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tv   RT News  PBS  December 11, 2013 10:30am-11:01am PST

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knew who will win. ukrainian opposition has called for testers to start in government buildings irritability by gatehouse and other nice accent when the storm into roadblocks. i like the compass will send to the west. the deferred taxes as well to come up short and the beast high level us were presented to the scene at the prices of housing up to it. also to stop multiple
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zone of the awol powers especially the kids that don't fit the new rumsfeld specials against chevron to play by the bulls to make atlanta not need to see a one hundred thousand options education arrives in the islamic state. he also crossed argentina. stores are stocked and war to break down leaving at eleven people dead a striking piece for peace to return to black. until that paid him on sunday the he's a great line from the yearbook she seemed to match with the future the job. rice peas have made divine comedy central's claim the ukrainian cup assault on ten hours long standoff with anti government protest is during tonight's special forces trying to win the barricades blocking
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traffic that the opposition says it was a vine and quiet town but failed. oh she's old school isn't keen on certainly it more protests is in independence square behind me right now. odd then that was out of the net was a nice time yes they're calling schools from the opposition for people to come down to pull the meat mix of last night's police operation meanwhile the opposition have responded to a friend's party tonight to tell the kids to the wealth heavyweight coaxing champion one of the high profile opposition leaders of course it has a sweet age. we caught make a compromise with angst and it takes is that we should get rid of them the number one issue you is the resignation of president yanukovich and his putrid administration the us assistant secretary of state victoria communities in kiev at the mine and she's just concluded a meeting with president that together cut the cheese trying to find and help find a diplomatic solution to the problem she says that's not the west and weld is watching you crank the migrants she says there is still part of
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the democratic party to a diplomatic solution to this problem and there is still part of the european ski jump before he ever before. i'm eighteen. she was seen mingling with the crowd she was out walking around with the protest is up behind him handing out bread and so i will sleep warm drinks two outs but the protest is on to say the least. around one thirty in the morning the pentagon their operation to remove dismantle the fire takes to be built up around the top of the effect of extracting the city for the last couple of weeks and i started to push protested by cuttlebug. but slight speech. i was trying some boxes a day to break out this morning. police tried to retake be out six you'll be interested to build it has been used as a makeshift headquarters by the opposition for the last number of weeks they were met by fierce resistance from the opposition from the protesters. the police to report to come and sit in temperatures of minus ten it was quite an effective resistance in the place ended
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up retreating twenty from the city goal but also from my independence quack behind me. well this is one of the bookcase that was removed by police on tuesday night as you can say we've got a rather surreal situation of the fact that the protest is simply reveals the monotony of a retail said. they rebuilt it bigger and stronger than it was peaceful organizers are all staying for more more people to send home made on squares you can say with hearing got reports that one university's council to lectures and seminars to allow students to come down and protect them with the numbers in my dance class beginning to swell in the bar tasting build bigger and stronger than before the main question now is it was the response of the authorities going to basically said the company's retirement the barricades one small bowl to make chains toxic. the cellson't ill tidings and said don't ring believes the position he does and deliberately out of applying the actions of the us or she's in order to
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curry favor from that for him lutheran school is just a puppet. she is nobody. his words should not be taken seriously everybody understands. please please somebody else's team did you create your voice to ukrainians. you see koreans themselves for you to decide the future. i considered a possible forty fold increase the role. polish your opinion after considerable into domestic theaters. all the great ukrainian nation what's going on in ukraine right now including the chance to disperse the protesters is being done to their delicate much mobility that you can expect many other countries of the world and should not exaggerate was going on the radio. wes has already expressed outrage at the actions of the ukrainian authorities the uk foreign
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secretary said it's unacceptable while the ui a second cup stating his opinion and even stronger times as usc's can actually come across town from washington. it's not often that you hear the word discuss that from a diplomat is usually reserved for some tremendous events well john kerry just use that to describe the decision of the ukrainian leadership could dismantle protesters barricaded the center of kiev and kiss would be set. united states expresses his disgust with the decision of ukrainian authorities to meet the peaceful protesting keys my town square where white police bulldozers and the cause rather than with respect for democratic rights and human dignity before secretary kerry speaks so it sounds like he speaks from a position that the us would never do anything like that but apparently completely forgot how twenty years ago right. police in the us. this man called hangs in the listed hundreds of occupied protested across the country citing local anti camping loss or a deep about how aggressively riot police dispersed the protests in oakland for sample air with
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regard to ukraine washington made no secret that he wanted his deal to happen a free trade agreement between ukraine and he is to quickly get into a much larger free trade agreement that he is now being negotiated between the two nd beat the west but of course in its statement the us state department focus is on the right the desperation of ukrainian protesters that support comes back if the words but also in action. the department is deployed. the assistant secretary of state until a letter to the streets of kiev to cheer up the protesters as well as hold meetings with the opposition and government officials in order to push this deal forward. and it seems the stakes are high for washington in ukraine at the moment. the strong wise from washington blanketed by b e t is for an f as cheap present kiev me sing with the opposition and authorities that doesn't sound that mercury sending hoax but until that does not still faces a fine high profile foreign politicians is more a case of meddling in
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antenna has been trying to find peace. i know actually imagine something like selling to imagine a situation where they say that was the wrong team. since belongs to him. all four of the credit system stands alone to do and let's say somebody for the flooring country save russia came along and attempted to negotiate between the protest is the government. it seems most strange to me i have to say. and on monday with a reason to why he's actually it seems to me that when i'm sorry does involve themselves in the affairs of the country which they don't always understand very well. that's him in the news that she doesn't speak ukrainian he didn't speak russian. boating helping me with political themes and opened it to the situation in ukraine. one wonders what possible compromise solution. they can help too. rings prime
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minister says the process of preventing teen payment something made to keep society running lights out how the government struggling to keep the home and uploaded then sunday smiles and shakes as took the rush hour and a re entered the mine snapped and teheran. both have shown that scene on a two night when is comes to fiscal challenges and the mideast them growing civil stand up and see where it is one of them during pinochet's an inbounds pass this up. not a law making that up for auction in humanity ministers of playing in front of me get smiley and then a good mood and the euro like only three old friends and started to move and the agreements reached at in geneva and the band but i did read through talks and
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the iran's nuclear program and teheran agreed to hire the trains because parts of the content that it has momentum tuned for the international sanctions the country has been suffering from the last decades. i've been on such minister andre unnoticed is the root sentiment and i tell you i wasn't not think it is important that where the sites keep the ends of the deal. we were doing this to go to. you're on hold. it cited by the end the fight for one's country has to say especially those which might cause of the un security council to begin editing sanctions that there are reports that the sms messages cost of the situation iran said that. and i that catastrophe up human tragedy just a month's time. i grabbed the man's head back to switzerland to concoct in june but to some wimpy stance and two bedroom condo on mr i've read has sent this
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message agae resolved peacefuly and second in ron has to be part of the solution has to take part in june but the peace talks. its leaves today i've heard reports that some of the natural way of thinking would be more effective to use force instead of donald. these reports were not confirmed the initiative will be successful and any attempt to undermine it will be a blatant violation of international wheel cemented in the u n security council resolution. i was to emphasize that it stopped to stare into the side of the countries concerned that the international community has to help them in college that i support him. potential miniature intervention in syria was not an avoidance of canada. after the government agreed to destroy its toxic us know that death is still reading time in the least of chemical weapons are being held up by israel and egypt refusal to join an international convention
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collab with ciaran now on hold this little space left for countries to many to ask why was he expect this could soon be a thing of the cost is reduced shooting contest mosques in the pipeline of recommendation to the cabinet to stop manufacturing and four civilians. since this month in office chemical weapons arsenal seems to have lifted it off a three d theaters of the chemicals straight. was a few months ago that this was due to disputes. today the paranoia has died down. he comes off to city destroyed one of its chemical with his production facilities. he's on track to eliminate its entire stockpile of the middle of next year. the chemical weapons are among the most important weapons ever known to man. and we the nations of the world have agreed to abandon that weaponry a long time ago. the two countries in the middle east. come on board. egypt and israel television's actually signed
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but not manage to find the cubicle with his contention that calculus the production stockpiling and use of chemical weapons the reason is that one the receipt of some arcane the conduit points in the region. and of course all of these away to those who want again for reasons all the parents go on within the infamous cover keeps up the capabilities. it has always been vague on the topic of chemical weapons according to foreign media reports it all has a stockpile of this with ease but these weighty topics for each item we allow steam to many christians within reason of the time he thinks the queue it be true. we don't have to be good. when the defense establishment to know of the things we don't do anything to go. this area onto the pitch and is also looking into sweet kind and the organization that controls chemical weapons is keeping up the pressure we re
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here is the stuff to send letters to the non state parties including israel and encouraging the job but without joining the convention that means you can see the view has no legal mandate to undertake verification activities to verify compliance assassin of the cubicle with its arsenal in the middle east is dismantled but the pilot to tennessee. the israeli government is facing growing international pressure to come on board. when crt tv not only the angst that swarming out of the race was for sauces as well. that has made a trio with my sister was the cool new fronds and dale to happen to stake its claim to abbas portion of the freezing north. i'm closing the door to trace the epa considers is a big chunk of its attractiveness on to brussels wants to define how open borders can be for different businesses all right the eye do you
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speak your language. love you all know that. news programs and documentaries in spanish what max's to you. great to use alternative angle. hidden stories. due to it. okies for no more visits to it. he built home ale. i guess this is obscene to national outcome. leasing and finance have now left eleven people dead across argentina as police continued a nationwide strike a balance to pay. a source has been named the active on snacking on agitate as the base am trying to disrupt the thirteenth in the master of the country's return to democracy on sea
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sponge correspondent ignacio to get the act. reports now from onesie voting is spreading across the country as people take abundance of the bloodiest write this must be waiting to shops to feel whatever they can they be seen making up with all sorts of goods like moe by post much this is an even be here some people are locking themselves in their homes and businesses in trying to keep out of the street. others are arming themselves for the security forces have been sent into some r e s where violence has broken out and the government blames the situation on the nose hurts. it says that aren't it all scales people that are tiffany was sorry if argentina has returned to democracy and tuesday. this all started a week ago when police went on strike in the city of god abide in the center of the country two people died in violence that broke out a small set type stores and businesses that offer no dap and doubled police made two almost two
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thousand dollars per month to get them back to work strikes dense bread and now security forces in almost eighteen percent of argentina's region's top off the job bryce is all for retail goods are rising rapidly by twenty five percent each year making it difficult for many people to make do as most others. the situation could get farther out of control in strikes spread from police to nurses or other groups employed by the government ms koh and his address on the chase as the authorities have brought this on themselves. you are seeing regular criminals and killers pluto was just playing teams are taking advantage of the fact that the police on the streets to do all the eulogy. this is the result of thirty years of so called democracy because it's basically a system whereby people who are often supported by the bloody hours finally get into power and especially ten years of the kitchener government have
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done everything possible to lower the educational basis of the people so as you see we have people who are trained to wanting to get something for nothing. they have become used to working and just be living on government welfare and out of the arvo police on the streets to take the opportunity to do all the routine. now what signs the verbal gaffes in the car back. this causes of people by the society on a new symbol for the russian currency. this is the way that each way to the russian arsenal attending which he spent some time i saw skills competencies. untill so that we eat while st joeys in parliament as uruguay late july is a merry one the decision house with some nice as the chill. pick among several chief of russia's armed forces has pointed domenici in a new direction tools the arctic the race for
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the boss resources of the icy wilderness is a rapidly heating up commenting that patience has its offer up my spine your etsy for russia to defend its interests on monday current acclaimed abbas twentieth of the arctic myself engaging the north pole but missed this as disparate as an extension of russia's continental shelf and an intense depraved got was made an expedition in two thousand and seven. it culminated in russia wanting it all i'm going to see field beneath the north pole of the four thousand meat isn't a wartime. most also lost a step up its miniature presence in that region russia canada the us norway and denmark or border the arctic which is basic contain billions of dollars worth of oil and gas. despite the posturing and easing canadian arctic research entities common sense will prevail the future of the world economy to some extent is dependent on the arctic and i think you know russia and canada the united states and norway and denmark are very
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interested in exploiting these resources. i think you know common sense will probably prevail in that you know that it's not the interest if any of these arctic countries to go to war over those resources. i think there is mechanisms that play through the arctic council through a number of different pre treat the processes for cooperation to get this resolved. while the un convention on the law of the sea makes its decisions but at the problem is is that the you know in the meantime countries can sometimes be the plate to the politics of their other nations i think you know drugs or were seeing a militarization of the arctic in canada were seeing canada claimed the north pole when in fact there is scientific committee really didn't include that in the draft that there are going to send to the united nations convention. so this kind of posturing that they can be very dangerous somehow that taught us is happening around the globe
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the months of finance at mama's mountains in southern china has killed at least sixteen people and injured for it. the blaze broke out in a second line to undertake more than a hundred point is that i was to bring it under control if the pm of course the nineties but the local authorities are now planning safety checks. as for now the united nations has expressed deep inside of the hundreds of thousands of sea when becky jesus come to the cross comes in the middle east and the heavy snow storms and torrential rains and other than eighteen thousand of those displaced risk spending the winter in a flimsy plastic tennis and the temperatures well below freezing in the denny's on these helping to distribute emergency kits designed to help refugees supply the cold wind. wells biggest knock it's crazy but it's very un an open border policy is that still doesn't promise businesses and the european union guaranteed success the songs he's one of my car
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has been pointing out a free trade doesn't necessarily mean free of bureaucracy york likes cheese. he has confidence has built up and trading businesses whole thing is that good stuff constant and six and simon said. the single market including french products or exporting british ones can be seen. we stayed there the simple ways of complexity to it and claudia. autistic school that where ice and a view that studies the disease which traces. kilsyth i do what rhymes with great spirit i dip the tip of the high school. celtic festival stakes winning. if i did first and only then thinks he's the best company said being on the bikini
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offerings month in benefits to the lake at a school that i doubt its normal business is in the uk us and thoughts on the european union. one b in wales to tell the restrictions being consistant in brussels. teams don't mind sounds and twenty cigarettes online and in shops around wales the business remained constant in with the kids try to kick the habit. brussels is trying to regulate the industry is considering a consummate devices as medicinal products the lord and cell phone rang. e cigarettes as medicinal products like this is the best output of tens of millions of pounds the company but basically the adult business the problem is the cost and video to see unfold. it is still possible for small or medium size company to get the use of this license so will you be looking at is that the tobacco companies taking to the electronic cigarette industry. of course
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they have the nice motivation to pursue that the seeker is the fourth sentence as the company pays extra for short he says on the shelf space. the business is forced to shut down. he made many christians in the us must say that companies complaining increasingly about the budget as european regulation making them less competitive in a critical market. i use to be true you are a little more skeptical now these regulations is disproportionate. they can force business is out so that i have to business. they will sue potentially could cost many millions of mines policy that makes you more skeptical it is of course the case of apples and oranges who are the key. e cigarettes the two reminder about how differently the european union is viewed in british business legally carry on to london. next time it can be breathtaking stunts performed by case and the second stanza
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ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay. it was. this one for school. be sure what to put security you'll want to speak face to face it what's with that. so will be added to the one who sees it as this one. this was going to waste. people go hungry. some one billion
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people on my lunch at one point five billion in two weeks. almost sixty percent of twitter is that it never reaches out succulents is wasted on a production line one on supply chain and even hostile. possible force cruel world we have been a research when you know that you beat me. not snow and the twenty minute interview people having enough food in schools is a major cold. it's just much more about increasing efficiency improve the production of thistles about distribution of the global difficult to read compass. it's about sports how we use natural resources than if we can become more efficient and the sparkly princess or so. what resources we have enough for producing food for monday when people go to any of them and of course to become much more efficient than we are today the curiously named to the stem test also did it first with just an offering of service. but many who attend experiments of surprise that the quality of
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work considering it legitimate film fest but with the least. the many of the filmmakers did their part by not simply to reading demonizing bad cops. instead they humanize. using the powerfully display the daily challenges of the space. these films are intended to air on afghan television. he used by police groups will be submitted international film fest. at first it seems an unlikely pair. the afghan filmmakers police. both groups of the same interest in a more independent and secure afghanistan this is the education establishment the cheap enough that the penitentiary department a present for you mates main offenders in the georgian capital tbilisi. it just in time to inform the juvenile justice center undertaken by the government of georgia and unicef and supported by the european union rehabilitation of young offenders and their reintegration into society it's a crucial aspect. this
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has come up with an old idea of supporting the kid needs of patients in jordan and i think he gets the job that is deemed accurate and that he would ask the medicine and treatment they had been safe mining pits can be used to import technique to sin and so should they fail the bombing instance take this pill down nice and tight in the coming years. i'm still likes the medicines to fifty two it wasn't of the population. i get paid two hundred and seventy. it is well below the lives of john f kennedy's things for the nineteen sixties european union plus to mobilize the energy of youth and the elderly as volunteers to build the skills they need to gain of one european parliament wants to add his proposed plan. the report proposes creation of a centralized eu portal to include a section on cross border volunteering. it encourages member states to adopt a voluntary measurement method approved by
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the international labour organization to provide a clear picture of voluntary work that's to insure against volunteerism turning into free labor undermining existing jobs. that means in the world also any team wants done. top zz you . the news
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on jillian. yeah spread abroad while my hands shaking hands with cuba for one euro at a memorial for nelson mandela and december can be re are just here between the leaders of g or ideological opponent that reflected the anti apartheid hero spirit of reconciliation but the peace and harmony did not spread to south african president jacob them up from the crowd at the rain soaked soccer stadium in johannesburg


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