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tv   Newsline  PBS  December 13, 2013 8:30pm-8:41pm PST

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am the eye i don't. cheese line. trying to sell. we also all watches are trying to figure out what's next in the country's biggest of the political people the uncle of subpoena the ditch and on and was denounced for trying to seize time and picked it back. and i say cdm and this is the minute she may be under suspicion and next in line for punishment. some top class form of bias canon of the national defense commission and the country's second most powerful men amid the tribunal's sentence handed to dad. state media
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that point he said he didn't hesitate. the warning says tom admitted to having try to see sky animated speaker eight cents a pot of strings aunties tea cozies. their son had been executed last month i sensed something that no matter p officials he believed he could possibly to join his care. and it says town for the tea can involve style from the national security agency. it's a secret agents but the state security department. i like to track down the suspects and pass them. south korea's defence minister has warned that hotline is in the north could pass for managing action against the south can claim jesus as the evening trying to do demonstrate loyalty to that need to. in this respect the national defense committee on friday he knew and she believed the execution has started a new opponent after that we
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have raised the level of others to prepare for any possible outcomes. this tends to send south korean authorities at least one new thing on this count as on the current attacks like the twenty ten shedding of south korea's young son aiden one suspects this and jake oni says turns execution of plants that that lte of north korean state ends. what is indicated however is the values of the regime their low regard for human life and what is probably the worst human rights record in the world. kearney also said mills. the rains do not honor their financial obligations and i increasingly isolated. as amounting to view china as the key figure behind north korea's economic performance and try to second. how his execution might affect the country. officials in county and at the post attack on to five insult discussing
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the ongoing investor complex in the most polluted city of cats on the thirty month and stayed the same dance the execution. who's the president will be wednesday the tenth song takes courage is an internal affair. though the nose is separate to the problem from the case on complex. jungle the project is and will be implemented as scheduled the expense and to south korea's unification ministry says all great but analysts proposal to meet next thursday. he says. john and alice and retelling inspections of the complex about twenty officials and expats from the group of twenty countries fell to six and then visit annie and encouraging overseas investments. instead into a chant of commons had nothing unusual has happened in the north south relations. mr monk suggests that the north is intent on proceeding with the cassava project begun test of turns execution. he
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said the joint complex in an important source of foreign currency for them no. germany is a japanese prime minister shinzo abe's cooking for me still an ice in light of china's growing demand a change to the tease. he screamed and southeast asia on the system of more closely with depend on security. not only does the haunting talked to mom for tea as a free nations. in this town that caused dissent is concerned about the defense identification sound. china's status astonished of the east tennessee. it turns to say that trying to change the status quo to the east and south china seas can restrict freedom of plans for us to action and intimidation i mean to say that the well known empty in a policy of hostility toward specific states will keep the door open that done on. he also called for morning then spent an airline price between japan and era. chinese state
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as the saying good bye to breakneck economic wealth has unveiled plans to teach extension that sustainable style at. comments on team doesn't need to spend four days discussing their economic plans for next tn this tea crushing one easy to see says he agreed to maintain stability in their policies and consider but the cold appropriate. they become the current s comes china's environment and increase the gap between debates and the club the incumbents and bills and debts by funding projects to keep the economy growing he's engaging see them get his stats under control. they look welcoming go to target to see and to centerpoint by the senate. the good outcome on target for all that remains to be seen. peel and weapons inspection as i have spent months sending web and find his insanity use
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chemical weapons. the cd and found evidence of such attacks in multiple locations the seagulls opus else thomas admitted his team's final report to you and so be gentle kind email. experts examined the sights of seven attacks. the study they consume ten was inspired to make sense. the cd believe the place has been used in four places including the seventh of march the team had already found signatures of sounding dance just outside damascus eight hundred people were killed than in august. sitting camping trips and opposition forces have accused each other of using chemical weapons. elan respect a seedy could not that anyone who was responsible for the attacks the lesson began on the defense called to punish the weapons. we need to remain hidden. he showed at the door for reference. i mean ate it. the guardian
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syria. but every day the concept of the ecu and student council next monday defence officials in yemen have shown what happened last week when matt attends us all to demand that the hospital a nice dvd of a bomb attack that killed more than fifty people. my stupid the deal at a hospital in the compound of the defence ministry. a suicide bomber drives into the compound. the compass into flames and a blouse banks the building. i'm not the same guiding side and pink remains. this is a good book called group called al qaeda in the inning and canals that claimed responsibility. the amount of costs. i wound. i do the eye
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easts. my niece has been re elected in japan's ancient capital hotel and could thus changing style female and sixteen as insta call and they can to says michael has paid a courtesy call on the town's teaching ahead of the new year. was this teaching that stinky monarch i know this. the morning trying to get to teach why is it that teachers on december the teams. and above the cost e f and m for any pre teens the men in a practice room where the teacher offered to students was at the current trends and told each and were fun to be used next tn. do you think. this is the first time for me to the state in the traditionally used the same. a train harder next
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year. now who is nine and jacob and i don't have to tell a lie. i know this. i am some still looms. in an. he's the highest mountain in the tropics. in current use of civilization history


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