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tv   Journal  PBS  December 3, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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aye aye. the city of berlin ukrainian opposition. just a no confidence but still. it's trafficking. that time the standby. russian dancer
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gets six years for ordering an attack on the artistic director. all starallot. in the mostly you can even got going a step back of the opposition the conscience vote on images seen on the government remains in office. it did to defuse tension prime minister because of the top says he's ready to talk. as soon as the demonstrators and their blockade of official buildings in the cap the truth is the spot by president viktor yanukovich his decision to abandon a planned street even the eu now he's departed for an official visit to china protesters are angrier than ever. after the no confidence built tail. despite this setback in parliament the demonstrators in tm are bound to continue their protests until the government go the new rule would you
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even if the government disregards when people get an illegitimate regime. we need to form a government that respects all rules and our right to vote. it is a problem along. the afternoon due to the parliamentary chamber was inflamed supporters and opponents of the government can find the time. the day. opposition leader pete and pete still accuse the prime minister of governing the country and constantly look to people anti eu policy. wish ill will. really makes you think tank and went on to sing in the mud in the country the tree. and when ukrainians demonstrated peacefully. he sent him the riot police to crack down on protests would force all that stuff. we've not seen anything like this since independence the test by the prime minister to calm the situation. counting down
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the mighty our lives. q would you mind would like to apologize for the actions of our own security forces against demonstrators independence square the need for dialogue but warned the country cast of resources to stamp out any time not thousands gathered in central kiev where you buy the morning. they want. when i was lamenting that the safety of the band and swaying to and from there like the finest apologize continuing. top the agenda he kills the ties that the eu. secondly it has become much harder that anyone was actually on the weekends and when the police crackdown on peaceful protests ukrainians always took pride in the fact that said think ag contrast to what's happening in town i was the rush said they could express their opinion freely
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and that was the turning point. then they woke up and they went on the streets and now they want mall they went to get ready without too much may want a whole system change that but that is actually really difficult and sad and big bands of these databases even in this sense than anything else that the moment confused and don't know what to do apart from that. being on the street taking to the states and not go away. try this and a victory which has pushed off to china to visit what is just moving the cakes. he kicks first of all that you praying desperately needs money to buy national bankruptcy. that deal to have a doubt said that ukraine would get them all then it was me daily and the youngest in their insanity wants to write back and this money and wheat grains over the next set against the guilty could be a broadcaster to see the full once again the best ones to sit out the minds of the opposition are snap elections it doesn't seem as if he wants to go back and
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also people see it here. that said indiana call that says absence the police might crack down the protest once too often enough to attend private school. no was his hands full responsibility say that i wasn't and said sorry and all slack seek the offences as they act didn't understand what's happening at the end of the human should be fun as the comedy because he went on to say that to get their act and where it's legal. and that's great that we wouldn't have any meat on the tee that they would in fact the minority my mind. they must adapt to it. move over to the protest movement thailand's now with the government has ordered police to stand down raising hopes that the days of political violence may be coming to an end but this is close to st anthony and retrieve them and the squabbling is expected to come back in the coming days with that of the king's birthday on test day. judges insist that they will not give up till prime minister he will kill our designs. but today there was no call on the streets of bangkok. one
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sees the often in the atmosphere in front of bangkok's government building was relaxed and senator kerry testers think the security forces to demonstrate the city's police headquarters with a handshake and flowers the police had allowed thousands of anti government protesters to enter the prime minister's office compound on him. to demonstrate to simply push the concrete that is assigned a new one stop them. mario does not live to see the safety of people who come to protest peacefully early on tuesday to protest is the right to police headquarters asking for talks against expectations. please help them cost of land to move barricades in order to answer. they argue that i'm very happy today. you use a piece of toast this idea we would be this time. i think
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he's won the feature of this is a victory. i think we've not to the san juan. or more people joining the rally is more to making money and fuel to the protest is course they want to force the government to hand power to unelected council which was then appointed a new prime minister in place a few collection know what. with that it's not one ever sees ahead of the dummy t o as the contents in the boonies trade open and the indonesian island of bali. with that of the nato appealed to the world's trade ministers gathered there to at least come up with a modest agreement to keep a lot talks stalled for years. it is compensated to see if i can actually come to see his radiance and the country's cities. all i need the words poorest countries. trade ministers hope they'll be able to set aside differences and overcome the deadlock the liberalizing trade
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internationally is now a make or break affair. we had an opportunity to demonstrate that the wall. get out of reach. the inventory of global trade. and we also have an opportunity to lay the path to meet global trade easier. small fairer and more engrossed in our own. how exactly the wto will achieve that isn't disputes. four nations fear that it read areas in these markets can be flattened by subsidized surplus goods from wealthier countries. critics of full market liberalization demonstrated outside the conference center. dubai olympics by developing countries. food sovereignty the town in europe and the united states. so i bought this country to protect their own agricultural industries by giving them huge subsidies
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we think that sums that nobody got to see the outset of this study was due diligence have until friday to come up with a solution business news down germany's car manufacturers say there's a light at the end of the tunnel after years of dwindling sales. expecting the market this topic up for next year after what's expected to be the worst year in today. german media reports say workers several of the countries on americans including bmw toddler and audi have to take shorter christmas holiday to cope with increasing demand markets now and our reporter on i was at the frankfurt stock exchange it was profit taking today on the stock market the market had reached such high levels. but now a few investors have become dizzy and were looking for something reliable to take hold off. want to go for the profit taking were reports that the economy in brazil during the third quarter have contracted more than anticipated. jessica left and came under pressure
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significantly because this tuesday prosecutors raided forty branches of the time all of the journey. at the headquarters of the mass pike in frankfurt the suspicion is that commands are helped and italian insurance company to sell life insurance policies cars could use to evade taxes and to do with money daunting. if the allegations but come to the financial sector in europe would have another large scale scandal i was in frankfurt. here's a quick look at the numbers from the market starting in frankfurt the dax was down by about two percent to ninety two twenty three cents. us stocks fifty over two percentage points down thirty thirteen advantage over in new york dow jones industrial average was also down. trading right now cause to present it to one percent down fifteen eight seventy one year was actually up against the dollar though one thirty five ninety eight
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jonathan has been one of the first time since nineteen ninety seven. like that may indicate that the spanish economy is weak and the corner. the figures are all the more surprising as the unemployment rate only rises in october november after the summer tourist season ends. there are still for twenty million people in spain was out and yell. some political news from tammy the country's sixteen federal states of making a false attend to on tonight extremist npd auntie to raise domestic intelligence agency has described the party has called racist anti semitic and anti democratic the political group in gemini is conned an early eight and demand that our team can cause the entry fee. he may only have six thousand members of germany's sixteen states agree that it's anti semitic and racist rhetoric prior to the country regional interior ministers to compile the two hundred and fifty page dossier to back up their claims. it's been handed to the constitutional court in
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concert in a bid to outlaw the far right party. he was before we go through all the authors come to plausible conclusion. especially regarding the history of the npt and on one basis it should be judged in pd. i'm convinced that we've assembled good material for the will to the us the decade ago the high court rejected germany's first it to happen in pd on top. contentment peace was hampered by relying on key informants within the party leadership. mr and his teens his party's own rhetoric as the c street skates the unexciting trial in nineteen ninety one when the constitution instrument landing a punch he actually was. apartheid report is kindof a fuss and get to unleash it. the ruling is expected next year the spring in terry martin our parliamentary studious
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kerry we have heard that this new case against the npd will not be reliant on testimony from the informers what is the basis of any sport that's right the petition submitted to the court argues that the npd is the party program its ideology is basically identical to that of the national socialists under hitler. it argues that the npd is that the npt subscribes to the same racial biology as the nazis it says that the party is basically anti semitic and anti democratic in races to the courts now supports these claims by citing different slogans from the npd slogans fly to germany for the germans or integration is genocide and also quotes from npd party luther target up to and from talking points from party leaders in the npt one of those talking points being odd that a foreigner in asian or an african for example cannot become german because
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just giving them a passport it does not change their racial parity. and how you rate the chances of this ban morning in court this time now. of course those two are submitting petition believe that the chances are very good they say there are positions very well argued and are not making the same mistakes that were made ten years ago when a similar petition failed. however the former head of the constitutional court says that the chances are very slim. because the npd simply doesn't have much significance in the german political system and it poses no threat to democracy so he thinks that of the chances are not very good. the decor will reject it on political or its return martin will see how that plays out and speak with you further. thanks much the talk is cause chaos on its built in about one hundred thirty cars and trucks will were involved in three mast pilots on a motorway in the west because
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it is one person has given seventy six but instead emergency crews her eyes to the boss and his interest in decades. medics said at a makeshift hospital on the site of those. coming after a short break the peace the student assessment of what was stopping the days and transparency international's corruption report tuesday too the brilliant musical arranger the influential dramatics. controversial. two hundred years two thousand thirteen. he's the famous german composers. i sent entering. lautner two hundred gw is multimedia projects. we had company this major cultural events throughout the year. w taught me english faulkner two hundred
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the assessment is done for short. i eagerly await in my education as an ensign on the was conducted by the oecd countries for years it takes a look at people from sixty five country. the latest report the first seven places in the rankings have gone to east asian nation the performers and jim stevens is better than last time plenty of room for improvement. schoolchildren have been studying higher than now. which when it comes to the science is not on
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treating. the top of the costs of stevens and sung high tying a tiny government doesn't release results for the whole country. gemini schools than in belgium but about vietnam. and last month's kit including ten these results have improved considerably since the last piece of the pool it was published in two thousand gemini school is selling ban came as a cell. the reading skills of fifteen year old was found to be well then add the global operates children for migrant and for a social backgrounds placenta be at a particular disadvantage the study treated to a series of educational conferences in gemini and one of the country's federal states introduced reforms the latest results and that there's been some improvement among children from socially disadvantaged families. but critics say the system still leaves too many behind. still commutes between dusk and children only go to school
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for a day with you one of the main areas the anti reform in the german school system the children went to school for the whole day there were no longer to learn the more time for the supervision of homework isn't the end and made me also. the clue. he says that he is not without its critics some education experts have criticized how the numbers are compiled. this is hands down the spectators in attendance school system it's used as a benchmark education policy makers worldwide. we spoke to mom that she had to make a play kitchen scales from the oecd to what extent that these to study with a valid assessment of students many of the tees yes indeed we are now on phone from long term survey is made in canada where an age group was followed mining authorities and the way they performed in
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diet and tan holiday perform during their studies shows that jesus said they've had over eighty in dk ticket hall they could perform an acre companies can tell that he's done is where the green knight. there are many elements and which one would have to bring together let me focus to study too. one is that society has built up a consensus may believe every citizen believes that education is prairie to number one. and you have seen examples like in korea where you could build up your ways to add ricotta turn up to a very industrialized world and make it to education and also the belief that every child can make it and then everytime can be a top performer the incumbent the long way to go. hmm it is
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most and cooper declined to think. germany has done a lot of progress and is known and loved. the average oecd in all three fields and has programs in on three fields at the same time. and on so far the disadvantage and coupons this situation has much improved. so if germany wants to improve further and why not save yourselves ambitions goals. it has to continue with its reforms and early childhood programs will pay it takes time also getting more support to teachers and to individualized teaching on this has brought already success and will bring more by the teaching of the cash rate occasions the oecd thank you very much for coke glass another international rankings is transparency
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international is out with its latest rankings of the world's most and least corrupt country. you came out on top and on bottom in a moment. this can attack from the biggest warm as in europe spain slumped ten paces to back down before tea on the list and optioned there has been on the rise of the country struggles to come on to this economic slump another part european country greece actually improves on the corruption ticket the cats a mountain of national debt soaring unemployment and rampant corruption. greece has its share of challenges right now steel transparency international acknowledges that the country has made progress. her speech was on a sony said that the amount of fines paid by ordinary people in everyday life is going down in other words private households and citizens have to pay fuel prices and that's a good sign and the new kiss me again don't think it is taking. lowest ranking countries on transparency
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international's corruption index. afghani stomp north korea somalia. grease to make a little progress planning to make calls to eighteenth place. jeremy moved up one place to twelve. but it still trading best performance to see a demo and new zealand's came out on top. in gemini transparency criticizes the role played by lobbyists and how they influence legislation. it says that process needs to become more transparent. staying till like ten places to fourteenth popping down to a series of high profile scandals. in one case a member of the royal family is accused of embezzling six million euros in funds. let's go to tabloid news there's been some resolution in a high profile case that shocked the world the year ago. amen to make the single has been sentenced to six years in prison twenty million acid attack that nearly blinded the artists to give it up the blog shy that day. two
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other people involved were also sentenced tuesday the ballet dancer and two co defendants were late into the moscow court to hear their fate. the dpp ching who was convicted and sentenced to six years in high security prison. his lawyer doesn't accept the ruling. boy it was good but the owner of the wartime ally. we went askew. we find it useless. on the street doesn't reflect the actual events of that into perspective. the court found to be preaching to fuel the final acid attack on sneaky feeling the artistic director of the famous fortune telling. the assault in january left feeling almost blind and with severe facial burns. despite more than twenty operations his vision remains in there the case exposed bitter infighting within the theater company. just a teeny tiny chang who spent a decade poll showing ordered the attack because he was unhappy with the roles that director was assigned. one witness
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testified that the need to change to what is his girlfriend to get the lead role in swan lake. the dancer told the court he simply asked for feeling to be roughed up. indeed not know the scene with the flow and in his face. we all make assumptions about cultures we don't know well. for example it's easy to get the impression that women in arab countries play little role in the patriarchal societies. the reality is more complex and this indicates the house the next time change. more women have access to education. enter the workforce. i did not increase your responsibilities. the mic one such moment again in this and the consummation of hiding green curry flights carrying the daily editorial conference of the major news in the rainy capital mom a mom the thirty nine year old senior editor told colleagues the mail. she says that trusting found it hard to accept other one is lost. now
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it's become routine. the d day landing when an almond cinnamon and the uncommon as it was difficult in the beginning i did. and to work with the moment. it was also his immediate superior and younger than him. sinn fein are in our culture and the fact that the prophet then added the air. there's an increasing number of female executives likely become the site in bahrain even the women and the cost of credit in two thousand and two. there is access to education. almost two thirds of students in tertiary institutions. women are making shelves across all sectors including the governments. yes yes it's a duck to walk on sunday in bahrain even hold office at the highest level. that's not just for show. we also close to our own agendas. when our state leaders want it that way but some of the day. but the non the less problems
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with discrimination in bahrain. for example she'll win and didn't enjoy the same rights as sony women. rapists can escape punishment by mapping the victims. women also at a disadvantage on some major citizenship issues regency and creamy. i dislike him. according to the law children born to a pomeranian woman married to a foreigner. no right to bar a nice message. and that's mary ann johnston in size in the constitution that all people are equal before the law in unison and then working with the snow for a moment. finds his injustice unacceptable. she says the quantity promised by the rule has to be put into effect in all areas it. when asked if he only needs to become a country governed by rule of law. rights for everybody. and inside in the eighties at the open offer. while working women are increasingly accepted in
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bahrain. the sun says that doesn't mean they're released from the traditional rules jen aniston mother of three times to cancel the family when she gets. heat oil in the days when a professional woman in monterey. back to europe to italy where it melts. now europe's most active volcano has erupted once again. ash shall encounter on the pounds deal in the mountains will be pivotal for evacuations the parties' increase the coast on a high degree it was not disrupted. i don't think lindsay but it's not me. the adoption was over twenty s now. all these years and had that second quarter set the tone with side that cd of the gospel. this time out though. i eye. the south
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africa. men are created all it had been there. boy don't generate enough about him and he me not the pd. rich is the most powerful country woo hoo. ay ay ay in the eye . however it will multiply it's like. holds up. defence
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sources said. you knew you when will we will do it. is you. from its six one. what she knew was with the need of some of the chevron bp a lot the two most senior ruc officers murdered by the ira during the troubles were ambushed folly of the from of garda station the findings of s


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