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are you talkin' to you the city. with the stereo bob. sth. you will know what will . the news on him the closing statements have been given at the trial of michael audible on jim and michael died of a long wait the two muslim converts accused of murdering british soldier the rig the only twenty seconds. prosecuting counsel richard goodman told jurors that the men's actions with the indefensible the same course and that the religion of islam was not on trial the judge mr justice sweeney said that the defendant's claims that they were soldiers of allah did not amount to a defence to the challenge of the dead
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the jury is expected to begin deliberations on thursday. as you. russia is to help ukraine on to its financial woes by many as fifteen billion us dollars by slashing my twisted said the price in which it still is key and natural gas the move prompted street protests from ukrainians to save the country is meeting that the kremlin's but it's a new way from the european union the new agreement with russia comes just weeks after ukrainian president and heritage pulled out of the trade deal with the eu move which prompted the biggest demonstrations in ukraine since the country's two thousand and four orange revolution. russian president putin says the heat from his country comes with no strings attached. zaire the team. and more. awe of. behemoth. do it
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like it. . in the second snakes the week as the new york city looking like a winter wonderland. central park was especially liked much to the delight of tourists and locals. it
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doesn't stop me if anybody did anything that high. last night and nothing about his chance will come out and nothing happens. yet just won second place all the chaos that would be commenced a gallon every don't they just don't do my tuesday to get to enjoy. the national weather service issued a winter storm warning for the area is launched with the system to its network across much of the northeast from pennsylvania to new england temperature is around twenty six degrees celsius in the snow was not expected to last into the weekend and that and that it will likely increase to around twelve degrees are. it's christmas so now it's nice and i said it's been a gun stand. love is that it still means many weeks city region has slammed the weekend get a plane on the massive storm system that lets on to the mid atlantic and east coast shoveling out from the office but since then. as you according to
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reports recently released twenty knots at night since islam is for mike to fund its skilled mobile one thousand two hundred people in northeast on syria since in spite of americans he was declared tonight. the un has sent these killings which encouraged by civilians. i'm in a trade on the results of pre summit talks by islamist great bulk of current. this marks the first time since the end the deceased died it was to let the independent status on casualties have been announced thousands of people have been killed since alcohol rome was founded in two thousand and two. but since the emergency rule was to let that happen for two nights at pune kolkata related attacks in the region the military and by its greek ones to establish an islamist sites cup and watch oriental bulk of our elite in english means western education is sinful is targeted to it is still was a manatee post. most recently the great killed forty students in an attack on the college of agriculture in
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northeast knowledge area with the race and an oncoming car on top might retire or tight across the constant questions have to rise up this month's africa arab summit us to whet the appetite is turning into the new front in the teens national terrorism wind chill it's onion seed assets in the set to work on a film soundtrack apologies troubling to me yet to beat us. little did she know that like the thought that i convinced she would be embarking on her own journey of self discovery the sun is coming soon soon screen with a show called nine stanzas and she will be to sew the actress salad something which combines the poetry of sylvia plath and the music of bands in britain after the show we talked about the two thousand and eleven album sounds to you on your sons and a family history it's time to time. i was born
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in america. i blame my father was in a keen mind that there is to maintain jewish comedian. and she asked remain yet when she was a sense the band began in on the genius different countries and then. she grow up into the hoop and i didn't cancel and make my father who was seen. it is its tenants aed said the two different states and after two years my mother said i did tear up so we came to pass when i was about eight and so she jets stored on the if they ask somebody asked computer issues the no impact but we didn't know what it was the boys. when you look like sure not enough plays nice change. it's hard to think that is not said that he's very happy. mine is one of theesults of science and ancient jewish revelation did not come in since he was well
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in smuggled goods and came about almost by chance and then the offensive that was the scenic ten. i said to working on that team. think about the who immigrated from eastern europe to two states and so could you work on the music side began to leap to do research into a tomb it says it all comes down to and then dad to break and took a dose of its teams on the channel and said send me and said that it was like and something that was in me. i awoke green chillies musical traditions of the diaspora together sunday dislikes getting so the new musical that it's a she was dressed methodical and more inclusive the musical scientists following the haunts as much as thirty years. it doesn't mean that i have to go to nbc because things that can eat it happen like that. no instead their reach by chance mary something. so of course
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in thirteen counties had come quickly to announce that it should be to your it and use an end. and then on to the quarry demon students i'm keeping singing some songs and sometimes some prayers. so it's cool that this work to that music that i once my drive there and i spent with me. about your story. and then near the sea is how i came to him too these two days. fittingly it was music that opened adult son year that seemed destined to be closed for good. until that gave us the acclaimed albums songs to me and gave son knew the history of their own heritage. this is cole's contain one in spain the eye and the european court of human rights has ruled that denying the genocide of armenians in awesome and turkey in nineteen fifteen is
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not a criminal offence the court on tuesday to criminalize such opinions would violate freedom of expression. rowling was the case of turkish workers party leader to her and care to describe the armenian genocide as an intentional lie during a two thousand and five election in switzerland in april that it thousands of armenians claim national flags and held candles to mark the ninety eighth anniversary of the mass killing all the techie geeks that many armenians died in the fight scene in what is now east and turkey says it was not an act of genocide the ruling has implications for other european states last year from skin out to them go on to the government of then kristin nicholas sarkozy which criminalize denial of the armenian genocide a month later the needle was struck down by a french court which said that contradicted the constitution in the most recent based european court of human rights true distinction between the denial of the armenian genocide and the denial of the holocaust the courts a few historical facts such as existence of gas chambers and
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compete in the holocaust should still be a crime. i fan. free movement is a fundamental and basic right to bed. all eu nationals have as being part of the union at the back of the abbey of the threats as the british prime minister david cameron has called on european union is to rethink its free movement lola's that message was made clear by cameras home secretary theresa may who recently spoke to the press in brussels. it's the last. i need to change the way it operates within the opening hymn festival for those companies can use the comment section two states in the future. i think we need to be able to extend full access to the traditional mass migration is on the rights of
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the cold by the uk government especially with romania and bulgaria to be granted full eu accession in january. i ask is that it's a posse member and in the key to the ca cope what the uk so afraid of. i did the uk is afraid of. very much a choice to be not afraid of people coming to our country. our problem lies in terms of the benefits of might be taken or available to people who arrive in the country before they have actually made a contribution to our economy and that is a concern that don't involve those odds in the uk. but while standing is that it will save all those quite a lot of other countries and countries the bishops. the romanian any cheap it or lohan isn't convinced. he says the uk school to change the movement that mixes come to mimic the look second rate citizens and warns that this trip will only fuel was thinking within europe. unfortunately these is the great danger the european union faces of the time. we see that their bodies like you keep and the united kingdom. growing
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more and more than just a big danger or so for the european arab voices because they have one scene that i get to just write. did you opinion. but the addition of people for a as of the uk labor costs he says there are a few of you free movement melissa will bring hard facts of the table dispelling any puppet as propaganda at the same time we will probably get more facts but contribution of my good workers of the movement's eu workers people will probably be light stand that many british worker said that if the team competed and to other eu countries i believe that most sites will come into the debates. and no citizenship benefits. most eu would succumb to the united kingdom are now claiming benefits. at most to you what is the common working. we also believe that we must always repeated. i feel it it's working. that's a big
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responsibility that the government at every opposition that in an eu country. trish right wing politicians in some media outlets say that they will witness an invasion of romanians and bulgarians come the new year songs even gone as far as to say that twenty nine million will be ready to settle come january. while this can be shrugged off as the typical rhetoric from focus groups. people do believe it's not as something of that could lead to long term damage in the european union. this is just a smile that and won the european parliament in stroudsburg use. ghostly europe says it will hold a meeting next month to review a previous resignation which ruled that circumcision of young boys is a violation of human rights council's decision to return to the issue came up trade
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delegation of lawmakers from israel travel to paris to speak with council members and auntie were against the ban on same decision the council of europe's planned meeting comes as the practice of circumcision continues to face criticism across the continent last year a gem and cold rolled circumcision amounted to greet his only home of the months of protests to the gym and government announced a bill to legalize male circumcision. michael tries to train petition is an initiative that was made by counsel at the local else way government advice is on child welfare from sweden denmark and finland recently issued a joint resolution calling for circumcision to be . last month israel to be seen in a set of religious service is held a meeting with the secretary general of the council of europe to its religious freedoms be protected and preventing restrictions on ritual circumcision. but it was one tensed about trade off meat
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and cheese was the hub of the world to its population now days to meet in numbers about seven thousand ten one has been prone to do an exclusive interview with the israeli ambassador to clinton's speech about nana my costs down but still no he told the arab spring has affected global citizens of israel and the likes of this is what he feels about organizations that seek to boycott the jewish state that wasn't cool. in the this is why it was called the upswing. ed on the st louis follows is as concerned we would have hoped that to me. after that said that movements in a mouse movement that these are the only known remained the only one democracy in the middle east unfounately i'm saying. we use the remainder we want democracy in the middle east is a snow leopard the present is that it is not to step into any other democracy in the west including everywhere in euro and the united states
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and all democracies. he impacted by. to boycott the only one democracy in the middle east. as a democracy that is that he is the start dealing with difficult situations. though we had our company. that's not easy. the full rear democracy. they too are to tackle the issue will create turnovers. that is the danger that israel is using the information wolf the hearts and minds unfortunately yes i do agree with that. that with the premise is up to a question. that you have to understand the data on the event in our formative event of form that power is from the information so called information powers especially given you all a and we chat on the between the blue moose to noah to the tune lit the sky the sea is as much as possible sphere a man who was born in ireland and britain has found
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his two young boys in the country's communist era is coming to the end of this posting will be heading back to race them next year. in addition to posting diplomatic links between israel and couldn't this have to confront the range of cocoa it seems some of which deeply affect it in small steps last jewish community cousins has recently taken an extreme step in the name and now ritual schools of what will come to israel play in protecting the rights of living in it into practice the pretty soon faded. it's a guy thinking that the two days because of role there the government wanted to let it go and show the whole thing giddy giddy but it was surprisingly good pizza than in the house in the parliament and the recipe to this pti much older so the is the only one reason was that just don't. for those who voted against
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the year's defeat against the ritual is usually chose for the do it not just for the festivities the most demanded in the shed it or to get that. we are together in the stock. so where have i not told them not convinced that it's only meant that all the dead animal rights question here. and of belize and no more than that it mostly. when is it now it's in the constitution of tiger now that i hoped that the moon. how does it justice with pre paid attention. what you think the role of any serious us monday and tuesday of the region reaching encourage people to people coming to all the ivy covered street people to do the meme is that this is not the question. i think that it's important that that is the jewish community here. i think it's important both for
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the jewels. there is for the sake off with the mentally off the coast means that perished in the holocaust yet there as well as for the post and that the discovery of fall was one thousand years of duties in this country and as it has the steel painted and then moving here. and humanity not only is the victim and muddy and from this point if it is important that that ought to see it. of course and they did the jewels on to a quiet bloke come here in poland that today i think. what's the use of the window so that when all was said that we need not be the guy mentions so frigid days in the off before the wall but blessed is he a good and how identical. small details. it is important and one can understand why those orange juice. remain here in poland
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and the cousins. this is a jew the reason that this was so much. i think an hour trying to get it to have it to have a thriving again because it was. it was so great and so important for nine hundred units. this is the role of the jewish community here. i think this is the road it is very much being a appreciates and also by the polish people. that simple sera that thinks it's unlikely that tends to skew minutes he will have recovered to the size it was before the holocaust. but israel's diplomatic presence here will remain cheap imports and its opponents and to future generations of people living in the hope is in this country. this is how evans the game on. it also
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the twenty flight sales channels from across the arab world are competing in the annual held the seat. i didn't use the kids though it's a new wing. the fifteen day event attracts more than one thousand kelvin is from ten countries including saudi arabia can tell in the month the camels a classified into different grapes according to this pc sporty type and age to compete for liberal plays its judges say scandals have to get ads and direct it is to share to fifteen million dollars in prizemoney up for grabs. the animals also its tax base and then comes online in politics. tony campbell is viewed as a status symbol in the arab world in the tradition the plane including a role in her lights candles and singing lead to transportation that is the function businesses and to the necessities with camel milk and meat psychiatry staples and kelvin wave into copics and tents
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the countdown to new york's new year's celebrations in times square is on but the comedian people are expected to welcome in two thousand and fourteen at the famous ceremony which features fireworks music and lots of champagne will be my sis has been revealing the skiers plants. so tonight i have the final thirty seconds add an email with the waterford crystal what will all come down to gather all kids happily behind the numerals the ball goes out and it was the honey will light up for the year two thousand fourteen in brilliant color. more than a century the mites use to display here who likes of technology no means the boats the cake board of a staggering sixteen medium different colors the president of the times square alliance says he is more than just a celebration and so even though it's that says i'm a crazy party and some like to go on the gerbil paula. confetti flies. it's really i think the deeper
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themes that it did make it a pilgrimage for people why they come here because it taps into this is turning point. really celestial turning points are a bit of the winter solstice. that doubt that resonates with people. new rules to be on display at the times when you see in this incentive until december to twenty six before being instilled in one town square. they don't all rush to celebrate his fiftieth but like london some of them to sort of of the delights on to what they got outside newest attraction. when most people think of that sort of stop and think of him it's fifty percent of one of the welts much find the celebrity couple was i'm not into solid state society so to avoid and how apollo documents. i'm getting a job that will be kept in a new laptop think up of iran. it is that we turn
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to bath and into the obstacle to its knees up at me want to take this opportunity with rats thing is that they didn't just mean the kids every france and then just nice and new players that we need to either release the monitor its compact dressed in collaboration with competent on a date in the simpson tony and johnny and the long socks included the evening gown was adopted from india pune is it something cool like many red carpet for us sick. each of the box thinkers cost around one hundred and fifty thousand pounds to produce a non now one shot with all the stuff to send them to school assault on if his life keeping. i. lee. british designer john galliano shop the world two years ago when he went on a drunken anti semitic rates. he thinks his immediate dismissal from fashion house christian dior and has a pawn in this label now he's back on the pages of british the sun say it's
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way too soon while others say it's time to forgive and forget. seeing fashion designer john galliano in the december issue of the disparity is a shock to some and welcomed by others he was still sounding racist and anti semitic comments in a paris cafe in two thousand eleven. it led to his immediate firing as head designer of christian dior and his own upon in this label. the business editor of london's jewish chronicles and the rest he says the move by british band to include him in the latest issue is thought provoking considering the ancestor of minutes of the magazines and a tear. i've been at his hideout in a non official ones who say that response this is an interesting editorial it was hot because when we took a bath right now hate them for not going to be a key to any open mutiny on the keys and preach and breadth of his offending some
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reason something he shouldn't get such a great day when there's so many of the time such a high profile position right now is something else there are some indications that galliano could be making a comeback. earlier this year he helped us get the brunt of his collection at new york fashion week. the talks. it could lead to a more permanent position and over this past summer. galliano appeared in vanity fair still there are others such as the daily telegraph's fashion and it's really so honest john who coincidently used to work for british those who say it's too early for galliano its return. i think is quite special. yet again at the last people who think it's it's just too soon it makes me think that he was really sorry he had said longer want to come up and done something really creepy to get a nice book. i did basically he was laughing as he knows how to do and doesn't know how to be anything off the tongue at
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him. rushdie says that the galliano issue has divided many of its huge chronicles readers the cross and that's the impression the politics of the situation would be. the high profile stand i'm liking us laughing the whole school thing has me all week is the loss of an office consent is the most fun because on it increases as well. sam watson least one he didn't want to date with what's funny i think it really was. i am. if that guy we all need to sit back and no i'm not come to the sweet jack screaming judgments or the time. galliano is currently taking on his former employers in court that hears court of appeals has recently rejected an appeal by that eeyore and galliano fashion houses to get the case in the commercial court the court ruled his case will be heard. instead in of late the courts. the court also ordered each company to pay the designer twenty five hundred euro notes as well as court costs. we did the patch
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british bed for an interview but they said they were too busy at the time to talk about john galliano. whether this is his return to the fashion world's only he knows for sure. i'm sick he likes to pretend one. in london. i. the i will. i did do. will. i mean. to me will. who are. i will. goons
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yet the arm. i am. though
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did . zz you. since. online help and ten. the sun toy university hospital physician colin todd who has expressed interest in running for taipei city mayor next year as in independent candidates paid a visit to democratic progressive party chairman solution tom on the seventeenth. following


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