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the eye. i knew. welcome to the genitals to lead you live did you hear berlin did. to donate to me. number two in north korea is actually cute what lies ahead with the korean peninsula. in ukraine and the opposition is stamped with the president not no progress was late. and in the us freedom of the contest for a german woman. after two decades on death row the eye. norse
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korea appears to be in the midst of a perch following the execution of the second most powerful man in the country. jones will attack was hanged to death on the orders of the stuff you can michelle on who is now consolidating ska punk how will the skin is successful he couldn't show is still control the country for years to come. the execution of the leading member of his family's old dawn is raising questions about the stability of this unpredictable and newquay of state. like his father and grandfather before him. kim jong un is constructing his own personality cult making link you will not tolerate any threat to his authority. im killing and opinion on just a look and sixty feet in a current state media. using the new day. he was going to
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destroy a hold on to unity execution is too lenient only to be torn up and thrown into the rubbish bin of history. will the lasagna digital cinema. in two years since kim jones who became supreme leader. his uncle john's aunt it was considered by many as north korea's second most powerful thing kept his arrest on sunday is the making of the wickets cost heap on the piano was dramatic. john was shocked that trying to hit the third estate financial mismanagement womanizing and alcohol abuse. any speculation that family ties to cringe on clemency was immediately dispelled when a tribunal condemns him today and ordered his immediate execution. south korea expressed deep concern friday of the developments saying it would have to wash his call to all possibilities generally we've seen in the cost that efforts to crack down on internal insecurities. the text on all provocations. we're paying close attention to the possibility this time as well sharon smith. at
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the genius trust zone between the two koreas to use in the south champion crossed into the mold. meanwhile the eyes of the world are on peeling and to see what kim jong il might still get to the cement his position. but he retooled to cause when jason strolls in seoul and asked him for more about the reaction in south korea here at the top or it could shrug their shoulders the other and the use of a caterpillar korea but her epic government level. there is to serve in the south korean military is overhyped and alert. we just heard that there's concern that north korea could follow that execution to put them to the military provocation. so the government that there are a blur. there was a pretty short staffed that she could take out to restore it which added that she hadn't built a quarter of a cute joke. this
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is still thinking so thank you very much. down to the central african republic where the un refugee agency says more than six hundred people and killed someone and sixty thousand forced from their homes. back in the past week alone by succumbing to a unhcr spokesman said the four hundred and fifty people were killed in the capital balm tea alone. routines and reprisal killings have auntie andrea. and the african union says it is compared to more than double its peacekeeping force to six thousand troops ron's has deployed one thousand six hundred of its fullest. sydney has increased majority and was plunged into chaos often mainly muslim rebels seized power in a comeback. each. in south africa a scuffle broke out this awesome unit crowd of mourners have been wishing to see the body of nelson mandela minute states. then this happened up to police as they were overwhelmed by the numbers and starts to speak to me. about one hundred thousand mourners
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lined up outside government buildings in pretoria where mandela's line buying states some have been waiting for the hours we were turned away dell will be buried on sunday. now the upper house of the belgian parliament has voted in favor of controversial plans to extend the right to assisted suicide to terminally ill children the senate voted by fifty to seventeen for the measure which now goes to lower its supporters hope it will be improved and elections coming up in may. the bill allows minus two loss to euthanasia on the grounds that the illnesses tunnel and a great pain and there is no treatment treatment that would alleviate stress the request was being cleaned by the patient's medical team and improve my house. which ukraine that when told to be now between the embattled president thing to yanukovich in the country's three main protest leaders including boxing champion vitali klitschko. klitschko has
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become something of a figurehead for the pro european movement in the country. until today. he ruled out any talks with the president instead demanding that idiotic over step down. now he's taking a more open approach. head up to see the premium clients on independence clearing downtown kiev up on stage three opposition leaders present a united front the only county bulk of the far right nationalist spoke a little party. from the fatherland party of the imprisoned former prime minister yulia tymoshenko here's our senior tenure and the leader of the order party heavyweight boxing champion vitali klitschko the three announced a decision to change round table talks held by president viktor yanukovich. the first sign of compromise after weeks of protests. you know it. that job the main opposition demanded the government resign
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the first meeting between the two sides yielded little progress. yanukovich did offer an amnesty for protesters who were detained when the police trying to clear independence square on december first. opposition leaders not to stick with their core demands. and in the queue was under two weeks ago it is. the opposition has made little progress towards its ultimate goals and preparations are being made for the next mass rally this weekend. with the very latest from central kiev was pretty in our correspondent there marcus raya market so there's been no progress at these talks today. what comes next i was glad to see the big leagues this could get to pretend to be off to the talks he said this was no dialogue dollars was needed
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in a demonstration of art by ukrainians leadership. um and he and his colleagues from that the other opposition parties. protesters to take to the teeth in their thousands again on sunday they expect a m on the intercom actually. oregon on the other hand wore at home against. the deadlock in ukraine. and to national bankruptcy to come closer and closer. did you mentioned there's a big rally there hoping for a million people from the opposition side but from government. people are also planning a rally in central kiev this weekend how big are the chances that could be trouble. the chances are i'll be quite high up in what is more of these pro yanukovich for any of you is just off my tongue. i'm hundreds of thousands of people i expected and many are denied the independence of the fbi on these
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properties hyatt of me to try to add to that is not quite as not to provocations to start. cash is out with the nap mom and i intend it to the provocations of out very often uses data from the soviet republics to discredit the opposition movement and to justify of the hardline approach by government crackdown on easter protest movements. so many of the aisle. all blacks it is inevitable. on to this crisis secondary soft. a tense situation coming up on the weekend markers crayons thank you for now more weeks we're in germany the next government is taking shape reports indicate the conservatives and social democrats have agreed on the makeup of the new cabinet and foxtel's i flamenco is keeping the lineup under wraps for now. she's waiting for the results of the balance of the spd grown switched on when the scene showing the coalition the three hundred thousand systems and access into it and then file of papers and
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red and puffy need is to say that they are confident they will get the dough and sauce seems to be in that sense today. so i was is vote going to go in the spring and terry martin down parliament to studios for us following story. terry the spd is saying they're confident that a yes vote where is all that confidence coming from that's right brian the spd the leaders of the people eaters do believe that the party will approve the coalition agreement and they have good reason to be confident that they've been getting feedback from the party rank and file members. in anticipation of the voting for the most part the feedback has been caused in nablus a poll showing that up over eighty percent of germans do expect the agreement to be approved by the spd members and the spd members themselves a poll of them. says that over ninety percent of them are suggesting that the vote will go through so we can expect to be approved and setting the stage for information on
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all of germany's new calf pairs and vote counting continues to cabinet is taking shape what can we expect there. all german media reports suggest that there will be fourteen members in the cabinet. in addition to the chancellor and her chief of staff or chance or three ministers come and six that those prayers are said to be going to the spd eight to the conservatives to the cd yes the best you to be a couple of familiar faces from the spd back in the cabinet of fun but this time my now could be the foreign ministers suggested that he will again take up that list those are the godly of the leader of the spd is expected to take on a common double ministry which will combine economics and energy to determine without looking ahead for us thanks very much to us now with its been a rare round compromise on capitol hill in washington us houses approved the federal budget that for now loses track of another government
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or an implant does represent a medici of months ago as the likeness is that it shows that washington can still governing by christ's. three hundred and thirty two members of the house of representatives voted in favor of the two year budget deal ninety four against it was a rare show of bipartisanship the republicans have a majority in the house and often ruled out a compromise with democrats in the sea the speaker of the house has held a tea party and conservative interest groups for opposing the deal. no i came inside for a smaller less costly more accountable federal government. this budget agreement takes giant steps in the right direction everyday i wanted. one purpose cannot be criticized in agreement that they've never seen. he began to wonder just how probable. of those of those actions are
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now the budget goes to the democratic led senate where it is expected to cost this rules out another government shutdown in the foreseeable future. and that of course detainees in u s economy and global markets to stefan full day this reaction from the french stock exchange another government shutdown in the u s would hurt the economy and would surely tracked down share prices so investors all over the long held that kind of relief that politicians in the us found the first compromise which is the first step of many more steps to do with the market in general could not benefit to it from this tv i love him and the markets are down because of profit taking and the many that we've seen after three months now and so the dax went down for the second week in coeur old mainly driven by the fact that too. there is
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lots of uncertainty in the market. he's also pushing that was one of them and some of the market numbers into more detail starting off with the dax in frankfurt which ended today about no point one percent lower than ranting off what's asked of them mentioned was a week of profit taking. to put on his own safety demo twenty percent and close it and seeking new york trading still underway on the dow was completely flat to the limit is fifteen thousand seven hundred and forty and the euro on the tourist markets are trading one us dollar thirty seven twenty top. it is in tennis and east asian nations on in japan for some it is likely to be dominated by disputes with china. the easy on leaders gathering in turkey as a territorial disputes must not erupt into conflict the meeting comes as concerns mount over time his declaration of an airhead zone which covers islands claimed by both japan and south korea as well. thomas
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also set to celebrate forty years of diplomatic ties between easy on engine the dough into a short break just a minute there so don't go and stay with this. the us are you. moe the mistakes of
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the posts. she was infected i foresee the linkage to the ancient shrine. it aims to prevent mother to child transmission of aids. each nation. fourteen innocent i make it a nation. the chief u n chemical weapons inspector on the shells from has delivered his final report in the use of chemical weapons in syria cells from officially ending to that report to un sec gen banking noon on thursday. it cites what he says is credible evidence that chemical weapons have been used in a fine places in syria. he said he didn't have enough information to corroborate the course of two of the incident. the deadly attack on the damascus on the team will be a slave to the us and russian agreement to eliminate serious chemical weapons by the middle of next
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year. respect is mandate did not include identifying with the government will rebel forces were behind the attacks. does the report is any indication the question to all of the mind of the german institute for international and security what the report is not a skier down five cases where the time that can weaken weapons inspectors have honed indications that this may have to you especially to a few times cases. this is sufficient evidence to say that that term very probably was the use of chemical weapons than the other instances there many question marks and equipment provide difficult it will be instances aqueduct time for a break any of the evidence that was provided so and there's not a fan on it acquired quite a mixed picture. and it's very difficult to talk on collision in terms of what's the point is responsible for full for us here. when an eight oz he's going to be removing and destroying
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serious existing stockpiles of chemical weapons on his identity. it's still huge turn around there's been one huge step forward and that we know have paid construction technologies that enable us to deal with the most dangerous materials the united states will provide technology that inhibits the destruction of them some of the blue chemical weapons agents on the high seas on an american ship to you which turned just in terms of security and to transport these materials to a port and then on to you you crash and symbolic but what happened with the two years to come on of the destruction process. found this quite inquisitive and moaned and ten to fourteen thousand tonnes of material that could then have to call it into a in for their facility to be destroyed and scope of the activities of honda countries that is willing to take this experience. will the surprise is a complete ease. will it completely rule out the risk of future attacks who could get the weapons hidden that we
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dare not that. in syria the danger is probably much less of course so far we have not been able to verify that i liked them hidden chemical that says that determine the use of the stocks that have been deeply and now are in deed or the chemical and instead are still in the country. like i think there's a high degree of certainty that i'm am basically on to material has to be carried by art history and in government so i think that danger has too much ricci was of course the monetary would have to continue on even after this assumption is finished and packed the sauce which items to add to the antarctic and even begun to think of all put into effect in the country that continues to be in a war torn into it there's a conflict going on maya thank you very much for joining us. well coming up in this program will be reporting on a new twist in the closely watched case of an arizona woman alleged of ordered the murder of her four year old son the festival here is another
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story simply. eye. he and laura had taken place be returning to two european kitchen tables anytime soon the european court has said that the european commission failed to follow that chris jack twenty oh two riots the genetically modified spots in twenty two. us secretary of state john kerry has been meeting with israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu tried to break the deadlock in peace talks restarted in july. terry was palestinian and israeli leaders to reach a framework agreement by the end of january. fall a child murder committed more than two decades ago was putting the spotlight on the death penalty in america and how it's applied especially in the state of arizona. deborah miller was convicted of involvement in some staff she's been no deaths were in the seats that is until this september when she was released pending a possible
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recall this cross marks the spot when police found the body of christopher milky rather to take to school pupil nose to place well. and he thinks he knows the real reason was the four year old child was naked. when tender age children are murdered it usually related to ed covering up the crime of child molestation of always really believes obsessed with them. you see. so it differently. they claim to christopher was killed because of the five thousand online insurance policy. they kissed his mother the chairman colin did pretty okay. trying to intimidate him the court sentenced today. one day before that the addict she will spend to keep on local tv station she didn't like it touches. christopher
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cheerful says he also said to me and cuban child again he can to keep things from monsanto which is now disused haiti. it was then has his doubts about the guilt began to cry. and ever and i were sitting down. well it especially when. police report showed up claiming she confessed. i was positive that she did not confess. and i couldn't find any kind of evidence linking her to the crime. no recorded confession. the distinctive them understand that a claim to me she had confessed that was enough for the coolest bit late to make some content had on previous occasions line and it's up to twenty three years on concern that means he successfully appealed the decision on his home video shows him re
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uniting with them. now prosecutors are seeking a re trial. cheerful doesn't think they'll be successful. he can hardly believe me if you miss me and put today on such slim evidence. this is an absolute example of what is wrong with the death penalty. you destroy lives to kill innocent people in this time this murder under color of law or at least attempted mm long. he could be found guilty again all that much is the case had to take to the mind set that came. he doesn't want to give testimony. if he doesn't take the witness stand. he could walk free. this time the court. max calls and villages cells from the next match the style has aroused a lot of passions from the very beginning is continuing to do so you know what can we expect from this latest
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hearing and will we see a re trial. well the hearing on friday is so important because it will probably decided that the main witness armando is all doubts that has to testify or not he does not want to testify but he might be forced to do so just a reminder of the news of that is the detective who interrogated detrimental to the right and the beginning and he said that she confessed but there's no confession and writing there's nothing recorded so it's his word against her word and his work has suffered greatly in the last couple of three years because it was disclosed that he had repeatedly lied under oath in the office and also corrupt so that's one of the main reasons why did the promoter was released on bond and then he doesn't want to testify because it might damage himself now. if he doesn't have to testify at the end of the prosecution basically
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doesn't have the case anymore what kind of coverage is this trial getting in the united states and has that old reignited debate over the death panel. you know you're an arizona lot of people know about this case obviously there's this really depends who you ask what they think about the case i would say most people are taught to think that that remote is innocent but it really has not start any kind of discussion about the death penalty. and now arizona sort of in the midfield when it comes to the it capital punishment in the united states there's other states that executes for more people than arizona actually the exact number in arizona since the death penalty was re introduced in the seventies is thirty six executions uniform or in texas and oklahoma in virginia. so a lot of local compassion for the case of course the german community in the united states is very interested in the case as well but it has not start anything close to a discussion about capital
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punishment. corresponding match last month for us in phoenix at the trial. max thanks very much. germans have a reputation for being a stickler for the details but just taking things to a new pajamas so could see his gallery in brazil for the telco's danger and will come next year. it seems nothing fitted the bill one of the squad will be moving into a luxurious new resort that in fact still being built by john and develop the team is denying reports that the resort is being built especially for kids it's a paradise under the palm trees. temple but he on the atlantic ice covers one point five pick says. it was at sixty five the comments of school and training facilities the unfinished resort isn't being built specifically to gemini and i will confess guests will have to throw in some aspects of the complex we are not true to yourself and for the we have certain requirements relating to a
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group and the amount of capital from the gondola we found the conditions and pass it on the north pole the coffin. nearby produce a total has gone flight connections to suffer till receipt that info today is a witch and he will play its games to beat us in the country s largest sale mcc is limited so it's very important and the content and getting cabin fever during a tournament you have to do designs and of course the accommodation hasn today. the desperate imitation guns and tighten the water. she has accepted tampa bay he as gemini space now it needs to be finished that's due to happen but must make steel. the salsa now sigh so much for joining us stay with this we'll have more news for you deserved that. i had. i don't. it
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seems to me. contact center he said. all spend my money first two. two explosions at its that time. it is. sells
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says. cancer korean star iraq. specialist utilize the political economic social and cultural issues of korean society. korea us relations
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is the most important relations. we leave any country sunday at twelve pm we knew we knew who will it's six won fourteen euros with grind up some. adi da exiting the bailouts a milestone but a warning it's not the end of the road to improvement


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