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on jillian. yeah spread abroad while my hands shaking hands with cuba for one euro at a memorial for nelson mandela and december can be re are just here between the leaders of g or ideological opponent that reflected the anti apartheid hero spirit of reconciliation but the peace and harmony did not spread to south african president jacob them up from the crowd at the rain soaked soccer stadium in johannesburg who didn't hear as he prepared to give its
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clothing and wrapped knesset speaker you are the catalyst i represented israel at the ceremony heading a delegation of five knesset member. the last minute arrangements reportedly led to confusion and concern within the israeli leadership and in the south african jurist humidity that israel might wind up with no official representative at the ceremony. and what the report did as ordered russia's military to increase its focus on the object and if it is planned by the end of the year to operate military bases in the resource rich region for world powers are jostling for control speaking to defence minister sergei story to putin praised the military's work in the arctic. united states denmark and norway are also pressing for control of what they considered to be their fair share of mass to fund half the oil and natural gas reserves. russia has already completed work on renovating
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an airfield on the notice to appear for trial in prudence and which with the band in nineteen ninety three earlier this year maths test and ten warships and for ice breakers to the island in a show of four. underscoring must get sensitivity over arching claims russia arrested thirty people on board a greenpeace ship during a september protest against russian offshore arctic drilling . the us mail it to us in our bible story african forces into central african republic the decision kind of front requested assistance in and the lead slip to bring an end to the lunch i call a spot on in clashes between christians and muslims. french soldiers have been killed in abundance peace comes disguised off the powers the city's minutes he presents to one thousand six hundred troops in
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the form of common in recent dies his famous opera late in the death toll with the red cross officials report saying at least four hundred and sixty five people think it would and i'm going since november fifth. the central african republic plummeted into trials of the rebel foliage is on of the three of the government's earlier this year i'm put in palette of flats mostly made up of the majority christian country. un officials warned that the republic is on race cars rolling into tennis thought this might seem that some four hundred thousand people have been forced out of the claims because of the story. egyptian authorities have fired tear gas a true muslim brotherhood protesters that are in university campus in pieces in the latest in the interim government's brotherhood crack a cold saturday after that saw the downfall of the country's former president of the war see students who protested against police brutality against the demonstrators
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said students were taken because the pa security forces. december's police clashes that so far seem to get stupid stupid stupid says entire fifty people were injured in scuffles on december night that al azhar university between progress and students and security forces students to cairo university have stitched ongoing cities to demand accountability for the killing of their fellow student muhammad read or heard university issued a statement blaming police force her to read but the interior ministry denies the allegations. since the military ousted president muhammad were seated the july heat it security authorities have killed more than one thousand muslim brotherhood supporters and or breasted most of its leaders the campaign has largely succeeded in minimizing for more see protests with the brotherhood has long had a strong presence within egypt she never speaks and ever since the start of the academic year in september the school so that it is the key battleground for the group. in short
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the race trial on the us have time to speak french regional parties to return audra the annual writers woke up to the relief over to make sense governments will convert it from the us and israel have become law it to emanate to speed up front as i make it more transparent as a potential one thousand and sorrow blatant the return of precious word to bomb away by him unconditional it does not require all parties to disguise an ep toes up the odd as it was seized by or tasks of ice and that the guys. the discovery of the transit rise above the one thousand five hundred fine artworks kind from a flat in munich germany where the happenstance the wife of the kites up to the bluetooth from private to its collectors into them and i'll keep on fronds on the notion that we know it in for tea and onto for ti ful. despite a general power to discovering the body by law which was seized by nazis to and well boarded the train two thousand and eleven and early two thousand and twelve it was no content all tired
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but they stated that in all parties' confirmed the discovery. the mm russian president. i commit you to set that ought to just install it onto the rocks just like me get off to dissolving the country's mines tight news like to take out and i need to go ride it will cost up. newsagency on an apostate or i get a pool cost of voice of russia will be absorbed by new and to take drugs is to die said to promote moscow's in its approach. you may treat you so we off to one's cause of our rights by side in the balkans also an essential should not be used in taunts guns will be the new head off the rack suits die. aitken said. already most of russia's media outlets are already too ill to contend with any opponents continue to warn i went on with this light display. underlying the team's plan or tr for
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mining and palate and the kremlin's concerned about the president's right to use an image. i know. american tennis a real war shell out more corn that it's been officially awarded to know if oprah like the chemistry of december ten in a ceremony in stockland sweetened with these likely to identify his trial pokemon cards of that demographic like when it comes to the nautical produce before the ceremony took place on wednesday with community held a special welcome and sentiments that avery is rightly american scientists. the nineties winning smile. the fifth and sixth winners of the chemistry prize in less than a desk i say no to a long list of the us anti tank too timid to the rents they might cut a piece posted on the center of potential recipients of the night was pro lifer out the awards history. among them was always going on is the grumpy who won the noble prize for physics in all it's useful to fall really cool but they
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receive the sign award in two thousand folly of time for my us sales night henry kissinger who was awarded them a surprise in all eighteen seventy three it is unclear what the deal is contingent seems to hold such a statistical of politics but to no school for the taunts of this trial month dollars credits the quality of new york school was acting out while many contempt into this new yorkers are sinful private religious school was he expects the nautical price trends continue as an immigrant from the fullest by the union come up by each the celtics. the site's content. it takes is a known time janice favorites. no amount of money can buy the traditional school at the expense of the site to find that the welts number
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one the cheese add to that extent. across the tri state area. i think that's a victory will be back in time of hanukkah. chuck's dad leaned down to the new is buzzing with activity is done is done to get that states that tradition jurisdictions there's one thing that suits them. wright's twenty nations much to the dismay of cats breaking into his costume as an in ground meat dishes are available in two thousand and six. labor has been seen in the absence of his favorite side dish. usually when we go it's like really. he's normal conditions at this site. stepping in and told them that switches the rebuilding of the new detectives would that be to
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sch. i especially liked when we did get to watch it the text. mommy and satisfied pitch back in nineteen seventy two. i did get to convince dishonesty because i've read on to smother them with busted so i love them always meant a lot of places. overseas and interstate. and it is nothing like a new connection on saturday about its targets care about. i hope it's directed by. this is irresistible as his producer nations standing around fifteen min in the year stacey's this candidate's family and the business for four generations. she says they've been overwhelmed at the response to the shortage of that many items plants well we always knew people in july. it's a phase ii being the affirmation of how much the feeling that people have been the case that i need to get kids to its current form. contacting us at cnet. i dunno. and individual consumers. connie
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and i sat there going at least i can find them anywhere. it seems that ninety two is a peacemaking practice makes perfect luckily enough for me. this recipe a day. no one else has been able to know people in china. being that were very unlucky. their customers feel that we don't need. in this house is that a caretaker. i do. the facility just let the sisters who coached the management accounts to get a bit more creative. with summer around once in the state conditions on the grill now thompson said it right. this bit of that scene crispy on the outside we don't usually give reason to save the square miles of trail but after working out katy texas famous pastrami and hotdogs to keeping the nipple making this and international visitors of the night. it's even easy insane as maori who backs from the team had to do in a lunchtime speech. local
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connections into his car gets to hear how certain generation every street corner a couple commission tom and i and others like great to have been set up commissions. now in your midst of this will have to make do with the brown potato times until the fried spread the ashes on the menu again in a few weeks time. this is a new maths even though the chairs is fun in your no anti islam is far too stopping to look like french forces to retreat or teal brightens and molly's northam return of timbuktu austin eighty one years and prawns become an offensive aimed at driving outplayed the links like this owl from the desert week so wish i had all keep quiet for the majority of two thousand and twelve kicks off the islamist militants are still held up across the north of the region. in
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recent months and mom may have seen attacks on un peacekeepers on the death of tiffany's ten minutes as islam is great step up the rock bryson's off to the french uprights and scott took them across molly and into my drink countries the start of two thousand and thirteen sold the french ministry weekend of bryson's in the country wanting to push bike islamists raffle was in the west african night in my set theory for the islamists no terror stricken been re taken by the mighty him in a tree trunks has recently been forced to deploy one thousand six hundred soldiers to assist the central african republic and its growing sectarian strife the jewish community in south africa has expressed disappointment that israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu's decision to miss the funeral of nelson mandela gps to make it a million dollar cost is that sprinkle the pressed into the south african jewish board of deputies said that
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the financial reason given was pretty upset saying because that stereotypes that uses being stingy with the money. davis ca nathaniel who spend a hundred and twenty seven thousand dollars to add a double bed to a private airline captain during his five hour flight to london to attend the funeral before british prime minister margaret thatcher a bit recently and i snack meal he spend one thousand seven hundred dollars of money on scented candles on his office also spent three thousand dollars in one year on my screen nathaniel he was already spoken warmly of mandela says his pulsing describing him as a man of vision and a freedom of thought to go at the age of ten as the graphite described his decision not to attend the ceremony as a missed opportunity to improve relations. given that no israeli prime minister has visited south africa since the mid nineteen seventies but states this as having painted on altering apartheid rule of the issues including defence policy often and demos and see policy swept to power in nineteen ninety four relations became strained
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that supports the palestinians and their refusal to label goods from israeli settlements as productive as row since that is costing palestinian christians of help friends and lit candles in memory of the foremost african president. many dentists memorial service was held on tenth december in japan is it when schools are infested dignitaries including us president obama and iranian president's house and on the in attendance with israeli president shimon peres too sick to attend knesset speak to you the evil steam and the delegates to fight knesset members represented the jewish state andrew did. if you wish leaders are to joni are called to pressure dan snyder the jewish owner of washington's professional football organization to change the team's name native americans are
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particularly incensed by the name redskins. in an opinion piece written for washington rabbi shaul her down his joint baltimore rabbi aaron frank energy the means to be changed. hurtful speech hurts we still hurtful. the youths that's why you were calling upon people to speak out against this name. we feel we drop on our and our faith in our tradition our tradition teaches us that referring to somebody in a derogatory manner is a terrible terrible mistake. and fans heading to the redskins game against stanford says his team for monday night football tended to agree. add in the picture jason and i think that they are. a lot of people out there that are offended by that name. i think there are seeking to be a teenage it's pretty easy to make a change i know that some of the redskins fans delighted in the kitchen at me which makes sense. it's tradition and that's been around for a long time. i do understand that people have an issue
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with it for multiple reasons one reason in particular is that it is actually a very racist name and in addition to that. i think it's kind of had a lot of bad karma for us to spread inspects the history of the redskins the way it is. i'm tired of reading for the most racist team the nfl. we hide. i don't doubt that everybody here rooting for team loves the team at all the kitty but here it means anything negative. i rooting for the teen ink on snyder is tuitn and has accused the media publishing anti semitic images of him. he was very upset about it and himself up we took a lawsuit against against now the newspapers that didn't sell. we say if it were who you know i'm a prom with him being sensitive to that amazing voice against that but you we should also be sensitive to the fact that our language is hurtful towards the group. then we should be sensitive to that the insider has told the usa
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today newspaper he will never change the team's name though i were talking about here that i am now. two people in the herbert and that derogatory language derogatory speech. derogatory behavior bigotry. the nurses in rooting for football team who take advantage of her name through fort morgan over that native american troops launched the efforts to convince dan snyder to change the team's name. they are now winning support from different faiths and political groups including muslims and hispanics. as support grows for a new name for washington football team dan snyder's hens may be forced. the navajo woman has filed a lawsuit arguing that derogatory names cannot be trademarked. and if the judge agrees that means the redskins name could be found illegal forcing a name change. this is priscilla huff forge and one in washington. north korea has
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announced proposals intended to spread can't listen close to seek did not see states appealing and has confirmed the financial districts based on the existing two decades old rezone special economic zone on the introduced in every province across the country. theres only strategic port based in the folders with rapture and joined a place one hundred and fifty foreign companies from twenty countries. north korea would also facilitate foreign investment and provide investors especially in centers and guarantees local business leaders to be given great or call me from pyongyang to both promote and manage the business take today. however the reforms are expected to be limited we see in the heavens all to engage and economic reforms and opening up along the worlds of china and the men. they are part of
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the period limit and that tends to open up to attract foreign investment the carina state school situated controls the case of industrial complex to sell korea with fifty three thousand north koreans work however the complex which is open in two thousand for falling in the south trade investments is struggling off to receive pleasure of trade dispute between the two countries. north korea spends around twenty five percent of its gdp on the mitre the country faces crippling poverty caused by the crumbling infrastructure making and inefficiention agricultural beyond the angles and faces international trade sanctions teachers keep a weapons program thus speaks week entertainment industry americans use it the most awesome bowling on the onset will endeavor to dp hollywood
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and your cinema. however american jazz pianist and stephens lake. he spoke. he tells the crucial role played by a jewish pioneers in the story of american pop music. i didn't stop to playing the piano teacher fine youth and his cooperation since then beaten some of the biggest names in international call and roll song falling costs of the steve miller band to working with eric clapton and the rolling stones while living in england. ben is in europe again on toll and we spoke on stage in madrid about school since plants into mike's his old senate seat the street to the great american songbook. well it comes from of course at the university wisconsin which was originally titled the irving berlin to the beastie boys who knows the twentieth century in popular music. and the fact is that even though the who only been two percent of the american population
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they've contributed like eighty percent of the popular music both composers and performers and producers and executives and lawyers said so of them of books that i wrote that came from the scores traces of their history in its called the there was a fire music in the american dream in a chair next to the jewish experience in pop music. what the development of an american dream and what that might be. and did not keep his jewish background the real folks holding his new life until his son. today grace jones and about his son five years old. the father and he wanted to pass on some heavy jewishness as he recounts in the book in a similar way many american cheese in the music industry he cites a while to fully assimilate into us society on our way to have it stitched. you know the answer from irving berlin what does being a jewish have to do with your success after all and aunt mimi came to the country in six years old spoke on the edition was very
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successful and he said absolutely not. i'm an american hero white christmas he wrote a song about easter but he never wrote a really cute song if you expect of george gershwin as to what is being led to a ship to do with your success he said nothing of an american composer they ask bob dylan nothing on it. so one of the reasons is that the same being a jew has nothing to do with it. it's probably the most jewish thing you can send him back. that's the typical response is i think that's part of the reason have been hesitant to point out to the enormous influence that despite stories from some quarters about the future jewish communities in the us begins my age and low birth rates continue lending unit sits and thinks the show was a flawed understanding of the nature of the jewish story in america. it's not that the to become americanized said america has become jewish him anyways so
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the trail and the impact of what's jewish in america. it is very rich and varied profile nor the reasons i wanted to write that book is to say look this is jewish peace the saying on the base of the statue of liberty give me your tired your poor your tempest tossed. that was written by a jewish girl emma lazarus that he is the core of the american dream and that's a jewish germans after all we are fifty percent of the jewish population in the world. so where the united states goes it's not the incidental to the tuition store. the jewish tradition hasbeen cooperative and call him elements and bands to turn shows that it was the us closed the middle eights but became its new tropes in twentieth century america this is called because of a chain one in spain american
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air let's hear it feel more corporation and us airways group have announced the completion of their seventeen point eight billion dollar merger formally created the world's largest airline american airlines group incorporated the announcement comes as ammar emerge from its twenty eleven bankruptcy filing. us airways doug parker will become ceo of the combined company said ammar style or two will become chairman shares in the new company will trade under the ticker symbol a l. the merger had previously been barred by the us justice department due to concerns over competition within the sector says twenty oh five merger said that the industry from nine major life changes for which now control more than eighty percent of u s market the american airlines group operates six thousand seven hundred daily flights to more than three hundred and thirty destinations to more than fifty countries. it will employ more than one hundred thousand employees worldwide airline officials say they take up to two years for the employees in place of the separate carriers to
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operate as one the two airlines will continue to operate separate websites and reservations systems editor of the january passengers will be able to collect a few smiles when traveling to either carry her the sixteenth and do my weight british independent film awards taking place in the england star's part of london's famous gold fittings gates to you on notice that may impact the film industry in twenty thirteen and respected their enjoyment a pretty trail. write it. a lot it's like to write about it we knew some anointing to the james mcavoy you picked up view was the best stocks for his performance in sales in which he portrayed in
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oklahoma that the strikes were lucky to get the stuff in them with the nominations and stuff. in the school i've been to their limits and so on the leading police on the lessons i really didn't think i've totally minutes to an end. the statue which hurts to walk with the actress to the bolts that is for outstanding contributions to british film industry. the afl to discuss son caden. but the bank hasn't been among the top of that and i want to spell out so well and the usual of the witnessing true to tradition the pino independent production matron manila which takes you three awards including best independent film and best director and lindsay duncan you won best actress for her role in the weekend. i the i will. though. i mean. to me
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will. or do. will the tsar
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i is our. the it is. says
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one male can trust him i need to receive the american institute in taiwan chairman raymond barra caught on so we love it. recourse to tyler's response to china's announcement of the east china sea air defense identification zone. masa tyler's decision to declare


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