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tv   Arirang News  PBS  December 5, 2013 10:00am-10:31am PST

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and the korean tradition of making and steering concious people cite this slippery diet has made unesco's list of intangible cultural heritage. and it's really a virtually erased a bilateral free trade agreements which will improve import tariffs on products and bolster market access for australian leisure and services exports a dangerously high level of toxic dust from china and blankets the capital city some of that fills the issue of mind this morning for the first time ever
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the stores and more next on prime time. to put any assets thursday to suffer fest here in korea lot from seoul. i need to pay them come and thank you so much for joining us. we begin with some welcome news for the nation into on the korean tradition of making and sharing and she paid unesco's intangible cultural heritage of humanity list on this thursday korea time for more details on how the decision came about and what this means for the country. we connect live on the phone to professor pat sent me from azerbaijan she's a member of the world heritage section of the cultural heritage committee and she took part at the eighth annual unesco world heritage conference thank you very much for
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joining us and congress to link fence. you couldn't be well first off tell us what the atmosphere there was like at the moment the decision was made and what does it mean to be on this unesco blacks. i'm going. yes that is why. in it. on the point chc!vez government welcomed the move. erica like the prompts on isaiah's description of you. he got to the encounter not only on when and why. one of them
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the wind caught it. and i've been on the part of it up. if each of you. the bathrooms and the contrasting un call for bonnie. me i'm going for it. it's an upbeat note that you know that you have that but don't know. yet if he can and he would be good to see him showing up for winter though i knew the bed and put in on the hallmark on them to include three shouldn't include the chair where i can come to be on the market that we were home from work. on the family that wanted to go on. i've been on the fly. on that up and down what kind of impact do we expect from today's decision both at home and abroad. i
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think would be that the act of god. we had a hard faced with the intent that it would be up there at the wicket to fall apart he did not know that's what i want them out of the night. it turned me on that truth to it. and then out into the issue i'm tired though i didn't know it won't be going on. what do we find it. chair. it won't i did i'm addicted now. you should heed to. it included a pic
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before i could feel welcome to it. much of it. the last of the fourteen thank you very much professor pot the stats and a member of the intentional world there is in the cultural heritage committee line from a surprise. so now we're joined by our cultural core spotted a cute ones here in the studio to topple a bit more about the cute seeing him down so it wasn't just the product team sheet that was honored with the inclusion on this list but the very act of making and sharing a she. that's right sounds though it isn't about this curry is that it's taken its first two attempts in the west more of a collector of making a scary city is the title carrying get in the years when applied with this distinction was to die. sharing and see what more and this i would say that he has this report the block the first lady of the united states makes a
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health magazine selected as the world's healthiest fail anything. doctors recommended for its health effects. it's kitschy and it's been a part of korean history for over a thousand years. every year at about this time from the end of november until the middle of december. koreans make it ferment each side dish with your family going through a process called him jack. a take that many people because kitschy is usually me in large quantities enough to provide nutrition to drop holding termites. the culture surrounding can see the dentist people in the past started making today's large groups to ensure there are two ways nowadays people in communities on to bite doing the same time promoting the act as the cherry culture do in light of the seas in the korean cultural heritage administration and the ekka call from a mystery as hosting a two day event that runs through friday on the culture of kimchi. a ceremony highlighting help
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people in the past now for the kids to the bank bought elsewhere different types of kimchi from eight different provinces or the level for visitors to sample a number of foreign ambassadors to korea have also participated even got in on the act of making their own kimchi. attendees to the event of another meeting to celebrate korean steeplechase as cute i had made on tms goes intangible cultural heritage plants since then an idea. brits are once again zhong is not the first food i eat and that made it not the best of lists but others aren't there untill least me no use for collectors in the world into it this business the status of the agate astronomical third eye to friends and maybe terry and i think these groupings be introduced only in spirit and tradition are turkey's territorial tricks and japanese actor has additional could see why joe cook was just an accident at school this past week. so it
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kinda making the lists a total number of korean items in unesco is about sixteen at the steps correct. i shot while the unesco has this need has been protecting the court to a hair test for decades in the past about eight thousand properties in the midst of a whistle in two thousand to me that unesco started protecting non knitting intangible elements of collector and as of now consists of items from dozens of countries have now been its investigations onl has the meds. this is the third highest number of the titans did it in representations in japan's bbq for carrie and i danced on the domestic route to his traditional songs and the chills. marcia are what their secret camel down traditional wooden and architecture independence and co is traditionally against a canberra but still am but that report. sharing time now we move on to the effect of an unwanted guests from china ultra fine dust
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particles have blanketed the capital seoul forcing the city government to issue its first ever find dust morning is happening and health authorities are advising people to wear masks and filled the worst has blown away at camp in the port. the seoul city government is to toss twenty first time ever. stress level went for over eighty five micrograms per cubic meter for two consecutive hours at four pm on thursday a level of ninety three micrograms of dust was detected for every cubic meter. when even as high as sixty six michael grant without a smoke and toxic dusthat covered most of the nation since early this week with average concentration levels that are two to three times higher than normal. on wednesday particular dust levels in seoul based nearly two hundred micrograms a cubic meter. do it four times now serve on a normal day. that's well beyond a precaution level of under twenty michael
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transferred to the meter set by the national institute of environmental research. it's also more than seven times the level recommended by the world health organization which has a standard of twenty five michael grands prix cubic meter. in the southern district of coal dust levels reached nearly three hundred micrograms per cubic meter on wednesday forcing the city to show preliminary those warning for the first time this year. but there's good news on the rise those concentration levels are expected to decline gradually starting thursday the concentration may be high in the morning call into total because of the fine particle pollution coming from china. the daily average is expected to return to normal today. that does contain costs of pollutants including heavy metals and bacteria and health experts of us were that's what the gospel. that would be up for that goal. what does that or at their peak. have been i didn't it. in other news
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us vice president joe biden has just arrived in seoul on this thursday evening at the last leg of this east asia to biden is slated to meet with president aka name on friday and is hoping to ease tensions in a region that has been rattled by diplomatic route over air defense doubts on sunday has been. the yellow be the last stop for us vice president joe biden at the back step is to be nice and four up north is a chat. biden will meet with president bought it a m friday to discuss rates to handle a time that's new here and i didn't get the kitchen down and up and ongoing effort to be the right to collective self effects the surprise announcement of an expanded air defense known as escalating military tensions among its neighbors as it overlaps with those of korea and japan. washington has said it is not recognized as and the stench was to be every night i did when he met
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chinese president. she didn't hate him. aj. source this day still a lot and are finalizing consultation on expanding her to get eric and fell. and that the new plant will get balanced bali discussions with biden. fight this trip marks the first visit by a high ranking us officials to watch it and expressed support for japan's pursuit of collective self defense. the move was met with strong backlash from korea and china as it is reminiscent of japan's militaristic past. and the vice president is expected to attract all security concerns regarding the issue. it's widely believed that by mother earth soul to be the past be high for the sake of a stronger bilateral i instantly be at the us and japan. that in a very happy at odds over historical perception when kirby and repeatedly calling on japan to apologize for it were time atrocities during its thirty five year might be
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shed for me yet. during his stay in seoul a vice president is scheduled to give a speech on foreign policy again thinking thursday and friday. and that at the detail it right now the heavily armed border between the teacher vs on saturday before returning to the us. on sunday at antiques amid the escalating arizona tension in northeast asia korea will engage in a series of naval drills with the us and britain in the waters off the southern coast of the korean peninsula starting on sunday. seoul's defence ministry spokesperson which means that said thursday that the great naval vessels will be deployed during a two day exercise the koreas aegis destroyer americans eat this cruise ship kilo and britain's during class stuff to store where the spokesman added the trail isn't being held in response to the recent tension over china's newly drawn air defense own but is aimed at bolstering teamwork and security cooperation and humanitarian relief
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operations. before your dna and another began. get the latest line from seoul any expert analysis from ages heartbeat with the viewpoint of the covert its global network and why on arrival that. he always on standby. south. the un has in principle reached a free trade agreement but accepted largest trading partner australia. korea's auto bill and electronics industries in particular please but the deal that the average corporate sector is not as happy to see hannah has more on the tree. elliot street ministry said thursday that it had finished negotiations for free trade agreement with
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australia will be one step closer to scrap the harrods on the exports. the agreement on a free treat dealing with his right knee. the investor state dispute settlement system into the tree pack australia was originally against including the system and the proposed agreement which allows overseas businesses to take action against australia for up to carry three kids. korean vessel must be distributed resources and energy in order to protect these investments the highest peace settlement mechanism to be part of the agreement and a lot of effort into making sure what's up. the two countries aim to cut tariffs on most of the products needed within eight years after katrina deal goes into effect once it does go into effect tariffs on korean automobiles and electronics goods like televisions that could only have an average tariff of five percent will be cut immediately and completely tears for auto parts meanwhile will be caught within three years. korea's
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agriculture sector however is expected to take a hit for victory pack. tariffs on australian agricultural exports such as meats dairy and beef will be eliminated altogether. various street ministry said that it right to minimize the tree heels and packed local farmers by agreeing to gradually phase out tariffs on australian beef over fifty years the agreement also advanced korea from opening its markets to a number of agricultural products league race. apple and potatoes before the deal takes effect the two nations must go through their own approval processes which will likely be completed and the first half of next year. he added speaking of trade korea celebrated the nation's fiftieth straight day on this thursday and marking the occasion present bought in a renewed her government's goal of becoming the world's fifth largest trading power by the year twenty twenty and i spent a lot for spawning a change u s more on
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the president's plan. despite its odd geographical size and relatively recent mark knight station. korea is now the world's eighth largest trading nation. the trade ministry is predicting that korea will win a triple crown and treat this year. one trillion dollars to treat all you'd expect for the third consecutive year record exports and treats or plants marking korea's fiftieth straight day on thursday. if it's for her cool technique for free at one of the top five free nations and for the country to have two trillion dollars in trade of the year twenty twenty. but these targets in mind precedent that sensual question had to recast developing new export industries. this tx perky abilities of small and midsize firms and straightening her sealed to leprosy foundation for free trade. u s export industries will include the service sector intermediate processing rate and a can purchase of service and
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ninety tonnes at the wishing him luck. i don't cook too and he can. and to me on the fourth lap to keep a calendar. sunday still operate today that can cook up second behind the wheel gaze steadily through which any case the east and back the president also pledged to actively support sn be seeking more export opportunities as the future of korean trade depends on them after all he can continue with the cement. xd so today hit with the onion piece of steel that it would hit up had been all quiet on that i think the girl took her to one that pushed me back. i promise to create a trading environment that is friendly to korea to test the spot using privacy to open doors for further exchange. if artic that the president said that the korean government will lay the foundation to enter the chinese market director rian china fta and stand up for the interest of korean
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firm sand at the beach spots for regional trade pacts like a trans pacific partnership what seems to have it gets the korean economy is resilient. according to imf chief christine lead guard who made the comments on the last day of the two day visit here to soul song to some reports on how the global financial heavyweights these prospects and dangers for asia's fourth largest economy. korea is even more easily now. i was five years ago when the bubble financial crisis broke out that a point ahead of the international monetary fund. christina gap policy makers have used that time and he's the head office twice me. making sure that banks all properly capitalized and some didn't the wording external debts and deploying a month for a potential forty seats the call of the envy of the world. but to proceed
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down growth projected at three point seven one percent next year by the imf still needs to implement the right package of reforms specifically targeted in the labor market and service sector. goods. an in depth the form of the labor market so that he's more interested in tuesday for temporary workers. enthusiasts young people. in tuesday's two women as well. in addition to the labor market reform. we also believe that the service market must be reformed because the kids. much less productive than the manufacturing sector when asked whether the korean colony could be swayed by the u s vets do is bring next year. i get to read it for me as people. he likely won't be prone to some clothes for the flows of capital. we believe that korea has not suffered from the latest developments and is fully equipped and capable
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of adjusting its framework if the risk with the vikes this time. i found these the real star for lower one racing fans in south korea stephen j is in the sports center to break it down to for us. hello there. hey guys i hate to say it but south korea has been dropped from next year's formula one calendar. after hosting the race for just four years and it wasn't the only the korean cronk read scratched off the calendar in mexico and new jersey races have also caught yet. though it certainly bad news for fans but maybe not so much for race organizers. the two thousand while praising korea was estimated to have racked up twenty six million dollars in losses with a four year total much higher than that
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now moving on top ranked lpga golfer i can be handy hugely a successful year that send ripples throughout the professional sports committee and their actions caught the eyes of u s sports broadcaster espn to place their eighth on the list of female athletes making the biggest impacts this year she cited her or they cited her six four wins including her three major trophies and subsequent player of the year owners which was a first for a korean golfer in the lpga now onto thursday stop next up starting with the key to yell into legal pro maybe the tcc descended seventy seventy three. but let's get to our team of the night. now it was the second ranked well as taking on the bottom lonely and empty to see them all this is still in force and takes a commanding twenty point lead into the half the pdc get some back in the second half but no explosives that often gets her way in sixteen sixteen fifty six. meanwhile looking
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at the amateurs the army teams hung was defeated on to university and seventy one to sixty seven to win this year's basketball fastball for julianna was named the mvp there and all the ladies side talks on city hall one goal for team sun city hall sixty five to fifty nine for the second straight title. now it's the b league the russian passive spl hosted the allied c graders in that it's not the best deal came in looking for their first win of the season the raiders of the way up in focus at all like in past games. everything is just important for them. the best bills are paid for rodents lions twenty two winners and the b graders three sets that does for me here the sportscenter this has been steve each a setback at midnight for latest in the world of sports. eye. i
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do the one zz use stitch. as we reported earlier the first ever ultra find us watch has been issued here in seoul but it tells of the contestants let's go over track him down at the weather center the house and looking like right now. well guys it's still very snotty outside this came as it's an odd day while all to find those indicators are divided into three stages that you can see
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right here and today at four pm readings showed ninety to rain like a best picture that meter again column and the ultra fine that is detrimental because it is only one i've had the width of a handout. this is small enough to be in health directly into the lungs which may lead to heart related diseases. in order to avoid breathing and that that is recommended that you wear masks that are specifilly made for yellow dot org to find that because the normal ones are able to keep out the fine particles will not fail our current conditions as you can see it is cloudy down south but relatively clear up and ignore it however drivers in all i'm only getting one point five km the visibility on the road which is one tenth of what we would normally gets down on the secure block roads and looks like these unpleasant conditions will probably disappear tomorrow. as for errands and taking a look at tomorrow's reading scala dropped to minus one victories for the high set in
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the mud city down south with some other teams holding on to either retain their country to seven degrees all the while ago and got to eat at nine and zero degrees respectively. about the green aspect of the year after big bang. slowdown and that are broadcast on this thursday nights and you didn't sew and tell him thanks for watching csi. to the books. having missed it with you. in the middle. this puts its top forty is today. ninety six to tie. msf to him to prison i was going on for tea if i make myself about what sport
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they wouldn't sell. this of course in person today. it's the same spot on. reduce like a normal work on green st well know everything about them and cut it off long beach. no these guys could be the same woeful of the will to prosecute. what really makes you will be interesting is the fact that these changes. you will not be the same tomorrow us don't so what are they trying to work in the caribbean sea to cut the one changing. no holy giving the deceased's so changing opinions of all things but in all sucked crew were awesome than this i believe this one c to twenty years become pope. i fear the cops. goal the lord
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you can see that. he said well winter is called the vista home. it's no use to be seen in the inquest in another direction than in easton. but in the same vintage. this mole is the key and it's there. the sea nature makes him the way around. nosy. looking into how the horizon and new year songs or something. you don't know what to do this. on the backside to the horizon and you don't know what it is too long for. kink to stay moved by love. it's a man whose longing for something he's lonely and long for something but he doesn't know what is wrong. and. it did
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and. tim. chu you we will what will he is our. a stunning go in scandinavia nice weekend revealed to be in on the spine gang helping the nsa sleep on the russian leadership and foresight that is insisting that time all in all the christian community in seattle religious official display faction to protect serious christians where a group of is still being held by a rebel forces plus. the note down wit t


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