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chc!vez would willingly. i eye. the commander of the need to be on a mid nineteen. well this was coming up next half hour it's not that david price the team staff meeting the court finds. us vice president joe biden is in asia to defuse tensions over china's new air defense justifications. in the german top shop is humbled by it. i can't think of the time. find
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a group of major global banks that don't live by when seven billion euros. to profit from the manipulation of key interest rates. eu competition commissioner joaquin o'neill said the aim was to send a clear message to these cartel. but don't go far enough in itself to an increasing scrutiny since the two thousand and eight financial crisis. we have welcomed also been trying to add to this report. deutsche bank received the biggest fine. the company has to pay seven hundred and twenty five million euros. but the bank said it was prepared for the settlements. doherty said the necessary cash to sign so cds in awe of the royal bank of scotland. citigroup and jpmorgan chase on the other financial giants that have to cough up. along
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with a broken toe up emotion we say with a sissy so we want to send a clear message that the commission meets the legal fight gun sights of the stuff that's in the financial sector the fourth single dish or grossed out to ensure that financial markets to reward of the cities of the real economy. i'm not in vain to stop a few. the banks are accused of conspiring to fix benchmark interest rates increasing their profits at the expense of the customers take treats on both britain's libel. every day individual banks amid pages of the bridges bankers association. showing the interest rates that are going to lend money to other banks. they sustained used to calculate the light low interest rates the manipulation was easy traders and bank employees committed to falsify rates and line their pockets markets and ubs were also embroiled in the manipulation scandal. that both dogs fines by being the first to inform eu authorities of
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the collusion. and the eu competition authority says that's not the end of the story begins daily hundred of its biggest point of a twenty city was looking into yet another banking scandal. several international banks are also being investigated for allegedly fixing currency exchange rates. sunday could see further action from the european commission to get the big banks to clean up their act and play by the moments i got the scars on me now cause they're small by s competition commission almunia said it himself that it's not the end of the story say that fast at the commission is planning to put the calculation all states interest rates under supervision because since i've been addicted to do what they do whatever they wanted without a munich in a somewhat seven say a few setbacks attains an aunt that would be a collaboration between regulators and european ones that what we will probably not come into force before twenty fifteen but its not see anything that's going to have been an
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all state the case is alleged cases of foreign exchange rate trading at something that the european commission is looking into and dead to the fact it's the commission still to make soul that those roles in the european union are a kid that sits in the tub say and i can imagine that it will try and keep up the press during these times of economic and financial crises. also because of a lot of crops in the entire system is at stake is very difficult to explain to taxpayers for example that they had to bang out the royal bank of scotland in two thousand and eight. and then rigging continued well into the crisis into two thousand and ten. the royal bank of scotland was in foal to say the least i can happen is that they have to pay small fine. nineteen on sentences and to me much. and how the markets reacting to the latest and penalties. his report are calling on board at the frankfurt stock exchange many people that the exchange are convinced
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that the appeal from a basket of that what's that to find that for example go to bank has to pay now could've been higher and that the profits the banks made by manipulating the interbank lending rates was far higher than the find the banks have to pay now. well the stock market in general this with his date sales are donated one reason for this was that some economic data from the united states again came in better than anticipated no more investors think that the generous money supplied by the central bank and the us so it might become less generous. was in frankfurt here on the wrong market numbers starting in frankfurt the dax was down by nearly a percentage ninety one forty. euro stocks fifty also down three quarters of a percent. new york the dow jones industrial average trading a little bit more than half a percent down and the euro also down against the dollar one thirty five a
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the colonized nation of petroleum exporting countries or for pay as you do to keep production and this is totally unchanged. i did twice annual conference that tremendously they continue to produce a maximum thirty million dollars of two twenty the mother turned off the lead in mind. the un expects to resist and bought him. it looks in the sand into the dna coding is you can't only an engine bomber was enclosed by dozens of countries. there were two chinatown where us vice president joe biden is in high level talks to reduce tension over beijing's new air defense good educations now. the zone covers airspace over a set of islands in the east china sea whose ownership is disputed. why am i to tokyo when he leads from the eu's demands to japan or subpoenas those times when the bombs few days time has come to find interest in line to american and japanese planes. the filling into the area spiking these
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detentions. signs pointing to buy teams meet in the chinese shoes and think man and our new baby into a tie. implied in the z concert a time of heightened tension between this and decides that the us and china have many shame to chatswood. biden said he appreciated the steaming style. you do. i am it occurs early on. after his meeting with the crew duties included as well. you know. do you work and in your future developing this relation both qualities are sorely needed. however there was a comment about the chinese japanese territorial dispute pits dominated recent news coverage. two decades time in
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japan. the findings in the east china sea the chinese decoration of a difference and as we got to the attention. china has beefed up its presence in the area. the us and japan has refused to recognize design and style into the airspace. earlier this week by gould the face of presents great breeze the miscalculation. here you communicate what stokes its mind on these athletes and the turkish foreign minister and talent although called it a historic moment. okra has long sought to open these the liberalization talks in eastern turkey commit to taking back migrants who cross into the eu and its borders. the agreement is due to be signed on to some risks germany's outgoing foreign minister he amassed a bella has visited ukraine in a show of support for protesters in key as independence square he told them the eu was still keen on partnership agreement with the country
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the statistics again that is in the periodical which is not meant to present to sign the pact last week. former president of ukraine and also back the anti gun to attach prime minister because of call for him and for the demonstrations and went unheeded and the standoff continues the tune of the night to protest as outstanding maitland in the end. i even found a piece for the support and for giant christmas tree. it's now up to test me. at the top three states ukraine been baptizing the story an appendix. you see a brutal corrupt and they didn't sign the agreement with the european union is we are defending our rights because we wanted to be in europe the cost of the failed attempt in town the government incompetence and instructions they just me
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building. the opposition the hops in response. i would make an awesome council in brussels. ukraine's government will support from its giant neighbor. worship the word cool. i tossed the ukrainian politicians will be able to bring the situation onto a piece we encourage everyone we knew not to interfere with this gemini has made me tense and insight. i tell him anything to do. i went to kiev to make me cry when needed. meanwhile in championing the opposition into our tiny kitchen. i will be at it because when we come here as europeans visiting fellow europeans take the dough in them. europe is not indifferent to the fate of ukraine guys. get out and pretty. we're promoting your games values. and for ukraine on one or two europe remains wide open net. when i got off jess is on compromising they vowed to stay put until the government has resigned
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an icon in the sink influences demonstrations laura manuel who is like a muppet and stands. what the events of ten deaths as of this precious is just behind me on this grant independence to them i donned an ad on this is going on they also do the statistics and by the klitschko brothers right now there was an la to see it when it was announced on the se expected asset other than the german foreign minister was also on my gun but all the country legal accepted the fact that committees and seventeen people and getting frustrated that and no real results that gets and they afraid to get a call that would just get this out tomorrow to see what is going then. that is really the big question that everyone ask themselves is the sweetest people on the streets who have been no sustained during these cold nights out there that the only thing that's really for second at the moment is that there won't be a violent crackdown and he signed it
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anytime soon again because that is too many foreign officials and high ranking officials in kiev at the moment for the foreign ministry on the farm ministers needs a copy of the station for security and cooperation in europe. i think that it's not suspect any comments at will in fact it is out of quite high because the position has not been marked off but then say to people that stay on the streets. i might not mean since independence cranking the ones from adopting. but during germany's interior ministers from the country's sixteen states say they are optimistic that their petition at the constitutional court to outlaw far right npd party will be successful the band because it represents a continuation of i don't think this ideology. what's number is honestly the npd is represented in tunis them on a man and this makes it into the top of the crimes which many can find intolerable the seller attempt to ban the npt in two this
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time they have solid evidence to back up tickets in theory means to feed the npd has made racist and anti semitic statements. it was founded in nineteen sixty four demonstrated against immigrants and help find in protest. the petition is to ban the conti say the npt states that the house key in town and we cannot see some folks do list that is the npd the nep a nation is defined by ethnicity. it's a biological tissue not a legal question as to which you can become a naturalized citizen i did get done the testimonies of frequency nice mold the interior has to say the de resistance is resisting. i put yourself in the place of someone who lives in eastern germany and looks different than the average german store has different political opinions for these people the npc has a real threat. it's been on an itch to get up the sixteen teams in the dispute is
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the npd gets one the hoff me endurance and pecans. that means the same counties. take no cost to the beach the two mindsets this photo this is a quote from the npd parliamentary leader in my state it did in two thousand and nine he said that the npt is purely a tool to do maximum damage to the multi party state and it was in too much i think that's it. at times but this i don't think i need to add anything to that. over the top of the nice weather in sets of feet. i tend to suppress dissent. the citizens' right to free heel position. mom and the shrinking to be demanding killed and dozens injured in a major train crash. officials say several carriages the rail following an act of sabotage the government blames the opposition on campaigners opposition activists have been trying to enforce a transport strike in protest against elections are scheduled for next month. he
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was two years coming to you on the danube. initial take on the coming of the desperate situation for refugees from cbs as soon as the middle to low and protests in thailand as the country prepares to celebrate the king's birthday tuesday. the rule. do. for it
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the eye. as winter sets in the refugees from serious civil war are continuing to make their way into neighboring country. we are heading to a scandinavian countries like turkey and lebanon. these council or did he pull the strings and desperately content the governments of those countries has increased their calls for more international help and for europe to open its doors to those seeking refuge. the cover goss refugee camp in the kurdish part of iraq is home to almost ten thousand syrian
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refugees. overall more than two million people fleeing the conflict and syria have found refuge in iraq lebanon jordan turkey and egypt amnesty international says these countries the massive international support. in the dung on bicycle. we need eagerly been evident for example. taking an eight under thousand refugees after copious an increase of twenty percent. stop contract provided by the situation in europe. joni plans to refine tilted to five thousand syrians. but so far only fifteen hundred of the rhine ten thousand syrian asylum seekers have also been granted temporary residency in the country. amnesty says europe isn't doing enough. he had bought a bunch we met with jim and i think the tools and other european countries to take in you'll see the wiki tools. thanks and i had to take effect the article weekend and will mean that in attendance. he keeps me on up the un estimates cost nine million
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students have been driven from their homes. and most remain inside the country's borders. increasing the sea and effigies of finding get on with contents in countries like egypt points on ten people there are already struggling with political instability and economic hard times. they see the new refugees as competitors for scarce jobs resourced already having meals everything in their homeland. secondly i think is the now struggling to make ends meet. now the coding practice on the outskirts of cairo the syrian refugees trying to teach this to some muhammad on the price to its wholesale and affection around the corner which eden's cells causing motorists. the scheme and cindy couldn't defeat the news today. getting enough to feed the family much has changed in egypt since the opener of president ohamed moresby. some muhammad doesn't want to take sides. lalala. when all of
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the muslim brotherhood. when all the others. we keep out of it. lol but we only want justice. she didn't like it in recent months to become more difficult to syria to get president nixon egypt marty i'm posting here for nine months. with the money and no one. most east islamist government welcomes syrian refugees with open arms and open the pro syrian regime. that ended in the egyptian army took over and some syrians took to the streets in support of more seat. there was some use to demonstrate either side of the muslim brotherhood. now the egyptians experience they say you i need to be on my quilting cottons. human rights watch has accused egypt remedial of inflaming anti syrian sentiment. it also says hundreds of students that he's been detained in egypt and proceed into the country. really lor
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i have my eye liner and have my teaching altogether. some of them to syria. i am against you. which is included the miriam has cost some money these refugees. he has been held for over two months and threatened with deportation. his wife doesn't know where he'll end up. and she starts right. who in monaco queen cited the need to change used to treat us very mild and they helped us the lack of local wine in her mouth and it's nice no i type this it is explained the qantas deal and frank died in auckland and one. you know. the hostile environment to post more speech its syrian refugees face on certain key to the map. your
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alternative they can either try to make the illegal and dangerous cross into europe will return to the war torn homeland. the senior commander of the shiite hezbollah militia has been killed outside his home in southern beirut. in currencies the attack outside the coolest costume and nike's shooting that killed strange osteen on his comp knox's death comes amid increasing tension and eleven on a sixty mile and spilling over from the sentinel in syria has been on is backing the regime in syria against any of them is seeking to oust has been shot and has been done has been used it for the attack. tuesday night in blog land. i think a certain date and eighty six but the efficiency and tingling on on thursday. i respect of common sense and across the capital bangkok flirting with the amount of protests. opposition forces say they still want the government to step down and they'll take up their cause again on friday. but for now both sides have
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rested now. it is dizzying and cocaine police today appealed for action. when hundreds gathered outside the skateboard is to win this season and into the compound you'll start east and central and the opposition said they wanted was for the teams to handle the protests. yet all of the total the police tool useful to the senses. not to use double standards. the two sides it covered up with the dead. the trees is tempting me to demonstrate is speaking today denounced the pool they want i mean standing next to no one to step down and make way for people's council. they say she's a puppy. the taxi countries who need it. he seems healthy and six the prime minister has now passed we tend to office after a five day absence and
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has ordered police to stop resisting protest is and remains for cp kingston's the cheese comes between the two men he ask us to date and time intensive to conduct a nice cool people and a few days of peace a welcome tuesday's team to the clinic today speaks he speaks to the timely keep listing events in twenty two teaspoons traditional dress could decide the outcome of these crises. italy is feeling the effects of recent storms and heavy rain flooding following weeks of rain has led to landslides in the box in the county region it goes in the braking to fix by the villains and underneath the suva market has shifted causing it to collapse. the vehicles into something it to be like evacuate again the storms and that meant the full cost has now also warning the severe storm over northern europe and the coming days the area of low pressure is expected to move over the united kingdom and southern norway for making its way to northern germany. by thursday
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afternoon. being with the extreme gusts of wind storm surges and snow fall experts say the storm is likely to be at least as severe as that which a large parts of western europe and scandinavia in october causing massive didn't travel chaos. when the shackles he is in the northern german coastal city of time but which has been taken to be in the pasta on that stone the limit is fifty miles at the moment it's all costs is expecting that to change don't they. let's say it is believed to be the calm before the storm and the hurricane sabah may still be hovering just over on scotland at this moment. and but suddenly at comment is bracing itself for a very strong winds of up to hundred and forty kilometers an hour and today tonight cd and costs of the night we all say see it about me you see that this mop and combine this with the scent and meets the industrial area behind me you can see it is said diaz
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abdomen boss and the crew said that the group had now this will be hit seventy but very strong winds which have been the stiff peak on and the state how often do and then the question will be how much the walter will be pushed into the sissy and that's why flood gates will be going up throughout the course of the knights one was kind of decorations on the needs and the face of this impending storm. yes at the pub and holds it to you a basic even do that cause from where the the fsa the sissy behind me as it may well be that otherwise they will find a cause on the war to tomorrow and also this up the chris isaak it's getting on and all the funnies would cost to be basically were removed and built back in and has said that no flying pots can hit people in the city of qom back and says to class time directed on the north sea coast. some schools will because the xmas not taken that for now here in combat
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but suddenly as stage one of a full state today that system has been pulled out admission to share in hand and thank you very much from them. your welcome. not since four season. this is going on to the gym and kept my shoes the uneventful encounter whole time who are covering just over the relegation zone in the bundesliga stunned his place shall go with three one win to reach the quarterfinals constantine matches are often spectacular and this was no exception this wrinkle and twenty one minutes from time to actually put the visitors ahead the second in two matches began life as it crossed the floor that sink uncontested into the net john were reeling and oftentimes quickly smelled like a break from their own half left the royal blues chasing same la battled through to the bit to fit me know. instead the ball up forgiven for land to make
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the hapless buffet line is they shut the door. dylan top of them weren't and tormenting their lists. three minutes later a free read and gifted gifted me know. a free shot at all. really changes fifteen first half minutes his response was to little too late. jefferson for fun meeting everyone in the second half. i was the final score. and can look forward to more determined to action. sure the coach ian blair is facing more pressure to test to see the good old when and if the elections coming into tonight to buy and liver to his angels with the usual suspects the k and leaving the results of those and intimate else but for now that's it thank you very much their company. if you want more go to our website you can be done. d thanks for watching. i have. this is
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huge. thank you. this year the day. hang on. even though it's a win on sunday. shiites who make it. these. i was so dead. what's the world's biggest story each day exclusive to any tv networks to top story wednesday intriguing topic as tall but he makes the premier global content partners back to back in english. it's what they mean washington six enlightenment you have a party happening here so it's good to hear. seventeen with me. thanks to a doting auntie
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