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evening is now six pm the time you're watching it the city. with the stereo bob. you knew you . the news on him. christian is the world over are celebrating increase its coal plants is held his first midnight mass at the vatican during which he urged followers to take care of the fort frances is me humility and service to less fortunate central tenets of his tenure as part of the pope broke with tradition and charities debts you have the baby jesus to the vatican's need to be himself rather than having a do it for him. it was a city of bethlehem that christians from around the world arrives to attend the mass held at the church of the need to be the place for poppers believe
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jesus christ was born among the attendees at the ceremony were palestinian president mahmoud abbas and european union foreign policy chief catherine ashton. as you the abc security council has voted to send more peacekeeping forces to be done to protect civilians from violence. the move comes as the security situation in the county seat deteriorates last week for american soldiers were wounded after their helicopter came under fire when they are trying to evacuate us to this instrument town for santa and presents out of here and we didn't get a second attempted military coup triggered the recent violence and former vice president of the nature and can take you where it was to blame other officials have since had a fight between began to wear presidential guards triggered the violence . i know the routine use. she and more
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ball ball ball. the ball. it all. the team. i can. woo hoo . eu. thousands of egyptians had attended a mass funeral for the victims of a car bomb blast earlier this week in which at least fifteen people
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were killed. the attack one of the deadliest since the army to pose isn't as president muhammad morrissey in july targeted the police headquarters in the nile delta town of mensa were a lot of the victims of policemen security officials said overnight blast north of cairo had also wounded about one hundred forty people the blasts prompted a cabinet statement declaring war sees muslim brotherhood a organization ngo officials did not directly accuse the group staging the attack however the brotherhood which is on radio live condemned the bombing as an attack on the beauty of the teaching people the blast underlined the risk of militancy move into the densely populated nile valley from the sinai peninsula where attacks have killed some two hundred soldiers and police since july. egypt has ensured that the bloodiest internal strife in its modern history since the army removed from our c the nation's first freely elected leader after mass protests against him sparking an islamist insurgency in the basque region bordering israel irish bookmaker paddy
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power has withdrawn its sponsorship of retired u s basketball player dennis rodman visit to north korea saying it was a result of general condemnation of pyongyang. rodman returned earlier in the week from a four day trip to the reclusive country that was arranged by paddy power and followed the rare courage of leader kim jong un is powerful. uncle james song say who was executed this month. north korea's economy once larger than south korea's is now a forty of the size of its neighbor is twenty four million people regularly suffer food shortages the execution reflected in the brutality and regime and its a low regard for human life. us president ronald thomas press secretary said. rodman has visited pyongyang on two other occasions during which he spent time dining as a guest of camp with whom he says he has a genuine friendship. he did not meet kim during its most recent
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trip and said it was not his place to comment on the regime species rotten and intends to return to pyongyang in january with a team of fellow former nba stars for a basketball game on kim's birthday the three channel club said that the queen's favourite breed of dog is now at a race becoming endangered breed is considered endangered wood and has fewer than three hundred puppy registrations annually and by early december this year the pembroke welsh corgi only had three hundred won that places the pre dawn the kennel clubs. ad watch list according to the chairwoman of the mosque where he lead the dogs are far from becoming extinct but that readers might need to import scene in or animals from overseas a daunting prospect with the current economy. you can't know how
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we can keep an account of the soap holder wearing. and we tried to encourage new people to come into the brain with the economic climate elaine case that has an open up the pan and bake on complaining. in contrast the french bulldog and the smooth coated two while at the boston terrier and the pugs all increased in popularity between two thousand and three in two thousand and twelve. perhaps due to their fashionable status with celebrities like paris hilton and tv of aunties. as for the cleaning she has owned more than thirty parties over the years but decided to stop breeding in two thousand and nine because she didn't want them to suffer the pain of being orphaned if they live here as christians around the world celebrate christmas in iraq where they are prosecuted many fear that the holiday which marks the birth of jesus christ might bring more violence to its minority population according to christian pastors many are free to extend time decreases are not
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enough because they fear threats and violence might ensue. for practicing their religion christians become recipients of threats harassment and physical assaults since two thousand to be accretive to shows an estimated one thousand christians have been killed or kidnapped and tortured while close to sixteen churches have been destroyed the balance on the rise christians are forced to flee the country worldwide organization to do list which monitors christiansen middle east has increased in population in iraq on from one million to some three hundred and thirty thousand u n committee from the teachers had stated that more than eight hundred and fifty thousand christians have left iraq since two thousand three it was really keen to interview former nbc contractor great snowden had said she has accomplished what he had set out to do
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the former cia employee had revealed over the past several months details about the massive surveillance program the u s intelligence first extensive face to face interview scared and talked about how she didn't want to destroy the naca rather how he has been working to improve it. his initial goal in the first revelations here six months ago in washington coast and uk guardian newspaper campaign to safeguard privacy in which he believes have been reached in a state machine of mass surveillance had been growing and tech from the publix to get this in an effort to let the decide whether you are the secret surveillance program had been right a wrong note in my never lived in the us as a free man again and is currently living in russia on a temporary sign and the sky. the lifestyle in russia former nac contact terry described as very quiet he goes on to call himself an indoor cat hiding the city's hands and we are occasions in all the wonderous things to do you people to meet and things to accomplish. when asked about his loyalties to russia he stated that he has
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no relationship with russia and had not entered into a new cream instead the authorities. al qaeda has all pretty rare apology to the limits of the victims of an attack on a military hospital in yemen. earlier this month end up in a military leader says a fighter had disobeyed orders to kill medics and patience during the attack on the defense ministry compound is not that saw the deaths of fifty two people. the al qaeda leader says it was their mistake and offered to pay blood money. despite the apology the group says it will continue its attacks against him the authorities the group says the ministry complex was targeted on the fifth of december because it allegedly contained rooms where us drones were being operated. many of the victims of the assault were doctors nurses and patients in the military hospital within the copper seven medics from germany india the philippines and vietnam are among the dead al qaeda's says they will strike in the military posts to cooperates with the americans it is estimated
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that the us military can see i have carried out eating one targeted killing operations in the strikes are thought to have killed at least four hundred and seventy three people. eye. as the irish use on the streets of europe room once in shoals closer but also on hand from the employer is a good chance the mini will be able to insert the source of the reflections of a report which came out recently states in the teeth absenteeism within european politics is that a serious high and with the european elections approaching fast in two thousand and fourteen there is a definite worry that that trend will continue the report which will be open to the in early two thousand fourteen highlights an onyx is the last communication between politicians and use my os to
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consult him before the report's authors though the of young coaches in europe for more the report says see that i could explain a no constipation eight says young people to the appeal on the connections sell between eighteen and twenty four a on sunday twenty nine percent but since it's a compact at his age group about fifty five to fifty percent to six which is the huge discrepancy in representation in the european parliament's this shows that young people under an active been under represented the gop opponents so who's to blame the use of gloves. as i watch a two sided problem. no one and young people don't trust political parties' anime yet this year is to p the other hk east st the young people on that interested in politics and that's what they pay less attention to that in the communication methods and also in the campaigning that the tooth and actions. but the vice president for the european parliament sodium the snow isn't so
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short pieces that use the brakes or appreciation of putting these achievements all of europe annually on achieve. heath's eve. what roles they will need pay you one of his old school the appeal to you about these specifications to pariah for. now everything is open for the gym get any issue you can use small thing they don't know what does it mean ol' uneasy. what does it mean they show the cool cool of the previous two mostly vi and honestly i'm such a gauze and some of the sea mean that you want long. but any peony the un to stop the terrorists the youngest any key in your comment doesn't cry the vice president's reasoning. the us and them. i'm mourning the end of the cheeks as i don't remember the soviet union or the cold war. and i don't remember the german reunification the time. and i find myself walking around talking about the engine of politics in this house to my older colleagues that lesson
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from the nineteen eighties this many things maybe we're on a persona but the coolmore isn't fun of them so it's wrong then to see him that the youth tuesday to learn about the size of your kin union. i think it's the old people that need to learn about the values of the european union. i see absolutely no sign suppressant that there's a new bond over the age of whatever thirty five that has a strong connection in the values of cooperation peace to trade. and um the collaboration communication across borders the habit of pointing the fingers is a dangerous one to develop and one the lonely cause more problems in the future if it continues with his participation needed in the elections next year the responsibility squarely on the solos of any peas themselves. responsibility that must be taken to avoid eustace inducement in europe in the future. this is the ox with my feet and won the european parliament in brussels . she said the two
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marks and spencer can't apologize for that policy in a non muslim staff to refuse to sell customers by alcohol or pork products. i need to pour into a techno worker at a range of marks and spencer landing refuse to sell the shop are attempting to buy a bottle of champagne and told him to go wait for another tech lead to become available the auction company makes to the news and marks and spencer's new comedy. a pity. that left ten minutes to get within the next guy one customer believes that it's a matter of respect towards another culture. it's not an insult to come to this country of respect the colts are now referred. according to some of the stinking alcohol for muslims is forbidden in some alterations to handle it. it is important to note that islam prohibits the boston from drinking alcohol. setting out on carrying on producing i'll call it anything to do a couple of years. marks and spencer who consider themselves a second business
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see that the policy has been in place for many years in a statement the company said that they try to please stop return able to perform duties on religious grounds in more suitable roles in order not to compromise their ability to offer the best customer service. after reaching the israeli diplomats parliamentarians from the council of europe have submitted a motion which opposes an earlier resolution that condemned a ritual circumcision of boys as a violation of the physical integrity of children the motion was submitted last week by one hundred one of the body's three hundred eighteen members stating circumcision of boys it was a religious right to which does not present the risks for children. the council of europe whose resolutions are nonbinding past the original resolution in october calling on member states to initiate debate over ritual circumcision to protect children against human rights violations in its reversal may encourage some european countries such as sweden
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denmark and finland to stop pushes to criminalize the ancient practice the jewish traditional practice of circumcision has been under fire from within europe with a case for a proposed ban built on its supposedly detrimental effects on the child's body can do to demonstrate will benefits however a recent study by the university of sydney found it has no effect on the sexual pleasure or function of circumcised men last year a german court ruled that the circumcision amounted to grievous bodily harm after months of protests the government passed a bill to legalize the male circumcision by authorized trained practitioners and initiative that was led by chancellor angela merkel the mm in any future court has sentenced three leading secular activists to three years in prison each for staging and non sanctioned rally in cairo an act which
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is now forbidden under a new law passed last month but it gets into them. the military backed government. three men auckland mother taught me a dollar and the common tao were also find some seven thousand two hundred us dollars. the three men have become symbols of the protest movement that ignited the historic two thousand and eleven uprising against president harding barak the defence lawyer for the activists denounced the judgments against them as political and warned thousands were ready to take their place. activists say the army backed authorities are repressing a fierce crackdown on the muslim brotherhood movement of former president muhammad more seat have in recent weeks started to target members of the secular activists movement sparking fears of a return to mubarak era repression. the army depots morrissey on july's third after mass protests against his rule since then the security forces have killed hundreds of his supporters and arrested thousands more but he just military backed government has also sent out a roadmap
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for political transition back to democracy that includes a referendum on a new constitution in mid january i. the following revelations that the nsa intercepted emails of israel's top former leaders senior israeli officials have demanded an end to us by the scandal has also spurred renewed calls for the release of jonathan pollard a former american intelligence analysts who has been imprisoned in the us for nearly three decades of spying in the house of israel kohler admitted to spying for israel. he was arrested in nineteen eighty five years later sentence for providing tens of thousands of piccies of classified information to israel. israel's prime minister had said that during college as daunting as i read it. we can all need a special occasion to discuss the release of dover pa last week deal with this issue is
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the idea was that the matters discussed with it for us presidents and has been with them on during this period in time. we hope that the circumstances arise which will allow us to return to often about you. israeli intelligence minister has expressed his expectations of relations between allies. we all know fully. tools of his books the united states over the defence minister and eight things that we should expect. it is the same relations will resume the states. stan olson said the necessary precautions and secret information to staff are transmitted over regular phones email systems revelations about the nsa spy programs were first published in the uk guardian and the washington post newspaper in june the system of thousands of documents handed over by snowed in i
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the it resets on its football famous folks shootings on in the us in support of that scene and extreme political views. us commanders of ailment at school tonight so i would find today's latest will stick to once again many this season the club finally taking stepso these toxic elements from the terraces screen is a country that speaks drinks and sleeps with sixteen years he built an appointment to the school resumes in the offices of the country's number one school publication to find out exactly who built his optical power they hold let's take luke's father say that the ceo's juz haf to sites that say that bought side and which is smart but to me more political. and on the sport if i'm the odd days so far some things that we are not so we don't agree with them on the ah we don't support then came this questions in
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the political sense. on the odd they have the a side and the positive side is dubbed of do the sports science and the data supported the fifteen day supported for years they support the coach more done than any other on any other time in the stadium the clue how saw some probably in the sense that they don't the town supports or they can go again swamp the year for example or desert where the gains to auntie kerry conceded the last season. in this and the half. you need to fall or not i don't see and a half influence inside the top with his late effects of racism and into reports of the group attended schools selling fascist memorabilia it seems that the club finally had enough of the thousands calls and tons of undue weight to be designates the area they have held for thirty two years speaking to the blues summit day of the ram into the game we were told about the security measures taken when cooled to some presents before getting this their
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reaction to the end of the old says rain over football to play in a moment this is well known in the senate and has told an hour nap for two hours before the start of the match around the stadium in the bar so they can often be found drinking alcohol in the recently opened them around the exit these establishments and escort them under his supervision it's making sure that they don't carry weapons or other blunt objects. i think that i respect all violent conduct routine of causing harm to others and that does not relate to the sport itself due to toxic reactions and taken it to his little so that the olmert on the sheets of a certain amount of people you can not avoid the genome to ten twenty thirty people on new nose too. in this way does the buck people the use of ross's sentence but the aclu know the whole tree view on the host city in the house to be headed
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the house to be the don of course and we cannot tolerate this in the boat and was then that in the society and of course before to book up. we have to go got this kind of me hates. obviously nobody has any problem with enthusiastic support for a club that has really taken seen one that enthusiasm spills over into xenophobia in the top of a gt to offer a zero tolerance approach. this is posted to him on tuesday i know. the while christians around the world flock to the holy land for the christmas season of the faithful in nazareth hoping to reaffirm the roots of their religion in their city got a boost from israel's tourism minister who gave the green light to a proposal to build a one hundred foot tall statue of jesus in the northern israeli town. the statue is the idea
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of one man decrease in march and who lives in answer to a senior demographics of his time shift considerably in recent years from christian to muslim inspired by the christ the redeemer statue in rio de janeiro his plan is to build the statue atop a nearby mt precipice as well as honoring the town's most famous resident. the giants jesus that you could also boost tourism in the present case is already the starting points to the gospel trail age thirty seven mile loop for christians who made up fifty percent of israel's three point five million tourists last year. it is all time favorite drama teacher for sparking interest in acting. martinez middle school teacher to decline to a press conference held in honor of the website include
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kitchens dot com where everyone is invited to drop a note of appreciation to the teacher who inspired them i made a difference in their lives comedian and actor as well as his issue was raised jewish and even then that he screamed you consistent self an atheist like his voice thank you want to sign her to go to hebrew school during that year even for teachers he talked about a seven year old son sammy. i bought my seven outstanding he said. he's a real ham in the sand and he likes to get up onstage band and perform and is. he's incredibly fun he loves that i like being in the audience. and that i remember that i had the same thing. honest money until yesterday when the show. time and avoid tom and disease. it is awesome with a man but they think their mom is funny of them and i think she is too. i'm signing off i can take the lead for magical a theatrical powers. my concern
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for israel's new release my shower house and school of rock next wimbledon two thousand for two to sixty thousand students and the third instalment in the san diego kungfu panda franchise. rich in character is due to light during brussels ice magic show which opened to the over the weekend featuring more than one thousand square meters of ice sculptures some twenty five ice covers from all of them will spend sixty days creating giant ice freezers full of light into my comic strip characters the sculptures are being housed in the pavilion coat of icing over seven meters high in iron for the ac characters like tintin asterix incredible hulk to survive the pavilion house to have a constant temperature of minus six two minus eight degree celsius. more than four hundred metric tons of ice blocks were brought into the freezer for the artist to use iced cakes sizzles and chainsaws to create the sculpture is the cure is to live for fifty days in
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the pavilion from melting back into the imagination. i eye the up. two british men peter rested for posting anti semitic tweets squabbling english football club took them holtz was meant to drive the london club west ham the two men in the eighty twenty split the comments about kiva and concentration camp gas chambers of the community mental health service six. another man in his forties was arrested on the sympathies on suspicion of inciting racial hatred for the six defendants were warned not to use the words deeds which he said may be investigated as a crime traditionally told them also called in the roof of the list does have a knowledge jewish bowling and have been the targets of abuse from opposition fans although some fans of the club used it on
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themselves . i will. do. will be. to me. who are. will
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the is yes . the i know. i
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can. the eye is you. it is since. or to need to start i want all have. even though the ministry of national defence has emphasized that the all volunteer military system will be implemented in twenty fifteen. military experts are pessimistic about the difficulties of enlisting sufficient number of voluntary


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