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and cultural issues of korean society. korea investment missions is the most important relations. we live in a country sunday at twelve pm. welcome to nhk too smart i take each of the buy in tokyo with the latest updates on. the leaders of japan and southeast asian nations say they will step up cooperation to see tool freedom of aviation and safety of commercial flights. this is viewed to be in reaction to china's really astonished and defense identification zone japan's prime minister as usual thing and its counterparts from the pan out to him and the scale the summit in tokyo the benchmark for the eyes of
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relations between japan and the regional bloc of ammo supply into providing nearly twenty billion dollars loan from a well defined yes that's his house down to long term economic committee in two thousand fifteen. they'll schools than any of them to unilaterally change this to the school hall to restrict the older i become small aviation based on the freedom of aviation as a reason for strong this out into the enclave the farm into china's recent activities in the east and south china sea all day and reminds us all to mankind at the hostel now that he issued a joint statement. this album was co chair of the summit the statement sent to japan a and have agreed to strengthen their cooperation to securely free dump all the skyline the safety of civilian flights. in accordance with the principle of international law. are you among my company. read all the time to time to head to toe. especially the fish and all the files tennessee. we
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all agree that the nations in the region and should not attempt to change the whole workforce had been chewed off by the international arrival due to stupid to get out of oven. the chill the pessimists the statement comes amid china's increased nighttime activities in the region china recently the clamor and defense identification zone although the east china sea. japan is the mounting that china would revoke the zone which covers and space some of the same conduct guided and controlled by japan claimed by china and taiwan. this independent on cmt are expanding their cooperation beyond a night out to all the balls to the global level. he said the latest summit as for a staged around the house in relationship to undo the damage. china islam and elude the probe has successfully landed on the moon less than two weeks after lifting off from
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the successful moon landing was the soviet union's luna twenty fully nineteen seventy six. please please drop the father from a brain seems to trump robbing sunday of this month. it was all the thing about fifteen km some of the moon's south is standing on the dumps on a bike ride at seventeen ten the utc. china's state run television pool kept the keys to repeat them fly the achievement has made chai now one of only three countries south of the form of soviet union and the united states to send a man comes to this office of the moon. john wesley is expected to release so roll on roll that called you to watch a drop it to subang to move stuff is for the next three months. please expect attacks on the bike exploration programs on the moon with a view to gaining access to the natural resources that that i not completed its first manned space flight colony of this century and plans to open its
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own space to deny iran the two thousand and eight north korea's state run media has given its fast coverage of lead of kim jong woman sees the execution of his on call and that presumed mentone count on pack of old korean leadership is up on three trying to shoulder the solidity of the company's great team and the kindle will. today is the head of the autobots me of the death of fall monday that teams don't yell. korean central london reported that kim visited the korean people's army research institute full building design. it showed many photos of the tool but did not say when he made that up. the photos also show kiama being accompanied by cheney own head. the director of the peoples on the total political bureau. john some text was full of ice jam and of the national defense commission and consider the country's second most
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awful pass. i meditate i doodled sentenced him to death. state media reported he had been executed them as they apply to. the trade tribunal's ruling saying that says john admitted to having tried to seize power in a minute. the crew the ruling went to spot these newspaper the rondo shame and again condemned the late john minutes of may edition. a group called him the cubans common who had betrayed the country and the people. a cold fall absolute loyalty to lead us to him. eye. the ball he'll fall the south african president potential mahmoud ahmad has a ride in his hometown a state funeral. he died in december the fifth at the age of ninety five bundle out was the lead of the empty out the faith movement in south africa and a nobel peace laureate the ruling african national
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congress party held the fail whale chavez points to a multi talents of may in the capital pretoria president of jacob's new mouse and among them was like a long flight to seoul to battle against poverty and unemployment continues to be called on the to help resolve the inequalities have consistent throughout the country. cold air i was carried from dallas call things right in the national lines. when a tree house now and then flew off into the eastern cape location of his hometown. dallas coffin was then transported by colm going to scan the village of crude. people lined the streets to pay last respects to the national hero the funeral on sunday will be the last in a series of national level results of this is. clean up from the two thousand eleven new text and is making headway but now all places need to be filed with the radioactive
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waste can be temporarily school. so the japanese government as last communities the end of the crippled the petition site you kept want to post and storage facilities environment minister on the weekend and she hung on and reconstruction messed up pocketing a muddled says that if the fish in the prefecture he asked a guy but i do have some color on the mantle three columns. the bomb on economic and anaheim ducks at the facilities. the storage sites would be used to cold radioactive soil and debris collected from the contamination was a flop his happy . the minister as saying the government will legislate its pledge to remove the waste out of the prefecture of permanent disposal if and communities agreed to host the festivities. the moment plans to acquire nineteen square kilometers in the three pounds and then nationalized the lineup. it was stopped bringing waste to the facilities by jennie reed two thousand bp. update on
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things that consent of local and told us. but local opposition is strong residents say they don't want to give up a line that's been handed down to and from dance steps. residents say the facilities could also this coverage in factories from returning to their hometowns. the government she comforted me and are an artist it's an astounding some of the bundle. we must first take care of but the residents' opinions right now. so that we can create an independent state that they can accept that as soon as possible to even the mighty grateful to the house the central government wants to hold briefings full residence next yet to convince them that often need to build the facilities. up next the wild weather forecast. ay ay ay ay ay ay
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ay ay ay ay ay ay ay. i know sunday's edition of
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the slides. i don't. i am its blooms. in. the and in the east is the highest mountain in the tropics seeking to encourage you to civilization history


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