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tv   Newsline  PBS  December 10, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PST

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the new. the us. welcome to nhk world news live and you know tommy and tokyo. here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am. negotiators at the tree is visiting foreigners to free trade to save their efforts to strike a deal by your ran out fail. world leaders to join tens of thousands of south africans to pay tribute to nelson mandela who fought to abolish
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of apartheid and went on to leads of age. and parents are to be stringent and now apple wait to check their children for radiation exposure as they continue to worry about the partnership the nuclear crisis. the people negotiating a free trade deal for the asia pacific region say they're going to miss an important deadline. ministers from the top countries at the trans pacific partnership talks say there won't be any agreement this year. but don't push on with discussions in two thousand and fourteen. for the course of this meeting. we identified potential landing zones for the majority of key outstanding issues in the text. you'll continue to work with flexibility to finalize these texts issues as well as market access issues. izturis released a statement to say it made substantial progress during their four day meeting in singapore. they'll meet again next month after their
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negotiations told several weeks of intensive discussions. the statement says it's important to aim for a high level deal that will create jobs and spur economic growth the japanese official guest of sheepish and said that. negotiators from all countries are eager for a profitable outcome the momentum noble than disney the most of these will keep up this dimension. today ten hour discussion site of a year and a new year period the twelve countries anime for a high ago and they share the same will and passion. it is clear world's top player shilpa is in singapore he gives us more on why negotiators failed to reach their goal. the main reason is that the purpose of towns including the us lacks flexibility on assault on the ships of the stickles of pressure bach home
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negotiators from washington and took it to get us back down on the elimination of tights. u s congress's honor on the pressure from difference groups such as agricultural lobbies. got lost a pound to abolish all its trade barriers. this negotiate us negotiators managed to make compromises ben may not be approved by congress. joplin as negotiators also feel the pounds are tight agricultural his actions are refusing to drop types on several categories of farm products including rice and wheat the us also wanted to hear pharmaceutical products to be propped up tips on their intellectual property rights for longer periods while in modern countries opposed to tax. there are also divided twelve on
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the issue of free competition between private and instead own enterprises. moises chief negotiator says he is coming on other members to be open to compromise. will you be engaging in these negotiations. so their day to get pics of the fees would be given in auto pause to. due to concerns that the half next day's thompson and john dory. one member nations stood menace is made for another round of talks. are they all share the belief that state cpp can significantly boost economic growth. but some of the lovers or wall reads thus the failure to reach a deal by the end of this year cuts break the momentum. and it's unclear how far apart as comps are willing to go to
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reconcile their national interests. nhk world struck a minute she oak. aye aye aye aye. south africans send dozens of heads of states have come together on a rainy day in johannesburg to remember a man who changed a nation and inspired the world they attended a memorial for a nelson mandela who died last week at the age of ninety five the near mythical figure five to dismantle apartheid and went on to become the country's first black president. nhk world's takashi channels the reports the two day. the sun sets against rivals from across the country for the occasion they jammed inside
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the stadium cheering feelings of love loss and trading stories of their great leader among them. o monday that as he was a fixer and the unknown. i'm in the present and to all in the mind game. he's telling you. to my grandfather them the fact that my friend my everything to us as emp put in some of the car. monday less than fun not to defend places about it and keep up on and it's it's great to be part of a part of this i can i was known as an avid soccer fan. she may be his last appearance here to enter to seventy two nd quilt top. us president barack obama flew into it and. he was joined by former presidents george w bruce to clinton and jimmy carter japanese crown prince naruto british prime minister david
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cameron. when you consider it a gentle want to move and also pay their respects leaders of brazil india and tube out. train some form of fools the night. all in attendance. dooley has ceased to speak about them and for me by this means that people are on the wall. come on in the north. and. there isn't enough. what's more there all the time. she was hungry that is. she wouldn't i. so on. the door. the poll. it's
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just that it is. the this is just like this the body. to do. eighteen people. chen said the film i did. us ambassador to japan has visited the city her country hit with an atomic bomb in nineteen forty five. caroline kennedy used her trip to nagasaki to call for more efforts to rid the world of
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nuclear weapons nagasaki me or call me somehow we welcome kennedy at the city's atomic bomb museum. the ambassador went for it for them she met three atomic bomb survivors she said that this is deeply moved her and she referred to her father the late president john f kennedy. president kennedy. i was very proud that he was able to start the process nuclear disarmament. kennedy then went to the peace park. she placed a wreath before a statue dedicated to prayers for peace. she had me or tell him what the flowering dogwood sat down with saplings that is the americans gave this type of tree to japan nearly a century ago in return for the three thousand cherry tree saplings. the japanese gave them. in nineteen twelve representatives of the japan confederation as a and each palm sufferers organizations followed kennedy's visit. he
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wants her to send a message back to washington continuing the knee. because of the bombing people were unable to do the work to a as human beings. all you want the ambassador to tell president obama to come visit nagasaki. an image also emphasize that atomic bomb survivors are striving for world without nuclear weapons lawmakers on the u s house and senate armed services committees have approved funding for troops shuffle in the asia pacific. some of the u s marines currently stationed in okinawa japan are expected to be sent to the island of guam the transfer is meant to ease the burden on okinawa the southern prefecture hosts the majority of u s military facilities in japan the senate has been blocking funding related to the transfer in fiscal two thousand and fourteen which began in october but
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the armed services committees of both chambers agreed on the contents of the national defense authorize they should act for the current fiscal year. they approved an expenditure and eighty six million dollars. the bill includes a clause maintaining a freeze on past budgets by japan and the us on spending related to the transfer the freeze would stay in place until all construction plans for bases on guam are submitted. sources say part of the freeze has been lifted us officials estimate the transfer will cost eight point six million dollars japan will contribute about a third of that about the us plan aims to start the transfer of marines in their early twenties twenties eight major american technology companies have joined the urge the us government to scale back its surveillance of citizens they've asked officials to set legal limits on information gathering over the internet. the companies include ruble bikers often faced with a baby koala on
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monday in a letter to president obama and congress the message was also published in national newspapers and on a website the firm's criticize activities by the us national security agency to collect personal information they said the balance has tipped too far in favor of the state and away from individual rights protected by the constitution the company's golf for limiting the government's authority to collect information of their users they won a legal framework set up including an independent oversight body they also said firm should be allowed to go when authorities demand access to their data. the companies have made similar calls on their own but this is the first joint appeal to reform internet information gathering. aig executives say the government spying activities have undermined trust in online services. a japanese maritime self defense force vessel has been going to able to national fleet off somalia is the first time for japan's
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spf to take part in a joint anti piracy mission. to this story is left their base including the notion of free picture last month. balance for africa. what other ships the sunday that it joins the malta national taskforce and the gulf of on and on tuesday. each country in the task force is assigned a maritime zone to patrol their ships have the job of chasing away any pirate cited in their zone. the semi data and other feminists d s destroyers have been in the area since two thousand and nine when japan passed an anti piracy law until now those missions had been restricted to escorting commercial vessels. japanese defence ministry it's a naughty one of the to announce the start of his country's latest mission. on a couple putting the snow japanese vessels will do their best to deal with pirates. while cooperating with other countries in
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the multinational talks eighty officers from each country take turns commanding the malta national fleet. or will the city he does not think japan will be asked to take on a command role in the near future. bought. he said the amnesty f will consider doing so if requested. i know anti government protesters in thailand remain on the move by prime ministry election no one suffered to dissolve parliament. they continue their inner city and around the prime minister's office demanding that she step down immediately protesters want to eliminate what they say is that influence the view looks older brother toxic and a lot he like many reporters on tuesday in reiterated that is no intention of stepping down i know that i might add one cup of pumpkin come to light
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carefully as so far proved ineffective. the city to the prime minister's office continued on by their leaders held for three more days of demonstrations. i you know i will keep fighting until he got to the country. on monday in luck. announce that she will dissolve the parliament and allow voters to decide her fate. the election is to be held on the very second however the one hundred thousand protesters are mostly members of the urban middle class in bangkok's elite give the minority when it comes to dental records so dissolving parliament does not mean much for them the reich government provide significant protection for farmers and enjoys great support from those in northern and northeastern thailand. here is left behind in the country's economic growth. this system of solidifying votes through support for rural areas was created by helix brother of former prime minister talks emotional one. thaksin was
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ousted in a coup seven years ago and now lives in self imposed . but the opposition claims he still influences the government. the anti government protesters have proposed treaty and counting of the unelected officials to appoint a new prime minister and other cabinet ministers he looked flatly rejected the proposal saying such a stance would violate the constitution and would be fun. democrat. michael and will keep turning out in numbers and we'll definitely go and it would certainly not going. now we're going to write on. the thai military has launched and attempted to launch a number of teams in the past he has so far refrain from intervening the anti government campaign may be up against the wall as protesters see no other option than continuing their urban demonstrations. a top
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chinese economist is predicting slower growth for china next year he says officials and company executives are scaling back investment that spending has been a key driver of the economy for more than three decades. he did the shwe sauna is a deputy director at the chinese academy of social sciences a government thinking. police said that china's gdp growth this year will end up at seven point seven percent the same as last year he said growth will fall slightly next year to around seven and a half percent. the movie china's economy is already browsed through a period of rapid growth and is now experiencing moderate growth pursuing higher quality and efficiency. police said the central government will no longer encourage local officials to compete with each other to boast higher growth he said china needs to push ahead with reforms while maintaining stable economic growth. clean out of their
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regional governments are saddled with large debts caused by heavy investment he said belt tightening by these officials this one recent growth will start to slow he said companies will also become more reluctant to invest in their plants he said that's because they're trying to cope with excessive output and the increasing cost of borrowing funds governor's party officials began a meeting on tuesday to finalize economic policies for next year. attention is now focused on whether policymakers will or the annual growth targets which was set at around seven and a half percent this year. business sentiment among large japanese companies rose in the three months to december marking the fourth straight quarterly improvement. the finance ministry in the cabinet office announced on tuesday the results of a survey of about sixteen thousand firms capitalize at around one hundred thousand dollars or more. the confidence index stood at eight point three points. demand for housing and building materials rose as people rush to buy new
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homes before the consumption tax hike next april. a weaker yen also help boost auto exports to the us. meanwhile the index for small and medium size firms also improved to minus zero point one due to higher demand in the construction and service sectors finance ministry officials say the economic recovery remains on track with positive effects spreading from large firms to smaller enterprises. it's been almost three decades since the third crucial last three years rather since the focal she might die teaching nuclear accident but people in the area still fear the risk of cancer and other illnesses caused by consuming contaminated food and drink more than ten to twenty thousand people a prefix or have already been tested for internal contamination with a device called the whole body after the device was designed
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to test adults it can be used for infants because they're too small. in response to this problem scientists developed a new testing device for babies. nhk world smith's cornish ella reports tesco radiation exposure for infants began at the hospital and he got out there. over to his family showed up with the tax. but none of it. i have been so worried. i've been waiting a long time for my baby to be checked another. i don't know what will happen when my tv crews up. so i'd like to stick to you can cut out leaves a childhood spent in uk. she has long been worried about the effects of giving. read on when the moon condemned next six months old. i feel
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safer. it might be the protector and younger teens. this new device is called the beatles. it measures the internal radiation level of an impact placed inside it. it's the only lady this time whatever the need for clarity. she will be one today marks the highest degree that is less than receiving. the new world. i know all the new city of tokyo. the sixteen back to balochistan. he says the main challenge was to make it as precise as possible. would that be even though the treaty. for children eating the same amount of radioactive season or as
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compared to the parents among the weighty decision making related to the bowling with much less be open to head to quantify. the theory that the amount of breaking the siege and forty. it does make sense to measure. i wish to seem deficient in its use for each scored goals the machine makes meticulous calculations and is designed to block as much external radiation as possible. it has one radiation sensors twice as many as previous model. i was anxious to hear the results of the scan. when the mood was put into the machine. she cried a bit because she had to be away from her mother for several minutes the body was successful he had to engage in nation was completed the results came in minutes later. ucc and the cake
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didn't i and since my eyes eating for a variety of fruits so that was my main concern. i am very relieved to see it this positive result a thousand people have already made appointments to have their children and sound thanks to this machine those most vulnerable to radiation. in fact i'll finally beginning to get protection beatles. our hero to krishna. there's a strong storm hovering over japan in our meteorologist roberts pena has been following the situation robber. fall is such storms still rolling off your course needa really has been operated some fairy gusty winds across all of japan throughout the day here on tuesday seals that my pictures moving off their tours northeast with all
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these clouds moving in from the northwest on that with the southeastern that is also contributing to some very gusty winds even going for the overnight hours arts folk i know he'd be seeing sustained with the tv gossip a hundred twentieth nicely years to see about forty km per hour wind gust just off the course line elisha in what has occurred thus far today and done it without the glue that under thirteen climate problems were reported what already seen these gusts up to five hundred by the tours or so everybody in japan did see some sort of gusty winds especially near the coastline series of images from earlier on this morning there was not storm the moves are pushing prefecture and the costs of very significant damage to a few buildings out there i sit or kneel on advisories were issued a time when this occurred the sunlight this was mainly straight line winds but on that silly some damage coming out of that area that's to move off course northeast only be seen those gusty northwesterly winds but that with another lo that coming in from the west and while that's going to bring a wintry mix across but to see japan coastline. even then it's to
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be shifting over to snow going to the rest the week when cc has called surge set up creepy hide it. the good news most of this is on the sea of japan coast by maya said tokyo and much to the pacific coast exit to stay rather drive the rest of the kimonos in the middle the country is doing its job and stopping all its priests of the patient from getting off their towards the east by the doors the west of high pressure does continue to dominate much of central eastern china. that's to be staying in place here the northeast monsoon in the tropics well as to bring some scattered showers across the philippines especially the southern philippines the size and that now even seen some of scattered afternoon thunderstorms top up their similar conditions offered to portions of all we set off a pile in bangkok are the cloudy skies at five thirty one there for you here on your wednesday. alice ago that the americans was going on over here well the big topic has been this winter storm has set up to rile up much as we can replace the scene some sort of still full of year well be somebody look at some fairly significant snowfall if you're around washington dc
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even off their tours of arts new york city and the boston some significant snowfall going here on your wednesday morning but i received tuesday morning that's going to quickly move up there it was a northeast of improving conditions and working its way in the ida still some lake effect snow will be setting up yet. also weak disturbance pushing across northern plains but nothing compared to this storm system which i dropped widespread snow fall this occurred still get to hear from umno and you can see everything north of texas in the deep south of here you have snow on the ground many people out here have seen the white stuff come down at sometime or another. unfortunately if you want this to now the cool air mass that the sender then it's going to keep things on the cold side and while it's still one not be melting in the near future with his three day out here what impact might be getting above minus twenty are actually get them ict nearby thursday's slightly. a warmer spot was going on over here in europe the high pressure is dominating much of western
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europe from north we are seeing some fear the dusty when zaheer even extending up to it or sweden. the thing that the topic the next several days in committee the storm heading across the black sea in oprah through turkey arrested the droin some significant snow totals out here. up through the next several days especially if you're out there in higher elevations not to mention that here in the blue it is getting colder here on us leaving us with your wild weather is forecast i knew. it has. i know. and
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hse these lines the center and she notes on the intel this year and in the world thanks for joining us. that is. the us. be it. ciao. i
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think that you need to read or check the streets evolution is correct the roads are forced to confront some books. scooter the people control the worst music and teaching tool jesus teach. in each. you
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see him. muncie spot for tourists. it's especially popular among four games it's where people go to have fun. the people working here too bright. i'll prove it. so what did people who provide japanese hospitality tea for lunch. find out. it's in the second set


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