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tv   CCTV News  PBS  December 15, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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the piece. defence sources said. you knew you knew when will you will. the us. heck got a lead it into what makes the fuss the appearance out of the treats. it seems the execution of his thumb the aussie i'll refrain from an exclusive collection of china's defense identification zone and that ought statements following
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the second time. un chief warns that while it will come to count those in the central african republic. for killing hundreds. ukrainian president viktor chemical which sits down to negotiations with opposition leaders said the government had to mount the tv. welcome to cctv new slide from preaching until we start in the dprk country's leader kim jong un as expected another tree institute for design make and it pays foster appearances since the execution of his once powerful uncle. during his visits to his tears came to mind stressed the importance of construction in using the civilized to socialistic country. he also instructed the institute to play a pioneering rodent riding presidents construction activity in the country to its great to prosperity
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the inspection is seen as a move to further boost the country's military to visit follows the execution of the state of his uncle comes on top. an aussie on our brief ranged from an explicit mention of china's recent declaration of the maritime at defense identification zone of the east china sea and the joint statement following a summit in tokyo awesome countries reportedly did not want that the ad defense identification zone issue to be included in the final dropped as gospel by japan at a summit in tokyo on saturday prime minister shinzo on base at the four nations must comply with the entire film role in relation to the south china sea. bombay was that flashed in loans and grants with nineteen point three billion us dollars to a posse of memphis. the summit's marks forty years of relations between japan and a ten member association of southeast asian nations. oh
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well coz its new national defense program guidelines and nate time difference program and the national security strategy drop next week. prime minister shinzo law face us to move things to balance the two countries defensive capabilities. this report is a newly amended to the guidelines showed japan's comprehensive defense capabilities with the effects it may construct this quantity and quality with the initial japanese media as as activities launched by japan's self defense forces with the support of the midtown defense programs as japan was strengthened its defensive force is on the southwest in our lives national security strategy says japan will play a leading role in protecting maritime border. i will also raise its defence spending of tonight's fight yes by about five percent to reach two hundred and thirty nine billion us dollars that elite old sock respondent on establishing my in tokyo for more on that. well
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the direction of the japan's defence cuts. he has changed quite a bit especially with the arm of penance the scenes of the one to two of the said both of. defense defense capabilities as well as more but participation globally and that peacekeeping operations and a. then concentrated on arms of the maya time. omega defences said they will link the city of lights will produce eighty in western japan as well as that the eyeing to build a form of a movie. a typo value in it to. a full time defences as well as to incorporate ospreys use of race baiting to the defense said defence was up on the other hand cut the number of times. in japan so that shifting a lot to lose them as common and the fences set and a must meet in the post of dependence and china on a
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nine for this is when assessed up of potential threats from the dprk and the other premises scenes of these goalie is to beef up the beat japan's defence force international defence force said. it did this to say that going for it to iowa with his intentions than expected costs. it is that this next tuesday after the cabinet meeting discussion in tokyo disneyland cents more than six hundred people have been killed during the sectarian violence in the central african republic and a pos week un secretary general and keynote on friday won the group scattering obstacles that is in the nation saying while it was what came and was held them to account for the killings of hundreds of sympathy and close on friday unhcr spokesman. who warned that the situation in the country twisted tea or a team photo pointing out that some fifty to one hundred and fifty nine thousand people
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had been displaced from their homes in the comfort of bondi the impoverished country has descended into chaos since march when ms then a rebel groups of the fruit a christian not come from its christian militia attacked the capital last week causing huge casualties. the french defence minister has paid a surprise visit to the central african republic to meet its troops amid continued on breast in a cab to bondi. he stressed how important it is to quell violence that has killed hundreds of people the pos week the new philosophy nothing will be achieved here and to the period of high tension and violence in this country countdown. yes you read link to that there is imperative that the simon and demanded the united nations k best and the african forces is going on and it's being done step by step. that is being done meniscus of promises surprised by the skill of divine inside the house to kill a fun day before
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deploying more forces in provinces outside the capital firms deployed to one thousand six hundred troops in the country last week to close to an african peacekeeping force. every store some wood to pick up the bondi and become disarming go man as well as moving out to other towns for the latest in the central african republic that still stuck responded the cake. parkinson has been falling situation very closely to the captive on the island takes us less talk about the french defence minister is surprised if it will kind of message is he trying to send out. trying to get ready. when she and the occasional gpt on investment. i think a good day. with the drafting of the french campaign. the bond due in part one of that. i
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had for a time of the car was taken from. i mentioned to him who sent them. let's pull back. yes that's it. they were printed on the open making sure that that nickname. i mean i shouldn't have taken to communicate or not that complicated that either. it's the kind that we tot he. i'm tired from men have been completed. he came into the attic find out who won and had the on condition that can. not a mecca of red blue green red and the management of the open in the front they put it on an operation which started on monday. i know we can hear the number it. the big read it and i were taking a break i know that with all the fun and not finding the location of the thai king. you can and
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do me harm. mccain. inside the twenty three on. i really think that statement again and then she made the connection conclusion from the fight. from who i may share that with a strong man instead. on the ticket that it kept them apart they can deny that the note taking on. kate's as a french to sound african peacekeepers out war on the ground that is the security situation in the cup so catching an infection. are we taking a high sheen on the youth market for making that and what we think the punishment that it did to merit teaching them or at the unit in india when the biden. i did not repeat them again and show the market for re make the ban on terror and the rabbit and then the binding i need it to me during my time to me that for plaid pants panic at bay. i'm glad the african union or without a permit to skip
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the part that any and all that. they can be efficiently i'm glad they're there to get my liking front of me the heat hits and two. in the mall. seeing that number eight. menon and again it hit me. we are conducting in the bottom of the pool. it's a tough week with the incorrect or try to comment the fact that we don't need be. i can think of him and that they need me so during. the in broad daylight think of the match and take up respondent had pockets and fun game to capture that the central african republic pillaging cctv news stay with us. and since i did this. and
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why. each. two i ran to. do you. i was off. zz you. geez it is seeking to introduce him to dance to it. in two weeks aah. although
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the fridge and leasing. it's coming closer to us. you boys with me. an accident the new you. let's watch to get there i bought. he delivered the news. let's explore. we get you inside. real. every day. cctv luton mm mm. such culture extends. the war
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the telling to thailand now and siegelman protest is continue to compound the atonement house. i said neither is scheduled to meet another tray to find a solution to the political crisis in four weeks to protest this had been demanding prime minister election a lot to step down the deal we told to respond to it anytime and i'm called to tell this to protest is today cannot be regarded as a stand off and why the red shirts who are supporting the government on the scene on the streets. it's interesting that the red shirts a state ban on so this was peeking through the rest of the dead know they use during intercourse. see here charges of terrorism to his involvement in the two thousand and ten bridges roads. he said the riches of the time of standing back face he said they had no interest in coming out on the streets. unless they feel the democratic process is
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seriously under threat he said even in that instance they wouldn't come as the red shirts they would just come out as a civil movement so that we do see a slight shift in that sense. i'd say was oh so interesting this weekend is that over the last two weekends. we seemed very large numbers of people out on the streets. the central bank of the hero's be paralyzed by his mom says that of the dentures. today it's very different even the mention the standoff between police and protesters anti government hasn't already a stand off their awesome soldiers protecting the very tools of government house to protest is to get in that they wanted they went in the other day and then leave again but it's not really a stand up to such a thing. we accepted at the moment the people in it which is what the protests is a cone of unspoken eight months on the streets. now it's all negotiations which are going on behind the scene. a john and uncle tony to ukraine our president viktor yanukovich sat down with opposition leaders on friday to hash out
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a resolution for the country's political crisis as protest and ted the fourth week. this comes just days before the president is scheduled to meet his russian counterpart to the victim in putting increasing the anthologies of pro european demonstrates this next week on a report from pf. grab the opposition press headquarters to get the latest and by opposition leaders prior to the much anticipated meeting with the country's disheveled president. we are going to victory in the cold which to deliver your two months the demands of justice. it amounts to punish those who treat to green's badly huge amounts to release that the illegally detained and your demands for the reason the nation of the government and the creation of an ukrainian authorities ukraine a sharply divided on how the country should move forward. the people in independence square are pushing for modernizing reforms and ties to the last woman to the east of
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the country that wants to foster the historical ties to russia. i mean the association agreement with the european union would transform the country's political ego and state institutions that comes with painful conditions and would jeopardize the existing relations with moscow in june new negotiation these be your reunion of old rules all agreement to give it all free trade. the schmuck and very important for us especially if a missionary chemistry and cook. export allowances to europe would be tightly controlled under the agreement and caustic trade relations with russia there's also hope of a reduction in oil and gas prices should the ukraine align itself with its eastern neighbor. it is not enough to satisfy pro european demonstrators. a visit to moscow by present and congrats on tuesday is increasing anxiety. so is the threat of further police action on the square over the weekend as opposing rallies take place in key and a few hours ago this
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barricade was simply snow and sand bags but i can see now that they are really fortifying of the area with steel bars barbed wire in their welding something over there a clear indication that there are expectations that the situation is likely that he got one meeting between top ukrainian officials on friday failed to produce any result a moratorium on violence was cold but tensions remain high as stressed in ukrainian politics remains alone natalie kearney cctv in kiev ukraine. protests have paralyzed be praying for the pasta three weeks is seriously affecting the country's economy. when economic acts that's the size of ukrainian people need to return to their normal lives as soon as possible i know several countries from one district came to k in the demod the eighteen forties was always standing on the square nobody that company when to act without cuts fuel companies will make your
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profits and starts taking off scuffle to pay their taxes he has to pay to get instability grow demand in ukraine for foreign currency is finding an essential find his foster burning through its depleted reserves from the beginning of an obama to get some by the country's go to the foreign currency reserves declined by nine sons and the country's current state and national bonds have always said he found it. the protests have deteriorated to an already troubled economy which has been in recession for the pasta eighteen months president of mic is all using india on a three day visit where he's expected to ask india to give its heavy weaponry has blessed and shoes for passion with till next year. india is also expected to act as a mediate between united states. i'm not gonna stopped whether the judge has small. i
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thought that the common good i would have been a good thing given the backdrop of the fact that troops would complete their withdrawal from cotton on. i could have bought the house in fourteen hundred died in doubt that this is aimed at convincing in got to get to spend friday that the greek goddess and got him two hundred and fifty thousand titles and also got a call to the us or quantity i'm sending petty that the top of the country's influence or need no need for bethany and on top of the majestic and equipment like transport and other engineering equipment. it also includes singing of god for that. in india me mind of god that i was warned that india should that make the status of god that i'm told that he has got to meet that happened back to bite you keep it off with. i understand that you guys betty about this. i'm half that of independent india wants that it did. he writes about doubled the fact that
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at some of them competed at the dog bite out of december two thousand fourteen. i don't often see that that would be backing off of ninety eight kids. i'm making it short that up to fifteen thousand to put it up. given how to draw is completed by december two thousand fourteen that he didn't expect him to draft the commands of god is not the auction site d i mean like if i like it was not pleased that he destined to love god i've got me up. get into how we all have drawn the tryptophan charge cctv new tent. it's stunning to south africa now nelson mandela's full day has been trans fats too wanted to add face full of fat while from the african national congress the mitre hundred of them and doubtless golf into the african national congress the solemn ceremony. it was cold cost the lions on sunday and time efficient to proceedings think they did and i think that says this and a musical tribute. bowie would be that you use to pay in preparation for madonna's hit on something. south african president jacob to
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take his tribute to the office. it is said to me and said he got what he got off to the east then they put on my way. that is. hundreds maybe to grow. you go the people. so many things and said uh oh. cuba. so many things. when stem cells so many times. we're going to talk. he got. it should. on on on on the new. when you do
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when using it. the man. it is it you will. it was. gee. i did. off. cease. the show he
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means business. from all across the americas. stories of people. her hopes and aspirations. partly to investigate. cultural and social inside. the south taking a nap. michael vaughan's cctv about a weekly
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news magazines all be over there is this enough the jonas loves to be narrow he's expected to land on the noon on saturday twelve days often lost in all from the us jobless rate the almonds state's crop to carrying the robot is due to touch down on the love of playing named the bay of gringos on saturday night taking time for systems have been the pre patch for its land they tell us we will win the seat too. to do the robot which can dig ups on some clothes to a depth of thirty beat as a robot with a trojan and seth is studying the structure of the new nut crust as well as the sauna and box it will make china one of only three nations of the us and the former soviet union to soft land on the moon it would be the finest do said in more than three decades and cctv news will bring you a life
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cover each on a historic moment so please stay tuned with us. onto other news in which a promise is jean king county that intrigued over the has been overrun by what's up high since the day i drain life from the river which is having an active impacts of the people nearby town to reports. grill until around me. you may guess i'm standing at the temple she knew it. i was trying to get the courage to do. i was there times. the dishwasher statutes. a gentle reassuring him to include content. the shoshone she surely concerts by coming to old town. just call it what your tax by local villagers tiny travel by dennis being the main form of transport for many years leading among them a break and now he's just become one time
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consuming and expose these the country. the watcher highest and new labour the city of goa the use of cost much more determined. in the past the river wasn't clogged by water hyacinths used cars only one and have a bible on the finale custody mckinney is some video. my one and the smell hundred and seventy eight. one person could easily handle it. even six people know finding it hard to stand the sight of transportation he sees. i'm heading in that impact on the slight push the dough did you use to ponder what is happening. it's been like ages were covered for what are friends who will die because of them a couple seat to watch the truth. then this protection bureau agents and comfy. the reasons for the growth of the ponds is the pollution in the watcher cost if i can cling to crises
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and a steely each dimitri video overlay the total phosphorus exceeds the normal levels. the most important way to solve the problem with the ukraine to call it a good time to see some of it the only remedy is to moving the watcher clowns from miniature. by the sea silly on temporary measure of wool and some solution we reply him corporation become the no cook a man's enterprise nice new grandstands sentient cctv teams will come to greet your profits. still in china who co worker for the largest one on china's yellow river has become the hawks pulled for tories stand taller fence to hit forty degrees and the bicycles that have formed of what a fork into the cold front sweeping the region temperatures have been constantly on the del minus ten degrees celsius in cool cold for over a week. this is the first time people in the region have seen a spectacular icicles from
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the wood to for the swings a playful cars to say if the temperatures remain though fixing who co can expect to see what i said blokes running to get up and coming days will go with the fold is a famous attraction in the middle reaches of the yellow river where its swift abruptly it narrows to be less than thirty me to this. that's it for this news updates on tiny and ageing fine for now the week. he is. undeniable
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attraction photographer's eye it's a sunday night and james to get into a kill welcome to new slide the japanese embassy in yemen says one of its employees sustained a head injury in an attack by armed groups in the couple's son off on sunday morning the employee is in his thirties and is responsible for security. he was taken to hospital and is reported to be


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