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whittle. i am. we do. every day at eight fifty air outlet
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for all three kids. see i expected i'm at it for possible to speak reasonable words. welcome to the golden bay uk for difficult for twenty thirty. what did you a skillful startling our electricity went off this let's hear from any import decisions are made of religion every day the seventh of upgrades that still remain the no box bag and it's one of the most aesthetically striking buildings in the northwest ireland has just undergone a nine point five million and restoration is not open to the. so when you visit the city moscow lamp on top
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of the suitcase. we take a tour of the city's major sightseeing attractions. we are just some of the state's sculpture and even if the beast. we told them of garbage and so forth was joining the day. a first class here's the scene the city changed beyond recognition. what better way to see only new toxins from one of them pop off kinda polls taken in the sights. i knew i'd say daddy's visitor convention bureau. the city's me in tears and from a synopsis to uni. and to support the port city sightseeing tour bus to read relax and maybe get a notice of it the strip implements of
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the month. i work part of a top eight. ren years younger than me. i thought i was up it was a smaller pot lid to see it. it could see potential in tourism and the setting is seen to be here for bearing with the city of culture. with one big weekend. we've also been nominated for the killing of the first time ever in need of inspiration box office able to sit here for tourism so the two dollars that was probably the oldest buyer grant me that he decided to bring the war front of the city state's interested and wants a baby sister is a city sightseeing and i was greatly in their first ever setting the bbc the frames like the person thus also uses a shuttle service is not just the two per cent of the document or stop off at our stop over to it. some other things that we can offer visitors. this weekend but that's the columns get
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the job. it was about to give us his church. but the apprentice boys before all the fun till the government to the summit here. the bosses of the nine hundred years old the oldest government's door ignoring the real cuba but this local processes linked them to the year where working with everybody cute kitty and asking the city sightseeing saying this to say this caffeine yet another things everybody's working with answering her age and is a lake ice. we're bringing people out of the week. what we're doing here is where parliament today to the next stop stop three. we're gonna send people unfair to people that guilt all you know the job of kathy's that people can go for a chicago cop means someone wants to go for late spring to get us there sparse within the area is now so it kept the summit even did the broader tourism sector with him and he just went to the bill phillips it's just been restored great asset for the city has been a peek back to eighteen ninety. you know it's there that the part of the center of the pioneers began an adult when you stop working on the role create money on people is a valuable enthusiastically into office
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today it's just a bunch of stuff. what would it. for some little thing it gives us a comment. thus the blog the line name brand. they fit in the middle. oh oh. sch though. teams. we got a free
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ticket. it never crossed the river to promise of palms park and great insight the body with with rossi and soul brings up such a sight seeing tours there is a legal just to introduce any city with many great tourism to the other side of the river as well and rinse inside there was a wonderful great place to bbc radio one big weekend spent their time that's palos park was also lamented nelson played telling the story of the loyalist community is now with such tight seal. we're offered to sense that they were basically send people home here. will our nature hike or he will surely the best pizzas. the students and defensive third over. but
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swim on the other yemeni opens up. so to school but the kids competed. personally i haven't been on the tour before but i completely recommend it. it's been a really really nice afternoon soap to have this day come on to the city sightseeing tour bus. by jamaat was a great first lady here in the entrance hole is the cd's when do i might get some spinning class artwork depicting images from the seeds. a historically significant bottle of that place your four hundred years ago. will try to avoid telling which recently hosted an exhibition titled it rejects a collection of photographs taken during the more recent troubles both local and international amateur and professional photographers and artists featured at the exhibition the gallery of fact that hundreds of visitors to see these images to kill it first thanks to our bt opens with a story from a kilometer from harvard for human life this saturday. an ecg over the state's advantage of this guy. and i photographed each other. almost on its feet this is the recent conflict
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in on weekends. all that reading a newspaper chambers about it nice to get misunderstood. that was not deal with that. i did a good sign. the opening of an exhibition project featuring gary. which is the first project to bring the geller works of the international solutions to visit the city during the troubles alongside works of local people be themselves for documenting everyday life around them. specifically the troubled soul in this room for it to the upper works that you are on. he like candy. i'll talk to and from journalists. this year the locusts that the guy in red for the first film's crew into trouble. you might have to be at nineteen c to sixty nine. you know our what's left when it went well. so i need to see. moving on to
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the tanning. that means you get a piano in the body nineteen seventy. when i eat out. pm. lenny was exactly it was a piece of work you know. steve forward to that so i was to move. well there is a metaphor for the cadets i hate you. drop this afraid so so the bbc. every day also the consensus the winter with. it's the warm greeting to all of you who read this though seas to do was to promote well almost. this recipe is the basis of surveillance. so strive to be working to support us. will you live in alongside some of the bliss of usually daddy. dd. alston
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tossed into the apartment sorts of odds of scripts for this moment. on the bus. you know him. dr the mausoleum for this purpose an all out what's the most worst bombings this moment of darkness. it's so weird. lily it was all jus me mostly years went on. see you at home with you know expressions then again you know. i'm not just for you so much. this exhibition is an amazing excavation of history in the dark together. towards the object itself. and who more or so and it went down in northern ireland the history. you know it's for children. i'd still argue
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debate to be discussed. and that is part of that. gracie really interesting relation to reality. you know my favorite food is picasso's art design tells the truth certain photos i did but it ends with a smile. this is a very intimate. wait that's just it didn't seem to stop these cats are going to the end of the guidance of this boy who now is the right to a top obama he's there. on xerox ready to go. there's a turgid the brownies. their name. albertson's. most of the need for journalism. so what we're doing lots of reading on the gop's top of tortillas. then in august there's an exhibition in the ground almost ornaments to take a selection of
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laundry. what the overall project at their center of the utah game. the difficulty that the team. which makes links between this worked and worked for almost dark. this award too excited. what's so bad in the bloodbath that the city which has divided by color itself. we try to eat it especially the local photographers. like the quality of prints on the quality upgrading the quality of presentation perhaps never seen before yet the source was being able to find local. one respects the benches. here is a story that begins and t ninety and again from seventeen hundreds. it's an exhibition of plantation of ulster the currently running here the guildhall to mexico to draft text drawings and contracted screens and farming health centers and great change is forced upon the people of alaska to bolster its details and get into some money. although not needing to disintegrate as nonetheless me the spoon and packed full of people last year. his mars part of art sculpture because alpha and
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the conversation at the top of st down. laura laura the world. cysts still to lose my thinking. and who don't know when the norms of france's he crawled across an old teacher on the black cord from the carroll school is it was the biggest accolade for me. two homes he can be a priest. our teacher. and i was never any good but not good no clear goal for either option. but when you know when we left right after school the u of t and falling sounds of summer sun is mentioned in was an art college. ever heard in our courts. i went on to qualify as a teacher of talk since nineteen seventeen in five years ago your very own
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cheese course you have to be because your work is in all its peers. you could see the good fortune. he wanted to work accessible to people who go to the tunes. and second it was the singer more so much and the woman called shelter of the mongol of the hospital until he was still awesome and fun do i think. moments in a group of people who would just not all of the developments. so i'm putting something in full glare of tears dried and costly charlie horse. you'll need to be a terrible thing has its own he said. what fun most of these reports komodo last consultation with all the contacts were stuffed supposed to fight. as a deliberate political sculpture. each day to day
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stir in pasta co has its appeal. kosovo are his very own form has formal and it's clear to partly to possible are. the visual arts are to the medium of communication where are you going was to get across the field and armenian restored. what they can be used for the secret to they can be used to. tired of feeling. and yet protect herself. it's not clear the lower house the homeless certain onesteel nuisance of themselves to begin to find it was one on your own late to explore the flame. soul it's called communication and protection. it was a metaphor to much more for morris in the years because we've lots more to come on the show but first the sinai to take the lead back some great study of culture events for the past month. bbc radio one's academy teams and their center of a week long program of masa classes and he and his young people got the chance to train on industry standard equipment and even if the fever review
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was designed to mark the four hundred anniversary of the unique relationship to the dairy domes and density of moms and i mean these people can tap lessons to think that the board's leading creators of words and music at sixes and sevens was performed simultaneously in london right here in a kilt clippers before the fifteenth of the western local producers keen to get the cellar where to go with you the secrets all of the one that has lasted for a bit i think a festival of local music save his life eagles dropped last year to fix the fence. the headlights and complain to guide offers the counter. previous club press over the years. being associated with john coltrane crying fits well with all the forms of art the world's international graffiti scene issue to fund major cities like new york a moment for the study of culture artists from the united states and germany came together the local crafters aspects skate park. here's what
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the cutoff. it was a circular orbits. there was a little puffy eyes of a mobile gotten very good girl can never go to bed and rubbed with itself but as the disabled who did not go away. don't let the dogs and some extent. i can browse go far new york told the same page about sligo. the five top fronts so was. the two constituent going into the old people of color. with the box but that's the way. i know this is just one of the populace in one of us but just not capable of going to end three decades of experience to walk
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about and they panicked. he says will put them over your head upon a potty break dancing the dj you know all the art in new york and present his ideas. scott's music is a bit of the great doesn't it we watched it the timberwolves i always do it so instead of photos not it's been a mostly homegrown if you're a bigger and better than the readers is always met with hitler and felt the same thing. he himself wants to defeat him to. tenancy to which no one on top of its density and the needy. and nobody stopped to help my team and then name and that sort of a defeat is the golden media. but bosses hopen tuesd with its religion and politalie hou of t into said look for places to work differently syste and people with a double think
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it's a double its best. as you know. misconception is that all the fun the site on theiagram pushing people around them. during the civil war but whateverhat's not true when the kids see that set off for about a job the best bet for the sick the general post office th on't. they did at least a merit or inside the top of break every now and that this awful as seen from one hundred jobs. for everybody's working together. so you call the selfish ego but because they live next to me saying he wants his son on the use of it exist. but the good fight because of the body the auction. it was clever
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but i think that's a big thing. probably sit in the end of t old. a bit of a sword that got him to the vendors. once you get the ball outside. you know it is increasingly getting kidney and pre teens. i mean whole are folks in the end of the kilt all these wonders tell the story of the study from column pellets ponder today and the first word more this is where the famous ideal defences health. anyone who needed banki music stalwart that's in the city with a start effect on this beach is a magnificent organ here but the with the reef rising to one hundred and thirty three. i know i just haven't liked them. this time as extension of producing some of the best possessions and tigers and the words so much so quickly into something special in the air
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here at this time containing his very best young talent one young lad people that think on this very thing that john is to write their posseions producer engineer and supporting artists. nine days long been on a regular bus back home despite the settings but having worked abroad for some time he offers and resting perspective as the nets and informed by the fire. this is a pretty nice place to do it very hard not to be your own music with it if you know but i'm going to be on the tunes the perpetual motion. how much the first guitar lesson over there the book is called the collective before the pair said the words o'neill told me that it even states that np. but a liberal but musical note that study was that pretty well on this issue. he went off to some of the new york and is living in the music in memphis on frida was a priest and a songwriter. the defenses of it all. ditto the time so to make but that is the thing assistance to still be home so me and i only really recognized that the bleakness
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of it when i left enough contrast. when some of them at seventeen. and it's a good note was a very long before they died of a first record dylan is twenty so i was traveling from than thirty until nine. but that was the day mom owns. he loves this place so much he was so proud of this means you sexy i mean i look around and that i nodded and my father would never have spoken to but it's about himself but he was alive but he is such a legacy here. you know for example. the bridge behind this here i'm aoubt this but initiative to bring that to the sudden i remembered he told me a button. the rest you naysayers the time. he always had the sense of a button. where you said you know that's the good possibility that's the good potential but instead of looking at what cost it happens. so to what town. and so was the dairy man i don't think there's anybody that the place more than he did it's hard to get to people like tom morris owner paul brady time. and you know even more and more recent done soon or concerts their appearance. and daryn i need
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to build their evidence and salt in them. america is so nice things that are common here that feel authentic to me. and the most dear coworker reason for the cafe for such a small place northern and has produced masa of talent and a mass of cana. the subtle undertone this little tidbit here by fifteen. it is wrong. jerry may want to draw have us get the facts. combine some of the budget to the minimum that the lord your heart but the way to write about it according to a bbq over their heads. this test is on. take
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care of it. when you mention the other two into the affair that's just one of the court today. i couldn't stop the statistics i think that the song that was pretty tough the box on the tidbits of marble floor. republican in a bit of a new sexy and you know that's. let's assume as i was and still love a good daddy. but the name of a bite of pizza box. there is typical of the pull ups the people here are capable of even more yet. time that i was to us to postpone it to do anything it would be keep that in mind to keep in mind that there's more there's so much more to mind here just keep going. don't stop don't let it stop. ask the people here know that they feel like they feel what they want to let the units they want to continue. but thanks to dani for sake of the things exist and to becky for dropping by we're sitting in the newly refurbished consul timber been difficult to synonymous with acidic. it's kind of a takeover but was caught in a permissive culture program in the months ahead. it's been twenty years since the first fall in price and seven the lgbt community celebration will be tighter than ever to see the parade itself was a spectacular and colorful pants. the carnival at the festival kicks off the twentieth of august for their well the boys belong to the cynical to prove the match due to bargain with
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them when in form from the usual i've got a little story combining have popped by to the same month. white film festival celebrates its twenty six years and has been one of only a handful of anti national festivals oscar affiliation. the festival to pieces and test the feature follows is an exciting program of shorts documentaries and appalachians world professional kickboxing champion kind of quickly the mice without me and pulled a goal they did not lead to plead with her arms reduction of the world before the tournament with a new member. this'll be the biggest ever kickboxing he was and they help myself really keen eye for the song title from the station chris becoming better known as our captain son. this is heavily and also from derry of the day some extent that's good i liked ay ay ay ay ay ay. ay ay ay ay. i am. bath
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xd him. as i watch. d he's black. is it. outstanding. i know. do. i was. choose. as
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i see. hse in me. it's me the e. all day. here also the rest. that's that the city. you too. as adults
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says. i know. mm mm. see you am i a. do. bat the bags in skylights. we use the internet the eye. ll. i
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am. its. in the eye. high
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the us. the consolidation years i have a toxic or not not hit the top star is it something you can see the three sixth of december since it's the season against men in the more


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