries most egregious programs
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included the full collection of virtually all americans phone by the data set with one month left in twenty thirteen congress has a lot on its agenda from finalizing a farm bill to avoid another government shutdown in the near future. but fueled by edward said and sleeps members of congress for to make sure that it's a reform is on that agenda too whether leadership likes it or not. in the house to us the freedom act is for now the legislation of chores with more than one hundred co sponsors including fifty one democrats and fifty one republicans. there's a similar bill working its way through the senate. should leadership refused to bring either of those bills to a vote. there's yet another opportunists they were forced to take a doozy must pass bills at the end of the year as vehicles for reform. then the fourth amendment. to defend the privacy of each and every american that was a tactic tried earlier this year with the l marsh conyers amendment to the national defense authorization act
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that would strip funding from the usa's all collection programs. the amendment was narrowly defeated. now months later and several new explosive weeks later lawmakers in the senate are eager to try again with their own dna. they believe that if the vote were held today they would pass their two however leadership is pushing back as the chairman of the armed services committee carl levin doesn't want any of the reforms included in this year's and the head this fray over the nsa along with other issues related to sanctions on iran might prevent congress from even passing in the nba for the first time in fifty one years. again no and da day for the first time in fifty one years. so that is what's going on in congress and that's also what has the top defenders of the nsa so concerned. kevin rogers and kevin finds their rank and file members willing to wreak havoc on the legislative schedule just to make sure they get a vote on an essay
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report. the wild card here would be the american people and what they want. however they did more bomb syria. and we didn't bomb syria they want to receive march after march rally after rally of people calling for an essay before. so win or lose this issue isn't going away. this is plugged into our culture that inner advertisements should the nsa is listening every agency to operate in complete secrecy just six months ago. this is a major change in washington d c said stocks are too. now the national pastime is turning into a national daycare. cod is an edible flower that has known to have mild narcotic. it knows no anesthetic effects actually have caused a loss of a tiny dna can users that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. because all the way back to ages and ages in the country. many farmers actually probably cover it could be causing a
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serious water shortage in yemen as results are teams that lizzie kept not dying from the su. it's good some not. clockwork each afternoon some of the people behind thoughts. the essence of nature. don't you were not allowed. many countries including yemen. the leaves contain a mild narcotic almost everyone she has more than ninety percent of men according to world health organization. this market opens her nineties and twenty of customers. but as an act of reading. five dollars worth of pot skewing the substance to win a national pastime. someone even say and national feeding the addiction comes when the country. and for
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much of it but then again there's no shortage of problems but a shortage of water it makes an on the first welsh capital to run dry. it is one of the main culprits. yemen is to wean itself to get the country has limited water resources ninety three percent of the extracted water goes to agriculture and that's mostly to grow it's the rugged landscape on the outskirts of the capital trees as far as the eye can see if they can be harvested all year round and the farmers here say they earn more cash from drugs and food. if it's the incredible amount of water to irrigate the doc feels the more income than that after these trees grow. but even here it's taking its toll on the thirty wells that serve this village ten have already gone dry and two more are on the verge. so know the consequences are already visible. those that afforded by their water from these trucks. the rest
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struggle to get by. however they can. there are taps but the waters off and dirty shortages are common the city's groundwater could be completed in less than a decade. but for the poorest residents. it's as good as gone. shouldn't be talking about it. some i don't want to miss the second time. it's not. the and that's not just some of its ten to twenty the most hideous both of them belong to me. it's a great time and when they get and is using. but here the evenings belong to cox and gathered together to talk slow and two the chosen escapes for a country that has precious few of them. for now. the water crisis. we have to wait another day the final part he signed on to yemen. well to police
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officers who are involved in the depth of thirty seven year old talent on the sides filed this week. former fullerton officer manuel ramos has been charged with second degree manslaughter and involuntary as secondary murdering involuntary manslaughter. police corporal jason finale has been charged with involuntary manslaughter and use of excessive for us a third officer joseph will will face trial in late january. this is the first time in the history of orange county where police officers are on trial for their actions were on duty the mature stem from this surveillance video here looking at now. china police officers beating kelly thomas with their fists and bought the guns and polished before him no fewer than four times thomas eventually die from the temple compression of the thorax which made it impossible for you to agree to an earlier by our teens are among the window for more on this trial he first loved us through the final moments that lead out to cali thomas' that. soon you will as we speak right now defense attorneys are presenting
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their opening statements in an orange county courtroom in the trial of officers is an alley and manuel ramos in the killing of kelly thomas now this is the murder trial two years in the making this all started back on to live feed of twenty eleven when officers but no one call about some to try to break into cars in the downtown fullerton area and an investigation later found out that kelly thomas wasn't rare break into a carson was not in possession of any sort of stolen goods. when officer rob lowe's and seasonally confront it. kelly thomas they're questioning him and according to the district attorney in there in orange county. thomas was having difficulty understanding that commands that police were giving them after about fifteen minutes of back and forth with with ramos headed to the notorious video then shows ramos putting his fist up to kelly thompson stays and threatening to punch him with his fist after that
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the city attorney to newark optus is that why. should have been just a routine police stop. i ended up with kelly thomas on the ground bleeding and unconscious and dying and we were lucky the video right now that surveillance video and in my line of work to see what's going on with all those police officers kind of crowded around telling thomas kelly is shown in l a how instrumental in this surveillance video indicates well this is really the center the case and it has imagined a year ago to return the toy or a cop is said that in a word for this tape in the other recordings police were equipped with the street with audio recorders on their bodies of the warrant for these tapes to paolo he could not have prosecuted this case and really the dissemination of these videos on lying and the efforts of telecom's his father ron thomas who really really resonated in got a lot
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of attention on on this case the final words of kelly thomas is chilli thomas before you end up as conscience with dad dad dad those words really ingrained in kelly thomas his father's boat parade. he talked to me last year. right after the announcement that a civil rights lawsuits being filed against the city of fullerton that's your problem. this type of thing. the new ig to wrest control techniques you don't teach this. no no. this is just brutal murder of dollars to buy the air but he needs to concern about top it off like that and murder somebody. iran thomas is himself a former orange county deputies he was actually hoping for a more severe charges against these authors have raised before the trial started visiting his day. cough is that justice will be searched the defense attorneys for the officer say that thomas was this it's a friendly and had multiple run ins with
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the line gets a prior conviction for assaulting his grandfather was a fireplace poker his own mother son or restraining order against him after he held up by the throat during an argument is unknown and the azeri he was allegedly attempting to take the guns off the officers that night. so hello kelly thomas is past claims from this trial and how it affected him at night we're a weird and definitely a lot about that during the trial from defense attorneys and prosecutors are well aware of this they say that it be. it is routine for defense attorneys to distract from the actions that their clients dated and then try to put the victim on trial their defense attorneys say that the image of kelly thomas being a frail mentally ill man is it is for this from the actual case but we also have to remember that the autopsy fall when kelly thomas is then found that she actually had no true cynicism at the time of the beating heart to correspond hormonal and i thank you so much for
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bearing assets are in ontario be staying on top of this trial as it continues to develop. to that. now as the holiday season rounds not kill the thing and for treason after advertisement in the ring you to find time for me. there's at least one ad that you might not see and that's because it's been banned from times square bart's on some future finds out that i might be part of the end the teens. edc board for one of the natives. from the four victims and the keyboard for the cornucopia is the one place they didn't want to be together with this ad is the big apple's advertisement that an anti snoring campaign featuring the u s soldier putting the muslim woman censored from the spotlight by a private company which owns billboards in times square. it's appealing in a way to this idea that a patriotic american and middle eastern woman could never be together and look how crazy the couple isn't so that's all the problematic but in
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heaven is nothing wrong with the emptying of this particular ad as is the case with any attempt to sell products to generate buzz and bring as much attention to it as possible. picture them in the boardroom when they outweigh the. bingo will promote harmony and not know what didn't and still rank but stuart frank. no one wanted the room was like we just love between certainly not muslim people would want to see it together. that never happens this summer or spring kept people wide awake while you know the gnostic no feelings about moral decency and in our old taboos about a no nudity or drugs or things like that are being last and there's still a political motivation behind censorship yet another example of censorship considered mission accomplished. millions of dollars on say a billboard in times square for a tv ad campaign. why on earth would you be expected to do anything that wasn't right it would have been deemed
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shopping yesterday is nothing but the norm today and while over sensitivity is still king often hypocrisy potential consequences goes un noticed and relations and that's what a blind eye. us soldiers are engaged in a more imperialist occupation in afghanistan and iraq. do you do not live graders they're not boyfriends boyfriend material. and now i've become. i'm can't imagine many muslim people to not find the kind of disgusting in a society where brands have to do what he can to get noticed by the consumers and get people to talk about their product as much as possible. old tricks again. no matter whose feelings get hurt the societal manipulation and we should be very aware of that and that kind of pisses off we are now a society of wind up how great he just crank it up and you want to go as one pseudo scandal replaces the next
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while the holds its breath to see what will push that spot was next. and since each of the rt. in our neck and mouth and he knew chc!vez who will all that well continue financing the defender and captain comanche and tokyo one slice president joe biden has arrived in japan and it was to step into the spirit. that's generating plenty of fiction in the stage at the meeting leaders in tokyo beijing and seoul to talk about china's newly established air defense identification zone. i didn't sit down on tuesday with japanese prime


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