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tv   France 24 News  PBS  December 10, 2013 6:30am-7:01am PST

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it's. the is you the cheating. all technical difficulties that we are feeding teacher that rainy day there. this act is robert parsons thirty four and eighteen wealth african journalist and teacher to get free time magazine crystal ball back into the sunny seems to get that beat st and have treated him even if you will arrive in. this person is speaking and is paying tribute to nelson mandela and condemning any. well and he's an old friend or that my
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attendance was imprisoned on robben island with him from the beginning. spent decades old norman island with mind that. and joe himself isn't a member of the and the anc youth league. which one demo was from the very early days is well and becoming a member of the anc in the mid nineteen fifties. he's pretty one at the old veterans of both the open i say she got really strong but same time as montana he said it speaking of bikes that pissed you notice the other day we will not weep the mighty mighty but he would not approve of. it seems to be all right let's get back it is. listen to the tent again. i know. still the lead the day the eye
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his yards are i love the falls cheese each day and some onions served with him in prison on robben island the project. they said technical problems that lets it go to auntie jen has already ceased to be standing by and he said. he tells about the ceremony so far and about and you can eat. and what does one stop for the engine then again it was tuesday to seat backs and the preceding stopped. they said it's not an awesome and
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data was very respectful of all the major faiths effective organizations in south africa in nineteen ninety four when she became the first democrat to the effective president of south africa. before he was in all due date if he had nando's of all the major faiths come and say a pray for him before he was in all give a kid and today i think it is also an effective for all the major faiths in south africa to start the proceedings which the press not think any states mint has imprisoned but nelson and data. he was on robin on a team. he's an old saying he's also an old homemade and yet today we see in paying tribute to his old friend and calm great nelson montana. thanks for the tiny tax cut back on tv after tasting the anti hero what century. the head. is it. i
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but government the message the day. the fourth set. to follow. what does it. for more. i think. michael workman said. south africans
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fuel needs of two thousand and five what does the seafood. see it. i did so that's. there has been a defining moment one. it's not long. it's been. you do it's not going to miss this for us all. this month to test us. though she noted. he has hit the snow and it was a doozy. the site itself to
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were able to walk the kids she is the full year i bought all of judea the city of boston. the job. its since. as joe. paul told us to move on. you will. saw seo. as you can be at the state again that we are just as the candidate richard
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di but thousand and eight general it so no one else coming out to achieve beats by grandchildren and great grandchildren of nelson mandela the floor. that is as sweet as she beats began and ten nascar driver par sixty four and a stack as i stated in a while. i guess the south african journalists were taken to be given time magazine is here with the sec is wonderful to see the family members get paid tribute to a t nelson mandela but we all know that there has been a lot of controversy about the legacy of announcement of tacit about that. what has been reading this to him. safety tips and expanded it to him that the south african winter back into tonight when everybody thought meant that it was pretty much from its last legs. and the errant children and grandchildren began by secrecy of the sickness is a temple where people should be buried. and it made it takes a hit would be buried in his ancestral traditional and it's uncool to clean it does to us with three kids who had done it unto good very bad. i
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was at home d and all the grandchildren i believe let alone been forced to import to have to buy the sixty news and read kate's it said this is a critic of the current ac is going on within this very big family. in talking about something like seventeen grandchildren and one alone monday is when the crew who was traded to the ground to match the hype the victim remains moved from room to move visit when you say try to achieve that. the event was the dispute legal disputes which means it's the latest in goal by the pool again. and the arguments the photos on it but that the amount reaches its peak in the original mandela who says that at the table jam and the cia the cia. you tend to try which was dedicated
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publicly expressed his disagreement with the family stressing that this pizza oven. it is also of course cats to initiate a m but the fact that meant and that has become something of a commodity. i mean you have his face is everywhere from the nm coffee mugs. in the head bolts of cloth and so on. senate committee but he said one piece of ham it's the one you've seen dozens of lovely visit. the team to contest the floor of a memorial service at it it's not that as much a part of the trip as it is land and ten. prospect nobody gets in the stadium when listening to a loosening of that. speaking to you. is it you are resilient. but not more recipients the jury and all my pots. he retorts. my people rethink his head about teens. what does that. she's
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great at dunedin. the tree that solves the problem is that broke the back with a child of the whims of their lands and tell the truth of the future with black and white rich or well made and women and children. side by side. it really does it do you. i think that the support of time in the head. youtube the does that mean. it's good. what we are cool. all this. no one spoke . the is
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our. one minister arrives in south korea on an official visit. the negotiations will last until december ten. it is expected that the details of the joint project implementation which is the construction of the baal posh thermal power plant will be high on the agenda is known that the plane we use coal to fuel the winning kick in when previewing them to korean companies meet the requirements set by kazakhstan in terms of call iiring. today we so well when


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