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tv   Euro News  PBS  December 11, 2013 6:30am-7:01am PST

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it for the day. cos breaking news top twenty. so much either or situation. stocks while. gordon use. son. take
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the street savvy ukraine pushing riot police away from the massive protest counts they are angry over the decision to reject the eu apartheid icon nelson mandela drive up capital for the kids will pay their respects to their former president of the next three days. the licensee. below for gay activists in india the supreme court reinstate the colonial era ban on
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homosexuality. firstly this out of the attack in ukraine riot police have reportedly moved away from kiev city hall after failing to take back the building from protesters. over ten thousand defiant demonstrators faced off with the police after officials took down barricades and towns from the protesters kept overnight there has the latest from kiev. what they actually pulled out from the eagle that not only get the bill will go to get the right and that it was a deadbeat be fitted with a fold out a position to do it that the position that they were hoping to build a house so that faking it. which was due she said that they take a look at what the limitation is that if you think that the debate whether that be now. and that the that
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the building and being that each for two hours overnight and at some point he was the work week though. like what we keep it current that there will be storming into the baby and a half day if they seem to shake the fourth we aren't in a row. i did it it called the applicant. but now i think everything is fine but she loved you know that the team that you think you speak. they have even felt that the attention from back in the fact that they're at their intended to put it that the resolution and the pedestrians can watch lehi of like an event that made them interesting and the only real lubbock six that's less than fried. what kind of action is there now that's a victory. the place is moving out of the city hall the abb to be doing there that believe they have to get into position to claim victory in that. that he wouldn't that be that all the way to achieving them
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built by the school which she eyed the opening at the clinic for dieting or hopefully now that the footing of which one of which relate to it. but in any case it is a big victory and the crowd at the indie scene leaking each article about a kid that can't be there in the eu and the filament before and the people that i didn't think about what the heck out the speed to beat it in french soldiers killed in central african republic they were the first casualties of the french military intervention that that's just five days old met with some of the sixteen hundred french soldiers now in the former colony. part of an international force to try and help disarm rebels that they are please see here explains. the president himself into police respects before the silky skin. ok england twenty eighteen you are shot on monday nate died
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soon afterwards. speaking to french troops the president was clear. the mission will continue. we will interest you or i read alongside any groups. there would be more and more. that they will help our troops on the grounds and at the same time depending on the elders of our troops would later be withdrawn if it is august. this is true that the situation is difficult even though we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her daughter. the french aren't operation is in the fall until then cites still break out regularly. on tuesday and mob armed with bats in the cities destroyed a mosque and the neighboring houses in town. husband to interview on sunday for slowdown said the current president was tempted to jack had led his country slide into chaos. auntie z both leaders met behind closed doors but the french president told journalists elections should be held as soon as possible. it had been
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said that a potential election should take place at the beginning of two thousand fifteen. it is clear that we can in my opinion shortlist carried into it during the second semester next year oh for the past week more than five hundred people have been killed in sectarian fighting. and about a hundred thousand people have been forced out of their homes she's not africa where the body of anti apartheid icon nelson mandela is lying in state in the capital pretoria. thousands are there to say their final farewell to the former president hero and emma's body will be transported to and from the union buildings victoria's seat of power for the next three days ahead of his funeral sunday. mark thompson has gone. nelson mandela's for the left's the story amid a tree costs alone. some chose to celebrate his life . we
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create. we really do. that's because the hay. as the great tunes and reflected on his passing. thompson's wake up early on wednesday to line the streets of the south african capital to say that most defines to the former leader. it was a procession laden with symbolism. london is what he was transported three the city down medieval streets and eventually to the union buildings. this is when mandela was sworn in as the country's first black president almost twenty years ago. is one evil eye. that's the mp fit to break into the for three days. around sixty thousand people. our are expected to pay their respects and cousin. mind over the fence to be laid to
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rest in the state funeral on sunday in india in the east of the country. but the anti apartheid leaders some routes than last years of his life with presents and former heads of states from around the world are expected to attend the service. it will be officiated by one of montana's oldest friends comes most trusted allies archbishop desmond tt spring and i respond and i face planted can inspect it now i teach us how people react in there. i think the temperature as well to me in the body and pay their respects. they will keep the ice that is an ancient mystic see that they will be traveling to pretoria to go and say a final farewell to nelson and data. another thing that any media the pacing and jacobs and i did not seek an exhausting day. granddad had eel fish a memorial service. the soccer city stadium eats away at the jacob zuma did not take steps today. national holiday. and this meant that
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people were not able to get a couple from work to go to the official memorial service now that soccer city stadium has a capacity of ninety five thousand people. as the soul from the officials yesterday the state he was not full to capacity and partly due to the bad way though it was rainy yesterday but an honest people are saying. being a holiday yesterday they would be able to take off from work to go and attend a memorial service but they say they now have thirty days to go and travel to pretoria to go and paid the last respects to nelson mandela. some people would say they've seen nelson and dad on renovation they heard the one radio takes evening in the news is that it known to man yet they were able to be physically close to them and the next three days that we all going to take the opportunity to go to pretoria to stand in a queue to go to his casket which was in the beginning and
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buildings. the iptv and say a final farewell. itc and ended up disappointed and sad that many people had the outset that massive memorial yesterday as some are disappointed coming out of the service resign ourselves to think that my reaction has been to that entire memorial service today and particularly to the keynote speech and jacob's him. well i'm here and not in the midst of a new state to seize back the camp on tuesday reported on the memorial service and toothpaste yesterday. what we saw yesterday was when jacob seem that the president of south africa into the stadium he was booed by some in to see her crotch and olson a time when his face was featured on the big screens they would use. we walked onto the podium to go and make the speech people same boat. in fact some people even left the stadium as apprentice to win. american president barack obama will need to bring him a nice beach and after he made the speech. he was she dead
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he even got a standing ovation. not this is just an indication of the railing and increase this contentment and satisfaction that people have with jacob sumac and it's certainly going to be an interesting yet twenty fourteen south africa which sucked because nick's channel reduction night took the kids some of the new state this this morning and some of the headlines that i wrote down that i was tidying was the main beirut nation as opposed to the brain of a nation. business days he died was bruce lee soo man in front of the vip audience and the stars had done was assuming is intimidation the fact that people with ppt you may be a team in front of goal he says he's truly an indication of the dissatisfaction with him that itc is not reporting there from ten pounds. gay activists in the heart of scotland both disappeared when dan has a lot of
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acrimony layout criminalizing homosexuality for years gay activists have argued for the chance to live openly in india's deeply conservative society everyone's decision now on that said it was a bikini dunno him daily routine the reaction was that it is to say she know when it first came out. so it has to be said that this morning's but it was almost entirely unexpected. members of the rights community did expected the apex court to take a much more positive that stand on the issue. now it has left a lot of people are shocked and deeply disappointed and sat back in dst rights movement by decade if it's not more. now in many ways as you said this i know is nothing more than condoning a legacy that town that makes it kind of creepy but to engage in a con a relationship that is against the order of nature. well years ago in a set of making judgments that daddy high court had done exempted homosexual acts from this
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that occasional now it's back to square one. what a gay rights community is what is a modified because this particular at all has rarely if ever be used to prosecute to add dots but consensual but it has been used up by the police to harass homosexuals. now of the gay rights community in india as well can i stand there protesting even as we speak of the hat said that this morning's judgment with is a bawdy go to beat those brides to be quarantine privacy and dignity. i am just a brief what's the quality of life like for gay people in india have been thinking about a seven screen shot. i saw years ago it did look like things were improving as i said that the delhi high court's judgment was second rate it than anybody expected things to improve snowy knowledge of the city's utopia you'll be the accepted for the homeless action but if you like going to laguna and as the best in discriminated against making it difficult for them to step out at last count the indian
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government on the supreme court's that bed at two point five million homeless shows any doubt of the gay rights community believes that side to be across an estimation the kids a dog of the bailouts and go straight to step out and out except that the sections mickey and the band's next came the gay community appeal this decision many community is going to take up this issue now on. the supreme court has essentially the cute sets out from any to become the second store to buy back into the government's court and said that the government can appeal the snow like that so too was as novice but to give the government has less than six months left in office operating in many ways as the name doc got home and it's good to get a seat even affect what to bring in the motion into the bottom and significant others governments to get support from conservative and amends but now it remains a meeting to start the week and likes to see what happened next thanks so much for the taking of reporting there from delhi. the state in
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order to study with my comeuppance. we'll welcome to the interview here on falsely cat. well it's been three years since the tunisian fruit vendor torch himself in despair over daily life into his country's longtime dictator. touched off the brush fire for bolts across the arab world. these days it's hard to mention that series to start uprisings which we know were known at the time is the arab spring. that sense of cruel irony perhaps from tunisia egypt libya to syria the hopes of millions of citizens many of them at least it turned to disenchantment sense in some cases that one authoritarian system has nearly been swapped for another one out my guest today is an awsome some money. thank you for being here in iraq yesterday as his nonprofit that so many times before. you know this
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region. all too well you were not born in lebanon in nineteen fifty one. you lift to the worst of that country's civil war. former lebanese culture minister hugh whole phd in literature and politics. but you've also served as a senior advisor to the former us attorney general kofi and on and today i could keep going. today you are the team of the paris school of international affairs part of seals though you wear many hats you've done quite alot. he deftly know this region that's why wanna start with the honor of spring. cruel and peter ironing is what we're saying to me years later when you look at this region you see two nations cannot use the syriac war. you see it let the non perhaps having just below her right now up you see egypt italy polarized what you think what you think when you hear me say the word arab spring they used to. so i let others do it. what a day and
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thought that we have entered in the edo people. some all the ingredients of these evils of that approach against him. and some of the extremely disappointing the pulpit is tied to be a prodigious poker this informative to open this means i'm dead of them. but that is now gone. i'm not saying it's going to stay with us back to tuesday. in some areas when you have a two year around the total religious diversity the sappy blues have the lead. two syllable words like and syria. or put it or not why can't she. so yes. we are in the middle of it. my feeling is that. we have not yet reached. the whole geographic scope will be sappy we have not yet reached
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the apex and the intent to kill these people. and have not sent to the not yet found a new balance. the babies forces and vying for power in these countries. therefore it is exceedingly adventures to come today and say i prefer to how things would be for them to what's happening now what i think it's going to and that is about my feelings my feeling is back with tennessee and i'm not saying beginning but i think that it would take many more years even in. experiences like to mention want it to take many years before it settles into a new constitution on politico. acquitted. let's take a quick look at the relatively un promising area perhaps the darkest area guests bring syria itself right now. we've heard warnings lately. intensifying sectarian conflict of clan warfare. potentially new base for al qaeda linked militants
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it continues to seems to go from bad to worse. it's not a country that the story that's happening is that. is that you how to beat anthony you're doing. pugh who survive in this policy and have an opposition that this divide it. and most of the country is basically open to either wants to on friday and then floor. i know are other groups that of our journey be deducted. activity then the situation because you have here. high in the middle of symmetry. in the attic you go people fight the dead or stop working people typing on the one hand you have a jacket on hezbollah. the chicks than miley can you not be the anti semite the key supporting the regime. at the loose in the opposition are not absolutely not getting the same kind of support
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either because that looks like a blue tack the door because anyway the west doesn't want to be in or you get that out of her thesis was on the gulf states nothing is alive and active woman and that gives the school it to his seat stadium from ava. because as long as the regional powers on. and doing good proxy war that. through le. one side of oldest of them wore it to prove to war. then between it onto a a b a at them at an international it's not a dam that the war against him as the regime wants us to believe was basically the west as being fundamentally discontent and disengage. isn't it. you're a former advisor to a u n secretary general whereabouts of peace talks right now peace talks upon ki moon has been yet been very much encouraging about realistic but encouraging to you at all encouraged by the prospect of
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east peace talks can lead to some the other to get the peace abbey and too many peace process including the one on the bedroom and into the gospel. at the candy either as professor the new firm or as an adviser to set the agenda and one thing. ie i believe to be the center to get the peace process. is it what the court thinks fit me the moment when that is the piece they make and hiking. it's the damage it is too cute. that's the hope we don't have that right now i don't need it so i'm not gaining ten tonight. i believe god. both sides to believe that they can win through military means the political position a few months ago now that is the regime and the beagle position again and if you want us to play. i don't know what the hole. i think the domestic unit has reached
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him he fasted and divided security council in order to pace the pk that i live in is it thinks fit me the cynicism of the bill position still believes that it down. that took off her even cries its troops and the game down and then he reads that it is gaining. so i guess you have this instant that unless you have the two sides. conscious that they cannot win i'm conscious that the statement that i think that it's very hard to grow and compete but how do we get to play right now by all reports we have russia still arming the regime the pitch are too many guys get to craft a ran as well. we don't have the west on the street they'd like to know the moderate opposite. why it's an estimate that the conflicts that reach that point so it's a piece. we want me to the point you're just talking about now if we cannot. because at these prices means also some kind of activity between a foreign force his way in order to fight this. you haven't been eaten and that was in on
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supporting these games i would be in some doubt about that separately from the international level. it's very much with the teaching of duets this attitude. ram to use the quran as he insists he can and should do should it and can play a role in east peace process. i mean you can't do it without her that's evident even as they support the show are citing can tell you the american revolution i do it without the need to do with the style of these words these are two of the most important country and visited this conflict therefore if you are looking for the peace process. you need them first to disengage from cia to stop getting the two sides arms and weapons and finance. you need to second to weigh on there but they wanted proxies and this will lower the wind carries them to compass with white house inviting a pretend gun that has he done that at all. you know. in fact with the news using it for something that is much more important for him which
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is to reinforce to fall off the day he was the united states the state is not to accept please use the new name is using that to his music has been using majority of different places on the word. the first thing in some kind of a vaccuum. he aided by some sort of macon was or that the spirit there was road from afghanistan and iraq. and also in order to re establish some form of added to the united states. bought them make them ready for that that's da da. as of today to give to give a clue to this kind of fun using all of the stand that anybody. no christ centered in order to do with that. with some success in stadia. some are successful you can in some success and tuna but not enough. two of the two employees. a new form of play but my point of view makes bipolar world. there's very little time yet left i mentioned the beginning you were born in levin on you
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lifted the country's civil war. what are your impressions right now we need to see the worst fears some of them coming to the spillover of violence eleven on itself on lebanese territory. what is inclusive and wars were contained in one board now who wants the students have been worse civil war that is contained within the borders of the county with this taking place. so all you out. ross has his speed and that is the local fight that is going hiking day. there are a few of the denny's biking was no position on iraq. the band is as modeled by theme of this type of regime that suspended in the process but to also have a spinner. although when you have. and the city and or pro syrian regime forces. at the pursuing their objectives and eleven or go position using. i don't really consider it in a letter in some respects it seems just a battlefield really wet it is also the same extent that plus a free iraq now and it
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could be one that cuts off jordan as well. you don't have civil war is that you can contained in any board in right now. he then after cattle in the mid eighties that's the kind enough to see the sunset on a whim and a half to a foot really been on that slightly pessimistic note i suppose but on we have been talking about the arts bring in a broad sense three years later an end and more specifically about the ad the syrian war and the prospects for peace and thank you very much for being my guest bedroom. and thanks to you for watching the interferon. i can. ay ay ay ay ay ay ay. more people are using the smart phones which were filled with access to medicare. with from scratch precincts my friends are proving increasingly useful in day to day life
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now when kenya's rift valley films using the devices take some impatience. these religious never set foot in a hospital. but thanks to the lab they can still be diagnosed correctly the medical team uses the cabbage this can lead to be on the couch iraq's is what is welcome on any of the point it's easy to reach populations living in remote entry is about all the projects we need to be out. it was and that its patience to understood at least to me is that easy days to imagine you define that labels dog just a start date set for each patient's meaning that to treatment some unknown time for the digits if you let some isolates its aid to the end of the diseases that could cause blindness could be avoided. i'm in the majority those people who wanted to know is that just has a mind set. thanks to this cute set on it she says can use three hundred euro birds instead of my examination equipment
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the cost of one hundred thousand euros. i know i i i due to the st kitts was the day. because breaking news on points. either or situation. such. what. good news. eye. d. as a buyer that
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would be prime minister of russia and the mutual goals and the president can extend pointed out the practical importance of the russian deputy prime minister's visit to kazakhstan in the need for timely addressing the various issues of bilateral nature as the press service of the head of state reports. besides discuss the issues of military technical cooperation to industrial cooperation as well as bilateral interaction in the space a


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