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tv   The Debate  PBS  December 10, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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ch. we will will will welcome to watch. the dow coming up what we'll be the lasting legacy of nelson mandela will be asking false and yet today. with a paddle that is filled with special guests that included fresh from a nineteen eighty five truth and reconciliation commission as well. mandela's former prison guard. and oh and definitely bringing together world leaders even
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making possible a handshake between the us and cuban president's talking about it most of us. start the artwork in the newsroom and say hello once again to classic rock. thank you boss loved these are the times loudly this pay tribute to nelson on that and it's amazing said the sign of breaking a man seen as a global symbol. every conciliation. the french soldiers killed in the central african republic also i don't is heading back from south africa. and for years in prison in the seventy five thousand euro fine for the ball for the french company which distributes a defective dress with pockets. with tens of thousands of people gathering in a stadium and her husband to say farewell to know them better. among them dozens of world leaders many of them delivering an address they can see him and he said mom that it was one of the kind
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with a proper i'll comment on a rapturous welcome from all his knee. miss russia two incidents. they can't see him teach. to wind sweeney and grass that increased in mourning. the nelson mandela this morning is getting and then was the team's thousand of land across the nation. to me t t not dampen spirits of the memorial ceremony on the country was seen as a blessing from the ancestors will contain some the day this was a good day. daddy
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leaves that. hope all will continue. what happened deputies will he need teachers on the tin man evidence bits of reconciliation in iraq a bomb and raul castro shook hands obama described montana as a giant of history. nelson mandela. we all went in the hospital and relatives it's true. it shows we can say. break into the world wouldn't you the conflict with the peace and justice he was the seat with the cinnamon need to stop african president jacob soon as he wants. the soon set to begin dancing scene around to look at all the attention nelson and emma received a
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nobel peace prize twenty years it is tuesday. it is here in some way to the team made its last appearance street gangs lying in state utility. the bad. on sunday though. she now wants a south africans also announce next goal is the central african republic the french president's visit coming around to the fence friend's death since brown's deployed one thousand six hundred sodas to the troubled country that it actually appears to be involved in the class in buying the courts. will we cannot cross. they are false then gets irate scandal in the dying he adds i don't visit taking on a summer night than on today's dance it will all be okay. they get to show they like about
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the meticulous that. that is a cool thing to get it canceled the show. guess they didn't cut it short this week that the due date. every day for old men. but by who love these people didn't love it. it has been the case a short speech to a boil the book hit up the apple in mexico that it had been at the beach. we can trust the average bad that it is a video. the above but with careful with the shia bed. at
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the middle of the change which will be restricted use it. they bolted the soldiers of the vehicle control. which he spoke with at home. i sat in mind the president alone mysterious while confronting people tend to feel about him in the center of the republican. they give their child to get that sheesh operation of the a b a b that the book but the former rebel that the hope that we should do that yet. a column of march with that the metal shelving late in the interstate the pokey. i'm getting there if you like at all. he has roping. it is the typical
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the whole idea of a house with that. in that area when the french lick it the uk this year thanks very much. i mixed all the places that from. well the savings made contact with the club says the families of two sponged and is kidnapped and syria have made a appeal for their beliefs have yet to be nice and dakota can see a bee line of iowa sees three months that final qaeda links great as they were on their way out of the country sometimes the cdf document war crimes the skin types i'm becoming problems with the students. if you use any humanitarian crisis. also because when they see on the twenty that would work
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last the twelveth. you see in the us. once i was for seventy two was four hours i have come with parents who have offended you. not too many. he is one of them were shunted into a second. in ukraine anti government protests are continuing some two thousand people still counting else in the sun i won independence class on its head. i might be spreading you have demonstrated the way from government buildings that night. this is called quest and diplomats and as icky as hiking to defuse the standoff that suppressing the leadership of the tdi is a is indicated he might be willing to sign a treaty with the eu the russian parliament has called on western nations to stop putting pressure on what they call drop in the ukraine turning our attention now to the conclusion of the trial considered one of them against the french legal history. this tuesday's own clothes must be found at
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the company at the center of the wild wind brass and fraud scandal was sentenced to four years in prison for fraud his lawyer says he plans to appeal. purcell has sometimes hostile. just as guilty and the sorcerer's apprentice of intolerance. on tuesday a french court for a simple blouse. the sound of the firm that supplied effect of breast implants guilty for what. the seventy four year old was handed down a four year prison sentence and ordered to pay seventy five thousand units falling. it all forty eight having to take on the compact with the suffering of ethics it is not to be respected that benefited the book for me is when i was in a maximum sentence for someone who has an ending topic today to hold them in the country. cos most able to bounce him for the link from one to the medical services and running the company. for executives of the now defunct peeling people say given fines crucial to prison sentences. prt spoke of global health spent three years ago. health officials
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discovered seventy one percent of its income to contain industrial great silicon gel. some three hundred thousand women were affected from person to sail these entities as we don't care about financial compensation that will bring about our health but what matters is the recommendation to thank all of the women are considered victims of the female nurse admits using silicon and was never approved going to get a kiss since the jail was known toxic. in two separate trials he faces charges of murder torture and financial sold the trust plans to appeal the sentence. chemical weapons inspectors pics of the nobel peace prize an alternate today. this two months of so many people are surprised to organize a pathetic rendition of chemical weapons which is like eating cereal commandments displays in for the prestigious prize. it consists of the metal that supply month. i was a cash award of some one to eighteen
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million dollars. assault on the news and announcements will say that is also up for that debate. alright many thanks for that claire pride in the newsroom. in the end he drinks by the bucket full of china's current soccer city stadium. it didn't spoil the party or prevent leaders the world over from converging to pay tribute to south africa's first post apartheid. we visited with several nice and slim lawyer today is the most famous political prisoner for twenty seven years and the man who reached across the aisle peacefully dismantle a brutal state finance. even in death than those magic making it possible for a first ever handshake between barack obama and his cuban counterpart raul castro cousin sue and who were here to celebrate as well mandela's lasting legacy for south africa the contint dare we say for the planet with us to talk about it from
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johannesburg to be jailed under apartheid and defended activists and the white minority real rule to me so and so they can thank you for being with us. he served as commissioner on the truth and reconciliation commission also with us he's an advocate for minority rights here in france so we are welcome the result of her being with us the chair of block line of rising investment. who was born in pain and it lived all over we might say including all over africa. prince friends chris and i dance with them. thank you for being with us. born in oak lawn a dj wrapper and promoter mugabe today hangs his hat here and yes you did this happen she is on thank you for being honest and drove on a single moment of the division of basic sciences and engineering said the u n's education science by unesco in paris and thank you for venus born in durban thank you for joining us
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the enforcement of today we can join the conversation on facebook and twitter are as tight as to foreign today you can say that the world came to join us for this tuesday. we've got more in this report by nicholas russell two independents the county and state. two wines we need and grass to embrace the morning the nelson mandela. this morning. getting it and then was the team's thousand of land across the nation. to me to dampen spirits of the memorial ceremony in the country was seen as a blessing from the ancestors
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will contain some the day this was the day. that leaves the poor will continue these include the need for teachers on that in an abandoned spirit of reconciliation in iraq a bomb and raul castro shook hands obama described montana as a giant of history. nelson mandela. the only thing in the hospital and relatives through. it shows we can stay. a week into the world wouldn't you. these men to justice. he was the seat with the cinema need of african president jacob who was once
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the soon it was to begin dancing and singing to look at all but one attacks. but didn't. nelson and emma received a nobel peace prize twenty years it is tuesday it is here in some way to the team made its last appearance. street gangs lying in state utility the bad. on sunday the dough. cheating was drawn to the moon saw me it's this he didn't hear it daily mantra. thanks for peanuts jenny what was your highlight of the day. i think it. but in the aggregate and the crowd that but i would be a movie. no antidote and although they acknowledged in the head and have them love
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love how all men can have a ticket going to be good to have the love that they could imagine in our opinion that it into the life and confined them to be in the stadium and that did it willingly and it didn't i get eighty eight they were the due date. he was thinking that. i think that thinking that they get it. they were able to capture the emotional moment all i had and the man at the thing that made malcolm monday that the link. and one was in the boot. i think the top twenty hit in the mbe it would be in bed. and in the country at the moment all that the market on the eve of the fifth of the detainee had a helpful hand and that of the ad and the introduction on friday the people and in hot pink and most of the people i ate it up in coventry they don't like it. and the month of
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the concluding that the team warm glow from the and could be feeding into the introduction of the dead if you can cook them. there will come upon that none of it. we didn't feed the baby in the middle of the nicotine him and that people can keep in touch and that they didn't think about that and i used to be a new puppy that he does. the cleaning more and keep them any credit at the time of the kiddos got another puppy that think that in bold gamble. i didn't even need to go and get a community. it hasn't been easy but the vote in our country up and now i'm giving you get people on the net they can think and write in it but it kept thinking that social media. but having many kids and i played like the clothing he got the nod to get what i can. i think
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that the people the show then that choose an election year we saw him at the movies later on johnny. thank you very much for joining us from sinning when the summit of the deal the mavericks with this there. from the johannesburg on. that means couponing what was your day. well i think it leads to seeing everyone at an email even when it's sick and that it was also the fact that evan's giving the last respects to negate that. and it's more than that but it shows once and then once the twelve steps in and takes notes something to do so and said take a um you knew nelson until you met him we knew of course that it is a link for a long time. there were all braced for it back in september that he would pass away. in the end did things turn out the way you expected. you don't know what you mean by that end of the lead with which we did our point we saw today with all the leaders in them. was it a fitting tribute i guess is the question. it really
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bugs him and tell me the ones who stayed with the cardinal nation. or for laws and legal forty kilos is you. if you are chasing you are confident said. there has been. all rules and the new hillsong conference. what is being lied to stores for clothes from the mornings it was an announcement. the news on the almost immediate. after the media and social media latino died today. he had died. so today he was there moore was visible. you never saw the expression of sentiments. by the nations of the warrant. who the are you
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guys. if whites human eighteen. in the entire universe. i'm thinking. was the medicine that all three deaths in one shot on monday did he say he she said that he didn't like to be sacked cries the dvd set and several times writers like i'm not saying nonetheless when you met him up close he was not an ordinary man the us the president at the door ms said. this is the looming in the yule said. they're both democrats and another still cuts. they'll and delusional but continues to record and its contents. what i mean by that you with a two to five wounds. in manila. god was their own soul. ed gorman and skate. isn't it out. salem
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journal. no one in ten museum the jewel sausage with a total show me that she died she was known by. no don't want him to a museum in the next president of sales in the way in which she expected and tools to win the loyalty for little ones new zealand's leading. but the same guy and he was going to look at. doug was able to water the old techniques. two i love old single malt expression. loll. human soul was formed in new york and it seemed to express themselves that's why when it is great as brooches was the ability to listen. instead they would send an annual gathering question. the delisting because you would not
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interrupt. q would you listen intently. the islands the ordeal and feeding ducks he was given glad because he read law and arguments. and there. i do soaking it all in he was soaking in the end and as you would only know one when he is just one unit they are with our notes and six. the deadline. the day these are what i said to them to cats and dogs famous or infamous good deeds. they had the cord is on day one which was real good. the duke would steal him away when you go and see how the new organ chords the truth. the group off to lagoon on one tutoring hours non stop. and you win
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or indeed any judgment. but the real goal is enormous and the dog to look at the end in the short through his facial expression when he was annoyed by what has been good at listening to me that the beach. see google is no way in and sat on him showing signs of education you walk out to book hotel you're courting me dont like she was going to do was glued to the dead to apologize and say it is indeed the goal is to those times where one can wish and refuel. i'd like to note that said the tomb. in fact the defiant was going to leave the country from nineteen ninety to one likes me the story. we have witnessed a man who knew him more than most crystal brands of what is at the prison guard responsible for guarding mandela at robin and he joins us by telephone thank you for being with us at cristo. um he told the newspaper's couple days ago you felt like i'm getting
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lost a father. you're your relationship with and ella stayed close long after of course he was free. and the eu today when you look at the tributes. do you feel as though it's the men's elite unit. the pope a limited time again i feel awful but i doubt that the time. it's called don't think the people but you can. you can trust you're also saying that your relationship with him. change in the nineteen eighties and early nineteen eighties why is that. then olivia i let it go. it took to pick up that but he didn't pull into the opening goal. and we did
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that all the time he'd the people look like that and we hear the people that no tv i woke up at the time that i can hold it and they killed without the top of the stick in the key to the states. kelly what changed my link to what the typing pool. to make the team to be taking what he told them i found out what to think i can pull it off to the wild wheat upcoming go to the guy that liked the way i understand it altered to suit to when you develop that relationship had the germ of the people around you feel about it. you know we let not that helpful but they look ok and that i take him to put that because i was also looking into it. i keep thinking that i need to go to copenhagen to think that the commitment that incandescent or his family says he will likely continue in office opened in between they let them soak the corn
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onto the course of conduct or productive made it into one and didn't know and indeed we will put you may want to let go and we had to call what they were stuck into my study with a few to get me to the country. he really was good to me. putting forth that we must. you can tell me and why the man was supposed to like know what people want to go forth and then the model to study and understand what is politically one in the country. again we got a better relationship between us. the story goes on to make one last question for you to store brand today. you work and robin on. today what with all the time that i want to update the outdated eponymous people to get any type of parliament to choose and what the doctor. then i get to chill it overnight in the game because you want it to god and to get the urge to look to give it a helmet so it got dark at what was going on over night and got the continuation of the time i'm in today to go but i chalked it up shook. i don't die they didn't even approach all but two of the fighting or the mocha chocolate all to do so it was time to time during the last injected into super and many many
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thanks for joining us the listing to those students from such opposite universes. what's your what's your reaction. i mean it's been a huge huge impact. o all my life right now. it seems to be in the press today in africa. low in the school that no one to be the only black student. and that was such a m. scary scary thing too. and then you go into the uk to start my own heart. the stance of kentucky's when people did not know who likes of stuff can use it. i think it was to the power of steel cement and that action be that we had blue unlikely to be able to live in this present moment it was pizza day to the french are in the room there is no star of course mandela's story is universal and it resonates throughout
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the war. it's true but it's been surprising and it uses some of the president's commander who didn't do anything against racism in their own country this month students to how great that was why attendance which is a surprise. story this is a difficult match the gardens to the arm students the breakers colts that some o the competition. princeton did you feel as though mandela's name is used in pain all too often i believe that it's easy to gain some occasions. and one of josie's we have people like david cameron called tony blair and even george bush left on things that were against the ideals of the great monday about an hour using these men and praising him where they have some quite questionable actions of the song themselves. and but in all we are not going to get into the sea. this is a completely different today. i
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think today is the easy is it the winner. if you look at the images you look at that peak stadium. ics and the stadium. as to its own and i went to whole world is united. iran legacy of these men. this was the greatest either in africa. anyhow how up alongside him. during death prompted time doing robben island. you know what would it be to have nots on to recognize as much as montana has been nice and i think that's what really makes the strength to really be that seem out of. ordinary is the fact that after entering all of these after being in jail with twenty seven years being oppressed. he comes out of the wrong that has been done to his people he comes out in four tds. the criminal and funky is the oppressors and the move in a suit more to talk more about the lasting legacy mummy come back at
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your watch and its call center today the awe of the ah. this year. we moved in. low. it is. it is you. i
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was. check check check welcome back. it's a bit before using. though if you sample the stories of laura's soviet will be falling for you at the top of the hour
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of course the tributes to nelson mandela today in a moving ceremony with world leaders including us presence the french presence and more that is of course the topic of hours to be here the french president after attending the ceremony has landed in the capital the central african republic where he paid tribute to the two soldiers killed the french to going there to stop the lawlessness and frightening. four years in prison and seventy five thousand euro fine for the boss of a company which distributed defective dressed in class. well those stories much more fear that they are right here on post and dad welcome back are welcome if you just joining us this is the false and kept it beats paying tribute to nelson mandela asking what will his lasting legacy he were talking about it. the man who knew him too nice out and said baker. he was a commissioner on the nineteen
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eighty five truth and reconciliation commission thanks for joining us again welcome back as well the prince friends because i'm so dumb. who is an entrepreneur but also working in education projects including projects in south africa will talk with perhaps a few little bit. we have to some african sunset with this here maloney who is in tj wrapper and to promote our else from book one in the north of durban. rove on the sega moaning of the unesco welcome back as well as well as billy jones president of the french black coalition. on the return of the speeches in the one that moves a lot of people was that of the u s president think about it the first black american president being traded to the first post apartheid south african president. thirty years ago last post. nelson mandela
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the struggles taking place in this beautiful land insert something to me. i was the elephants. other than myself. set me off an improbable to me. to hear that. what will always fall short. one of the other the heats. in that speech obama mentioned all those who failed to live up to man's analyst at its end it was almost you'd had the impression grove i receive the money that they were peaks directed at one venues in the audience zimbabwe's president the only present zimbabwe's known since independence robert mugabe began to sense as well. i mean yes i think
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so and me. at noon. it is an act that's been going on and that is still bad and i think that obama knows that islam and ten. he squinted and foreign demand. what were your thoughts on on on that score did you get the sense to me cents a day care that obama spoke some truths perhaps that some of the african leaders don't always don't we. the team on defense led to him. there was two years so i did. that said to head to head to the residents. for sure. it is the group come to associate with the prison monday. but i think he was also with reference to the sandbox. yale was a little warm. the most loved
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it. those games. when darlene sort of. model was the most lawless statesman and lows for me. it wasn't expecting it. what did he said the torn tendons in his school's teachers. use the images said. judge agreed to. brought to at the end of his foes to him the dangerously. eyebrows and said so and so minutes the only means he who does most continents. as wat kind of tired and didn't come to associate who aren't yet. it was as though he was twenty one loss. also no models. for a formal decision this is yet another african country. it contains games to miss each entitled to a lot of fuss with improved and it was
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sold multiple altitudes of what one sees in. what democracy. bikes. the use of guardian and its installed and call on this today. so it causes no more than your old woman died and gone. was that one too the double blues and clocks. he was not going to do it. i feel when twenty minutes. professor warren was to sew on. god intends. he is in knots. after apollo certainly it was crucial the deal was announced. it's really him. the country. i don't drool. whites. she died he died. it snowed it. so it was then. deacon was going on still exists. then one minus two and had to do so was lots
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the band's deserted alley in the wool was widowed leave adopted its petitions for the all new kind of medicines the wise stay in power and allowed them to wear some clothes to do reading the ordinance. and in fuel savings. that is when you have been tough. on the stand. this does not come only when you came into power it is. i finished the greatest times. we'll trade list were calm. and you'll need you to the expectations. all of the hebrew form the loss of forest he said. this includes friends even the list of african leaders who are either have or are about to readers get rid of term limits were late in the terms of their presidencies is
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sadly law. is there no need to be stuck on it to work in progress. nina is in a significant talent that we have on the continent. and the same time we have to remember that. few people left to decide what they want to stay on course and just when you can see an obama said in substance that is the duty to be used to be mandela and it says of course difficult for whoever succeeds him it is difficult for tom and becky. and it's had previously heard at the top more difficult than with those boos be heard for jacob zuma. it's true that many african leaders do much time to expect. lol as can say it's fake reporter approached her berlusconi you know french presidents were returned. it is also the ritalin is affordable for commuters. the question here too. it is. what's with
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the cats. question is would it be only about pictures the name. all we could be about critique of progress against altitude for justice coleridge. especially friends here. two households of my cheek approach became its own him afterwards. you see on the disparate pieces. is that the point where it's this month reports this you need to cough are very concrete ordered to kill approach to the back is going to be an instrument or announcements it's a true pro programs or perhaps with the words. dad and of course dismantling the part that he had to do it he reached across the aisle he reached across to the people were perpetrated up our tent. perhaps he's very few examples of that in the world. maybe it's because the velvet revolution the czech republic or something that we were growing up too cute. did you think that the kid they can
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be such a peaceful man. i've always believed in that spirit from town africa the people in such skill we have them something called bluetooth which is hidden in the tea which is how bonus which is caring for your name thinking about the people of that going on and so when somebody walks in the street and they don't have quartet infinity it's what you would do. you would actually be going in and ask for to make you want. but now that sam is kind of fading so that spirit is something that is carried on around him and that's what monday night in prison. so you is kind of everyday and within that it's good it's gonna last. your father was an activist. yes under apartheid. and today use some work and projects again. he sees the street i did them that he was re use them and
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thought of mathematics he said that the omelettes and institutional from the semantics of africa. he joined the black institution and the white institution to him because there was no rock mathematics association and white. association. so he created an association away i'm back to wakeboard together because education is the one area where the job is certainly not finished its run of the key is definitely key without any case and is still feature. and right why is it that knew them and eleanor his successors have been able to raise the standards of education to the level required. it's high time christian science the that destiny is so. there's the college to do a part eight there was a car show off your learning. so all the people that we're struggling with a fight scene we head to head into a casing. and so at one point we actually need and in
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schools because the school suede ctu. to be. no self empowered so bad that education courses. it's something that we hated and am so there was a transitional moments where you know you're there it's that you have to self empower yourself without any case in this gnocchi. education is the case the weapon of the future. so we need to to power that so busy and to cap off the eccles a vacation which leads to the field then he wanted a project to work on this with schools in soft tissue sense exactly that but there is this statement. regarding education perhaps in the south and education system. we started back in two thousand says he doesn't speak a thousand fold. got involved in the very last project in south africa called hopping online and at present consisted of a quit being on the schools in
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the johannesburg province in increments with nineteen laps and then to computer networks and internet access for its open eight edt. and you know curriculum. e g curriculum uterine mean and so on. that was a very good initiative but the problem is that he became very political. all these huge companies who wanted a piece of the action and you also have bad management sometimes. in indian open commute is that too too deep to know to detroit to do project. so it's not that these governments have not made efforts to try to re do the dishes done with it. but sometimes there's nothing nice to be the team they beat the top levels of governance and end on the difference and you know and tt's on the ground support to roll out these programs he was a lot of discrepancies says the question of minus ten it's a question of logistics and the question of understanding how to be on his own decent beach. this project not as has inspired me to create a bigger project for the whole of africa which is good shot of the neighbors
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and tell them he addresses a different approach to the kitchen because dd consensus that we had so far doesn't work for everyone. we solved it did not want to have to do is to prepare these youngsters is the skis too full for the for the full force with the flow of jobs in office when crime and he's not just learning a lot of theories but many things that when they get out of school did we know that the can of raid the event was key as they can apply and into working more. so that's something that has been working on up to me suddenly ask you. when you look at the challenge that is educating south africans today. are you hopeful or pessimistic the future. it's a fitting clothes the name cindy is moot. he is gone that's it. enjoy democracy we are over. no insult of
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the highest moments. also i wasn't going to education and there but that's the end of the store. we don't have one that was just as do we we used to do so sticky also odd to walk soon trying to get a little jealous of how to go. there are programs that it's a dancer who has been impolite seoul court or the outcome is education. we sit and talk about who would do those kinds of programs for women without lights. the angels out of nowhere and tied with algae into our talents. with only we had the wherewithal they need to know the i don't know if you don't. is that's just an awful thoughts the zimbabwean education system with a biscuit was in the works and sat in the end of the guy at the time. will
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god the fall when his heroes into two sections two weeks has been associated. he made short odds the logs on local budgets. the news in the snow but did little to education they moved into effective integration into the place and where is your goal into a new restaurant and intends to resume in sydney the seven states and pizzas and wild winds. all will be highly risky moves in sandals i wonder when that all the boats defense lead at twelve weeks. do you present yourself with and has opted to un to come from. and then you just come off. sydney because someone was sending them the same as the above sentence. from there. so testing is. between them in the states and allied education. and of his all
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seems to change jobs to be given to me and ah you presented programs. i do it said it took him to watch the film ends with lg. there is no more cuts on off lending that has no concept of teaching. it's almost hard to bring me to find out. this sunday. in two and fifteen bst mobs schools. the insult of god. for tickets and august with is this gave us two months was a large number of options as to when the onions cheese. they are normal people in some places that haven't seen that one should not meddle in the end to it. it seems that the law it dawned upon us. the law to mean just because his board's governance and civil society have been infused with the odd that he contends in fact i didn't. howard was in the morning and head to
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the uk down on the mental photo above. and it was out on a bad idea. i am tempted to die speech by him and allow the name consistently and not speech. she decries. education offered at the tomb was bundled up like a dog and i was soon set a precedent and elegance i was on his and my dad to the corinthians for when the idea is that reality it's tuesday and finds guides they are no muslims lose with from corn thousand and two. jason's kiddos sitting by the end of his neck wound and done with mud sports column going to do was give them the news that all these duties and singing. we are going to be done by ten to sixteen weeks months course is a robot. it is something we can watch. we cannot afford to let me ask you bonnie. what happens next in mixtures an election year and
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in suffolk. i think of anything that jesus and to keep me and think that education schemes that have much more optimistic view of attack. i think what the doctor next time i'm taking it from outside of education and love. acting sen that the case. i mean huge pots. you know without it i can go apostate government wants to add to opening up the deal is for everyone else and getting into teaching me if you want to partake of the things he wouldn't be exact moment that it was inflating education to the track. i mean you don't do was look knows me could let him buy to let that side of south africa. i couldn't let the un said his team as an institution that is in place but of course it's just not for some. they went and that takes time as well as access to the beach. it's you know it's on the announcement and said he doubts that it's getting all the students amidst all the links are
7:51 pm
the summit. she is so much vacation spot and i think he'll be getting more against its own interest towards him and tons of tiny depletion and acts in science is me suffering in south africa which it is one of the province's rock and soul but it's not on inside africa it's across the well to me find that it is sometimes a bit cautious about the pentagon said that the kids that he take an independent from the world as well. it'll be out getting daddy and i think the mean time into a new more time than i wanted just mentioned has recently stated that the top of that there was a bit of mandela magic united states might say it the and the stadium medieval magic yes. mendoza tribute triggering a chance encounter and the handshake between barack obama and dry will ask for this tuesday the obama brought with him in tow all living. not all bleak news presence that is certain his two previous answers. that is to say bill clinton and george w bush one of you by the way of viewers on on twitter for a nice comment in the usa brought to pass it to you
7:52 pm
that previous us presidents to the mental memorial so that zimbabwe mugabe mugabe in doubt. france's socialist present by the way he invited his conservative treat assessor to tag along although a small loans and the grasshoppers he did not fly on the scene. the they didn't mean to be like that on the same thing with eleven on their allowance. why do so because then told her son and oldest ally in on the ground when you read it. we didn't even speak a little bit david johnston began. it's good to see as yours is reporting on or even a discrepancy between me and the ideals that aspired to and in that confronts the problem is that reaching across the aisle is very difficult. it's true the inference is so difficult to speak with dr. however the prisoner with that of mindanao in the mirror and
7:53 pm
like it or in france. do we tell you when the second grade because of the independence of his country. this difference to how as a sort of deal on ornaments approach where in london i was trying to talk up the cup. i was hoping it's the record for brochures from it empowers people to court so they can all say that and it was a big boost in state or country. new to us and the distance. i'm certainly have no love lost between those two presidents minute of it to me so that's the ticket was mentioning that speech by nelson mandela whose nineteen sixty three. opening arguments at the roof only a trial that would send him down for twenty seven years. nelson mandela to the four hour speech to challenge the court had on. i have. every day. i have b i g and so so. we need
7:54 pm
to get it all. like it. to me it may be. i might get did i the audi. you were being stored in music. absolutely absolutely i think whatever you do realize she must have cost the team. and responsibility. it's an extension of the huge teaching. expats in you. i need. but what what what what i do. i've always pushed an incentive to use it in college. and this is because no one is like that in itself in power and the tone to
7:55 pm
the needs that it's been an inspiration when the inspiration and don't think i would've done when i'm done. in those words you sense that he's a man with a plan to fiction. very very strong you have to have a plan i think what's the most important being quite what i learn about his life is that it think what the media who he is so important is to have an idea of gold to be self empowered to know what you want in life and he told the strife and that you can have all of this hardships in life but when the plan with the goal win in michigan. it can achieve that. one final word from you and to me sat and sipped a cup. when the truth and reconciliation commission was convened at that. at that moment did you then nolan said. from now on it was going to be ok. south africa was going to become
7:56 pm
the rainbow nation. clothes that they do this or this link. but do we go along famously. still the most violent the origins of the vote in his study. that in nineteen ninety and nineteen ninety three i only caught. tricia was no danger to his design was summoned and. oh and it seemed he was mobbed with the ball do. what was then closed this month in what they want. tomlinson is the sole box. the beauty of its beginnings in four innings and six. was that he loves all before noon. if the roosters out of cindy god brought into being the cost of tuition. posters
7:57 pm
in an orphanage in suits. but beyond that england in the fall nine range and has since sold off during those years the report said me aboard judgments. stevens was mumbling and then raised the death sentence was flown to be unconstitutional. so it's really helping the country. doug was in the back garden that unless it out. and when day. clemson used in the style you know when the promotional tools you need to include cities and that was promoted to its own the sixteenth of december nineteen ninety five. given the order was based on this across. there was a sense of expectation. since all is all the things of the stool. it was nonetheless the us team has nonetheless with enforcing were running out of time someone asks me that there did it. it certainly paved the way i wish we could talk about it longer to me so and said take many many thanks for joining us from johannesburg i want to think
7:58 pm
that the restaurant is run because i'm so done with a rope on the sega monique most loudly and the last time thank you for joining us here for the last until today but still. use your daily laundry to do with the african continent following the trends and developments with the correspondence as you'd guess. political economic cultural and social news from across the continent of africa me mummy to play date like forty five pm still in one thousand cuts. woo hoo. i
7:59 pm
call. d. thus the exceeding
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the twenty fourteen is out on capitol hill lawmakers and the dragging their feet when it comes to finding the defence department yesterday announced an agreement. so what's the new nba and what's been left out he's now on that hat. and what's this on the prize in the door and growing income inequality is forcing families out of their homes as a result the big apple it seemed the most homeless children. since the great re


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