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tv   France 24 News  PBS  December 16, 2013 6:30am-7:01am PST

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youth ages history cats was in it for the day. cos breaking news called what. so much. he adores to play stocks. for it. good news you. ukraine's watch york as
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a cabinet reshuffle as it seeks to defuse the country's crisis fourth week in a reading contest a six month at independence square. i'm pulling for the resignation of the country's president viktor yanukovich. cheat meal at its new song about that as president since his company's he's all right but instead didn't even like the winning she needs to tend to implement run issues before at the jade rabbit sends its first picture from the new china's first in a row for kicks up a three month long expiration jenny. london's rainbow. as the headline thank you very much indeed featuring as the story here
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all the schools the impact of ukraine's leading punky has ordered a cabinet reshuffle. it seeks to defuse the crisis that has seen pro european demonstrations can tell. independence great for weeks now. today the protests continue these latest pictures coming to us out from my key at the protest is determined to stay put the teenager yesterday that it was halting work on a landmark trade in the digital packed with ukraine. another massive rally is planned for tomorrow to coincide with the visits old picture yanukovich to moscow where you have the courage to sign a customs union with the roster are international affairs and checked out this fabric. stay with the latest issue of monica. the twenty fifth day right now and basically we've had three straight sunday's protests and not just small little tv eat seaweed see protests mass protests that kind. hundreds of thousands of people as we see me time again coming out on to independence square on the ep the pro government rally which the state of saturday on which a lot of people reportedly bought steamed state paid employees
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even reports rumors that they would need to do so. hailing from paris to not being even a tenth of the numbers of what we've seen an independent witness pro year at rallies. we'll be hearing this morning. yes report to the cabinet reshuffle. we see it clearly president of the piano co pitch on the defense if you're scrambling hee hee we we sat in the passing doesn't seem to clear strategy here that he's been hemming and hawing trying to have it both ways kind of play both sides at the brussels and moscow against one another perhaps play for time hoping that the protest is allowed. that hasn't happened he's trying to find some way to get herself a little extra time now the protesters want all government resigned his cabinet reshuffle we don't know all the specifics of the yet but perhaps going to take some of the letter little barrel of steam at the belt so to speak to them so little time we know he's going to mosque in a mire speak to apply the nicotine lot of protesters think of worse case scenarios during that meeting basic selling out ukraine in the form of a customs union we don't quite know it can happen tomorrow but that is a clear deadline
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he's trying to perhaps hand of that meeting in moscow on to try to meet the protesters if not half way it's not there the way media quarter of the way of course the guidelines and can be very much welcomes at that meeting. add to our eighty any any hint at the beginning that the dealer that joining all the customs union would of course a few shots of an extinct. she'll be it's already look we've already seen the remake initially by yanukovich on this eu free trade agreement is an association agreement cause absolute fury inflame the demonstrations since then he says you know i still wanted sign at one time the eu is the last patient to snap a back up they said we don't talk about right now when and if you're actually seriously ready to sign his comeback to us and talk. but you're absolutely right in the sense that this mosque and beating is right now eats it seemed to be all and end all. a lot of people think that this customs union even if it isn't signed tomorrow it's something that's down the road and out the worse case scenario why is it
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basically be dragging the ukraine back into a seething ukrainian soviet model that still beats the influence that the demonstrators want that's the last thing they want their lives they wanna go towards europe towards modernism democracy and the rule of law will be saying that a lot in the future rule of law change every now and the mackerel has unveiled her third term cabinet among the nominations the wind he expected retirement and health which labour finance minister. the one time again the most attention from the german press is that since the mother of seven as the honda a lion. appointed as jerry's first female defense minister that each of three local political will up to three months of negotiations. a grand coalition between a and america's conservative christian democratic union center that his pt is set to take office. new cabinet as the conservatives and six the democrats. as expected the chairman of his pdc i kept the end becomes one
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counselor. most abt connie minutes to give it an input source of art. we will implement the coalition treat in changing many things are the best german citizen. we look forward to participating governments they weren't always easy we know that yet but it still is but that does not involve counseling and oakley snafu ally who remain as finance minister. aside from maintaining two mini cyclone to me as the strongest in europe total sign makes all the rest of the year is unsuccessful want to take guidelines. so this will ensure your name is demonizing the year and was taken is that possible the rashid important here. i look forward to working with him in the future that some of it. his pt on fox this time i've become foreign minister that lp field chewing and close the government's social democrats also get the portfolios from eva family environment contestants. while the cpu to loosen them from the lion
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becomes defense minister the first woman to give the whole place was when she stayed between this couple formerly swimming and to the man who for the time comes. israel has sought to many soldiers near the border that separates israel from ebanon is just hours old lebanese army sniper killed an israeli soldier according to a nice bit of initiative has just after midnight. it was his idea and it fits this this this movement and slovak border between lebanon israel has a nice quiet since the month long war of the summer of two thousand and six. it was sold to choke not just ours for the entire country and the world the words of the fathers that any rate the tent. his attack attracted worldwide attention and anger. it was a year ago today i think you can read all the students with us and
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we did some good signings thanks to finance an anniversary that the father again and see who sits in iraq to the people being a spy. she has a new president who said of the state had already made history in two thousand and six by becoming the country's first female president. yesterday in an old female second round she won no less than sixty two percent and that they continue to manage needs tackling the ambitious agenda and pre poll predicted a decisive victory in the final margin was declared in six decades of change in the precinct. there's no question that redirected to the sixty two percent of flights how and when the moment has arrived in chile. the moment has finally arrived. we have the force of the people. we have a majority in parliament. and in the regional councils the queen of the political social and economic
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conditions. we have the will and we have the unity the complainant and hang with me to admit defeat they've got i know is that me so that traces the next president of chile. the tea i have not been on. we did not attend actually scared and wish her all the banks and governments. it might not get to talking to william the sweeping victories one thing. building on its ear she promised policy changes will be another action that does promise to tackle cheating the incoming wanna see something she's going to be considered too disappointed on during this presidency. this time around activists are pushing to hold that ambitious goals including free university education. i'm very happy either motor co that she would achieve what you promised in the campaign it's possible she would do it all because she's only four years the government
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line. she's ordered from its reform the content here a constitution that still happens to be in politics announced that it plans to use its majority in congress thailand has joined an excuse him from becoming the country of the us and former sydney union to carry a unit soft landing signal dentist i could crawl through the equipment is carried from today the jade rabbit his son back its first pictures of the lunar landscape the first of many deacons its three month long reconnaissance mission after two sheets on the train there was a postal round in beijing airspace control cent and china's henan down next to me. the reenactment the yankees sent out the plastic is in each of us that means trying to meet mission is accomplished at the opera and made it a soft landing on in the team since nineteen seventy six. but analysts doubt that freaky it expelled and installing all the info will spend three
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months to the king and natural resources. what's he up to the successful mission of teaching and fried them in exploration projects and we've gone to the third phase two teeth a major goal of returning samples shiny new team in china that the country to send off the main onto the us and the former city union the ambitious space program aims to have an orbiting spacecraft by twenty twenty and then today a man on the main but china's red flag flying on except this is already a giant leap to beijing. that exist and all his goodness and knocking back the intense minutes for another look at the very basis headlines to stay with us i eye. it's too salty in
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brussels. it's been a crucial week for ukraine and demonstrates is braving freezing temperatures in the capital kiev. they turned out in their thousands to defy the city of local beach on the pressure from the european union and the united states the ukrainian president promised not to use violence against demonstrates is that the three article which looks more isolated than that of cool beats me the democrats again european aspirations of many ukrainians and threats from russia. that openness and co. welcome to tolkien europe. you want of that ukraine's wealthiest businessmen is also so they don't commit school korea. a new country seeing you all might done this last independence square in the center of kiev. why did you choose to define present eonmobil beach. i was to get
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with the tools that if ukrainian people. because the idea of the sporting the topic the integration with the european union supported by the almost sixty five percent of ukrainian people. and this is simply impossible to immediately turn down and reject these people do the realization of the cold because this is not suggested in a difficult job ethical direction. this is the main reason be with just one denies that country to establish that something you've spent it in the concrete. by the corruption to establish independent called to live up to two bars of this and that if leaving and many other things which is extremely important for the one hundred k in korean and success the proportion cool under pressure from the old signs from the european union from the united states but also from demonstrators. this is a gentle cool beach now says he will sign a deal with you
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some observers say could happen. before the end of the year. maybe in march at the next eu ukraine summit can we believe the local beach. this is not the book and if i'm listening to them i think that be should be revealed that crossed the cool old the european leaders after the summit simply do not trust you create in addition to me now who wouldn't want to rebuild the trust for me. i think that to defeat postponed it to the march. sounds people a bit lol. and just clear information we have a maybe also because conical that eu council. on the nineteenth of december. in the field type kind of the accident to bring him across the way possible to sign association agreement with ukraine. it's possible to cool the bed. on the sixteen all. in december it will be for us as consul in the nineteen people be it
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heal consul and i think if the declaration of all the government the commission of the foetus and the president involved in a real post but decided that this agreement. i think nineteen of december. he's a great day and all you all domestic debts. you know cool which will scientists association agreement with you today are much more optimistic than open two nights because maintenance the date of the business of israeli business summit was called the new crate the black friday black friday because the kop quick kill. and just the fact that the better make the hundreds of thousands of people when on the street protests that begins kenyan of their hopes and that was pretty important act of civil society demonstrating that you do not accept this way if they didn't tell any such link the streets demonstrators have long this
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pencil. exact. i painted it that can imagine that the temperature hitting the mark in ukraine now minus eleven minus fifteen. you see on the tv screen that that is full of snow and on the base with the condition. every single night extending from twenty to thirty thousand people. defending the entry defending their hopes of defending their data to be lifted to two little bit country a few days ago when the again. hundreds maybe thousands of riot police tried to storm and cool on a limb i dare you say catherine ashton was visiting kenya there was this an insult by the way to the european union i think that this simply do not come that they simply do not understand how important the gabba was the visit of catherine ashton and that by the rabid dog and a lump assistant state secretary united states. cool so i was exactly the site in kyiv and
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in reaction to all of the european competition reaction of the matter can go to sleep and reduction of the coal well just give us a strong cool that the opp weeny piece of apple metcalfe a democracy that both the democrats battle for future if ukraine does misty eyed called it had a political future i think that knowledge because the movie the greatest test in his life unfortunately she don't use the fitness on them because if you sign up association event that the european union it comes to become as a national hero. now he has a very bad situation with his personal acceptance. inside the company. and if he find out if you understand and find out that peaceful compromise we signed up association agreement to form the new government needed to provide the new election opponent just to cover additional support of
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the people that can stop it cold. that's a pretty great future. the kit you the tools and different way. i think that will be protected. now this program is produced in partnership with ashes say the leading french business school in frost the president all fashionistas think i'm going to walk as a question for you let's listen to. this ethical bush and co new earth a successful businessman. he also served as the minister of finance has an economy so you know of anywhere. whats going on in ukraine now ukranian and especially the presidents the killian who could teach the same technique on signed a new name and leave the eu. so far as you rub doesn't give him a lot of money warm and twenty billion euro as it finds he's
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even made a new iraq. and do sing veggies playing twister begins lists. what's your point. you could end the religious opinion. in money for the fuel is a financial tool for providing the phone but not in the form of compensation. but as of the local provide the new film because i hate baby and don't understand why the taxpayer from prawns belgium poland whole united states should pay for the u beaut korean am going to need to know it's really a bit lonesome this phone scam to already discussed these loans can come from the imf. with the lonesome with a marker financial support. wolf the european union. the loans from the world bank bbmp and the whole system is already established and the the demonstration and improvement of the deformed is give us a unique approach
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to knit kit for receiving a response from this one. some observers are along by the state all the ukrainian economy they've been the fuel countries on the brink of bankruptcy. the issue of that view. some of her now. we are to have a problem with the midst of climate meeting with the vocal blend with the absence of the court the investor can defend their rights. but that is just coming back with a kill fee gives the cut just above the forty percent of the southern end of two of the gdp which is much lower than in european countries we have a great potential and alec ornament and only thing we really need is just that the fed the peak of the first opportunity to cross over and that the dpm to financial. the local provide uniform. hernandez established be cross the cia for the robots the imminent but that did me the new queen the korean create a unique approach to music or making business i like to talk about the elephant in the room russia and other russia has
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been pulling the strings. a lot of pressure coming from crammed in the ukraine all to sign this agreement with europe. and today you're actually as the owner of an art shop it's actually an option. you suffered losses because of russia's decision to back exports of ukrainian goats that was back in va started talking to some up although the huge risks to that you will now face a trade will come in from moscow if indies ukraine signs an agreement with brussels. the person is alerted the name of the company's reach down and do the biggest complexion a company in ukraine in the midst of europe and the queen of heaven enormous pressure and did the band for auction market it is extremely painful. estimated that is pity the nation outside of the mythical does what for they do it. both
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the karma citizen on my thumb. and if it means the citizens should pay these prices for the future of my computer. they did great because the pieces will be doing has nothing against russia is nothing instruction people. but it is perceived by the russian. this is the russian understanding of their fuel cycle by ukraine to leave its sphere of influence exact. this is russia understanding of the typical into this but i think the ukrainian ship and its pretty interesting european typically this is completely different and sometimes i think that miss spending bills that come to russia as well because russia is much more that a new korean interested in the midst of this new form of corporate through the european union to provide the new home for most of the democracy was in on the competitiveness of the attempted because russia india and also has huge potential and stable reliable fallen for ukraine. strategic and long term is in russian in this but that said the north's the way president
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putin sees it. this is the way. ukrainian seem to understand that and i think the defect week when a citizen. we'll get to lean on the mind on. he's the best the evidence that we have a great chance to win the motor of a ukrainian of business leaders known as d on the dark side. i know you don't like to but that's certainly how i noted an army for two because there have been a lot of influence although at the end of the political one as well in ukraine out of them seemed to be eddie's acting president seattle called it isn't because he's no longer representing their interests physical that's not overestimate the influence oh who the local business in ukraine in ukraine the same as in russia now build of the political system that can go when the compression of money using the foam off any
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expertise needed to step into the special services became the sole any problem with these so called wanted. but question now is that the president because of that as a further lift the level of support and deepening of all of these only the people in a month or so. as i said earlier you be now on my done you know the mood to own the square at the moment demonstrate is the very determined. what will happen next what is the main achievement of my down because of these seven over the critical situation the level of the cell phone in the organization of the people of my doubt be a demonstration of how to keep the school had cut off all the action he's helped us to gain the support of the cold will and can imagine just very constitution and the ninth of december that during this half of the still it was just five thousand people in the mind. and you
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can deny it and the bloke every other concert but when it was me. impossible to reach the mind and only by ford with a minus fifteen with the condition. in it two hours time. it was more than twenty five thousand people come to a simple mind and to let them kill them. this is i think. as for me. their evidence over the very decisive position of the people and they need just a compromise they don't ask and rise of the pension of seven it's the don't ask why only dilated to a call to go to the don't ask you live in texas to learn a thing like that. the fighting could be a utopian idea. and of course if it will be violence again peaceful demonstration on the deck i can't believe the color pink. if you will be no decision and live there but they won't stay like that not taken into account the position of the people of all concrete. it also can escalate to complete the tiny peach color me a form of books he chomped and has been very active on my down on
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independence square is viewed by many as the future face off. ukraine's opposition are you optimistic do you see in the technique each school. the potential president the potential lead to the ukraine. i'm not sure that ukraine in the position put forth one lead. and today be fair to him even if the local team including peach cool. that's a new quarter to go the debatable and i am to my best that we've been in a position to send to the. he wants to play a role and future independent to call the ukraine i think i'm playing pro ball player although now but the acting could be like delilah best to present the mom to a single candidate from the opposition and present very effective scheme which would be adequate to the people the kids looking out the next election two thousand fifteen one last question you'll feeling about
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the stuff. rep ago. i think you can call it a resolution that you were very instrumental in two thousand and four range of motion what is different this time because at that time it could use a lot of hope but ended up in a note of disappointment as you know festival. unconnected to provide disappointed because the wood green in the company also has to re enacted a sea of local beach is bringing about the performance halls of the evidence that the big hits with a new tradition because the bulls to the democratic election of president nixon that if peaceful transfer of the power that the vips make a difference than the freedom of press in ukraine. every completed import them into most important thing people stop to be in there. we live in that caucus action and develop the orange devotion nothing happened today. and the second is the book is the difference between va
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openly oppose on for the opposing cookie. it gets all sinful because the vehicle crocs in supporting typically this today. a knock at the bottom of my dom support in any vehicle that is because this is the first in ukrainian history. when one can medium of people coming walk in on one square on one of the street just to demonstrate to the european idea. this is the process if not political but still society. then i think this is a baby in the top only to create one in the whole world when the action of one read in people providing us with a peaceful with no chemical that helps it to organize but pretty decisive. we meet european ukraine to me you also need european ukraine and that these but important precondition for our success no potash ankle. thank you very much for talking to us and i thank you for watching this edition of tokyo by was that the european commission in brussels. it's time to go
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back to paris. the mornings i love them. from there. i can. in. the all in. hundreds
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