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tv   RT News  PBS  December 27, 2013 10:30am-11:01am PST

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new living room. do you the first state of serious chemical disarmament has declared a success we break out on the diplomatic achievements that prevented a us strike on the war torn country. look at how the civil conflict has transformed during the year the uk government tax lowering trying seems only to be stopping a wallop of the highest earners leaving no reason for those on basic ways to celebrate box jillian to start a judge of the dictators in the world of online privacy protection and freedom of information to
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getting ready to get their talks a good home but to the dead sea of chaos communications culprits. i know. you watch an art teacher not smell want a mosque outward five pm. it's been thirty three months of bloody civil conflict in syria in twenty thirteen and brought no relief to the people of the war torn country. on the contrary from the conventional standoff between the government in opposition the conflict has grown multidimensional marked by infighting between various rebel groups. be. this year the opposition has grown more fragmented with many rebel groups increasingly dominated by radical. a study by defence consultancy shows
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that out of a hundred thousand opposition fighters in syria more than half are extremist made up of is an islamic hardliners. the rest are more moderate but their voices are being increasingly drowned out by the radicals this year in syria was also marked by a growing number of attacks on christians with an ancient town of ludlow that becoming a front line. the r j crew was there right in the midst of the standoff between the government forces and islamist rebels as they are cursed by memory is no snow filed at the height of the fighting. i know the land. staff. the east cheerful soldiers is smiling and released. is the root it out. some of them were killed
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but the top of the locals to be on the site has been into town. the soldiers who might come into the forest so called national defense the two reviews are difficult with mountains and caves that what we know the area. so we carried on with the alteration. of course mom grocery shop. if he owned bank in two thousand and twelve. then he told us that the armed rebels hasn't come to their village and white wednesday. based on the solid lead on an icy wind soldiers. he has some questions again. its area is the land of history. the top of the saints seriously at the corners of the world series in each of the day. on the european citizen decide what is right across the ice cream stand on it while in syria. how many hundreds of
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thousands of its total to twenty one when we still would quickly find out that the two on the today held by the masons for weeks it seems that mountain tops of the metallic stoop a suspect that's not the hotel. our goal was to liberate them which on my own. i couldn't do it. it's like that for everyone. delay's home to many priests in tow to sit him on the streets as well as mosques everywhere we go here to see on the cross is next no added toe a hand's slides. it still i know. while in the car something goes wrong. we seek to bring a place to find dozens of armed soldiers hunting from enemies who rates. brenda's targets. it seems our laundry on the overall expenses were
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going to be a jet ski notable appeal. my cute kids thankfully it's not serious but it becomes clear we come to eat a mini mall the widow stunk. here in this cone and then on trying to get out of them. isn't this month. well not all gone now. the center of. the if anything. going to bed. i hope i'm looking cleaner look. it was beyond
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awful. but nothing that could reduce sectarian. i'm probably not misleading. this is. the media. it is this too much going on. we leave. well given two forces continue their friends to do with the rich which despite the claims remains under siege. rachel shah's secret police in from syria. it all well the syrian conflict could have taken an even more dramatic turn this all gets when the us threat of bombing raids on the country. it followed a major chemical attack near damascus that killed hundreds. washington blamed the awesome government for the atrocity but failed to produce any evidence
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the airstrikes were shelved only after mosque al intervened helping to negotiate a landmark chemical disarmament deal that led to a un resolution that kick started the destruction of serious chemical weapons and production facilities the first stage of the process has officially been completed. our team's arena to lose to explain what's next. we considered the first hurdle in were rather task at hand which is the story and the facilities where the chemical weapons were stored introduced and gathering all the chemicals together. that's sad that stage has been completed now we are at the states do and that is the transportation of all chemicals. two of the port of le time get now i'll be in here is the deadline for it that's enough of december thirty five. but it is a simple forbids no chemical weapons in saying that debt laden most likely not to do that because i'm going to transport the chemicals the vote and they have to go via the route from damascus to a top gear which unfortunately is right away that various armed gangs of lead in the areas that could
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present some danger although russia is helping out in that regard by sending it to special heavy armored trucks and lorries in order to transport of these chemicals now after they reached the quarter with my kitty chemicals will be boarded on several vessels going to denmark or norway and head over to italy where they will be transferred to another vessel this one is the money to the united states. there's also force the issue of the actual just a distraction off the chemicals and their two ways that could be done in the details are being tinkered and figured out today i in all stoked by all parties for dissipating in this rather difficult and very sophisticated task. and according to the rest of the present is all the russians to foreign affairs there are some kinks that the ne along the way when talking to and the representatives of the united states bikes again ross is demeaning very hopeful that that the talks today will be very productive and of course they're saying that they're sorting things out along the way as they go
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another major international initiative on sirius course peace talks which are expected to take place at the end of january. but of course whether the syrian government and the opposition will finally see it happen a ghost and unique negotiating table and whether they will help bring an end to the conflict will have to wait till twenty fourteen alec and raiding the amazing what exists or not. us oil giant chevron. this comes after a mass hunger strike that returned the world's attention to the place that some have dubbed the gulag of our times the head. a political battlefield in which the man is just one of the front lines. the route
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the charts he's not still live from moscow. clouds have gathered over the premier said the turkish prime minister tired there and along with thousands of protesters demanding the government resign their anger was sparked by recent high level corruption scandal that thirty four seconds replaced ten of his ministers are too sour for it joins the lineup and assemble with more details are given the idea of what's happening on the ground. this could run the continuing to unfold it's the day in front of the bill and getting increasingly under pressure it seems like this and the fallout from not to rush and try to target it doesn't say that is our light snow on the basket that we've seen a number of resignations the month which we have a date minutes to one occasion calls for the prime minister himself to that sign up to his pot at the loggerheads
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with one good defense and a cooling corruption crackdown national's make and paint the food service toll could exceed that in a wednesday lethal anti government protests is clashing with police against the knights were expected to be a large scale demonstrations the kids got that had been told that the white bits that had to be finally getting to be politic that placing the polls. and it's like for his troubles eva deposit you typically see in the queensland to meet with the ball. so if he has pressed to find it's the lack of leadership. what is right now the second fence with it this is a safe and protected from within his government as well. art is our first live from this temple. thanks for the top of me. i miss their daughter has been praised by the international community as a man trying to create a
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country where europe and muslim values. hmm european i should say in muslim values were in two great kids but some analysts believe he and his party drop the sentence and as soon as they found they didn't need the eu support during the first use of them to you. you need the support from the european union. i was there that were coming from over your harcourt is the most part the adults the twenty oh two there were trains. therefore a good view of the more liberal party on the phone it is inside the park the members of the park to the members of parliament for you. no word on the house meant that the scholar or the use of these two terms as soon as he told you don't need this to your supports and more. yesterday i could get more appropriate. if you wanna know more on the bribery scandal that drove the turkish leadership to the brink of collapse had to rt dot com or we have all the decals for you. more to
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come this hour the highly addictive drug crocodile friends to spread its deadly bike across the atlantic bringing fast and painful death the eye. to noon. he gazed at the makeup without a plan that although the effect that under the deal signed night at the traffic light thingy. it really helped me to do with them. what can be
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though. your aunties today however research . it's an artsy on maps now live from moscow. government is bending over backwards to slash taxes and raise living standards for people. the result which individuals and big businesses are stuffing their pockets with more caps of the pays the price. despite criticism from amp's the tax authorities are willing to change the status quo as polly blago find. that is
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lacking here in slc in london two thousand vaccine has been the a post very soon thanks to its tax cuts. in any of this spring. the phrase highest undead. to make even more money to see at the many tasks and keep running at about one to fifty thousand pounds right yet. one down from fifty pence to falsify sent the hundred pounds k and that's fifteen pounds nice to get straight into the treasury. isn't our favorite teams and now why would mean paying forty five pounds to the taxman. every hundreds. now for the same fine as i'm writing up the heat haze opposition made the policy has done the math they say that i can be the case highest known as satan to torment us hundred million pounds thanks to the tax cuts you have seen the longest one in living standards i'm gone back to it he fell off a million people are using the bags now
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the thoughts that i began to distance itself by not just that since two thousand and ten. these are serious problems wif the government's achievements outside said i'm like it's whether the government's made such a thing before saturday. this is to stop this tape is this evidence that its benefits in the uk economy estimates that people do that. the text of the gold investing that money this investment storm before that that despite the base it is cold and she has a ground for nothing you have no civil rights individuals knit cap itself. he laughs and love the handle of my expense and around his head and buggered if i'm in france and the way through the cement around the vaccine may be interesting to me something to me da meaning implement seen the kindness that david cameron has missed
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one single frame. hot seat the team represents the president stephen a smith says. scots and the effects of the richest one can sense when evil intent on seeing london. the rich are getting richer in the us as well and they are there and they're even colder with wall street setting a fine year the uh hundred billion dollars for new year bonus is an act as fighting corporate dominance as back caps will be coming straight out of taxpayers' pockets. these big boston based p there was a very high and the seller usually in the range of one hundred and fifty thousand turned in two thousand. then on top of that they get the sort of performance bonus in the way to their tally. there's a number of surveys. she basically after coffee us think how much money they have set aside for pollard says in two thousand and thirteen after we arrived at the ninety one point four four billion dollars is crazy right especially when you think about earlier this year there was this bloomberg article about how the government dislike the government subsidy and eighty three billion dollars so it's always the top of that government subsidies is going right back into balance is on the visit to sweden last he has worked for really long time before searing continue to see these
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problems and i were saying listen you to get to take these big dollars that you've gotten in this ill gotten leaving give of yourselves you to give effect to let you cry. the mind rj thirty greenpeace activists are just a step away from meeting wraps up the dropped all charges against them for trying to board an officer of oil rigs. and it's your exit visas to get the full story of our team. it turns out that eu politicians hollywood big shots and even vatican officials don't always practice what they preach when it comes to piracy as it emerges they've been downloading huge amounts of illegal content. the sun the sea. the interesting
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picture. the importers twitter. the animal. the move on. enough snow line for months now. jillian is on the wiki the founder has been holed up in the epicurean ecuadorian embassy in london for over a year fighting for prosecution. glenn greenwald the reporter who broke the nsa scandal and his partner was held in question under terrorism laws and jacob crumpled on the wiki meat packer detained a dozen times that the us border today they will they have blinders and a major conference in hamburg on surveillance and privacy for d's peter oliver is there too the city is under this tree of the tales communications companies here in town but it's truly immortal support as people made aware of just how if raj aisle. they'll online privacy. actually he
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is now on chilean by michael headley who is a online privacy campaigner michael feinstein which are speaking to me. if people stopped to take more if they take interest in looking after them online security. yet other people do it in a different manner than from stockton to say you made something that me or not to so called tells people how to do it on to mention a pdp pox on both the ones we'd use it to make a stand on the internet. whatever this is going to be a big impact for advice i've been icing it just looking at the beginning of the pics it to somebody like myself whose daily compute to the tourist. is there anything they like into a cool to look up to my normal when security. of course stopped in fifteen minutes start to use all the software. found this to change your name to someone you compute an upmarket soft not double but usefully milk so you put two and a missing that that's what people are where you are a token for these leaks are made with snowden just how would a risk free online. an abnormal
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amounts of people didn't realize it. some few people are always talking about that on the fence like these ones the normative have to be in the big boys and indeed you know which you'd like to see edwards noted here perhaps next year as the speaker. i would like to read today at the spots as possible and i would like definite dublin government to give them a safe place and it's a cube trays. he and tony award for practice. thank you very much that's michael at the link it's a privacy while online privacy activist its holding of the city of chaos communication conference. now some other stories making headlines around the world of car has blown up near an international military convoy in afghanistan killing three soldiers according to nato officials. six civilians have been reported the wounded in the explosion on tuesday two rockets were fired at us embassy in kabul followed by another attack that injured three police officers the recent spate of violence
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comes as president karzai is considering an agreement to allow us troops saying the country be on the twenty fourteen. winter said authorities arrested twenty three activists from the pro war scene muslim brotherhood on accusations of him signing with violence. just days after declaring it a organization. that marks a fresh crackdown on the group after officials accused of being behind deadly attacks on police headquarters. box one and a brother to go to classes at kroger for residents and connor. in bulgaria thousands of protesters have marched to the capital sofia demanding the resignation of the socialist government involvement in fraud cases robin has bolstered by crowds of students. anti government demonstrations have become a regular occurrence in bulgaria over the past six months since the government was caught up in scrubs. israel has launched a new round of the airstrikes on gaza in retaliation for two rocket attacks from the palestinian
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territories. it's saturday three days the previous one left a three year old girl bed. elsewhere in cause of the sole power plant there some were taken to a shortage of fuel after israel closed while the palestinian officials blame it on tv crack down on the underground tunnels into the sea. since that devours you from the inside and is addicted in almost every case in russia the drug known as crocodile has cut its teeth into tens of thousands of drug users despite its ingredients being illegal to buy over the counter. they're readily available as medina cost of the phone down. it's two years since truck and six lx he lost his best friends and every december he visits his great it would really love for country was agreed but told her that he was into advertising with those involved in several projects the thing just kill him with it and so will you be chased
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him today. the plane was gas or more of an extremely addictive or feeling too cute to see jack's eyes that are known as pop icon because of his headaches scheme. again green and scanned. as also described as the flash these things on the top and causes severe brain damage the skin eventually falls off and kills addicks within two years. alexi managed to escape the consequences of the job but his story is more of an exception than the rule everyone sees those who tried the so called what's the he is not even once paid dearly for the cheap high and all too often they end up here. i wouldn't remember one friend couldn't work because of the joint he needed to inject it into a book became an obsession with any interest in working toward for that. crocodiles team costume just in time for the price of regular herring and most windy and seasoning in manufactured homes using over the counter chemical
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the proposal it is that it's the only one of the main factor is widespread but that was wildly irresponsible decisions made about the end of the nineties with a health ministry business sales for donations of medicine which contains codeine. alexia great to show us just how easy it is to get the vital ingredients of painkillers we didn't but it will. we're in a way to the turks still don't have a new prescription i believe i'll get everything i need that. it's not a problem. it didn't take too long just five months and he was back. lexie tells us the crocodile was made by combining colton was always in every house or detergents or even cancer. the slices to put it on so many different and really dangerous toxic ingredients. one thing kids in the town is that i didn't and some very short supply
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this picture is about a fifth august. paddling. this is in trouble for this contest on anything as one of the line here and it tasted fine after quitting crocodile lexi has a stark warning you of what is your kid into it at this thing just turns you into a mostly it's you and sorry if it's painful it's so scary. it has everything your friends your family everything got up and do all i can push our team. moscow will go up. and in time for the us government to cut a deal with edwards noted here all five of the argument next month. ay ay ay ay ay will. to ch. there is
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already deeply. still squealing all the pizza in the late if that is going to make me the fifth inning to make it to the underprivileged. i could get heavy lifting the day zero. she still looks a much higher. jason and jamie the tension could be. in the nation's job to tell which one to nineteen students work on it from the local branch. to be around employment training you change the channel can be agreed to a deepak. a recipient of the dvd case no educational curriculum project only moved. i greet you as you graduate especially low income families. the country's growing industry it's ok to
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cheat the court's conclusion the curricula upgraded i'm trying to teach. the mission between companies and educational schools are encouraged. students can be placed into the becoming full time employees. here in the company we provide an opportunity for students to practice with the new school in a new working environment the energy in the bb do some practice at school. here they do in real work and practice what they learn. munch new students. still school employment placement of graduation. i don't know who used to hearing skills. like how when you turn. i mumbled of the hat that makes it look
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good when posting. italian leather. to help me in finding that the claimant all about obama and the team meeting documents commissioned to develop into a catch though education. we should pull out of a detainee and the private sector the country's growing to include cyclones. they will not scratch it. however in a long line when a thing. it's like the heats. defence sources said. we've experienced. he grew. what
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was one will or will the news on and on the muslim brotherhood as denounce them really cheap the government's declaration to maine it's a group it said the aim of the decision was to break moves by the people on the ground and cause a civil war in the country not because of cotton he didn't end of the reason is connected to the brotherhood an islamic relate to what the media says the deceased was in the late because of the new vehicle that picks from the justice system. his comments come as the eighteen people were arrested in the continuing crackdown


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