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to me. i know. it all. cheesy yes you . the news on him nelson mandela has passed away the age of ninety five he was south africa's first black president and anti apartheid icon and that south africa's transition from white minority rule in the nineteen nineties to twenty seven years in prison he has been receiving sandstone base medical kit for a lung infection after three months in hospital in a statement in south africa national tv presenter jacob's mom said nelson on the left
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of politics was no peace. he also won the noble peace prize and eventually retired from life in two thousand and four sickness among fellow would receive the full state funeral. it is likely to take place takes on tuesday he was one of the world's most repeated statesman after the team because ofrisoned for twenty seven years. as you french president francois allowed to send a friend to add to the tree operation to protect civilians in the central african republic the list immediately sought a legal fry station to the un security council he said that the number of friends keeps president nepal and the nation currently a six hundred and fifty eight doubled within a few days if not a few hours reinforcements from neighboring states can be used to sit in the uk operation would be quick. it comes to the schools of people died and for securing fight in the republic's capital goma. he was attacked them. nominations close to
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fun swap with ease without to dispose of bad polls in march some french troops are still young we arrived in january to fight muslim militants were captured and will go for parts of the country. as i i am the weekend. and more also monday. we need it well life's been good. mundo was one of the stone figures of our age. who's the father was mission. the division freedom fighter who rejected any of our lives. the future
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each. but it is the act the is you the children to germany are interested to benefit from imported advancements made by chancellor angle of merkel's new coalition to liberalize germany citizenship law at present your body does not permit most immigrants to become german citizens to hold onto their passports the rule has been a heavy burden or injuries more than three million strong turkish community which surfaced during the postwar boom when germany was in need of extra laborers many of the children are reluctant to weaken ties with their own way. they are journeys incoming government is pledging to put an end to the requirement for german born children of immigrant parents to select one
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nationality before the twenty third birthday. foreigners are able to apply for german citizenship after legally reside in the country for eight years later forced to give up their old nationality the turkish community overwhelmingly muslim present unique challenges for a country like germany which lacks a repudiation of welcoming immigrants but now needs them to make up for declining birth rates merkel's conservatives are still refusing to grant dual citizenship for all people those who were once forced into choosing one passport before the new law comes into play will not be able to apply that to get a second one. i had to leave the mind isightly foreign minister has met with the knowledge nice and stretchy general fund to noon at the un headquarters in new york. i really try to do and they tend to believe that the sanctions that when it's right on the palestinian occupied territories of the best light switch me to this type solution. he stressed the importance of
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the poppies track conditions will result in meaningful negotiations encouraging his right to take steps to ease the situation in gaza. us tycoon released by the sexy general's office does not like the mayor asked whether the subject common ground on its nuclear program runs a web of falling three cents license agreements between obama and the fallen pop one into maple leaf a mindset that to me but it was a bronze like to spit them out to try and since he's going to in seventeen on islamic revolution is right the prime minister benjamin netanyahu has referred to the tium of the historic site. leave the mine has recently returned to his right to parliament's off being forced to quit his role in two thousand and twelve off being taught that stroller on a breach of trust. a jerusalem court house in true would leave them and diced in inappropriate conduct. zouk
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if you're slow slide emotional obama some bio defense typical of the white house on the first official eye of the parties' season which was attended by members of the us military on the families. i was asked during this time that every american. find a way to honor these great americans not just during the holidays but every day. every day. and let us never forget the debt that we owe these men and women and their amazing families he takes two presidential mansion post writes top two costume with christmas decorations with every rain failed to pass the deck right to trees and seasonal olam entice them into the obama family dogs coming sunday miller retiring months has in many of the decorations as the newest additions to the family that don't slide that come with the text effects on mundine jumped on the policy guests the scandal
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ridden trying to hear his back and my lights was having raced from police wiretaps which suggests he could trying to mayor rob ford may have offered five thousand he dies in a car to suspected turned in a spirit to buy a video that allegedly shows he's a crack cocaine the contents of the alleged offer had been included in africa and fifty piece police documents. trying to police chief bill blair would not comment directly on a document saying only that it was the responsibility of police to gather evidence yet the evidence was gathered in the case. tom has been repeated by the investigators and then with. the crown prosecutors in this case and were regional tribal drums to a church. it is this excess charges have been waived. but that's up to the investigators and cost efficient. you very much ladies and gentleman. warne admitted during the last nine hits and crack cocaine. it
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seemed he was one of his drunken stupor east quay has threatened to kill someone soon leads to deny allegations that he made a psychopath with a melancholy tone was completely knocked over. no politician in the city council. the latest allegations police notes described the conversation between the somali involving two suspected gang members but did offer to hire five thousand two dollars return for a video that shows in the air using illegal drugs ford had not been part of that or any of the wiretap conversation. wiretaps came during his year long investigation for which the track conversations and dozens of people including four explained in part time driver currently detained in tar and extortion charges it's the turn onto city council this does not have the power to fire four in its two month voted to remove much of his authority and give it to deputy mayor jon kelly was. the mm. nigel
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lawson has admitted using cocaine in a london court but denies he and headaches or new music that fifty three year old said she had taken cocaine on several occasions with her late first husband john died that you use it as a form of escape from throat cancer that went on to kill him in twenty oh one now years later the celebrity chef clincher ex husband charles said she drove her into using the drug again claiming he had subjected her to consume a . and then she turned to cocaine out of fear lawson's confession is the latest twist in the dramatic case against two personal assistants francesca and elizabeth the grill the sisters are accused of cheating a couple of more than a million dollars for upper limits spending exorbitant amounts of blood tree items and travel but they denied the charges claiming that the popular tv personality was so distracted by legal substances that she permitted the overspending to
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take place. while austin is having smoked marijuana occasionally during her final year of marriage the art dealer she shot down allegations after being in the same. i don't have the drug problem i had the life problem but she also says she's happy to answer the allegations after a long summer of bullying and abuse celebrity couple ended their ten year marriage in july after the release of the notorious proper artsy photos of said she grabbed her throat in . lawson says when she refused to back him publicly said she threatened to bring her down with false claims of drug addicts in an e mail sent out in october the seven year old accused his ex wife being off her head and ropes last week set to take back the claims instead saying that he'd never seen evidence of her taking her ups telling the court that he's heartbroken to have lots to jail. he revealed it to his incompetence accused of looting which the soldier he
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can read the island in the nineteen eighteen the british government has announced plans to crack down on islamist extremists in an innocent baby cameron has said britain was to classify what she called islamist extremists and as a distinct theology to guard against it being confused with traditional religious practice cameron said he would implement recommendations he received from a taskforce set up after them motivated to try to stop people being radicalized by beaches he said the tragedy was the wake of cool to take action to confront extremists and i want to see an end to hate preaching in britain cameron stressed. the police could be given new powers to talk to extremism and the government would consider introducing a new type of band to our little medical groups there are practical issues though how will the line be drawn on how good he was quoting from attacks from iran to treat it. there is no doubt that the fight against extremists who have to be done consistently seems not to alienate returns to
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sydney muslims especially with the general election less than two years away the eye. long us senator john mccain has traveled to tripoli to welcome the prime minister ali zito place to track down those responsible for the deaths of four americans in the twenty twelve and kasey kahne split attack while those behind the attack remain unpunished stayed on till the senator that investigations will resume as soon as the security situation in batangas in groups in gaza continues to experience a wave of violence from our minds aed militant groups two years after the revolution which saw the demise of more copies forty two year rule. we can confirm that the us pledge to train libyan troops and the stability can only be achieved outside aid the attack on the us embassy in d c attracted much attention and criticism for
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its inconsistency. witness accounts conflict with the version released by the us in question were made and what really happened on the night to temper eleven points while president obama and his administration have been criticized for being out of time it took them to acknowledge the fact that islamic militants stormed the diplomatic contacts and for their reluctance to use the word terrorists. the guys he came as a major blow to the credibility of obama and his potential successors then secretary of state hillary clinton. in an interview aired in late november obama says he thinks the us will have a female president in the near future. there's much speculation that hillary clinton who unsuccessfully ran against obama in twenty oh eight might be looking into another run. the former first lady new york senator top the polls on who is set to become her party chores point six in rates in god see one of the biggest u s national security and intelligence failures in many years under her supervision and secretary of state summit on the event where she compared with the murders of americans two guys out for a walk one nights has been
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widely criticized. though the white house has called on the cuban government to release alan groups the jewish american eight contract to you is approaching his fifth here in prison for his work on a dispute its us program promoting political change on the isolated communist line and he reiterated today are called to the cuban government to release alan works. mr rose's detention remains an impediment to more constructive relations between the united states and cuba. regarding your question about the president's into a spin on this the president has himself personally engage foreign leaders and other international figures to use their influence with cuba to promote mr bruce's relates the state farmers get mr rose's case at the forefront of discussions with the cuban government and made clear the importance the united states places on his wealth meanwhile in lafayette park
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across from the white house chris is one of the eucharist held a vigil hosting a moment to release her husband to bring him home. according to his family crests is no small than one hundred pounds in jail suffers from chronic self righteous and his mental health is deteriorating through. you can during washing team that seemed to be center for the performing arts has teamed up with jewish music group from music that had tory attack to greet a special hanukkah events designed to celebrate the role of the clarinet in jewish music. through music and prayer that was founded by charles and robin krauthammer. mr krauthammer says that their goal is to bring jewish classical music to a larger audience. the new
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musical by an expanding people's perception of just what constitutes to this music. there are elements of jewish kosher jewish museum of. there have to sue a new occurrence. no discovered them play. we want to bring them collided at a. the we're giant in the respected washington are small the kennedy center. the music the handbrake at the time to contest for years. it's nine fifteen in the clarinet and rising star alexander peter stein is leading the program and it's very unique combination of styles because i'm the one hand view of these composers who lived in russia that were riding in style though was coming from and the teachers rodent but on the other hand the writing with jewish influence which is quite unique it's been a very interesting mix of styles. dan at at an. he said
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that his jewish background gives the performance special meaning. i played the music with my dad played accordion growing up in his room. and being born and in minsk home you know i feel a strong connection to this music to the composers who are into this whole world. tone to swirl that. mom almost disappeared. you know the evening's performance this is unaware that no need to rush into which clearly didn't see me and allison creepiest programs have featured santoro flyers jewish her room. he says. htc pro musica have brayden says their concerts are regularly selling out and that the young artist plain these pieces are going on to perform them on other stage is across the country chilling at the appetite for jewish classical music is only continuing to grow. i'm rebecca foster for j and windy in washington .
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organization for the production of chemical weapons has been working on a plan to look serious chemical weapons on to it being the ship and transfer them to a us ship which is currently docked in a secure place there's currently no information on how the transfer will take place and whether it will be made while the ships are at sea or imports but both options of accomplishing the transfer are very dangerous the wake of deadly chemical weapons are gathered to be transported exceeds five hundred times. it is reported that the transfer will happen at the end of this year and fall when the moon chemicals will be processed in international waters the weapons will be parked for us made reactors which have their own power generators and air filtration system making the process completely self contained with the missions accident especially containers in lower tax experts claim
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the procedure is environmentally friendly the location for storing the mission containers has not yet been decided the chemical weapons elimination process is scheduled to be conducted by thirty six technicians under the supervision of o p c w official u s officials say the procedure is supposed to take him up or giving it a forty five to sixty day window in his bad weather the entire project is supposed to be over by the end of march upon its conclusion the opie says wu will focus its efforts on other toxic materials remain in syria. wolves largest gingerbread houses in taxes the guinness book of world records to fill the record breaking total this week the texas stay in and traditions club built the house with thousands of pounds of butter sugar eggs flour and other ingredients and on the outside. twenty
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three thousandfour hundred and four pieces of cotton candy intake and candy canes lollipops. the gingerbread houses more than thirty nine thousand square feet which easily exceeded the previous record of a thirty six thousand square foot gingerbread house inside the mall of america in minnesota. it can be viewed by the until the fourteenth of december money race bike tickets will be donated to local hospital. the fourteen by graffiti revolutionary artist thinks he has been set up to go for auction and could fetch three hundred thousand years dollars a piece entitled as flower girl and competed in two thousand eight hundred brick wall the station owned by an amazing bird and joins four other banksy piece is from burlington landing a gas station owner because had yet been approached by a man in which he believes was thinking asking to team morale and one of the walls it was another guy his
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friends in another sense than any guy from england. and now suppose that the prison long to do some work and i introduced and self assured it's nice to get well ahead of us busy. din really take a much more tithing and go ahead with even been back to work with to know that that probably made things himself and had known him for that last year when rosenberg so the gas station that his family had owned since nineteen seventy seven to great pains to preserve the mile marker. the seeds of the pieces that are for sale were created from two thousand team to two thousand for when very few people had heard of his wing anti capitalist work the anonymous fifty artists has recently completed a month long residency in new york where she went to prices increase in selling authentic park and a pop up stall for sixty us dollars the traditional cuisine up to pound the nurse wish you could just being kids did
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the twelve called toast like to spot the know it is nice since joining from us the irony of the country whose cuisine has been distinguished as a not so commonly tradition. what should or could be snow ice cream pricing seasoning ingredients. this unique taste. i mixed one considering the price and honest on the feet and steeped in centuries of tradition. it's not just a taste of the food and is traditional ingredients which plied up onto a ship is called to the source of the anbar months and the ambience in which this too is into it regardless of the cuisine of receiving delightful recognition and since the snow spinning well like i milled rice consumption in japan has fallen seventeen percent over the last fifteen years with the reasonable prices on the faults of its optical light both in times such is not the notes crispy cramp and domino's pizza increasing in popularity. it's like
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the kid had to sit and read and i somehow keep this job i think that the invincibility it's everything a big uk. i say attract an audience of three hundred c respect this and think. i think that commitment to pretend. during a speech at the annual dinner deported to pt super tuesday so you can hand side to take street and i told the jewish community had two little ones i tend to listen second sentence. johnson praised for whacking when hans cherished night in the uk. is this important event it's recognizing that what the report that says we just used us here in the uk. two of the state. the two great understanding of the jewish faith being hit in britain for two hundred and fifty is doing very ample supply several key thing is intended to fundraising events including the chief rabbi and finance its debt to
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tm to convince around. i think with it but what they chose is the book that is done. the here. the book to be choosy around and that the work today due to the white the. and the recognition of god but by the government of the presence of senior minister here is the insertion of that. this is one of the fold this country has always been open and we feel welcome and i was told the jury it would take a lesson that way when winning the home secretary will come say very clearly that our way of lives. his will to men and women with the support it the evening was also an opportunity for individuals from all the faith communities to strengthen that relationship spectacle it. the trail blazing what the toot is absolutely key to the initiatives we are running and take max's last won on him but also here because of solidarity with jewish me it's so dark in issues of chiquita on issues of appropriate preparation circumcision can also actually the political
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momentum that built awful faith communities across the country. as the jewish communities democrat seeking the secrets communal my station. one of the board's main theme seems to want to get that with the prettiest continent. we have no more morning tea to calm him but that's what happens in march of this year. ed miliband came to speak to the board itself thought of going to invent a reason why the orthodoxy to the port next monday. i'm nick clegg will come to the polish parliament reception tonight we had ahem sectarian outstanding. it's like to state i see addressing the dinner was over reaching out to be aunties were doing it with a shipment that your situation changes at work which is often each end of the other minority groups in intolerance protection for religious diversity and and cheney could races between groups throughout the community it's fine to work. one of the season predeceased the storm established in seventeen sixty nine the rights of the jewish community. from
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the sea and its people a grade eight k at that point that he can clean the toilet snake like people in the league to its community by people outside. the xenon lights a bid to end one day to live. just wait and to the store windows its axis and the new flagship store in new york come to light for christmas. this year isn't it that when you shut down traffic in front of their store for a show that includes belly dancers and a light display. the window displays are the secret weapon of work and mortar retailers luring shoppers away from their computers at the time when e commerce is more popular than ever the cause for all the displays is a tiny
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fraction of what retailers spend on tv ads and other marketing but they boost to store traffic and get a response. just a few blocks away the windows in the season flagship store had been transformed into an animated story fifteen hundred full and part time animators hair stylists makeup artists and musicians work year round to create the mechanical seems that all the windows attracted its seventy thousand people or our entering the final shopping days of the christmas season as many as seventy five thousand shoppers are coming to the store. displays the biltmore. it's an off site where suspended recently the stores retailers also chipped simpler prepackaged and its police to the stores are in the country. although in the big name retailers were willing to see just how much they spent analysts believe the shops like macy's and bloomingdale's forking
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out nearly a half million dollars to build the flashy displays to bring customers into their shops customers that might at least it stayed home and want their christmas presents. eye. rule. do. will i mean. to me. will. who are
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i mean. will the tsar. i did oh it. the he makes the world and programming for locally mined. hunters and underwriters local contact
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test sponsors to any team that works out or seven at three seven seven o seven one four seven. windmill new since. i want my child recipients of this year's presidential science prize are activists in a car by accident functioning core in a virus expert and academia sneak a distinguished visiting fellow michael i and back an ex president who take it. that was t


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