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said good evening is now six pm the time you're watching it. the city. with the stereotypes are gone. bob new new new one will want one. is you. it's six won fourteen euros w accused of stealing millions of your oaks forward solicitor or e kelley from the dance charts with taking money from client accounts vastly improved outcomes for
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cancer patients. taylor off to st james's hospital is the first of its kind in our lives. we anticipate it to survive like the rest comes from prostate cancer were able to save the bikers if i was about ninety percent. i knew. welcome to six one a former solicitor has appeared in dublin district court charged with stealing two point eight million euro from client funds. forty two year old corio county from college bound summer hill canteen these faces seven charges on the fast and full of offences act. lazy to climb phones at his family's small farm. he must involve ferry from
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seventy five thousand to one and a half million euro. ray kelley to stop and district courts with his father sean this morning just hours after his arrest in the city center the court was towed to the next guy p by appointment he is known for sometime these charges were pending he faces seven charges of theft under the criminal justice theft and fraud offences act. in reply to the charges he made no comment. the charges allege that between two thousand and six and two thousand and ten he's still a total of two point eight million euro from a scrum legal firm shown italian company. the money relates to client accounts the events unfold range from seventy five cousins to one point five meeting you detective sergeant hospitals to the court mr kelly was arrested this morning and took charge made no reply the court was towed there was no objection to play the nice guy he would not be requiring any special conditions to be attached other than an independent charity from his father sean
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kelley. he was remanded on bail to the sixteenth of january next. on its own on to two hundred euro does an independent charity flight passenger. the team trainer art scene is a dublin district court. a ten year old is due to cases the sink james's hospital in dublin support is excellent to rates from breast prostate and i'll get sick and improving rates for troops and who can say. as it seemed one hundred percent increase in that's for sure what counts is that the average age at diagnosis being sixty years. built in st james's hospital is one of eight specialist centers around the country designated to treat patients with symptoms of breast cancer today published an audit of all cancers dealt with covering the last ten years. five year survival rates for cancer is treated at the hospital are consistent with the best international benchmarks it's the culmination of a ten year project and we are able to see a stage for stage
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one to survive the race to win a patient comes to an oncologist are constantly assert that the comets. they want to know what state accounts recess and walk to cure rates of cancer with the last year almost a fourth hasn't new cancer patients were diagnosed or treated at st james's. the overall survival rate for breast cancer is around eighteen percent and over ninety percent for early stage disease. the average age of patients diagnosed or treated here for cancer is sixty years. lung cancer is the highest one encounter with seven hundred new diagnoses here last year most involving ex smokers are smokers. today's launch the health minister was asked about the fact that st james's was one of four signatures for a recent letter to the hate to see warning that funding cuts and that did the maze in some cancer treatments. i'm concerned the committee is concerned about funding and
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funding that has surfaced and how we're going to make this service can work. i mean with the booties were today i took a moment to ensure that we can deliver. national service for patient safety and timely access to the two priorities. separately today researchers at queen's university belfast said that lord of our own and has the highest breast cancer survival rates in the uk and ireland. the fact that the essays with its new braking system with its frontier for the prayer reading and where have we to wait to go. what this is the first an audit of the oncoming a long period ten years and scene changes is also one of the eight designated breast cancer centers for another case would go for all cancers the content of the patient paste under the stage of her cancer. what the prognosis that prospects of the cure are generally five year survival is regarded as qr has seen changes results guess that say for breast and prostate cancer. you can obscure able to ninety percent of very good. and but for cancers that with a bad
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reputation if he gets a bath lung cancer and costs of the keel concert. the rates are improving but still a long way to go but there were two other cats dance to the east today anything significant speaking from sydney is indeed the study is that if you study and very modern. we also add figures today from the northern ireland cancer registry queen's university belfast and that's that prompted has an aunt of two thousand and seven and followed up the year nature. it says breast cancer survival rates are best in northern ireland versus republican england scotland and wales and the also have the euro care study finds cancer survivor return or year compared with many other european countries but the downside it's a son is in the middle of two thousand and seven mothers happened since then so that their cabinets that we have a number of screening rooms and a weigh in on them for several years now i think we'd expect to see the impact of those programs minutes three or four years' time and hope be showing more improvement i will be here today are expected to keep the chief constable of
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the psni they said that the working relationship between his force on the guardian's accident on the state. the slides in recent years. knock knock back a bill to indicate it may be traveling to dublin in the coming days discuss the findings of peace with the tribunal with the garda commissioner and justice ministers lunch on her hands day before northern ireland policing board one of the key structures to fuel from the good friday agreement all the parties in the power sharing administration representatives on it. former ira hunger striker tom sheehan fein assembly member she had. it's one who holds the psni to come. this afternoon he set up said assistant chief constable to iris spot or annoy you see superintendent was blown up by the ira. same here. i re read all you can and will kill. intelligence information to harrods is that this mythic i do know that influenced his style conclusion. this forum in private and sessions of up
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to its chief constable and a baguette. the consistent message about relationships between the psni and the copy relationship with the ankle the tacoma is extant come up with too many places in england. i've kept a relationship with my colleagues in the cell to my house with making forces during that time. i may have saved countless lives. i'm going to go to discuss a report in due course he will be about taking the strategy from photo sharing more information sharing their investigations. what can together sharing results is that's the way you can actually will continue to work. gerry adams lace a fair comment in relation to how we bring in bob buchanan featured in several of the frosty newspapers today not like it was asked about the controversy. it doesn't matter how they behaved. it doesn't matter what steps they took her to his mother it is the most serious crime and they can be no excuses for it. let's go to tummy growling joins us from belfast because of tough
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mentally. as gerry adams issued a further statement in relation to the aesthetic report only have to say from self. well it's not an abject apology. gerry adams doesn't do abject apologies apologies but it's a very long two page clarification to know the sentiment said in that education jump up from the grind. the forest is he states that iam that it was not his intention in that news talk and if you are know to cause any further hurt to two great families. he then attempts to get some context to the comments he made. he has this white but his political opponents and then he comes to a phrase where he stays up costs should not be allowed to prevent the building of the peaks of the fair and harmonious future for all citizens that's more like the addams language of recent years that he has been so used to going very close to the line sometimes on the line rarity over the line. his opponents would say this statement this
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evening is not enough. like say there are some people are very close to him. who would be glad that his mate that but anatomical in belfast i slept. the jury has failed to reach a parenting tool to turn the birds come and post office manager accused of tampering with the learned turn up. fifty euro to happen rogers has denied allegations that he faced to sum up the chicken posted by going be to the medical bureau of road safety in the microwave and the kitchen of the post office. after deliberation for eight hours the jury said they were able to agree on a verdict that iran has been remanded on bail to appear again on trust contacted court in march of next year the jury in the problematic use of colby's seven million euro worth of damage toll on a oil painting has failed to reach a verdict forty eight killed and two shannon from with in this way on current dublin fifteen pleaded not guilty to causing criminal damage the painting at the national gallery of ireland in june last year
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the down next to the wet painting is extensive. i should type basin with a single sale but i'm on a date to eighteen seventy four. i decided that ten men in your own. the damage is estimated that seven million euro. for ca killers and dish out and accepted the damage was caused by his hands coming into contact with the painting on to the twenty nine last year. he claimed to have a serious heart condition. to excite the past week i spent against the painting. earlier this year he has quadruple bypass surgery. the prosecution claim to cause damage to give or take the two of the jury it was a deliberate act of kindness. the six women and five men on the jury began considering they're very ticked on tuesday afternoon after deliberating for almost nine hours the toast judged as an unspoken the greeks dad asked the jury for mom said they felt they had deliberated as much pay cuts. the judge says it wasn't easy being unsure if they couldn't agree they couldn't agree. in a
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statement the national ballet says he was disappointed to have the milk sour see buses except it's due process of the no eight at the trot system and restore the painting was very complex and it is hoped to put the painting back on display at the next year. when osama or to the music of the circuit criminal court harland has been named as the best country in the world for business by the american financial legacy folds. it's the first time on has talked to this that began in two thousand and six. heidi on employment. a collapse in earnings. the things most people would celebrate with us for not so magazine forbes reckons these are two key reasons why our end is nigh the best place in the world to do business. the reasoning we just how full and seventeen percent song playing people cheaper hundreds of size and still on the dole queues. that means there's a captive labor market for employers to choose from. of course there are other criteria for its lights on and through
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corporate tax rates lack of red tip and the recent impressive returns on the stock market. in two dozen any of the cia magazine described the property market here as normal and healthy diets as ireland is poised to reap the investments where the cat eleven from that trip having to do with trade freedom of monetary freedom as well that is what innovation sophistication of the technology section is reality it's an old saying it's true this is the fact that there were the best pumpkin run a business that's fine by else. the endorsement won't wash away the unemployment problem or islands massive debts will certainly be welcomed by the government. it sickens me that his personal mission to portray iran as the best small country in the world in which to business. notice the little known of the video at the casino it's a magazine that's as close as it is realism and the reading some
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of the disappeared bullets it's insulting that and you know become dismiss so forgetting its own zone but i would do. forbes has been described as influential. but at the end of the day it's just a magazine. the decision makers the money may go all the bike the challenges and problems faced by on the make their decisions based on those things not abide is in otago the iata is happy with the ranking however saying it will form a key part of its marketing strategy abroad cold cold and are cheats what she has learned that the expense commission is to investigate the controversial redevelopment project in county tipperary which was mainly funded by tolls the tipperary hostile project was set up with the principal aim of converting it from and where cats into a torrent of stock market taking place at the project is still aren't finished. despite costing the taxpayer more than forming your own. almost one
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million euro of that money was gone down to turn this from an ear or worked in tipperary town into a holiday the project was supposed to last for years. however a team of four to twenty three falls trainees and a dope working on all here for over a decade. yet only a chapel on the slice was never complete. now pulls the major funders of the project to the jobs initiative scheme is in the spotlight for lending money earmarked for the hostile to be spent on dozens of other community projects. we walked in jericho was elected to the stove june am and we don't want fulfilled or speed up the scheme allowed for trainees to work on it so much. don't eat during downtime on the main project trainees worked on the case for tea and watch it was a shooting pain joke here rockwell the rovers she ate so well without going far far the two of the better store to wonder why you were to obtain some work for jacob for a tv program. let me not
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to stitch it. though she was french. this autumn and i certainly think that faux perfect relaxing the situation in terms of up to the next ten years. with that nobody asking questions as to avoid these corporate greed can cover the costs of oil range of other projects it wasn't just community projects. twenty temporary residents had their noses refurbished a decent list of this work obtained by your team reveals some extensions new porches painting and decorating role carried and private clients. those involved in the works of said many of the band of fisheries for elderly people with disabilities. false medical solace. total which he was not acceptable for fulls trainees to work on private home. now the accounts committee wants to know what happened to all the money earmarked for the hostel. i think that the projects and went on thirty and as a result of the house but we know how to use. most of the spending taxpayers' money
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some kinda been in the snow was taking charge on to the accounts committee will have to go with this. separate guard investigation is also under way into the tipperary coastal project. ken fox or kenyans national consumer agency has warned shoppers pint of ikea factors and gift cards this christmas to check carefully the terms conditions and expiry dates the consumer agency says research shows almost half the people who receive store but this is gift of small fact by not using them before they expire. sydney center was bustling with shoppers this afternoon even though christmas is still almost three weeks away from any of the shoppers gift cards and gift vouchers would be popular or stocking fillers research by the national consumer agency indicates that poured them out for most plan on buying vultures and gift cards this christmas what the consumer agency
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says a significant proportion of these cards will warn you it's because people forgo the terms of conditions almost half of irish consumers have yet to get into the gift of chip expire and it's a very high figure and i suppose when people get the carrots. they put away somewhere safe he may be that the team safely and unfortunately they seem to forget about this daunting news is are they don't use it in time and simply money wasted. at that time businesses taking off but the cake any group an irish family owned company hired gift cards may cost just under ten percent of the group's twenty three million your goal. i knew it on over to keep any groups as they and other retailers adopt a flexible approach with customers on gift cards on of our cars have annexed by the use of two years however we do not reinforce the fact that they have to be used within two years we have
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many situations for costs was coming to us three and four and fight years later with the hubby gets cut. we are up sticking to like it too long on the streets not too many shoppers were thinking of the terms and conditions on their cultures. it is common among the denial of team success. would you worry much about the terms and conditions. it didn't even enter my mind's eye. as soon as i would get bacon is crisp and very late i mean suffering never asked her to pieces now. i just think it's interesting that way nineteen shopping days left to christmas the real rush has yet to get underway e the message from the consumer agency is by arab the winner pasco she is fourteen use color. the summer season the national university of ireland galway has suspended for the legion of mary the common society. that is to be sure a number of post dispatch homosexuality which
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the university said where did the trick. in diamond creek hurtful and offensive the view taken by staff and students about the sentiments expressed here. this is a copy of the polls to that cause controversy here in recent days. poppy authority from a noticeboard outside the reading room in the main library building. some students were offended by the contents of this fed's moves to contact the college authorities. the content of the poster was attributed to a group calling itself the core each community is invited people with same attractions to develop an interior life of chastity steve to the initiative was in conjunction with a new light goalie legion of mary society. a basic truth that societies and gothic and still loves of our students would be aware of facts. so it would open her range of pounds of cocaine but touching the notion that one couldn't keep going at a catholic and anti and was the no posting this. after
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the poster and images of it circulated on social media over seventy formal complaints were made. many of them from members of the and gpt community. the members are very happy with them their reaction because the suspension there. they're showing support on facebook and e mailing us thanking us thinking. i'm the college and just generally grateful for the auctions that it happened the university says it has been contacted by a committee member of the recently formed these mini society who apologize for any hurt or upset colts efforts to contact the sewing each day were unsuccessful. a spokesperson for the sweet berries national headquarters told rte news the head of the narrative that the issue through media reports our tv news called the news again this evening a former solicitor has appeared in dublin district court charged cd two point eight million euro from time phones. forty two year old rory kelley from summer hill had seen the faces seven charges on
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the fast and full of offences act. in a future time phones his family's loss. that is facing six when news from africa the team could take was to expire. he is you chen dynasty. one of the areas of school took part it was a great easter earnestly. he smiled to find a strong tradition with the kids to grow to one hundred gifts. secondary time soon or contests. steadily built to last century or more these are magnificent pieces of furniture. the kid to bring out the youtube which grade. the decorated with
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mental fatigue. the jena six and our attempts to blame tests made in the late nineteenth century political summer scientists told a soul those skills are being passed on through generations of signing onto some time. i only use these chicks comes from a character trait. which is very hard to resist into one. to dry for ten years only the finest pieces of timber awesome. i mean. its most famous for the beauty of the brain centers the studio descendants and twenty fifteen with six kids together makes things just extremely strong. once assembled. the next task is to bring out the actual
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youtube. this is done using the natural products made from tree roots i did projects which are many kinds of decay. the doctor who needs to be huge. since this is his broken into pieces of stone to remove excess i start to make a special kind of wood is used to force the market deep into the car she's done with charcoal smooth. and what to make them stop. in the final polishing crushed give one hundred was run over two pounds so the art design contest field students and achieve the most relieved. no more repetitions of the smattering of polishing process sees
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the beauty of the grain themes through translucent. i choose to speed i could do to keep going with kitchens reply. she kind of cheesy called it an easy use this one. these two schools and maybe hundreds of detention his entry makes the room his response to create a shaped thingy aye. and skill lies in producing complex designs and she too may be reduced to simple tools. how much cheese using different shapes into schools wonderfully varied effects can be achieved the eye. like many other artisans teach you
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to unite against the auntie on the recent designs. two souls were rusty. the only one seat will soon. don't eat the yummy get seasick of remaking his tools from scratch. this causes and was known to have to abandon the traditions its crown. i love this work of money. cos i'm proud to be the reason traditional skills passed from generation to generation i'm also proud to be able to spray that anyone looking at my work can tell that it was done by me. i think this is the true meaning of church something new today. we can adapt to changing taught us the it's interesting to watch is issued its approach while respecting tradition they adapted to present news
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resembled a small test is designed as an extension and scientific opinion. this new style of time sitting through two feet at noon. days like these to create a new place for traditional furniture in our homes and one. since stone. much love to work in prostitution. that is made of vigorous recovery from the region's recent years. or the new. do. i do. i know
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earlier. i mean. the area. i do. i do the eye. i do the euro. the i will. i knew
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i knew. i know the air the eye the eye. ch. in them
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using. is you. meanwhile the base ten years. madonna the trucking fee on thursday the fifth of december. the wa state government


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