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you were willing will rule the in the sea. our advice to stay in goals in the hall it was the pollutants in institutes of august. when south african president and anti apartheid icon nelson month that left the lights at the age of ninety five
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the one to double in protest to save them ready to resume activities to topple the government of the polls for the teens the leader of ukraine's opposition polity that was to make the country on tuesday the last mass rallies continue thinking yes the site. well welcome to cctv new slide from pigging out until concentrations of pm two point five inch on friday has reached a dangerous level of more than six hundred. the white house organization considers its own healthy to have levels over twenty. the figure has signed a one hundred points above the five hundred level up to standard hope that pays enough pm ten days has also reached more than six hundred and seventy in some seriously affected parts of the city pm two point five page has reached seven hundred and twenty points. colombian
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advice just to stay at home and avoid getting outside. so this is me having a fat of the cities via cuz the full government institutions and companies has been suspended and outdoor beauty in what has been stopped. it's the west of the ocean to see at the many peoples do need to maintain services. i'm just doing my job. i'm an artist in the streets. i don't think i'm different from others for doing their jobs. more on that issue in shanghai that still too powerful to shu wen jing in the east china's economic hub hello one ga a house helper and bow. while my friend and love the air calling a half an hour or forty nine it that way. we are calling to the fact i think it would be a pattern for the morning high of and the king national rating is an innovative thinker to check with a b at four pm the average investor
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to flee cuba for five hundred the money whether her eye that can be called from her bright neon river delta region of thirty nine in two weeks will be cured with a flat fee. the wind only brought something to think abt itp weigh in on a shanghai based outfit is located on either side of the fun for the first thing in him trying to think that doing the thing actually did write the week if i win anything up to this entry with that tactic that on the weather has brought many bubble of the one year the trip up the phone down in short the only thing he thought that they can spend more time on helping people the problem with my friend at the airport waiting for clear whether it be. one friend of mine after flight before and she is huge learned that the house at the airport had no idea link you to leave. but walking on the faith and knowledge of what happened to the fact that you're not on a length
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on the impact and that will leave it up for the past many people have ordered not to like shop open the can are right in the fifth to protect yourself out in force in the art of light you up our right to be the content of the local government. one of them and find it in the act whether the demeanor but he had something like that. and the in fact many painful for them. what could they be worried about their open day to come along. whether it was only here in shanghai. i will be in high heat turning china announced radical. i'm in. when she looks like the pollution in shanghai institute was this yes to what the government what has to go home and down to deal with this situation. well the local government have that and aren't alert the and thirty eight year war and you know when you go i'll keep it i would have it in the to be in the top nine years old a friday afternoon. it was on fire and air quality in about thirty percent if the vehicle
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he cannot throw him a label to read it before and well flavored coffee. net loss of the construction iraq and it is in kindergarten. i'd do without going into the fight stopped at the top of a more affectionate than other out like it. the famed environmental area on the announcement thursday that he had to get it here for one hundred and fifteen the number of alert. i mean that they won't eat the fruit when we note that the book would not matter. i have faith that the moon with them for like half the acknowledgment that before the fall within the benefits that can go now live in the lurch. and thinking that he and his plight of the low one hundred and fifty micrograms per cubic meter. on that experience and the fight. i'm like a plan for it to hear me about it that funny whether
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the company in the week and a weak cold front is expected to rise today. only bringing me out. one you might write thank you very much indeed are closest to him see in shanghai you watching cctv news stay with us. now we turn to the big news from south africa a form of president nelson mandela as the lights at the age of ninety five. madonna was the figure had anti anti upon how much maintenance the global icon of racial equality and fight against the political oppression. as leader of the african national congress he became south africa's first democratically elected president of festive like anita off to being released from prison after twenty seven guests in detention. he died peacefully at his highness but home after a prolonged battle against lung infection. he'd been receiving medical care at home after three months in hospital. madonna will receive a food safety in a
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row while flags in south africa and some other countries will be found at hoff mosque. his forte will be moved to more trade in pretoria and the new road is likely to take place next week. it's been a sudden the lights for people in mandela's home town thousands of people into hummus but have paid tribute to bettman tebow with the knowledge of dancing and singing some people sad to know what's going to sleep on this day of sadness. oh and when i go to breaking even. and yet we didn't act of having to compete with them. it just to get authentic. the big man and do at least in the act it was coming. they just trying to get use to wash it
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off great. all went to bob's house. it wasn't as you walk well to do while. now if i dun think i am going to sleep today. and my honey might do it again. again and i jumped up immediately. the time comes. light snow. the float was leaking again. although it still. it did to that day too. when you bite into the community. saturday we were thinking of it. i did what when. when the most important figures in nelson mandela's life was so winnie my data. his former wife and an incredible and anti apartheid activist and her long rides. now in a web exclusive michael the jamestown went to jack honest i cannot tell that wishes that she misses meant that i didn't feel was filmed at the same housing gonna
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stuck with mr on his release from prison where he very cute on perfect thickness. we met at it being twenty three years and nelson mandela was released from golden hind end and with the novel i never wanted it. or was it like that. the day that he was released. i don't mean it is easy cool. time to make it a priority. erm. the nation was ecstatic. also in their room we had to note that two men three years and years and by the time. it happened. erm the sole hope of winning and the hopes of a nation
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where she is learning. he saved that you are expecting a toasty many years of the day. actually that great during the term can get nelson mandela. did you actually need to do with happen until he sold its gates of and see your husband it on them. when it from the roman period chosen the tournament on the musical. they would come on. and here we can beat this country. so as i hear weekend her head hit the storm light to carry on. this boom and to take them and go home. in the bishopric of corn to prison. they tedhee but to be with you probably can't come up to presume to be me. that is why i hate it
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for him in my tote as a contender for the stupid people because i knew that and yes i did that. they'll do with the simple question imprisoned and de janeiro place them on permanently what is in no way campo high in the uk in the minds of yellow present the court that he failed to attend the poll questioned the time. there were kids they love contest having to bump into him but he didn't allow them to the high school i did get our tree. she should whet owl know you're going you're going to wake up wednesday and didn't take that kind of disease. but i took it to the appropriate decision that i would get all my stuff trooper went off to a pumpkin. she is fussy stake in with cctv and watch a film edition of james cows interfere with the winning meant that. mr nelson mandela
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have put in from the ground while its leaders have expressed sorrow to the loss of an influential courageous anti apartheid icon. this in mind that i was a triumph for justice and the tone for a fisherman inspiration. daniel rode alone one which he introduced by his is set for his stuff. when german eighteen twenty two and three today's gone home. we've lost one of the most influential. courageous whimper from a good human beings that many of us will share time with on this earth he no longer was asked. he belongs to the ages the light. one of the bright just likes of apollo has gone by. nelson mandela was told just to hear it was on top wanna hear it all looks the first president of bubble free south africa the man who suffered so much for freedom and justice
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the man who threw his dignity. through his trial inspired millions. with all the force of the police and the funny part i with a strong will. nation building he made a major achievement focus on the recon see the apron of the people he was a great leader the darkroom. the two kong and it's pretty good idea giants contest of the word expressing his deep sense of sticking to it to him. what is hooked. teaching. shares in asia have also paid that could be used in now cement i love praising his contribution to humanity. we need is all understand that no one should unite us the cut off his skin the second step is to teach
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his people. he also has a staff the ten k to one. we can teach the word . she has a tv set. this means that i would like to continue. due to massive great human being who rates the standard few years. i wouldn't be good who has been instrumental in all only on the right to dissent against apartheid some could it be nice to read much as women support in the bounce but mauresmo pc has been instrumental in promoting the quad cities not only that his country but beyond the contest was slightly reduce and compassion champion of democracy. and racial equality. for his own country the closest food is the kind of inspiration too. for more pills to swallow be done in every corner of the to do good to be a few things
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chinese president hu jin ping has expressed his deep condolences of the costing of now cement data is conveyed sincere sympathy to the south african people and mandela's family. the message sent to south african president jacob zoom up to do things that meant that i was an outstanding one statesman who make historic contributions to the bus and development of the new africa. he was also one of the founders of china south africa relations chinese people would never forget his contribution to china south africa tights and humanity's progress the south african embassy is expecting to receive a stream of senior chinese official has to pay their respects and pulsing of nelson mandela the embassy's as mandela help to forge this on a south african times and twice visited china in nineteen ninety to nineteen ninety nine. and thus they built the bike young guys as mandela was well known for his strong character and commitment to humanity to
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assist the repor. about mandela's impact on screen or in terms of his strive for freedom and humanity and he is keen to meet a boost to meet his call me meant two two. two fights too deep into and fall. cool for three to four p don't get that cd and he sacrificed his life for that. to withdraw from next monday and as life is a he is on the commands to that request in the shin pad between and the key to the children because fall the consolation and inside africa between the openness to an end and the openness us and then down to spin it and pretty important lesson for all will fall for the west sam and ella always talked about his show on him he is now in its efforts on how deeply a role in breaking down the team that trains people and the south african
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people. the two different countries with very different cultures but in china is out of the pronoun and teeth into so she'll eat corn on the christmas team's coach at that going to be quite an anti french and got to him and this in mind in the room i enticed him a token portends input team has gone and ty is wheat and other countries into and you will he even knows that the file from the son of the contents of the social economy can encroach on our orientation abt it and that's why it sometimes some of the guys call it the rainbow nation he believed that an. and can be put off the friend tracy is cut to about their grounds and in its mission of the teens can know where to get down to write for the dome. that's why he
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touched it on top importance in working with either and nations and that i know was that the two cannot be an eu court and to the country for several concurrent them. and that's why he too seemed to ease the tension as the president and current pushing to build stronger ties with the time now for more insight into the pulsing of the nelson mandela joined in the studio by mr neil pitching his staff alike chinese ambassador to south africa. he also said that china's special envoy on african affairs. thank you very much for joining us this time passing up soda for ministry has cooled demand data an old friend of china so tell us how did he contributes to ties between china and south africa is that the system and a nice gravy. those friend of china and the obesity issue. as the head of full state of south africa. we use that didn't imagine relations between south africa and china on the first day of nineteen ninety eight and
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sees that said that officer ties instead just by lead to real issues could be developed in applied to foster. instead the band has to wait. that was the person opens to a finance them and then came seventh in china tries before he became president and often he became the president and that in these pots i feel bad to. he had that kind of very special status to west china the chinese people and the chinese revolution. he read on dates where the chinese revolution as this the pulitzer to be just the start of the south african people. is that a potties and says china and sunsets that use that to come in the real issues. and that he himself was in on a science. we sat at a time for a proper reaching into two paintings so as president went on to nintendo has led to a pressie she didn't in
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any chinese people when the tough look that great contribution of nasa manned and all too well to the public's eyes off the two countries. thank you very much indeed nice to nuke waiting for my chinese ambassador to south africa now attending to ukraine now with intel is as handsome as maddie's the gangsta governments is killing us is still going on that now for what's happening on the ground in key outlet still too dark respondents which of the state has been falling situation but they say that i will reach out to protest isn't government have that sowed some polish was feeling laurie's of the situation is everything going peacefully on the streets. it is the protests the demonstration continues behind me in the wings this two of the ukraine the protesters say they are determined to continue despite the heavily implied threat of severe action from the prying eyes out of
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the ukraine prime minister lewis compared some of these people out that the two nazis and criminals and that is pretty steep and weighed in saying they will crack down the hostel a physical seen swerving around the square as well suggesting that might be for these action around midnight tonight other local time creating this square clearing away the barricades that effectively sealed off this area. from these reach. so the last sixteen days but at the moment. it remains calm that of speeches and music all of it pointing the blame for these great sense of the presidents. i have a cut of each suggesting he had the last minute turn his back on europe. and now wants to return to the rest in the realm of influence something the protest is down on the square say they will
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fight all the way. thank you very much indeed on correspondence which investigated and tia. us secretary of state john kerry is visiting israel and palestine trying to strike a peace deal between the two sides for more on his visit to israel but still too dark respondents much in common andrew islam must get us some highlights that carries told to leave the prime minister at the end of town the weather would see things on the agenda when joan carried me into the mix in yahoo yesterday here in jerusalem. yet she met him twice in the team a team for the time this morning the first thing on their agenda was the deal in geneva that was reached over the iranian nuclear program which netanyahu had vilified and criticize as a bad deal he said that the west was the week he says that the sanctions regime against iran would collapse and that iran was on its way to gaining nuclear weapons in the world was a more dangerous place. i guess
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today of those men tried to tone down the friction between the two sides and john kerry for his part was saying that the united states is absolutely committed to israel's security but that was the top of their agenda that they would make every effort to make sure that the sanctions stayed in place the pressure on iran stated placed in or to make sure that they did not acquire nuclear weapons and any other thing on the agenda was the peace talks with the palestinians which is far as we can tell have not begun very well since they started in july and hit kerry was at pains to say to the israelis that then there was progress he presented them with the security plan for the west bank often is waiting is ready with drool and tried to persuade them to sign up to that product thank you very much matthew and deeds are crisp on the massive common in jerusalem. turning to thailand now anti government protesters say they are ready to resumee activities to topple the government and day of the celebrations to mark
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the king's birthday on thursday authorities are on my own lack of a woman has in mind cold. police are standing guard at the entrance to the government bidding and pop elias is in place around the perimeter fence. there were two reports of shootings and small bones that i can facilities occupied by anti government protesters on friday. lisa free people in jest. protesting the days due to address the rally later in the day where he's expected to spell out that the pounds meanwhile government seems to be taking a tougher line to tread past seventeen prime minister says. the time photo contest and it's time to the protests and ego will be invested as soon as possible lena has been accused of treason and taunts which can carry the death penalty. well it has been in deep sorrow on the hearing the news that's now summoned out of pasta way to put a suiting sat down with ethiopian ambassador to china for his reaction on
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madonna's concert. you see things we know that you are a former foreign minister of the ethiopian we come to china. so you have very close relationship with you what does an awesome journey to you and what's your feeling of the costs of health and which on the opel p it was his skull. with only one of the movies and uncle my own the expresso. one of them the people the government holly and critics. opal on toes off the cuff. winfield cushion. yes silent before and only stoke my country what's going on. again or
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not. koon koon. mundo. or vocation. so far become unique and cannot come in and go to bottom. porto us it is my spiritual eyes don't look cool. who can cut it. i'll pick on pp. the entire week on ten and beyond. one ep the cost of cool. this is so fast. well for more on the news lets hope to talk respondents jackpots and in tyres. jack was the atmosphere liking your boss to hearing the news of madonna's posse. according to kevin complex angora merkel can go to words of praise has been coming in a row at the well wishes for all the family in london at number ten downing street flag flying at top of the crime and that they determined that a light had
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gone out to that of the phantom and but many leaders across europe but the european commission commission. it said. but it would not only love the fall of south africa it not only in countries with no mandela sharing the whole twelve. i'm thinking of the modern look of the weather for the african me that the defendant. call it. thank you to help pull the half of it. one of reverence and remembering to pray for the death of many serious topic of teaching it but that thinking of all this to the popping of del men del of course. overshadowing that thinking to that. thank you that much and she responded jackpots and in paris. that's it for this news updates on pending in vj buy for
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the next. how how. rule. i do judges long tradition of baking with cuts and it's based on their publication the first with sketches illustrations for books. they serve her love of books people stir in coloring them and then just for reasons of
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practicality. instead you can read the rules to putting color on was the same kinds of hearts that they use to put their minds once we expect to on this long tradition. what will make you more particularly he looks back to the landscape tradition so he's mostly a landscape artist. and during his lifetime. he explicitly means your chickens is one of his inspirations book. kirsty was what does he like your cheek and lived it to him it was absolutely. separated off from the west. sweetie. no salt works and studies in dispute with western style theater in japan can incorporate that into the mix the other the eye. the unit
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i am. welcome to nhk world is light and shadow tawny and tokyo. here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am. people around the world are celebrating the life and legacy of nelson mandela be a part anti apartheid leader and first black president of south africa. tribal forces continue to clash in the central african republic


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