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tv   France 24 News  PBS  December 8, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PST

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monster is. i am. this is the experienced depicting scenes of yesteryear. a special place in these parts though. the cats was a weekday. cos breaking the top twenty. so much. he adores to play. the stock. good news
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such. the effort he did promise more troops to stabilize the central african republic. this after three days of fighting for nearly four hundred people dead the national day of prayer and reflection in south africa president is going to leave the country as they remembered nelson mandela and keeping up the pressure organizers in ukraine hope to one million protesters to the streets of key on this in opposition to president viktor yanukovich. thanks for joining us. first french soldiers are fanning out across the central african republic a sunday supper friends from so long has increased to four cents to sixteen hundred meter diving face but he describes as a terrifying the bloodshed of the african union says it's also boosting its contribution to the un force
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in bits and the increasingly sectarian violence which has gripped the country. nearly four hundred people have died in clashes in a couple of bondi in the past three days spent at the alexander turnbull and action of that report . the and then he went into the molds three days in the death toll keeps noisy. that yet. at that. who needs actions to defend normally i don't i. research and data management and a former policeman who screams that could translate into
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six and pundits. decay french troops now deployed in the summers with neighborhood residents say they feel safe again. what the government rebate. like a demon extreme. the licences would want a settlement the rebel to emission accuses former president also was easy. the poll. bring the ends of the recommendations. on the stove is no or communities from the multitude of mitre factions. if it's moist. this neighborhood as well. i listen to it. it is the exception of the police to look in the cinema to think that is if it's going to bed soon. storm has christian aid to help locals
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to fall in the steppe local streets. hope to be spent sleeping. oh man wouldn't eat it on the corner. the network of small dark streets. they skipped away. minutes later the petunias warned of another incident. i'm itching to go. the top of that. on the field. but he did a little more the house. i will the march the central african republic suffered a queue at the hands of muslim southern rebel rebel fighters who overthrew president roslin was easing of the silica chief me show that india has since stepped into color but he's failed to rein in his disbanded forces besides sending in troops to calm the fighting france has also called for new elections upon the sale price you got to the presidency powers that be didn't manage to change anything is if it were a fee that things get worked up over here we talk to african people who wanted to take action to obtain the with
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the prime minister who belongs to a coalition the teacher who puts you one of course but no longer exists on the ground. but the idea i might support that idea is to organize elections as it is possible to be authentic. let stand and buy a house call on isn't sitting well with everyone in the ca are journalists. hackett's and bounty. he has more reactions the french president's declaration yesterday for this exclusive ery cmando hearingack his gain in t rest of central african republic is that everybody doesn't understand exactly why the french president. lol let's blame the actual transition at present admission to cook yet but coming from the exit to the cairo voting. thgh he blamed him for his that more or less was possibly keep up the last massacres that of turkey and banged it in about a lost the information we have been reported by the red cross say that all the snow almost four hundred people
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have been killed and there is the result here in the street is that probably there is no anti french feeling on the streets especially among the most of the police then immediately after that it could because the because of this morning. if you're a good soak. there was a demonstration almost the end of the mozart to that of all the neighbor and people to demonstrate against the practice and its protection. crew could keep reporting there from my auntie now moving on in the churches and mosques temples and synagogues prayers are being held across all states in south africa the sunday match holiday apparent remember nelson mandela president jacob zuma's calling on south africans to reflect on mandela's message of peace which transcended re and religion while his lead a service of the brightest in the methodist church in johannesburg. monday marks the formal start of the week long state funeral for the man who helped and apartheid. ike. gathering on
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a hillside overlooking johannesburg on sunday morning. the south africans awoke to a day of prayer sunday marks the official start of the week the mourning period for nelson mandela. i had plenty of activity as of the time many stories to his collective eyes natural holiday to me. do we allow police to you. i see on tv crowds across the country continue to pay their respects. some are even hoping to pass on mandela's message to those who didn't know him. plus he didn't see teach us to attend. he never really knew him. um what kind of a different county. and to be on someone. the sun stayed my little surreal to appeal to me and asked so on. it's a sad day that the city to the south african president jacob tomorrow and monday of the second wife winnie mandela attended the service
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of the riots methodist church to mark the day over into echo after richie know what the church. the anti apartheid hero was in the congregation's prayers and hearts. today we haven't had a great and i thought cool that the fed on hold to the middle east. at the peter the great city he said meanwhile outside mandela's johannesburg home. the young and old continued to come by dropping the flowers lighting candles. i'm trying to come to terms with their dogs. take a look now at some of the world news in brief two dozen egyptian women and girls convicted for protesting in support of the ousted president hundreds more seats and released from custody the case sparked outrage from human rights activists and pics of the count's new milary rulers. they say was politically motivated on appeals court has now suspended sentences which have included elevenear prison terms. tensions in
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the era south korea says it's extended its air defenses on to partially overlap but the settlers are declared by china. this amid ongoing sovereignty dispute over a series of islands that sparked tension in the region of them is on rolling pin to territorial islands and a submerged rock also claimed by china. thailand's opposition party says it's quitting parliament. it claims the legislature is no longer accepted by the peoe for weeks. thailand has been hit b protests aimed at ousting the government was sending embattled premier saying she's going to call an election and political cris only if the testers accept the results. could be a historic day in ukraine this sunday. organizers are hoping one million anti government protesters will turn on the streets of kiev is committed to keeping kiev ukraine's president of the opposition is against a victory in a covert moved to its historic trade pact the european union has close
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ties with russia little compact isn't yet he has the latest from capitol. to set itself a challenge that must be mole people demonstrating today against begin to cut its debt that was enough to eat what is odd to say them i mean how many people are on independence square in kiev but one things to show there is the knowledge that i got especially because the a o thirty two diabetes show any signs of making any concessions the day before yesterday that image of this visit is his russian counterpart lead in the region in such deep to talk about a new strategic partnership with russia. yep on the other hand doesn't seem very inclined to trust that the dna code digit old european parliament delegation that was there and get gas today even talked about the possibility of targeted sanctions against ukrainian officials is that those responsible for last week's violence are not brought to justice the post the specter of possible but it's hindsight that today's demonstration deal with this in that but called on all participants to remain peaceful and watch out for possible provocations. over
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reporting there from here. on the pieces parliament has passed in two thousand fourteen budget which forecast a return to growth after six consecutive years of deep recession all as expected lawmakers out that the coalition government's plans but that hasn't stopped concerns on the debt ridden nations creditors the budget plan it to the polls as greek government officials he would end in sight he seeks his intercession. it was mostly due to devonport in paducah plant is a significant step towards creating a new healthy to claim your typical hero. today is this grounding potential hundred and fifty three to make is that it didn't phase of the budget plan in the three hundred seat house. everyone was in favor. they glow over the past sixty years. then he never has the country found itself in this dire situation was bad tempered a bit but camille is no doubt
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the bailout is not the happiest resolution this is the one that has destroyed the lead and go down in history as a tragedy if i'm the reason is lydia. or they the greek economy has shrunk by niemi fortune since two thousand and eight. repeated rounds of lost every t have squeezed households percent unemployment to record highs the two thousand and fourteen great budget has not yet been approved by the trike can quickly get the amended with new austerity measures. one is of the creek governments the safe pompidou is he pays it's been a one month since the devastating typhoon ions that to the philippines and claimed the lives of five thousand seven hundred people life in some parts of the country is slowly getting back to normal. in the worst areas like the club on normalcy is nowhere in sight but he's still been uncovered on a daily basis and construction worker is going on around the clock to bring the city back on its ft. donna d'souza has the story. the sound of nails
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being hammered debris being cleared. this is tough about one month up to tackle heidi and cause a catastrophe villagers eager to get on with their lives by gathering materials to rebuild makeshift homes. the reminder of the lives lost has not gone away. we're worse than average you both are due by the city be leaving for dubai the city. the city government has begun to resume operations. nineteen of its twenty six agencies are now functional. to ease the burden for those who lost their livelihoods. emergency employment schemes have been set up cash for work and for covert programs by employing thousands workers to have a degree in exchange for eleven dollars a day. we can do he says farmers seeking to do with the people. the cp that this may be interested in. in the arm. that can perhaps you would do with the sea peace this city government is
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expected to dock to develop and plan to relocate course at first. in spite of talks about his long road ahead there is hope amid the devastation. this young couple decided to tie the knot. despite the ongoing tragedy in their hometown the dp and at that time but then seems to me and i made the game. we decided to just three so when the baby. and adam this calm. as our kids love the people of that. on friday the world bank approved a five hundred million got a quick dispersing budget for short term recovery and development the bank is also providing technical assistance to make the sauce too resilient designs for buildings the united nations is expected to come up with a twelve month plan to assist and rehabilitation efforts later this month. we're watching the frost bank and one that is the stories you can log on to less than that of course is www dot false bank at the dot com and you'll see the latest upcoming added that carries
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some of which are wrapped up yesterday and peace and security. well finally got something for all you lovers of sweets out there a giant christmas time kate has been on bail. the german city of dresden is all part of the city's money and munched on fast. the huge cake was towed to the street singing course john kerry and accompanied by mocking them is a traditional christmas table sixty six acres help to me that i deserve more than four meters in the almost one year high. the metal ring around four thousand two hundred and fifty students a group of christian truth that's where the things for this addition to stick to the prospect of more headlines coming up shortly hse they showed all his old side. when we bring you the latest news from around
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the continent. in the country by country into. i showed on monday to friday six fifty am as claimed. all things for joining us here at tech twenty four hour maybe more this rule. the social inclusion would take a look at how certain initiatives are getting a second chance to underprivileged youth here in prague. intense interest in farming the land that is christmas present that was it so as no one will protect us. when graphics special effects artists in france the weather and ninety sector as a whole could generate fifty thousand jobs by twenty seventeen and for those who miss their way to school or simply didn't have
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access to secondary education the way to bounce back from this summer's that that is the job market with the digital springboard to take a look. that and it's tedious. in adults ages eighteen to twenty five come from deprived neighbourhoods aesthetic appearance. they don't have a diploma and has been an employee for quite awhile. herehey are given the chance to learn a new job during the whole year in a teaching tool industry. in a carnal man. i quit school after my junior year in high school. so i did not graduate can i struggled for four years. and then i worked in sales but then i got bored of them so i thought to myself it's time to find something that suits me. on top of it what's more he's young adults are hired by the association in pd about eight hundred and eighty euro zone month. in exchange their asked to design websites for commercial videos for companies. using computers is
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second nature to them as they were born in the digital era according to their supervisors all that's left to do is to pass on the known how one more thing. my little digital johns are readily available to young people in france. we all have tablets my thoughts but what you do then claimed thing. the tear outs and dropped out of school and into the program three years ago. he now attends a computer science school and dreams of opening up his only company. he's found his way here is determined to get back. most contain some good news for me it's been amazing experience first it was difficult to learn these things and then once you give yourself a chance. there's no reason for not working. according to latest figures fifty thousand new jobs will be available in digital industry in france by two thousand seventeen. mark evans joins me now in the cdo market didn't the springboard is the name of this
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particular project but then many other social initiatives around the country in what people are calling to me but it's right let me use one particular liking to camp called a simple sentiment which has beaten it was an incredible initiative taking place in more tied to the north of paris in a pan and add in the ninety third on nme which is to me historically viewed as being ready to be all and zach won a significant number of disenfranchised people. what event it is that's how it's being not just on this involves exist at medan the social demographics that vary on the represented in the welding hunting in the world of web development said we talking about when and of course who lived in sydney on on that and couldn't find many women who paid is if you will you call seniors disabled people people from the rule is merely getting together and then taking on these costs is getting the set is this constant target to become more technologically savvy minded funds that the great thing about some poll that
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matters to provincetown to leave a pot to paris on the rounds of the country but all say they've teamed up with the american embassy for instance the wall in the economy before it was potentially sending out some of the students and adults to the us to get more opportunities to learn and to carry out them that these crosses again or as we speak right now twenty eight students have had a month's worth of cutting and then enjoyed a strong and tough on us and the american embassy of pakistan who else is behind these kind of initiatives and it's a very interesting partnership of the doubt is another one which it which i don't hear about is called yum which is the young the minutemen project straight from sweden and actually break when its views come from the plane from sweden to paris when that when the swedish ambassador to the strong support this claim it. i guess it's a way to the entrepreneurs together as in the seventies the young entrepreneurs but it's a chance of getting people who would have a chance to mix with the similarly minded people who want to grow that business knowledge and great
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that digital knowledge of course that will say that i'm prone town and seat post a comment eat in restaurants us with a hairdressing at the mcg and i think has the tools to get these minds together and witty comment and in debates is called tumult in particular that you mention a couple of minutes to the round pen is the one about apart from spending projects. omg are they running it's a very interesting time because this seems to want to take up with that with young people in particular and wanting to learn to care to have an id ten t mac and the child as you mentioned earlier on in secondary education or just haven't been able to really get the hounds of to them we call that an ex conference which took place in the month which is not really seen it as a days it's all a few one senses the in frauds and that was it that was very good. if we get back actually to the edf founder of central he's developed in the potty but then having that out to the island dash region and also other places around cross it. it's a great time to be done one or even young kids a great time to be
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one in semantic it that's for sure. thanks to that mind and a half long now. up next test twenty four just in time for christmas so i didn't find it out of the prayer thank you gift for your grandfather japanese pizza launched. so one stylistic as the ones that anyone into thinking that my iq and lethal and see the mackenzie. it means we look at all the small things and explain to a little bit of everything forever all night this is very focused production. i might might not we connected the end of the day. this is not going to revolutionize wonderfully on and he says well they would revolutionize my well pretty well and could revolutionize your grandparents well the elderly relatives or friends. well it's designed so much with them in mind in a very simple to use the design is perfect and i'm nice and i were talking to your aunt and the first question on the sauce with
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others and to visit one of the silly monkey phones that use of the seat is ostensibly what will make for elderly people in my c box and a mass of a thing but know that this is a standard small thing but it's golden little touches that make a difference to me give you a few examples the fast one can resist a display say rather than his sometimes all people you would just click on something i know fixing the page because i get back to the opaque this you really need to press to get one so that they now will save the design sense of identity the world are true statements about old people but sometimes they do things a little slower and this trade is made to to deal with that for instance when someone speaks too quickly on the fly it will slow down and if the polls say the person can handle another thing is as you get older you tend to have old people tend to lose the ability to have higher frequencies to baffle you put in when you set up with a new and gently tear in the sounds of that it's all say was a place in case you drop it in the offing when the ball through in the toilet you know you've got a good couple of hours to ten fish it out make sure you wash it off off
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to its dust proof fence in a pot on top of that. its goal of one of the bells and whistles you'd expect from a small train at eight megapixel camera and very easy to use runs on android as an analyst at having to wait a while. i'm very happy with the design was sorted this on the kenyan it's not as sleek as something like a knife and fine vessel something but it's on a seven out of ten easy to use. i wanted to give it a ten out of ten but i'm sure that some kids may not be able to do that at times value for money it is in crisis demands an eighteen or new to say it's a quite a lot of money less than my small thing but still quite a lot of money that may be my duty but bad because it acts a lot of money to spend a few were given out as a gift and it's also a lot of money in fuel. if you're a good old pop in sons of the case of a small fence so to cost a good product alright thanks for that much anything you put sydney and found out this nonsense was before you can get in touch with us on facebook or on twitter. we knew this day
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with images of whom dr is an experiment being tested in california. they're not performing open heart surgery just yet. i mean is this an intermediary between patients and their physicians. thanks a lot of us immensely. he signed a mausoleum in the hearts of afghanistan's hindu kush. men like chained to the dusty fuel pump. this is known to prison. it's a shrine dedicated to the famous after installer me at least i knew that doubles up as a treatment center for the mentally ill. please ask without a patient is kept chained in the room for forty days in place in the diet he's read three times a day
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and you'll see tags black pepper with the bright for forty days he stays in his room and he's given preventive treatments made about spirits go away. when someone's been affected by demons. recite verses of the koran and can spell the names of the demons which hung around the cell. this is the spawn of me at least keep the nifty new four hundred years ago and it is. some say radical methods of protecting mental illness to be news to this day. din muhammad is a former afghan army soldier he was wounded by the taleban and suffered subsequent mental illness. he stole money from his father couldn't sense into the shrine goes to show and to treat em. thanks tyler whenever i pray i feel blessed that they have friendly and helpful. i'm so angry with myself. it's a harsh way to treat the bill into two when bystanders and children come from all the patients. the graves outside the cells are testament to the fact that
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some who seek him in here never leave. this is an ecstatic. sometimes the family members do not ask after the patients remain here for six or eight months and i to carry out their burial here the sentiment. in afghanistan the country back to the point that she is a whole are not enough spaces to accommodate demand to build it so places like this make up for the shortfall even if health professionals recognize they have the cold clinical value what is the government is imposing the worcester police he was obviously no matter how aggressive the patient is if you're strictly for fourteen days he's going to want to this means people come to believe that lesson has been cured. it is no scientific basis for this. the case of patients suffering from like oppression of mild mental problems. you might open the shell of native birds that told it's going to walk there and it did indeed show which was looking for
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according to the gone to the malls and am this so called shock therapy has been used on thousands of patients the success of this kind of treatment remains open to question the eye. a i felt weak in italy the rest of the latest news from the middle east. we'll bring you through the political economic cultural and social events from the speech. in our weekly middle east in nicosia. every tuesday at six forty one in palestine old son catch a womb. oh oh. use
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it. i was. open. the season
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the stories that shyt that we can marry a man and to get good marks the ukraine opposition to the same as i lost count is underway in tnt looking at live pictures from independence square. that is western politicians on the fridays of the right ptt at the sites that support for the crags anti government sentiments david versus goliath a tiny romanian village like


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