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tv   RT News  PBS  December 6, 2013 10:30am-11:01am PST

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lulu long ruling will. i do we see what position and is one thing. taken looking rallies. that's interference in domestic affairs. his crime is the coolest lady politicians to stop meddling in ukraine's businesses police that the atkins friendly right taxes the deadline to do count and government buildings. these korean off to the death of nelson month and that we know it is cheney from office on travel to a global standard of compassion and equality forsyth. house goes on like
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no joke. what self esteem that's unusual. the wga spaghetti increasing numbers of brits who we discover a bookcase to attacking cashing in dublin regulation scientists the new . what's he on the interaction with my countertop. hypertext is in kiev has been given five days to stop disrupting government departments opposition activists have been broken my ski institutions for much of this week. cheering on the prior european matisse and told eu and us diplomats who are in ukraine for security summit really delish guess is that. usually they're sad twentieth to
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the curate i'd like yesterday we had that this grill the elite evening. not just for the opinion protesters but also with western politicians. i wanted to increase the critics randall and who has acted a visit to the tent city that was set up here by the protesters position expressing the u s support for the at ukrainian opposition and for the protesters as well as internal and has also helped close talks to britain tidy kitchen clock the darling of the korean opposition among others that we have seen that among the protesters on the square i were foreign ministers from sweden germany and the netherlands. it is because hope that he had talks with europe will bring you what i'm doing president essentially kids get sick the ultimate goal of the ukrainian protesting that is the current government and the president to step down in the interests of western politicians and what is essentially ukrainian domestic affairs has drawn some criticism however we haven't seen western politicians and ten to eighty thousand strong rally was
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held here in support of the fact that she didn't call the tip of the current ukrainian president can fix it a lot of observers are starting to raise their eyebrows at some of what they are calling answer to the vedic to fight the flu gear bike at the western official said. nice concerns have been tagged by russia's prime minister to me to meet david during his traditional pre knew ye hear him and with russian journalists. don't know. but i can imagine how origin and partners with phelps is russia's foreign minister decided to attend a rally that was being held against general. i don't think they would consider it a friendly state works meeting with opposition members is one thing you had taken part in rallies. that's interference in domestic affair i did go and it's an exam the passage tells us that some foreign politicians positioning just doesn't carry the dead democratic standards. intel. more so
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this is something that should be unacceptable. i spent ages colo country to make his own arrangements and one. we'll be sending themselves above the actual situation on their own country or people we're just looking at the economic standpoint. he knew it was nothing to offer said. stories about democracy human rights saul. it's really a jew who chased him and expertise into action old is mourning the loss of one of the twentieth century's my stall iconic beaches nelson on bennett has died aged ninety five off that unknown illness. south africa's first black president in them and he led the country after decades of
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apartheid to democracy stands is finely is being used to tighten into an hispanic friends gathered in the ctc curry for them and they knew is that the banks celebrates his legacy. the first thing he knew he's expected to be buried in a private family santa cruz high in the name in accordance with his wishes quilt ladies praise monday and i sit here i'm up on time and the chilling thing justice. some of the nice cutting two teeth have come from the tank to store smith reports. make every single newspaper this morning that is at pictures month at a house across the front page it happens will say that that date nights was the friendly adding on to build a new film of nelson on dennis and i know will see fleet said. that was intended to carry guns and find out for my dad is still to be done to back off wait to read. that ended by the duke and duchess it came to say that that still fits the loyalty of the cpi prince
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william as he was sleeping the film. of course my daughter takes to look great and inspiring man. i'm the queen will say that kate and somewhat hostile to the mindset of saying that he meant it then the teams with great warmth and then of course musical tributes came in for the ad you're at it from ornate for the welcome here in this country they would back the coast by day becoming too cold. a month and that's how we think of a legend in ninth and mowing down to triple a blue heron said the day at great lakes has gone out to the welts and then that voted for the fact to be through a tough loss to downing street at the end of the other two coaches the cost of debt but this is all the money save time around it's just a day to come in for example a ninety five he was one of the teasing mantra is also connected to the federation of conservative students and they produced a paste add the cold. i hope nelson on the ice milk in a way that
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economists custody an open sunny feel my face in the fields to wallace. he's also around that might make a trip to south africa as a rising star nick has had to make amends. adding to that day when no peeing again sanctions on the cost might be said with acne. i'm soo not data. in ninety seven. oh there you have come up with not to use the internet that had infected the anc could net the rule south africa anyone who's to say was that an african dance and it was the syndicate saving the us not to be even more today to intensive rehabilitation if you like but not to let my dad was on that evidence and he and his face is wet dream and that takes basic until it faces two thousand and eight but knowing it's off to the presidency of south africa was already a bath now my cody coldest it has been a canvas and wood seats have i done this life i've been south africa. he's the man who pulled a couple of the divine good and bad from the brink of civil war the man who lost a tree tea sipping coffee is behind bars will be from prison. in his heart was not to change. well
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i think that his greatest legacy to this country is reconciliation. in the last phoebe cates the world's highest peak in each of nelson mandela. and in each recognizable the world of nikko cooke coda is pretending that a man who struggle for racial be quite a kicking some because reading like the noise he had a dark side. the wound has conveniently forgotten about the awesome wonder nobody to no struggle pretty cool someone noon. i embraced the finances. isn't this the street political instrument at a particular juncture in history. this house is the secret headquarters of the african national congress. it is here in the mid sixty s my dad and his comedy school and beyond struggle. it is all to get the midst of pain where they stood on trial and sentenced to life in prison. south african journalist chris bishop believes the nineteen
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sixty four trial that soul mind and then he's coming sentenced to life. hope tat it will be in a favor. during the trial these gentlemen you are on top of a new trial as they went from being the key is that the people in that tall. slowly it transformed. they became the benjamin franklin's of africa as a beacon of freedom fighters that began the man of principle astounding up mainly for the rights of august. i slowly built on old opinion derived from a violent to one of the great as freedom fighters to have a noble spirit. the story of nelson mandela is remarkable a man who stood up for the whites of people if they win. but also the familiar tale of the pentagon and the town was around twenty one day. and of the inmates was he a rt hon is that south africa. you can read more on the tennis which the following nelson on again
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this time. this was their reactions to his legacy and death a telkom. they are jamming devices which can pray for your cash in seconds but in britain they obey him and let the rolls to tighten up on fixed on spec the machines nine is the track i painted the high street offline during this era fifth reports that means i get to that of my kids the hyatt with high stakes skating machines. the thing the thing the uk industry more than that idiot parents eta of saying i'm hoping to shore fix faults to serve mark's a machine to show that you comply. relax until the csi style gardens and get back to two hundred which every twenty seconds. twenty seconds repeat cycle every twenty seconds. sure people
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aren't buying items for the moment you can freeze the dough will always think of a spouse or children like my job. my self esteem. i'm too lazy lol before i actually still carry stones is actually on top of the visy thousand and five gathering eggs and mix with the number of faulty machines the heights the best shots. i love to have to fold it seems the only filly in the sloth of a and political science it's a safe and effective to treat it as a symbol of the trade of conduct aimed at encouraging essentially disposable batavia. we see evidence that among some reading twice the weight is gone. everyone seems to be quite sticky by the romans it's like it's not great is that love petition. it enables the still to carrying all full. it is folks the machines. and if you're
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not living with them it was still in the pre said the shell with the concept she'll undoubtedly plans to attend any that the shops of this flying thing that is constantly making rights and responsibilities in terms of the contents of the source responsible behind this and do things that completely soaked with irresponsible. i thought we'd make it to the maze. well now that it's taking the effects of the getting it they came to be. last point was that day plan my mom. oh my god wonder whether the subject with me. caring and just said liquidity out of it. most just going in the us will also want prawns. i was completely humiliated. what is great because i was today so i realize my recovery has
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become just as with the ticket that his experience and is helping of islam that makes the recovery this can be said to the effects of these machines this weekend as he seeks to maximize profits. campaigners warn that the looks they can actually take the puppies the gamble with the current suppose that a fat fat the garden. we can see more stories on the lake reading from the frying pan into the fire. these men were detained by mistake. bill because we wouldn't acknowledge our mistakes and now they're being sent to places that don't want to go to this or domestic political purposes. wait here for my delay representing one of the bounty into tiny sink lantana my bag and have been sent back by the us but not free at the batons. the offer i a the science technology
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innovations all the latest developments from around russia. the future. genes can be held by the us within the decade without charge or trial in kuantan tonight i have to be transferred to an end. but the men were strongly against being sent back to algeria where i fear being persecuted by the authorities or targeted by extremists on the sand is the token a small the glacial pace us officials intend to move forward with the limbo known as guantanamo whatever excuses in the web of bureaucracy allegedly getting in the way of just closing the place down. millie is attempting baby steps to figure out what to do with its detainee is the lastest transferred to prisoners to
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their home country of algeria one hundred and sixty four the majority of whom have long been cleared for track work or really miss everything creation was involuntary and to place despite the deeds he needs me is to not have this happen is the fear of mistreatment or torture upon their return home to the lives of the two men at times now and is down and inside out hope that some have described the move as political expediency. dubbing it the palace says the prisoners had made it clear the fear persecution back at home while countries in europe have been willing to accept that you than the stated however that means treatment assurances had been meeting prior to this move this is the first transfer since that two other men were sent in august this year the tories the standard at guantanamo neither of them and transferred were ever charged with any crime during the entire decade the spend behind bars at the scandalous detention camp field theory and natives were brought there. back in two thousand and two and taken to camp x
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ray which we've actually visited when reporting from guantanamo it's an area where some prisoners had been once controversially interrogated with that no one actually held there today the detainees at guantanamo is now lets out one hundred and sixty two fifteen prisoners continue to be on a hunger strike year since obama had promised to shut the president down on day one of his presidency an efficient and clear plan to close guantanamo get to be put in place. this is it written down rt healer. let's recap on the sinking sun and sixty paper then a still behind bars at the us to defeat the cdc nicely for them when they were nice and easy care remained trapped in the killing men and twenty prisoners a clown town and i actually think counties and auntie to appear in court and the rest. come be prosecuted because the us is the evidence against them but still claims they are too dangerous to release the book as familiar to one of the detainee sent back to algeria says his client nine
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phase he's not. he was opposed to going to algeria he wanted to go to a european country. so he can be reunited with his family he's been separated from his wife and daughters were twelve years now. we're concerned that is essentially going to be dumped on the street as other prisoners had been who had no connection was held during the second issue for mr burnside. it affected the lives that he grew up in a very rural part of the algerian part in the self southwestern area of the country. he's genuinely concerned that there will be a fundamentalist islam this is interesting. we'll assume that he supports them because he was said to guantanamo and don't talk to him. for some kind of violence when they learn that he actually does not have any sympathy with them. it's our understanding of the white house wants to be able to say look we've released all the old during the weekend it's the only country that certify that can give anyone else out of guantanamo and the students and a statue for us. so unfortunately. these
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men were detained by mistake because we wouldn't acknowledge our mistakes and now they're being sent to places they don't want to go in order to serve domestic political purposes. they don't come right after tiffany bring into kara being crazy is it that i don't mean spending spree. like dozens of russian diplomats in america. i think i'd find themselves in a bit of trouble being blamed for defrauding the u s navy and system to fund a lavish lifestyle to go about the allegations online. also that the tiles of time smoker with the schools the same time streams abandoned in the sunshine and i love to fish to rain could be used to dine in the country suffocate in payments. radical islam s red bull creek and syria has given instance for the seat while christian held off stage since monday the extremists on the syrian government to free your
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thighs and women from prison so i thought this thing might come in from damascus regarding the demand. the where scenes from the mourners featuring opposition to self don't think christine time. islamic extremists has been increasingly town to see the christian minority in syria. the country's ambassador to the un tell don t get some ballroom guys have influenced by the kidnappers we must be sick kiddos who mumbles and pacific division of them to act immediately and to shorten its possibilities in order to make the cut on both states and governments. they have influence over these groups so that they would use the word without any condition. the and the orphans. i cheated on his solid the government the government does mean that the turkish government it's the three governments of gaping holes in this ktv
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the situation is to get food or petitions. going back to that undertaken by tourist groups. this promises to extend the deal price and central african republic and has been a surge in sectarian violence. barry at the un security council resolution or fries french treats to join an african peacekeeping mission. the latest clashes between rival militias in the camper pompey have killed either hundred people was the rebels' ccs pattern on to fine tune christians who support the active presence in this house cafe's become things could expand into a full blown sectarian war summit is to a foreign affairs columnist for the gaudy nice i think the frame for taking on behind the dangers and dancer dimensions are all very hard disk is much easier to get him to get out. the sentinel thousand troops over fourteen hundred troops. salutes the french contingent loans to one's country. continue to
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grow bigger and wrapped an arm. chances are you'll was dearest more more and more mature and on all souls who stepped in. the intensifying money for instance on the internet's most interesting part to tune into here. she's still there are some numbers. the artist and since the current density and removal from sudan and chad its own. austin will be intact. this decision is that the french who buckle you don't just use you. taking the country. some old news in brief that suicide bombings killed at least nine people in an attack on the pickup trucks carrying members of the maritime police units in northern somalia. the eighty seven offices burleson when viewed in the attack may think this is macy padding at the cell without too bad the seniors are nice like the culprit has been forced from their strongholds the al qa'ida neat incision pain is being trying to gain control of the country's north. in pakistan's capital hundreds protested against americans and strikes the brownie was
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staged by the city. he's soft on the deadline to form a cricket pitch it's done imran khan demonstrates is chanted anti us nineties and demanded immediate and forthright in attacks in that country strikes deep the unpopular in pakistan but american officials say they'll crucial in the fight against terrorism. extreme wind storms of the three north west europe seen people have been killed and thousands me to safety is the worst title suits and sixteen is sweeps the british guys around one hundred thousand times have been at the back and actresses teams golf and numb arm and agencies baseman says the six thousand properties in england and wales risk of being friday. as is the boss the retail workers in the u s states the national strike on this site calling for an increase to the minimum wage present i vomit pledged to push the highest salaries in the industry back in february but critics say. biffle has
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been done since opted to report on sat upright text in new york. putting the hearing your city one year ago with just two hundred employees has exploded into arguably the biggest wave of protests in the history of america's fast food industry. thousands of bob asked what it believes that more than one hundred cities to wrap this country couple walked off the job thursday demanding an increase in minimum wage and the right to see you in you not it's not this movement ii is being spearheaded by an organization called fast food well worked and died the fast food workers that have joined the strike were to meet your restaurants like wendy's mcdonald's burger king and kfc held off fast food remains at two hundred billion dollar industry. me and waits for his service workers like the folks in the cashiers and approved by
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nice and white is just eight dollars and ninety one cents an hour here in new york city it's even worse with the minimum wage be seven dollars and twenty five cents an hour now because of the low wages and many of the employees on if not most complete the fast food restaurants are living in poverty. thompson autobot base and i am. i am in a cell or slams trying to get out of the air and thinking good because i'm gay. bake the much been installed in the ghanaian that's on the absence of what these people we know that will be announced yet so full right to take it to him. but the sane people would ask american way. the bleed off all this and this in a country that full cooperation before the working man. i mean way too much money. like the one i will give them money. and then digress. to
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make matters worse this problem is the growing love these shots i counted the bulk of new jobs. during the so called west recovery in existing retail and fast food. among the fastest growing sectors in the last economy now what. these protesters are demanding that minimum week's be reduced to fifteen dollars and how one so far only one cd. in a washington state has met those finance its crowd around to either duly sent to fight for a sane and decent living wage an opportunity to step one foot into the worlds of the so called american tree. reporting from the art green up or not an artsy who knew. room. we often see the middle east is a place that's a term of revolution people tell it seemed to be
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very fired up as well. masses of protesters to force a government ministries to shut down by storming the look you in waves. one such ministry is the kind of cool that of the american fbi which has been accused of killing around ninety people in a crackdown on those who support us to pray. mr cox intentional walk trot was the brother of the current leader while people are crying out for democracy accusations of violence against protesters. so where barack obama john kerry the mainstream media. i mean whatever some group of rebels protesters frightening freedom fighters fight for democracy are we supposed to arm them like in syria and or bomb their country back into the stone age like and libya served in iraq. some protest explode across the mainstream media with calls for intervention and others are almost totally silent when i lived in bulgaria where there have also been struggling to buildings less than a month ago. and with the conspiracy theorist but the selective coverage and slick of concern for some humans rights the rights of others. watts was a bit fishy to me. but
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that's just my thing. i am he makes the world programming for globally minded people. sponsors and underwriters local contact test sponsors to any team that works done or seven at three seven seven o seven one four seven. you knew you that. i know. would we. i just sit still and i first experienced it when i was eighteen or nineteen and i didn't discover modern dance until college. and he was in college they realized it on i am. natalie loved dancing
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but they actually commit to pursue his career. strom gymnastics to quit it and every modern dance and martial arts. lulu lulu. his patience and a lot of different sorts it out and when it's worse because we can't change and which is actually is. my parents the key to the states from china. and and and instil the law and the e. what eastlake and alex them. it gets a chance. which is still with me. and how i treat it creates because i am and i'm chinese and her an insight i decreased my work. my culture heretics. local taxi to ring as an american style snow
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i'm interested in and out for telling the story and the way that they can connect to its large audience at the market. universal story on because most of us me at the bench at the one who is an american accent for natives. or are immigrants to snow. i'm also interested in and how. i'll wear it families can come to this place they didn't and made it home and i struggled and let you know what the left hand in things like that. that is also kind of coming to you some of that. story then headed to town i just did it however to see it essentially. and how we write
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to me. i know. it all. cheesy yes you . the news on him nelson mandela has passed away the age of ninety five he was south africa's first black president and anti apartheid icon and that south africa's transition from white minority rule in the nineteen nineties to twenty seven years in prison he has been receiving sandstone base medical kit for a lung infection after three months in hospital in a statement in south africa national tv presenter jacob's mom said


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