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tv   Taiwan Outlook  PBS  December 9, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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today's program where delighted to have missed. she flung who leased the executive director of court on the cultural arts foundation paint i want to talk about her experiences in raising awareness over like in taiwan. well come to the pool then she came in to it that way. yes one leg is said that the beginning of the pool then the lot of people will perceive light that something as a kid that in our dating lives. and the hollow we'll find your perspective based on your observation. how do people eat how one generally precedes the constable like this or like to be the source of the note utility where is this something that they can you know that somehow make in life when complete the more beautiful and cold of the proceeds for example a particular fixture like
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features in the house. here's our things up again and nothing with the convention of michael. the poll on where surrounded by lots yet on because it becomes so convenient. now we switch on and switch off when we are to be conveyed not with the ipl like sunday. so it would. i don't think we are consciously aware of because its existence of light and eleven. and you'd do you think that concept changed over time in taiwan. that's why we're hoping to collect it on because we live our life daily without acknowledging the existence existence. we hope to up the tents they can raise the awareness of the cone of light you can go pee on what he said that utilitarian function of mine to become more social. ok it was so neat upload more about the programs you on the gmail offers lead on the program
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believe the ashes. but look how the people trying to make the connection between light and life and light in the city and the lights and the lifestyle. what is your perception of the connection between the two in each finger. why anyone thinks that it's yes i think our own server. those revenues. cp world so that he did concede that the bowman of the cd original building course the two small parts on at the same time. we can go the lights he has become sort of offence that night p and without consciously on being aware of the key tells of the night you could die and ict you know i can eat own we believe that life has a great impact on both our individual level and is about as the society of the next and so on. we hope to. on the awareness of mike tindall
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and my weekend we have better living and i'm inside them ok and the people would start the program today for example what happened number of very skilled technicians who would try to fix the light in our studio in sydney today you a night when we appear on the hill that they would know that better than we actually are. and the oatmeal the same kind of concept applies in delight and two other you know every guest. for example a lot of tea while known for its use an integrated taipei area both in taipei city at the taipei city. i'm not being in a while that light meal at night and makes it feel somewhat of a very attractive yield destination for tourists and locals alike and also if you look at some of the newer residential buildings seem to come off don't they have a very special area category for people who would look at the next area might be one of
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the building sold not just the architecture itself the whole of the architecture presents the hilt the building at night especially when there's not enough light in those old people and writing skills become a very specialized area of legal technology or knowledge of how the thing that concept is helping us to rain forests of connection and not with the city would be a fireman go with it and i think that's starting with individual and you mentioned about islam. we don't really think about mike and i didn't like so we don't know how the impact of pics with our emotional state the ground we probably can now be overcome to both stalling on the studio blocking the party oh i appreciate the cdu without realizing the power of light in the time it has for me as the cityscape in awhile how we are commissioned architect to
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build think maybe a historical building. this couple did the budget foundation. the court on it called for an arts foundation is probably one of the few if not the only one income want to provide supplies for the event making the connection of green lights. the oldest city in the technology until all things together and what is the legal foundation to when the concert program told that the foundation office and i can start with the corporate center cr atomic apparently delay's got back my bio in the project and so when we think about christmas. we believe we should invest not only in the left of the business. so by investing in our people and our community. the light and shadow are one of our action how can we extend our packs and many get back to the society means i leave the lights on. looking at the society people go on with the line without being on
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the census usability of a folly he gets a round thing so if we raise the awareness of light and we can become more on sensitive to the heights of mountains billy koch. the foundation create an open platform where we connect people and the world by wiki together and possibly create a positive social change to light and content. and to talk about the different programs stage and launched into one of which is so calm next since my cd project can you tell the school that the puppet government acts of initiative was started that last day of twenty twelve and it's a long time for them. we hope to explore the lights in our open spaces of bikes extending the hand and perhaps we can not possibly sell some possibilities cope better. that night p and i'm okay if you have to call round one where the city yet
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you commie and we started to see peace in taipei and kind and calm over the past two years we've done to defend see these two different programs. so over a six seat the seat and one starting from pei pei he seemed to know the kind. gosh no smoke i don't mind in and of over twenty different events family happily the beach apollo. don't let the fillets and twenty thousand people quit going. i like to say that in creating a home we called it that i liked environment was ok. and though when you look at you know some of the metropolitan cities in taiwan for example type a kind shown in college and law courts the local concept the notion of light you see faulty legal people now looking like not just as the source of the truth. oh so as a way to make the city to make the buildings even people more beautiful than
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what we traveled down to some of the more rural areas. how was you know what they are primarily you know at the call to becoming a bit and pillows might be still a very import source of stupidity. you know especially at night and helpful people who travel in and out beyond the series. so how do you reconcile the differences among the people on this you know tiny iron and some of which thinking that i should become more of a connection because people would be a fireman on the other hand there are people still insisted on the fact that you don't like to be a source of utility unlike the weighty of people can travel safely to and from place to live as a very thick accent of course before the invention of lightly when people live and dark leaves can collect the two gone on at the end of the dislike any animals we wake up in the morning we enjoyed it a night to night night you know
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it's not yet illegal to flee europe are conquering week that darkness is illegal and tightness is equally quiet and that's you know like the one you mention the architectural home. yet the coastal cities on the b and i think i don't know why we find its own instead of letting up. we like to encourage people to the pca the darkness of the dead as well as you can see that beautiful light filled without any light pole. you know it can be just as beautiful as some other time with the quote of the crop they don't need that much like i do not meet the sunlight. yeah so why can we be in my pjs. i think it's fair to cook recently that the pay and with a steamy of possibility that people can start cupcake do we really need that much like him one final question before the end of this part of the program is dead. illness cheeky think that yield that people seem to summon cities in time on
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loan to a wall that you know especially when the firemen that day and age when people talk about energy conservation. do you agree with such a perspective that there's some cities in taiwan it just me kneel over and over and you know too much light of that during harvesting at mentioned before adding the love of the bed in my case becoming fast the money we haven't really thought about. ok how much we can. um from the uss plane appeared to be that much money in but i think sir it is time to start asking questions and i think of you and not just the professional mom if we actually can sense the like. we know well how much you how much we don't the company we reuse my equal week. we are in the dark so we can feel safer. i'm like things come to think about how many have him back into squares and their subsidies for example hong kong in asia there are now becoming more aware of all the new line
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eight and the things that go on that night felt making the apartment pool as friendly as some of the residents will have a hard time falling asleep. i hope taiwan was not going to that the british actually the guy who stands up people start talk about the event was the last time you see its pockets and i of course. we need to take the first breakdown of proven today will be back just few minutes sells. says . the act of
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the second part of today's programme feel that i was holding up the posts to read will will will continue our conversation would miss you from getting who's currently the executive director of sport on the cultural arts foundation here in taiwan when she lets go back to the various programs a new foundation office and also going back to the field of
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product that we talk about that since my cd project to build this pride and of course he mentioned that over the years he has already attracted over twenty thousand people around town walk at how loose it. he'll face on your heels and sandals so your observation how is it is changing. you know slowly. you know people that you build notion and concept of light and colors that movement going in that direction as to which we protect them. yes i own that the king of the foundation the first year can be treated to some programs cup of tea to keep the the opportunity to experience like that so that they can sense light and hopefully you know once they start sensing that he can think about it and we hope to create better like the environment even higher one. still the home have workshops. we have lectures we also have collected recently lee is on. upon
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the heart who likened the zionist government and the lookalike in the sea and cake and go war as some of the major achievements that you think the accommodation has achieved over the years team turns up making this cold troop movement of the bill for the reading and seeing the connection between light and see if i knew i would incarnate each month but i think it's a small step one step at the time so deadly and the events that you actively reach out and outreach and education put them on as well as people while the kids and the ninety s that they haven't really thought about like the workshop. we had the first year that sense my workshop on the likely mentioned before people think about why they think of other you can get to it. terry and function of lights and we encourage them on by his lines as the creator he can and i kissed me and help in these light on a list along with the lead up to it. can they use like trying to
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distance of the building that goal is to break away of our pcs on the concept of the night and allow them to explore ok and talk about it the two workshops one of which is offered by new foundation is called dia. a liking to take it with chalk what's that you know all about you mentioned before that could be started. he actually began in japan yet so i'm there like a detective on programs was some good times didn't make a mean cocktail come back in nineteen ninety so the idea was to throw away the tax bucks home to see amy's all of the year on more technical nights i don't like a man and actually physically go out with their feet with their angst. is it absurd and violence that we're pretty much familiar with but haven't been eating being paying much attention to it so that the taxes we could
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steal people young professionals and the gentle pop and even with our liking of background to co opt the ban on cd in the sec night. this is you know certainly sounds very exciting but how does the in taiwan and reacted to such a program in her own. we picked three different don like the detectives events in taipei. once we brought them to wash and went on into the creative part. people usually go there to attend activities in second time above and to see and hear him one of them. most antique places you'll go shopping and go see a movie and then the sky when we bought them to the old part of taipei the west side of taipei where we had beautiful architectural building so we send them out in there with that guy down for a professional like the design and moving all night thursday on the west of the day you
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think it's time to start observing a way i'm feeling and to write down what they think so very much. create a small tea with the team lead and there's no right or wrong and said it was the lakers tempted to feel that you think it's that good night and i met him on his visit to one the reason that i'm so when people start asking that question. i think that they can be likened to pack and also with me all or part of your programs is this really intrigues me is that the eu is not only ask people to participate. built to cater to two cents though the need to see and sense the new light bulbs will continue to lie to what they know what this piece khan said about the sound of light and yet this is the program a collaboration between the foundation and the youth the ipad is cool. the first year back in two thousand in the event. only in september
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and asked is there on middleton festival will draw people to the monks handling he didn't use the practice of the idea was to honor the levy stay in the office everyday and we stand up computer isn't it time to get away from the at the mine and i'm going to do with second hand on it you can just sense people once they're up there up there. they can slow down and we encourage them to open their expenses to observe in our current commander might possibly have things to me do we think when you eat up about the snow. how lucas likes to tease me that it's it's like the way to the canteen and i'll look it can be quiet and the like has the same quality. like the sound of a win win is to allow we've become very nervous the atlantic to clients and that we have been a calm state. we believe we can hear the light if they
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take a slow poke the kinks and then she let me ask you do have some programs may be for the younger generations to come once the school age children put his temple. i'm dying to pair and they did one of the progress that seriously that was being attacked was the schoolchildren of seeing pictures of it in the land and the children. clay was like it's there it's amazing the canadian chat with statements made the playful be hoping the future and may be entering to the lantern festival me and then paste them to to create an ailment and then into a slightly hope we will have. and of course is in this team needs help cool cool icy chute and integration. though a lot of things have happened maybe one day this part of the world. the very next day it's on the other side of the ocean and you know how those taiwan compete with other the bbc the school countries around the world and in turn has helped you
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notes and seemed ill at different aspects of play has been making medial making a stronger connection with the city still with a vignette with the apartment that we interact with their eyes the room so the progress duly filled the people in thailand not always curious and willing to learn about new ideas and excited about both is such a thing that we can innovate our way to become more conscious of our environment and respect is devoted to a wonky to me color the place the battered city to live and so on we mentioned tnt the non profit organization started in on them like a detective in japan. they were actually here just few months ago and its own workouts. none of the home. fifty cds all over the welcome then they pick up a few here and then they would be amazed at the responses and the young people how they found on its okie and come from that that
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the key to steer the end result of the workshop media makes the bulk of it. i mean she'll push east end of law the years. no study no working overseas and i'll be thinking after coming back to taiwan. the thing to be known that notion that this meal the things that you since the new seattle swing here in town one like it's changed over the years i think i won i like what people said anything. i went to haul the phone see it and know that that was in the same time the people and so i believe in the people here and gone. maybe they're not the way and nobody duty as christians how the field of light though when ever they ask. oh whenever link given them the opportunity to interact line to the nonsense the headlights and spouses can get it fixed i intend us
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to call some friends of anger me about the current situation and so i think we have a great opportunity here today to raise this question how much i like to me until we can. we have better lighting environment and are seeking been paid and i suppose that because you have worried so many years in the arts. you know coming down the occasionally you probably have a foreign visitors will visit the new tile wall. and what they come to town won the million off course you probably take him around the old nazis during the daytime post at night to cook that night mike into some buildings the things and do the same scheme changes overhaul of the city for example taipei is lit and you at night and detailed sources that the people in column one of making the trip from perception of how we look at my skin and to seek tax income of time we had when i
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have four of the census be taken to the major tourist crisis of course that the palestinians than the one no one on the pic than that i think its only other places that don morgan to see more of what was on our pick them up inside a house it had yet to go to places like kind and can go to places like don't tell me to go to places like i don't command is very different craft ink on not just the foreign visitors of friends of receiving of people who live in the city are not where we have such beautiful places in hand and on and think i don't know when we meet as one of our goal is to fill up her pants weekend. axiom of the people to see you know what's a lady to stay here in taiwan and to allow them to see the valleys of the things we have over eighty p okay. and finally does he come here with other countries. it also organizations like get court
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on a new cultural arts foundation. dow also promoting build a connection between light and the firemen that old school starts yelling other parts of the world. and as far as i know there's different groups on the view of england particularly they have been going on like a company that funded by a group of like anti zionist. so um i've met many friends in that. several liking designers over the world have and maybe now that there's a foundation on bonded by a co pays and the speedboat it to connect and create a platform with the mike and the zionists to work with cf and develop a new government and local people in the general and putting everything together here to follow the school saying yes no corresponding is one of the farmers not to see how long will it work we need to take another break of the program will be. it is.
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sells. says. . the well come
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back to today's world and field while the meatballs with will who will continue our conversation with mr fong who was currently the executive director of court on the cultural arts foundation. he ain't i a war machine over the years of the many programs the foundation offers one of which is the mets since like being kind. can you tell was low but the father's pride in what is it's all about and that of michael. cowher said the project is a long contract and soon again last year the sentiment the viking environment in kind. kylie wants to move on but the theories can access open section implementation of current us pathetic like the theory he knew there'd
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been up to expect from the ok and what were some of the deal tom and susan difficulties as to pull them for speaking and yet when we make from start to describe it and whip a time and to the ahl and me for cd cases do this and the improvements he said no appeal why i think i heard was the old capital of taiwan. he has so many amazing uncle took the kids and being the cd and has many stories that haven't the heart of our long time so we take time and birds the second one the piece i did too. some like the temple the last ten years to be on a demonstration site can go people ask why the temple. we believe on me. we want to show the. you don't need to go to the museum ii counting on an art auction to appreciate. next time ut temple on to to be close to
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the beautiful thing is the temple its wall of a costume to pay the light of that time and people usually wants to pick a temple where we can to a transformation of the night time the environment by it. mind you and allow people to come to call into the space to experience. mike took it among the hundreds of temples in tiny bit big and small. which one he can take a walk us out with cake the temple cold the wind got simple solution comes in handy in some of that this app almost three hundred years so i'll cut to head to the culture icon could see a client tea chiffon includes the receptionist gave me an art like this too careful with the hunt is known as the place we picked and ate and after picking the place hall on the loan to deposit a kid the everything already and all the programs start
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rolling and yes i least i do love seeing two sides the street if a priest if this is mostly to feel like you know it's hard to pick the right thing. we also very important key point at things to listen to the local you know what they expect known for liking environments and then sticking with it the first part and lisa met on the wing scott temple and is looking light to the international well now it's like a sign that the design. julianne said to be delicate stomach. a total of in the second part of perth and we got to the demonstration. at the temple in and invite in the city government and the oki ni leaving soon and kind man and the general to actually experience it yourself then discuss what with and that too. of course had to come is the temple people to let us do its job that was the second part
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completed in the scene of the third part which happened to see the actual implementation. beware of inflation and to have a of the city government and the cultural affairs he will direct a new director on board to which went on recess to put this question. thanks ok and you mentioned the key point is now. and you know lou you know when you propose a project like this. and you wanted to licking the theory of historical city of time it has to be some apprehension who feel that among the local people it helps to local officials said you don't know what if your meal pride j doherty equipment and somehow meal no damages. local artifacts were local developer and historical places. you know i mean was that every issue of problem to seal a two minute discussion didn't actually but the locals there. it's two car accident on the fritz
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of course they have the assistance you know where a foundation based in taipei he did so close they do when they appear what i'm doing here i think you can especially temple. you know they have a channel management. a group of people who run the temple to be guarding the temple for years and the gentleman just in this life time guarding the place taking care of that with this question as to what he wanted to. what is disliked his militia it can do that. so i feel is our weekly patiently explain my weekend too. he set up doing anything inside the temple and then said ok is for the pup expects the thoughts of people closely connected but i think we owe me and stayed till that might be the center was spared the lives we've explained to them love reconnecting with and they got very excited this is the subtlety of collecting due to their insipid asked nicely i think this piece and then these pics from the sermon was still down. we want to do
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this the fuss is over the pan and cook i want next to a convent and you mentioned the importance of the presentation of the cultural heritage sites it's also see everything we do we have the highest peak arts in respect of this place that stuff away that weekend on both preserving the place is not doing anything that makes him like this a great man. it's a non invasive ways of transforming the cricket without damaging it. so i think we beat the children you know we have great respect and allow the city covenants actually they may have been nice to see what yet over the course of time to get stuff instead. this is the right to and off all dairy meal of different holidays that we have heat up wok. the tool to actually celebrate feel like it is of course purses lantern festival or even the ones
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with all of this. although still foundation. you don't capitalize going take advantage of these two locations in and tried to heal after a billet the issue will fly to how important it is your car keys and locks and can i somehow really spread out around our eve and sovereignty of middleton festival go on my own whether it is on bail in nineteenth test nation that. the when scott templeton on becoming the first temple of light and one with some mayo on september sixty years people than that of the festival. so we only have a musical music performance in some of the temple temple is to be where people get this show could allow him to invite people to do an even number of the social function of the temple. i have of storytelling and none of the temple and encourage people in the community. you know the place but still
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expected to be so content to be reminded of that. and of course. don't forget to look at them and knew nobody had told they of course the liking of that nature and i've noticed a new comedy has healed many times before it is that people ask you you are now say you know that the union executive director of the leading legal foundations how one that tries to make the connection between arts and culture and also with light and a whole new thing for your personal capacity. all that if the fireworks here we see around town while he almost every city. no place up on news he had more recently yongbyon october tenth among national holiday of the think about you know all these firework shows the very expensive candy like to go to and dove for your perspective as a light beam. you know look old school artists in
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the whole dc about these things. yes a very good texan home. i would ask myself what's the purpose of the fire. you know if it's low the new year celebration you know we think the banks of the boat we will coming then you can bend on the national holiday we want to be excited about the celebration and get the fireworks said. if so why not do this but at the same time like you mention it does cost a lot that come of it the possibilities that and it's testing purposes and then do we as citizens. if we have to say but what kind of possibilities. he walked till we can ask ourselves what kind of come of it solutions when the light of a covenant to see. so i took the lead the eye against the pirates did most of the pacific at the same time we can think up of the yukos affair with a pic of the other options for resource allocation and d and e u of course have a very international background you
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know you you point out one of global season heroes award when number eight years to overseas people coming back to the wall where some of the better known in the light the festivities. they have been to iran for you. several calm like the festivals the mountain well with capital cost information on our website. i haven't been to them a bedouin one um i recently went to last year in single call. it's cold. i've liked having that they can shoot all it's the first sustainable on viking festival here in asia. they did it once every two years and organized by the local authority in the league is called the planned development of theory using the potty. so for at home when you have time to fix again at the festival the heavy bands of the gentle pop think you can still create fool around but unlike professional and they have
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are easily stands alone be on the river with its eye opening. playing the race people's willingness of my own cake though we do see something like that the new old school taking place he caught want to know maybe building on the base that we have a party celebrating life and unaltered festival. maybe something more internationally when iraq. we have friends here at the end i was typing written that tom and i love her with that being with him ask of all we have. we see beautiful ip festival in europe and we have that oh so here in taiwan leo is instead we should have our own in the festival is now. but dumping of this fact has to phone and taking it. catie one can even with our friends here. festivals that this defoe wings weekend to stamp some we liked. kelley had a quiet like a festival goers
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think that's my sleeping defense others on the buy cds we need to take the final break hello program will be back in just a few minutes. sells. steve the sea the eye
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welcome back to the final part of today's world and feel that while the host of great wall which might continue and wrap up this very interesting composition with ms she phoned the police rarely did executive director of court on the cultural arts foundation the town wall then she tell the school that about yourself you know this part of the provo had to be i'm a self guests like to mention before i was born in eastern taiwan is and when to canada to study and its fifty day and i went to school in
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vancouver and toronto. and eileen went to new york. this new monastic the tree and there's ice station next to what they're going to get them before and coming back to taiwan away from opening a new word you know it's been a number years in the arts community in the bill was that the personal no pursue wealth of personal interest was something that you always wanted to do that to cut taxes. i think of when i was living and studying in taiwan when that and then the thought of bach. i can pursue a career in the eye until when the bronson was actually encouraged by my high school i teach a tsunami she knows i'm very passionate me in the arts came and asked me a question if you so passionate about art liking to consider it as a korean dinner. and that's when the fish started thinking this weekend i might not guess it's okay and i
2:42 am
suppose after working so many years overseas. what were some of the beast instead you may cheat decided that he uses time from compact might be that of law in yemen. i i thought of other christian for a while actually liked mostly of bait he appoints a in my decision making. but the maid to me since my family all of my family is in taiwan. and after working in the air and on with it every year i am really passionate about home one day i was at the un in new york looking at the cd field than ninety year old the book and that this meant that those visiting and on united buddy was amazed by the night view of the new york city. this home. but glanced up and the image that came up to mine. mine was
2:43 am
the darkness of the case coaxed it out kind one would think i don't do that. and i feel is making moves by the fact that some of what we have been taiwan and that was the time i think maybe it's time to them to come back home and though because the program that's all for buying a copy in stupid until school called wanda pool and he has that change your line for me in the view in your tent and in your thinking about the future. absolutely and i got the response i sent the email on to see clock and i can to two thousand and ten um i was one of the first line on the card balance to encourage young people to go abroad in many countries in asia to explore and spend time with yourself. he told the mail on nye travel along by a solvent. import states
2:44 am
the sun does that look of my posts so as i've been to many places in the well. i realized i haven't really cared to know my own hometown in taiwan. i believe i should travel in taiwan for two months and see what i can experience min and i think that was a very concrete in two months in my life. i went to different cities the mentioned the kind and color so i know many of the sun and read every way and once i know i don't want it to its. so i visited a local people. i caught them and it can't be amazed how many amazing. everybody has a story best moments are willing to listen. so i think that shop but have now is to connect my passion in college though and i both love the smell of the people here and type one. it's been an issue with me and she is not the ceo of the udall foundation and specialist new specialized is how much do what they show a personal
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perspective of like what is light minty you. yes it's what they can take the eldest out like everyone else acting like it's just like him sing it to a tv turn on the town in an ice cool and we enjoyed it when he's sober on the whistle on the back nine minutes though. aware of it in on it. now i think night ten pm. they the men what to medium heat. a powerful tool in the back can be up by a knife in the line not increase of sicily as well as the society. i've not spent as long as we were willing to try the new gossip and the tickets of a sandwich and i lick it like being in the course of the development of any city. as the essential part of the cabal of presents yet. absolutely not. not just in the scope of the cd because we knew we think about cities whiny or cities
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like paris people a say in paris it's a moment to see the line but i feel like things that crucial part in the city urban development so we can make it out of city government to start thinking about aspects of light and it's not just the highway development of the city they can't be a very soft and she picked it up and sonic cd and the buildings of twelve candidates and the scope of the city of caen and made a very important part of pulling off any inch heel and ankle foundation clue that this innocent of educating the especially the youngest to reach. we know that quote on a hill on a cultural arts foundation also offers training programs for young lighting profession would you tell this was told these programs and want what's is what is the channel could speak with the string um i think that of
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the progress we have like you said and we hope to to education outreach to the general can deny that they put two parties we have a very amazing down the freshness and in this field and we hopefully we can only become a pitch that come at a world class lol no international ip designers such as chile and hit the spot with those younger generation design and code of time tennis club a couple of pics of the content we had unkind i actually thought we had was to show what was his student conduct on the top of that twenty years ago man who could just get the a side thing that's one of the things i was the nonprofit annexation cooked it too. and to have his coat in the nation and dancing on the expenses of you know like the professionals to younger generations news. oh well instead of court on a foundation is one of the few
2:48 am
if not the only one in their distress ishe c art and culturd life. and though we do think that there are other universities for educational institutions seen how long it may be old school in the process of the more tension in the palm like he's dying then maybe incorporating parts of the intricate korea could live with the department of architecture landscape architecture he says he sees the trend is toward the sky we can cope so in the future i will use it in cash and that to happen like the crux is standing up it up to put them. not so much so on the students' responses you know they think is an elective class. do you get paid much attention to it but as long as we start doing the downtown and decided to allow the city of amman to see them as essential to to be part of us that the people in it the more a team and
2:49 am
second in the morning. let's face it it's an issue to be fully and today's program and let me ask you where some of the programs that are to be in did you know in the planning stage of ft next year two thousand fourteen to this twisty success on the fence while the two nd time and then dice and slice the cracks. of course to be invited to the same place it is time to do the same transformation time they cause people to think about the possibility of um better than my pinky and the wikipedia small thing you want to continue loving you in kind enough to allow want people to know how the local history and portends the story of a function now sequence he says hi and then to pick up time and see what's up what's on the phone you can't fault the wonderful achievements you have no competition there must be some of the international organizations but not making an out reach the lotr funding to state a baby with ample of
2:50 am
a re think this is something in the works at the low pay i'm on my commission the fuss his singapore and i know the curator this year. i have already sent out some information that hopefully she won't succumb to take a look at the lake and the zionist art is to unite for the selection next year in singapore and also in england to win the leo so can i please to commit my liking go up on both the narrow way of lovely to meet your daily constant touch. and because of lacking professional from mexico with this here visiting from san leon. so he was hitting amazed and he wants to continue to keep in touch. so this is not just happening in taiwan the way using up the foundations of the flight to reach out to have their roots here in taiwan but to see how it can actually hear he's really being wonderful and applies it to happen here on the program today and i slowly learn alot from our competition. i wanna wish you
2:51 am
all the best in all your personal and professional investors in the future thank you. the theory here oh thank you for watching oprah then two dlc next time don't let the people of this thank you. i'm. in the name i think. thus it. the un the real world. i'm signing
2:52 am
of a hike in with another edition of destination was the be all the time ago that in our refrigerators in japan that's what they invented something called cc. most people don't know about this in theory must be ncc. so i had sticky rice to find out one evening when i order sushi. i'm here with bryan was a sushi roll here at skippy right mind what kinds of sushi. they did it look different. her defenders out there is not the woods is brought up that seem seaweed nori and out of their sauces that she knew it was pretty much just lays there is between slice of a number of ways. i then there's the year with his eyes as he slid over to us. now it's all wrong or is this. it's all probably gotten a lot of it yet
2:53 am
there's also a lot of things lead me that i didn't hear voices heard in her heart was boiled with smoked salmon. so let's make some sushi body is starting to get this at home yet we can go and get started i would like. surprise surprise they wanted to start with maki which is like the most typical. one or more of that one of the unit. it's literal in jeopardy as they prepare their kids with ds uncertain process that no one and two. it's pretty much a form of preservation. they put on race and he was in the fist of fun in and out to preserve and make it so they keep the agreement anytime anywhere you know what it was done they would take it in the race was discarded and run away and eventually insert active and adding vinegar to it not been kind of life added to the a's in everything they did so that was the devil's tool and the kind of treated to a new and interesting talk to you. i think st student. it was nice to garnish it with
2:54 am
the cc when we ordered it. we had a softening which is what i saw it as a little bit of time. did a good kick to it which is a very refreshing since then the pickled. with this as acts as a helpless what about the sushi that looks like just a place with a piece of fish on top one is that all that is called the eerie calm. i'd say that enough. so here is our second only to kick the person who suffers. you laid across molded into the shape we all know what you know what sells to shoot anybody is it that way it looks so is the extravagant living. in a lot of fun and they can. and that is the new. any other shades or visitation styles that we should know about seizing on behalf of their stuff. see when we meet in assessing its three pieces one. fun things to do here so take it. to me. the states to
2:55 am
pull things out of the consoling pistol. or what a song like they are. i was rainfall and so it's to be a lot of fun. so you actually get them to making it in presenting its almost like you wanna make art you make it so people. still when you get a mix between now and that's the kind of how evelyn so that i forgive them for one suspect was the main and only ways that have appeared likely. so there's some great legs and property into a kind of yourself. they tell you the covers three hours from
2:56 am
collapse. our little buddy what a lot. when he says to use it in one bite and when you eat meat during your soy sauce based site down. also a no no don't mix of salty soy sauce. i know what you're eating really tasty. next time our destination busy that i'm sucking my the route. and. i am home mm mm mm mm. i am. we did and i first experienced it when i was at eight tonight and i didn't discover modern dance until college. and he was in college they realized it on i am. natalie loved dancing
2:57 am
but they actually commit to pursue his career. i tried gymnastics who played it and that a modern dance and martial arts lulu lulu. his patience lot of different sorts it out and when it's worse because of decades and which is actually is. my parents. the key to the states from china. and and and instil that the e eastlake and challenged them and in pakistan's interest and delight which is still with me. and how i treat it creates because i am and i'm chinese and indians traded leads to my work. my cultural heritage. local taxi to it as an american style snow. i'm interested in and out for
2:58 am
telling the story and a way that they can. to assist large audience at the lack of universal story on because most of us me at the bench at the one who is an american accent in its honor our immigrants to snow. i'm also interested in and how. i'll wear it. families can come to this place they didn't and made it home and i struggle to let you know what the left hand in things like that that is also kind of coming to you. some of that. stories and headed to town i just did it. however to see it essentially. and how we write in it. i know. it all. a.
2:59 am
sells. says. you knew wingman
3:00 am
who will rule. woohoo you the us the ira. when your back's new sign and sharing and as the sutter with the headlines. i am going to be on the show. we always have been dismissed the uncle and mentor of your tudung after a super typhoon destroyed parts of the country. people in the philippines are finding


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