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tv   RT News  PBS  December 27, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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hear more skilled smart protest isn't the least i soften the hearts of istanbul as a high level corruption scandal takes the turkish government to the brink of collapse. but aussie crew was called him and the couple a two footed just coming up. as the sake of serious chemical disarmament stick to the success we recap two in the diplomatic achievements to prevent the us strike on the war torn country. look at how the civil conflict crumpled to. uk government tax lowering drugs to donate
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to the stuff in the waters of the hottest that is needed no reason and for those of a place to celebrate this festive period . it still has to have a note here that cost me nine months going to break the news is that massive anti government protests is radiant x two squares and who stumbled over a high level corruption scandal continues has already forced the promise that the reshuffle his cabinet one of our a cruel cold in the middle of the devastation when police used tear gas on protest is a co sponsor furthest. this is the faith and the pain again. that means that wasn't the case then maybe not as good as
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the night sky as same the eighteen hundreds and the wind and the defense that again the thing that stands between the evidence that the atkins diet diet the league. the iba. i mean that the state the wind in the senate the government than sour. so sry to gender sold is associate professor of middle eastern history and politics of duke university in ankara high that i'm in tears the protests having started tonight the accord took our spot over the place used to get through bullets to try to disperse the gathering crowds be surprised at that time the harsh reaction. no not told in effect not just an assembled with dividends routine. wilson has a strong demonstrations in hunger and also it is me and there's no surprise because the pundits is reacting to the cooked
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meat market. the texas senator elected to the participant is just awesome. in other words i can see inside gangs has been open to people. full course in trouble for undermining the ten states to focus on the city he said. it's the same time that the recent defensive stance that the group. i resisted the weekend. because he's confident or aggressive because cet he's on about facts or data. one can say that this is his style of music recall potential style when he won the twenty straight to the pool money to pay for it. one can say that i don't know if it's going to give it a classic. he didn't pick him up to inspect the new city and has done to strengthen the coming visit was fun to surprise her with a bespoke suit charges that will surround it. but instead of the point to contain the crisis has just gone
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straight for the job either he describes the end is out of the blood of treatment that the that the and to be respectful of all the numbers him. that approach. now what is he speaking to the effect is the time is his favorite song on hardcore supporters in the open even if it does this serve to sustain his own technique he says that we're fighting another war of independence so believe what he said assistant to kill off to take them but the company homelessness in the distance is the top. and for those people who don't like him and think he's going to want a foot off the post that includes was in fact the descent. what is the current strength of opposition to him but what can be the whole team has come to the neighborhood above the ground them in a small stall was the ultimate ticket sales for new column in the testimony of a strong voice on in the sphere on it and this post makes the toughest position on me that much stronger is because
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it was a big deal. even now kids will lose. in the snow storm and we become because of my kits. he discovers property has reacted the recent protests in the curragh ones amid the protests is the same anyone's appetite for power is the root of some of the problem here lies become too authoritarian that point yet. of course they do that to stop dumping and has become more torturing of the last four years so here a month if it's done me the most in demand but this one be the last elections when they become complete. we the soul from celtic in the spring the way that he descended the serene process was extremely aggressive and confrontational they get sick and that they'd even the characters of these men didn't even protest inside the country. he's just gone for the middle class people do you continue to keep the june reason to protest the policies and he doesn't seem understand that it doesn't seem to think that there are just a genuine good will come sometime last year fermented from the outside meant by the legal amount of
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a toe looks with real quickie ten seconds jason gideon went to a poll by woody win when i say this it's crazy to go so quickly. it's already covered up by our situation a pub or he would hear his love of hearts that you still cannot hear. part of a selfish too much associate professor of middle east and eastern politics of the pianist and crooked teeth when a local pro websites more pages long with this comes from taxes quibbles the latest tweets from people who so what was going on over there on the loonies. something to get this thing that the three months of the diesel cars to consider it and putting the team's gold medal relief to people the war torn country bail the country from the conventional standoff between the government the opposition because they screw multidimensional long plane flight in which the various rebel groups the studio position has grown more fragmented as many rebel groups increasingly
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dominated by radicals study by a defense consultant in fact chosen out of one hundred thousand opposition fighters in syria to pull the hof are extremists made up of jihadis and islamic helpline is the rest of more moderate than their voices are increasingly being drowned out by the radicals this year also in syria was mumbai growing number of attacks on christine's with the ancient town of marlin that becoming a frontline crew was like that but in the midst of the standoff between the government forces in islamist rebels. is there a poll that i corresponded with motion filed at the height of the flight staff. i mean. moody's tearful soldiers as smiley and released. is helping blue out. some of them were
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killed. some of them escape locals joined the army to defend in the two town the soldiers in light colored uniforms of the so called national defense. to read he's very difficult with mountains and caves but we know the area so we are carrying on with the alteration. of course mom grocery shop. we filmed back in two thousand and twelve then he told us that the armed rebels hasn't come to their village and by wednesday. based on the solid lead on an icy wind soldiers and he has some questions again. its area is the land of history. they say terrorists here from all corners of the world to kill series and peach of a lie and why. the european citizen a somewhat distracted cos the place to be a scandal
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that one and syria. how many victims of the many hundreds of thousands of souls. when will it still would quickly find solitude it on duty today held by the masons for week eight season to mountain tops of the metallic stoop a suspect. that's not the hotel our goal was to liberate them which on my path of oneness we couldn't do it. it's like this are everywhere. delay's home to many priests in tow to sit him on the streets as well as mosques everywhere we go here to see on the cross is on next. now added to these received leg to heidi's flags. it's daunting i know while in the car something goes wrong the hooting covering a place to find dozens of army soldiers hunting from enemy schoolmates. i mean bread has been targeted. it seems our home liao. we think overall
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expenses were going to be a jet ski. notable appeal. my cute kids. thankfully it's not serious. but it becomes clear we come to eat a mini mall the widow stunk. here in this cone and then on trying to get on top. and in amazement. well not not not not. the center of. the if anything. going to bed. i hope i'm looking to clear
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the lot. the std whizzing by nothing to reduce sectarian i'm probably not misleading this is. the media. it is nice too much going on. we leave. well given two forces continue their fancy phone market with the rich which despite the claims remains under siege. rachel shah see people see it from syria of course the searing conflict could take in the mortar money to the soldiers from the us bombing raids in the country if only the major chemical attack in damascus to kill hundreds. washington the time you a cool probably played the assad government for the atrocity but then
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failed to produce any evidence. this strikes me shell don't have the most going to be helping to negotiate that landmark chemical disarmament deal that in turn led to the un resolution the kick started the destruction of serious chemical weapons in production facilities the first eight contained all that precious know the saying is officially been completed. but these are english to explain his boss next. we considered the first hurdle or rather task at hand which is the story of the facilities where the chemical weapons were stored and produced and gathering all the chemicals together. that's sad that stage has been completed now we are at the states do and that is the transportation of all chemicals. so the port of le time dad now i'll be in here is the deadline for it that's enough of december thirty first but it was a super fun. that deadline is most likely not to do that because i'm going to transport the chemicals the vote and they have to go via the route from damascus to a top gear which
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unfortunately is right away that various armed gangs of lead in the areas that could present some danger although russia is helping out in that regard by sending its stock special headed into the armored trucks and lorries in order to transport of these chemicals. now after they reached the quarter with my kitty chemicals will be boarded on several vessels belonging to denmark or norway and head over to italy where they will be transferred to add another vessel this one is the money to the united states. there is also force the issue of the actual just a distraction off the chemicals and their two ways that could be done in the details are being tinkered and figured out today i in all stoked by all parties participating in this rather difficult and very sophisticated task. and according to the rest of the present as all the russians to foreign affairs there are some kinks that amy along the way when talking to and the representatives of the united states bites again ross is demeaning very hopeful that. the talks today will be very productive and of course they're saying that
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they're sorting things out along the way as they go. now that major snohomish to voters across the piece tool to truth but to take place the vintage i knew because with a sitting governor whether the opposition will find that that because jason taylor on the things that mother that would end the conflict. on the twenty fourteen gun shows. however great the eggs in one exists not to us oil giant chevron this comes after a mass hunger strike that aren't the world's attention to the place that some have dubbed the gulag of our times the head. a political battlefield in which the man is just one of the front lines. the route. below are
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the donuts international duty the sons of the big names will the freedom of information you will be a major hike. the trip had to protect yourself online but covering that. also covering crusted on the hunt paid for the kids teeth into tens of thousands of crocuses three in foster and painful death the eye. she's going the deal. she was consumed you can use that degree. it
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used to access key to haunt you. i am. i am the new the story in no rush to get mine tasted them and to cease the demands to russia's seven fifty p up the ghost girl in the blast killed at least three people because reporters exploded next to the city's traffic police headquarters is also into houses by as well. the bus if i was so confident to look up the pieces and shattered windows in nearby buildings investigators have ruled out the possibility that it's that was a terror attack
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piece into place in the staffroom whole region is an amount which borders russia's north caucasus which is a bullet on it. some attacks take place on a regular basis with the pips be the most tourists we can to find a more details the british government spending of the backwoods to slash taxes and raise living standards for his people the result which individuals because this is the stuff in the pockets of more cash will the pays the price despite criticism from and pays the tax authorities are willing to change the status quo it seems hollywood can report. i am liking the area safely in london two thousand vaccine has been the af post very soon thanks to its tax cuts. in any of this spring the phrase highest undead to make even more money to thank the many tasks and keep running at about one to fifty thousand pounds right yet one down from fifty pence to four teeth i'd sent the hundred pounds k and
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that's fifteen pounds nice to get straight into the treasury. isn't our favorite jeans and now why would mean paying forty five pounds to the taxman. every hundreds. now for the same fine as i'm writing up the heat haze opposition made the policy has done the math they say that i can be the case highest known as the staple maize hundred million pounds thanks to the tax cuts you have seen the longest one in living standards i'm gone back to it he fell off a million people are using the bags now. you cost of housing units this is the firearm that since two thousand and ten. these are serious problems was the government's achievements outside said i like this when the government's made such a thing before saturday. this is the thought of this tape is this evidence that its benefits in the uk economy estimates that people do that the text of the gold investing that money. this
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investment is still the furore that that despite the base. is it cold and he has a ground for nothing you have no civil rights individuals knit cap itself than anywhere else in the blogging on the mountainous expense and now with his head and front legs. in france and the way through the cement around the vaccine may be interesting to me something to me da meaning implement seen the kindness that david cameron has been fine since hot seat. the team represents the president steven nissen insists the scots and the effects of the richest one can sense when you blink and obscene london. the rich getting richer in the us is while the boulder that with the whole street setting aside party mini hundred billion dollars for these bonuses the shia. an activist fighting corporate dome and told us that capsule becoming straight to the taxpayers' pockets. these big wall street banks pay there was a very high. a seller usually
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in the range of one hundred and fifty thousand to two thousand. then on top of that they get the sort of performance bonus and the way to their tally. there's a number of surveys. if the effort cost us think how much money they have set aside for poets is in two thousand and thirteen after we arrived at the ninety one point four four billion dollars is crazy rain especially when you think about earlier this year there was this bloomberg article about how the government dislike the government subsidy and eighty three billion dollars so it's almost as if i love that government subsidies is going right back into balance is of the visit to sweden last he has worked for really long time before searing continue to see these problems and i were saying listen you to get to take these big dollars that you've gotten in this ill gotten leaving give of yourselves you to give it back to the police car. cover stories online blog into a gold calm night news update about the optics that the greenpeace activists to just step away no leaving russia the helpful chart. on the board and offshore oil
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rig the polls the british even exit the jacobs field but when i got to go home i'm reporting to attend the eu politicians hollywood big chill and vatican officials don't know what that is what they preach when it comes to piracy. it's a good sleep and downloading huge amounts of illegal content will distort it the sun the sea the interesting picture the importers twitter the animal. the us. which leads to hold up in ecuador an embassy in london for three am hiding from
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prosecution. also greg gray ruled the report to probe the nsa scotland whose apartment was held in question than to tatters and most of guinea that jacob appel bought the wiki links contained a dozen times in the u s boulder co headline is a major conference held in humbug on surveillance and privacy. all peter all of them is that too that is out of the three of the tales communications companies here in town but it's truly immortal supports is people being aware of just how bright child. they'll online to try to see actually is now joined by michael at lakeview is a online privacy campaigner michael franks but which are speaking to me. if people stopped to take more if they take interest in looking after their online security. yet what people do it in a different manner than some stuff and that he made something that we would like to so called tells people how to do it ought to mention a pdp box awful. the bonds which you said in a cage on the internet. what about this going to be in a big impact
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for advice i've been at sea with just a peek at the beginning of the pics it to somebody like myself these daily coke you to the tourist is there anything alike into a cool to look up to my normal when security. us car stopped in fifteen minutes start to use all the software found this to change job. so when you complete an upmarket soft not double but justly milk so you put two and a missing that that's what people away at your ago before these leaks are made with snowden just how would a risk we all like. an abnormal most people didn't realize it some few people always been talking about that on the fence like the swans the normative have to be in the big boys and the meat you know which you'd like to see it snowed here perhaps next year as the speaker. i would like to read today at its fastest possible and i would like definite dublin government to give them a safe place and it's a cube trays. he and tony award for practice. thank you very much
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that's michael at the link it's a privacy while online privacy activist its holding of the city of chaos communication conference the role of the increased trade paper reported dead and of around twenty reps and way more seen protests of the sweeping through to the empire of the fight to get the test is this going to do the food too. to follow the rest of twenty three activists from muslim brotherhood on the station's and slicing bothered to update often but it was declared that those who presented themselves to produce more remedies the taliban suicide bomb attack on an international minutes to calm boy in afghanistan has killed three servicemen wounded six civilians. on tuesday broke its defy the us embassy in kabul followed by another tonga to get three police officers. recent spate of violence comes as president cost like it is an island that us troops to stay in the country beyond twenty
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fourteen the seven storey next it's a substance that literally devoured see from the inside and it's addictive and almost every case has been raised in united states because of the possible spread of the drug known as crocodile. the first signs of disease reported in september the law in russia the simpsons is also the nifty for the tens of thousands of drug use is spikes integrated been restricted they all readily available. it is made of caution and four. it's two years his truck and six lx he lost his best friends and every december he visits his great it would really love the country was agreed but told her that he was into socializing with those involved in several projects i think is killed in the third syllable to be chased him today. the thing was that someone found an extremely addictive feeling too cute to see jack's eyes that are known as pop icon because the kids had a skein again we miss him. as also
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described as the flash it seems on the top and cons actu claim that the skin eventually fall off and kills addicks within two years alexi managed to escape the consequences of the job but his story is more of an exception than the rule everyone sees those who are trying to sell cold while daddy is not even once paid dearly for the cheap height and all too often they end up here. what they need to remember one friend couldn't work because of the joint he needed to inject it into a book became an obsession with any interest in the working toward for the time crocodiles team costume just in time for the price of regular herring. and most wellington it's easily manufactured homes using over the counter can the proposal would visit hits and one of the main factor is widespread but that was wildly irresponsible decisions made at the end of the night that
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would help the industry is in sales for today. which means cold. alexia great to show us just how easy it is to get the vital ingredients of painkillers. it then but it will be run away to the drugstore. having a description do believe i'll get everything i need to it's not a problem. it didn't take too long just five months and knows that lexie tells us that crocodile tears when combined with an incredible week in every house with a torch and see if the castle. not many different and really dangerous. we didn't want to get into town isn't a very short night. apparently this isn't on top of this content only. as one of the lockyer
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and thurston fine after quitting crocodile how lexi has a stark warning you this letter and your kid into it at this thing just isn't doing to most events you and so forth and it's painful it's so scary. bring your friends your family and improving the police to go. i can push our team lost count will go up to go to anna's husband i are most go of one easily into the killings time thanks to pay without international is appreciated coming up the nikkei said with more extensive tour of the air. us news history season. i rmb i knew. ch the eye the summer break a time when all students the joys and most importantly relax body washes over break for male students could change dramatically and involve lots of guns currently male russian
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systems have to put the year into the armed forces but the ministry of defence thinks that they can make things easier by the who spend their summer breaks in the military. this treaty would tie in with your future professions such as engineering students being put into military engineering position. now the question is does your summer break belong to you order other words does the government have the right to tell you what to do it make you who serve in the army even if just for three summers during college years i think at this really depends on your culture in places which haven't been invaded countless times or have a strong individualism streak any form of conscription sounds barbaric and oppressive but you come from a country that is less individualistic has been attacked and beaten by pretty much every country that possibly could. like russia that have a draft makes more sense. i think this program could work as i was in college i'll be pumped spent my summer vacation with some heavy artillery. but this is dazzling are the universal ikea for all countries. i don't think liberals and libertarians in america would take too kindly to it and rightly so. i just bought. i
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rmb new new new long you. i knew. yawn. little rock. it was our top story. they don't use of high profile woman is tough. anti government protests grew louder and turkey after prosecutors investigating corruption is revealed in


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