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tv   Arirang News  PBS  December 6, 2013 10:00am-10:31am PST

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the lx of the broadcasts the world mourns the death of democracy icon and peace activist nelson mandela at texas away at the age of ninety five the vice president joe biden introduced new regional issues including the recent air defense browse and north korea's nuclear threats during a speech at one of the nation's top universities it is in north korea is believed to be deposed number two man may be hiding out in china in a quest for asylum in south korea on sunday it's the good sense. welcome to
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primetime years it's friday this ever sit here in korea life and soul mind and tell him thank you for joining us we begin with present at today's meeting with visiting us vice president joe biden at the presidential office that on a date this morning discussions of the current geopolitical tension in northeast asia that success to paint the presidential office correspondence onto to have to detox. even the president acting u s vice president biden stretched all the good hour long protest get told that the kids got to see the variety of issues freedom from the file at all to the global. first and for the mash the two sides be a further strong a lap full of
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lions. meet the meaning of and to do with who i am doomed. when you meet in the kitchen if you didn't tell i'm a menu to the enemy is here to promote his book on me to meet cool to not attend the key to managing. i made it clear that president obama spoke to a jets not a question. the trek to call for korea to care for the support on the strategy he said that it is never good to bad it gets the last adding the us would continue to bet on korea topping the agenda at their meeting was planned in its new air defense identification zone just recently shaking that the security landscape in northeast asia. the plastics and its air defense and to sell it at first the korea controls and heard robert e on goal. speaking at the lack of liquidity and its air defense and recently along with a korean islands have
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not had to go currently included in japan's air defense now. president s plane to france and in response by reportedly expressed appreciation for scholes effort to push ahead with expansion observers say this shows that the car again that it may be feared that expansion is called national and friends. and then fighting to a certain level understand is enhanced by the sea to work closely together on that issue the us vice president as president not to release all the obstacles that lay between korea and japan. two of the most important ally nice if washington. to this president and emphasized that took him a stick and aquatic partner and call purchase your mantra that the japanese get men to build a future oriented relationship. with regard to north korea and the two sides exchanged views on the current electrical situation there. i promised to work towards tangible progress on the new pricing were based on strong creative restaurants. oh didn't you. i
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didn't use. and following his meeting with president pop by and gave a speech to one of korea's prestigious universities. there he elaborated on washington's stance over to panic that matters including china's designation of air defense own and north korea on sunday reports from spain that the ethnicity of the east asia tour of the cats eat at seoul's university on friday us vice president joe biden press tv channel exists. i reiterated that the united states does not recognize china as new air defense though which had stirred up controversy as it overlaps with those of any established by korea and japan. we do not drinking. it will have no effect. an american operation just ask my time. zero the president stressed the need for close cooperation between washington and its ally for
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regional security. calling on soul in tokyo to mend their frail tights. the two neighbors had to be at odds over their differing perceptions of historical issues with kirby and repeatedly calling on japan to apologize for its wartime atrocities. reaching thirty five year old citation for me the entire region with more stable more secure it. if the leading democracy. japan south korea the united states rabid will improve their relationship cooperation point. especially the chilling threats from north korea s new clear ambitions by a clear that having an old had a pepsi to be word for that behavior will not be tolerated. we are prepared to go back to six party talks with north review demonstrates its full commitment to complete the verifiable be reversible the new conditions. i read
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the pit stay in seoul with an activity skillet fried fell in the heavily armed border to get it for me as before departing for us on saturday he attributes. a close aide to the north korean leaders ousted awful time some tech reportedly fled to china and about two months ago and is currently under threat detection of south korean authorities there are now seeking asylum in south korea but it doesn't look like he'll be able to cross the border and time soon be the diplomatic complications from that small. a key aide to the two koreas second most influential man took and some had reportedly fled to china so sometime between late september and early october in fear of the north korean government. clip and towns close confidence over the past few months. seoul based podcast or white tea and reports citing sources familiar with north korea the men. this is a south korean government for political asylum and is now
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being protected by south korean authorities at a secret place in china sources say how clever that it was easy to bring him to spell it as china has intervened. while the us is also demanding that he be handed over to washington this close aide of times is known to be the person in charge of attract foreign investment in managing the finances of the workers' party of north korea according to multiple sources he also took care of one's private funds. and as well. there are at the secret expenditures meet the current leader kim jong man in his late father john in. two months after the men fled north to attend southern their clothes states were publicly executed the contents whereabouts were not clear. in related news japanese newspaper new mutations and says to the man didn't come in packs have different views on the strategy for north korea's economic reforms citing the north korean
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sources. the japanese deal reported to the wind was against some tough times progressive reform plans of expanding special economic zones to fourteen districts across the state. expanding a self financing vista system and a group of discretionary power. state run companies intent and meaning this. a lot of reports out of the world's most reclusive state. south korea's intelligence agency on friday in the grief of its findings on norfolk at the national assembly. they said that with the executions have become more common in country and that heavy artillery and move closer to the intra korean border. the sun reports north korea leader saddam on the media tyrants no less brutal than his father appointed national data service report on friday. it is evident that time some tech team down on people and make the mistake any command
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in the north. haha structure has been ousted in a briefing to the national assembly in intelligence committee them to june. the chief of saul's intel agency also said that times two closest call to announce the eu high intensity it. i'm rested and then publicly executed late last month the nis also confirmed cousins brother in law and that therefore silly called decker bus. after like two minus two hundred. solis is not the person's abilities may get from a conflict of interest is to make senior minutes of the story. in a bid to solidify his power to keep telling us all to place dozens of high ranking officials with the un officials and police and fifteen. the number of executions has also increased significantly from seventeen last year to forty days the air. and the north korean leader is also pouring some five hundred million dollars into building exhibitions
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design idolize the national intelligence service also said milton provocations and regrets for what we are on the rides. if not we had a good point about sixty attack trekkers and about to put a heavy artillery units closer to its border with south korea despite all these moves for it that's in his power not that cheap the freebies intelligence agency said some serious action is. they have an opposite effect answered if the clients within the commies good team. screw this up. ibm needs. i knew new blog. i knew. i am. was it sad sad day for the world
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south africa's nelson mandela a symbol of the struggle against racism has died at the age of ninety five. for more announce an opening balance life and my sissy media reports. for those of the pickens. the dogs used in with the touchstone do. the president. or a democrat to the nation. that part. it's how i sit and rest on their first date this south african president daniel to death of the world and the spaniard statesman nelson mandela the age of ninety five. an hour after seizing this announcement in us president brothel on the man who was referred to mandela as a personal inspiration to keep rates on zero. we've lost for the most in influential courageous. i'll make good human beings have any us we
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will share time with on this earth. and thus death is being attributed to respiratory infections that eight dr was time to jail when he was first diagnosed but there are two assists. he spent twenty seven years in prison. locked up for a spot for freedom against his country's apartheid system before being released in nineteen ninety eight the nearly three decades behind the bars did not slow monday lot. even better were twisted with hatred cut. you are on that. all of this there's a ghost that if all you do. wasn't the mildest after being released in nineteen ninety. he held face to face talks with national party leader. the democrat in nsw clark and you can seek negotiations began to pick up courtney were like political
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domination. and the fellow was awarded the noble peace prize for its efforts to paint like rule in nineteen ninety three. the inherently their efforts late into the first and most of the globe elections and mandela was elected south africa's first black president. but the true end to apartheid. i had a theory that the offer to suffer well dollars for profit. if i did. for many south africans and fellow will long be their memories and ninety that is traditional to me often used as a sign of affection. and for the world that he will remain in local icon for racially quality for centuries to come. ut on audience. and the entire world reacted to the news that nelson mandela is that global leaders were among the millions to send a
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condolence is recommended reports upon learning of them and those that really impressed and popped in and offer condolences privately calling him a great statesman well a global leaders were among the millions expensive or setback for the lay reader a moment stuns us was told by the u s security costs on friday only news of nelson mandela's passing. i'm profiling and seven. by the passing of this in mind then. this in mind that i was a triumph for trustees and the power for the german spanish. daniel rode the water one creepy introduced by mississippi's stuff. when german beginning eighteen twenty two and three the white house announces that the move was flag at half mast for the first time ever for foreign leader the world either spoke about the man who in the apartheid in south africa faces leadership anchorage. will
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respect the people across the world passed away we aren't so that the chinese government and people seem to keep the streets and condolences to the government and people of south africa it was a cover to people to look back on this great achievement. it looked as though he fought for the abolition of apartheid with a strong will show on nation building at the meme a major achievement that would focus on the reconciliation of the people. it appears that offer official grievance this. it's a runoff election was to report for friday said the men go off all for equality and freedom. i will be well remembered. with korea south africa established diplomatic ties nineteen ninety eight and have maintained tribulations ever since. at for more of the great man and what is passing means for south africa we are joined by south african ambassador to korea hilton and mean it's it's a
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welcome to the program after they completed it. so get set the font or two about this great man what did nelson mandela represent to the south after people. with no speed than those of you who made a huge keep cool his niche as a cut above. in the mood today because she probably wants it to the coast. people were remarkable the scene due to steal the hope of students to move move. the typical his own fortune shape the nation and remember the awesome and in the order has been some glow ball and struck him. so the baby toes and so the people who participated in the chicken cooks. so we had this book a ticket to get to the inauguration. no one six. it will take it people
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will impose the audi tubes the racial celtic to the extent of the meaning which is needed to get him home and it's useless been decreasing in tow. say we also understand that the authorities in south africa are working on a series of commemorative events of ours including state funeral in a locker for what will happen in your country the next few days whew this is the timeless sickness. b the morning you saw the pic. and schoolboy who the use of the best of both the celtic to have the team knows the meat and tomato the aim to the stitching is that going to do is take you the move most likely take place on the scope of the uncertainty ok tell us about nelson
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mandela sky as to korea. woot it. the notes when dental school shape. oh relationship with the queen. was he was the first to the president of the scope of that. was that korea in nineteen ninety four he was so opposed to know that you can visit him. in eighteen nineteen ninety four saw it they yell to his conviction. he does it quickly the uk to the foundation which is the name of all twenty one years time. curled into a hippy commune in the trade conditions. but it is no d in it. the book portrayed chocoholic of chicken. of course is to serve them much more did the trick. an awesome and it also made it
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to the tomb that when you present to cover up the equity of the sick and tired. david took thousand and one. then it might be of interest to you you you is to note that one of the things that didn't discuss what is the stitching opal please help me to see him. saddam co accused would give it a commitment to cook it that this is one of a letter to soak up to the station. he is very much for your time tonight that nasser the kitchen so watch for input. before your dna. and another began. get the latest line from seoul expert analysis from ages heartbeat with the viewpoint of the decor with its local
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network and why. for the odd probable that. he always asked again. south the wrapping of negotiations for a free trade agreement with australia korea is speeding up efforts to hammer out free refills that and then into the second target audience one she has more on korea three trade front the korean government is beating up efforts to forge more bilateral free deals aims to conclude deals with that of an entity that early as this month. the move follows that in progress needed bilateral meetings of trade officials held this week in bali in each of the country and about a dozen countries. the bilateral meetings were held on the sidelines the tree ministers meeting hosted by the world trade recognize each and every other year those meetings led by korean trade ministry in time and see that his australian counterpart andrew robb the country's managed to finalize terms of free trade agreement between the two nations. after a separate
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meeting with me. mr abe asks you told reporters at an air of many different states for eccentric deal with. i'm an adult and super easy to conclude negotiations with you. the negotiations with indonesia. already in the absence of a local park when i step out in handy as a visit to the south. in ancient sand and i can't even really care and free and architecture were cards wrapping up the tree pack by tight end and this year experts also forecast that he talks with trying to conclude in the second half of next year. although those code has yet to drop measures to support local farmers who have placed concerned about an influx of changes imports of agricultural products korea has struck and bilateral free trade agreement including those with the united states the european union and energy act and is in talks for eight other retreat to recent
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events the items. but amid this week i asked for what many korean leaders have been working for hearts when she said that korea will become the fifth or just reading power in the world by the year twenty twenty all this week the korean government also start preliminary talks explore whether the us the trans pacific partnership with ppp would be beneficial for asia's fourth largest us economy it seems can research fellow at aspen institute for policy studies. joy does not assist the year to help misunderstand the asia pacific trading block welcome to progress to grab me. well korea is already interested in that talks about joining a title a regional trade bloc the rc peek of what makes create interested in the us twenty ppm. old korea has been courted by the us and the ppp partners for quite some time now. the question of will with the polish design korea's court is to tear away you will going pee pee pee and if they thought it will join when it will going. in
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term of timing on a wide tree is down decided to choose this particular moment. we know about trying it on two cans that are to speak and ppp. and in their announcement in the market this year. coupled with the fact that there are some questions about the quality of our set. and still talks for the cgt if he is close to korea japan fta. so where are courteous and two when the blues were to join ppp bulky bpa is a very sizable on trade agreements. it includes among others japan and united states these are not small players as we know that they account for about each ten percent of our total trade in a given year. south korea's canes from treated as a result of being a member of ppp. as of the fourteen billion dollars for year
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the game is expected to be about twenty two billion aside from the agricultural area where else should soul be careful of. now joining the ttp and what should be taxed at twelve mm the timing of the time. p p p p souls willingness to going ppp is somewhat precarious. korea will need two weeks. negotiation of a circle for by the end of this year. which means that khairy you would not be at the bargaining table to determine the terms of that agreement. continue to move very carefully and we have to hold judgment on this weeks until the agreement comes out cd with the terms of those agreements are and what the impact a week before the korean economy. even after the agreement is madeon process. and we know from experience that that's another huge hurdle. a long way to go. i thank you very
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much dr cam for joining us to an end in sight and i think each. the stair well. the ice in under an hour in her first petition since returning from injury. she's expected to show off some new moves stephen kaye joins us with a preview. hey guys the figure skating queen is getting ready to make her season debut at the golden state of the great intro it's up for sale until her initial progress. now it's a highly anticipated return by tim who sat out of steel isu grand prix events two to eight point two three. according to reports from her practice the ccc is gettin more comfortable making some as well. ability to be untrue fifty fifth among twenty four skaters and so for the short program to use and in the clouds at three fourteen pm local time. acts one
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fourteen pm here in korea what the results for you at midnight. no more big news the two thousand fourteen world cup draw will take place over coal costs but also we pay per sale and sucker for is hoping to be placed in an easy group. but the draw takes place at two pm in brazil that's one of the morning here in korea now moving on south korea has been selected by the phone to host the two thousand and seventeen under twenty world cup now died since and including scholar and intel will bid to host matches at the shortlist will be announced by the end of next year. now let's finish off with the adl the consulate on their stoop down to the kali on borneo and eighty seven to sixty five. but now it's time for friday's cup match up between youtube and that its advocates the sonic pull the bill has come in out of the day in front of the congo powers into a seven point lead at the end of the first
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half. what kate is our record comes alive in the second half score a goal to school for its peers. it helps decided who will win said before work to sixty six. for me near the sports center that has been speaking to check back at midnight. port elizabeth in the world of sports. i know. i had. it goes in the central regions got a break from the fine dust but those doubts to self taught and other days of smart you can do to spread its outlets to overturn can go down as well as their center of them. the evening
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guys it looks like we're going to get another round of life. i dashed over the weekend. well for those of you that we didn't know tomorrow is a child it is that the twenty four indicators marking the day of heavy snowfall however be said to have higher temperatures than this these days though the air will be well adapted to wait for mine eyes taking a look at the current conditions worsening cloudless skies across a mad to a high pressure system prompts right now. keep in mind that the level of fine dust and smog is forecast to move again on saturday after new years eve morning otherwise dour it supports no one on their way on next monday leading to a date in may that's its mars greetings it's ten degrees. the ma studies down south it's the low teens. i'm tagged you it's fourteen degrees while though and after that peak at ten and two minus one six respectively. now i am out here after midnight. the bats
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are broadcast on this friday nights and easy to console them from him thanks for watching another great weekend will see it. it was i am. you can go to school use. no productivity the devil to get into a new design. tsk tsk tsk. nm. dvds
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lulu long ruling will. i do we see what position and is one thing. taken looking rallies. that's interference in domestic affairs. his crime is the coolest lady politicians to stop meddling in ukraine's businesses police that the atkins friendly right taxes the deadline to do count and government buildings. these korean off to the death of nelson month and that we know it is cheney from office on travel to a global standard of compassion and


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