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rmb new new new long you. i knew. yawn. little rock. it was our top story. they don't use of high profile woman is tough. anti government protests grew louder and turkey after prosecutors investigating corruption is revealed in the case. we are
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pleased to see him on the activist a fifty one. we proceeded on to profits the eye. it's hard to meet with his cake for mum and is still muhammad shah top and soul on this. nancy says the seventy p to twelve wounded. tesco was a former adviser to former prime minister said katie. he was on his way to attend a meeting when an explosion tore through his car. living in a scene in recent upsurge of violence leading to the conflict in neighboring syria. the center of beirut minutes up to the attack the bomb exploded in parliament in an area with numerous restaurants shops and banks. since i didn't speak to the touch throughout the city. nearby buildings were damaged. but i was sitting in the office when there was an explosion. it
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was ugly black smoke in the office and glass everywhere none of them. this is terrorism damaging the country and the people. a little girl. among his aunt was mohammed shirt on finance minister in the anti syrian government led by son of henry me between two thousand and nine and two thousand and eleven. he was on the way to a meeting of hariri going is to support city and rebels fighting the government of russia on sound evidence current government is dominated by the hezbollah militia and strongly supports the syrian government nanny and that nobody has the law may be responsible for today's call me. this is a correspondent martin she underlined tomatoes marketwatch has been the reaction to this killing of which our town. media speculation is rife with each other this book is a cake and opened the room. it opened to
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the display for the pope and how it goes. more than twenty eight accusing them of food in the nation to many of running without knocking or want a wife now the growth of the expected it to. what the to the fact that in terms of sixteen just a few weeks on the key dates were on top of the detroit international criminal court which was supposed to play key role did well to the gospel the nation state but i'm going to be what i can agree that the debate. the station was too good. i'm open to the top most of the nation due to the shooting war syndrome. in the country. the intensity a suitable what the implications of just need to scaling up the skin one thing to hold all
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the pictures are great but that the ward to have reached a point on the second one was speaking to me that i took my precious and salt. the cutest little to do was to prevail but says he can have extremely important. so i can do one of the two together. a copy of it that the situation that i can say that the film well um we don't go bump in the middle of the talks over the top of that. the thing with it. thought it was difficult for him for the photo to get together to form a cabinet level the curriculum is going on exchanging who stand to gain much from the cupcakes. on a suicide bombing in common skin mucous coaches and stunted trees and wounded a key success on bass and as well officials say the bomber detonated his vehicle as a convoy of nato vehicles new base in the east of the city a spokesman for the column on insurgents claimed responsibility for the attack
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the identities or nationalities of the three soldiers have not yet been released. kenya's president has urged the leaders of solitude on to assault the political differences peacefully. stop the violence in the world's newest country the company's business conduct and seen here in peaches from her estate did not come to an item to take part in the tool kit in ethiopia on backing the president saying they would not accept any attempt to overthrow him and his democrats in the elected government. the band members of the russian punk who can unite says she would like to know he nodded me pushing me out of power. she and caleb and emma put to good young as four days off to be released from prison. mama had been jailed for singing an antique wooden song in the mosque as main cathedral. they were released under an amnesty by president put in twenty months of imprisonment appeared to have done little
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to obtain raw reality of the nouns and ninety eight that come with an ego. it's good to see ryan and members say they have much to catch up on including spending time with their children. their first joint press conference since being released earlier this week. top twenty of us said she regarded the release as a cynical propaganda considering they were due for release in a few months anyway. she would of preferred others to go free instead the two want their human rights organization to provide a voice for prisoners on china during the summit and teacher edition of civil society and the ability to help one another year. we witnessed old and while we're in prison and it was a real medical bulletins the station with very grateful to all the people who supported us the announcement openly talk about were arrested in february twenty twelve after staging a protest against president button to put it in moscow's main cathedral. they
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were convicted for hooliganism and sentenced to two years in a penal colony the pentagon but was sent to siberia. she says the experience has changed her. on the prayer in the christ the savior cathedral is so important to us anymore. we different now we survived a long spell in prison since we had a totally different reality from eels season. a common experience unites us much more than our participation in the punk rock. cca. the two are also very much united by their common desire to try to ten out of office. they say he just wants to improve russia's image before the winter olympics in sochi warning there could be aircraft down afterwards i can say in the country a further six greenpeace activists held in russia since september has now left the country. five britons and a canadian boarded a plane from c petersburg a car airport. among the activists
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invested by the russian coast on stuff it into two boys and oil platform to protest against oil exploration in the off the coast in the face after seven years in jail on attorneys for the good news and activities on to attend an amnesty. in washington us president barack obama has signed a budget cream and that secures the government funding for the next two years and has a long running a budget dispute. the deed races government expenditure has been out of raising taxes while causing social entitlement programs. a sixty three billion usd on increases in spending would be funded through a combination of reforms and neil non tax revenue. i have been tied to spending the two thousand and fourteen is set at just over one trillion us dollars. the gas explosion in china start with is the kind comments is kinda peaceful and injured dozens the second place at a shopping mall in the city of tutu on hundreds of
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firefighters were called to the scene to put out the blaze and rescue people trapped in the building media reports and gas leak in the building was to play with some diseases know i'm a gemini is a leading export nation the latest figures show the country's exports would continue to go in the outcome of good news for german companies but not so for germany's competitors another product made in gemini being packed exports these crates will travel by a truck and then by shipped to north africa. exports represented huge pots of germany's economy. many engineering companies make most of its sales to foreign customers. and that's set to increase even further next year. the gem and chambers of commerce and industry full costs. gemini when exports about one point four five trillion euros worth of goods in twenty fourteen that would be of a full percent more than germany's twenty
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thirteen exports the reason for the expected it is the gradual recovery of year as an economist. that means new investments and new orders for machinery from gemini. while that's good news for german companies many foreign countries grumbles that gemini isn't returning the favor by spending more money into seats. well let's go to the frankfurt stock exchange now where we buy is back from his christmas break going great to have the back of strong german exports how does that come down. it's gone down well was there some in the country has so many companies here in the stock market less than the dax the three biggest companies in germany. i'm about two thirds that are very export heavy depended on them and get a lot of money overseas so that's good news on that helped propel the backs of words. of course it's not a god given thing that this continues in two thousand fourteen as the chambers of commerce say it to make this prediction but i the people here are ready to believe it at the moment. barring
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external shocks like craps new escalation sydney year of crisis and only is the second last day of trading of the year do you expect us going out with a bang d i do but my opinion of course is not to the mainland to the traders certainly do when i listen to them that they're sounding confident that the docs today ninety five hundred points over that that's a new record high and does lots of people into the eight inning of the year did not expect that would suit the situation has been improving in germany in the eurozone. in united states china continues strongly so when we look at the share price this year the market barometer is like the docks in the euro stocks they're both going strong in the euro of going strong this well over a dollar thirty eight. i believe as reporting from the can explore at the frankfurt stock exchange thank you lee. mt dangerous sea ice has trapped in research team ship off the coast of antarctica seventy four people are stuck on board in the eyes gets
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denser by the outward trappings to credit the ship's hull bundt cake is on the lake at chili's then sit with. i'm speaking capabilities is headed to the distressed its location these antarctic researchers have no choice but to sit and wait. dixie on surrounding leadership is getting more tense by the l word it's over twenty km to go and see their vessel was on its way home after a five week tour of antarctica. one a sudden change in weather. lucy eyes into its path on christmas eve. since then. the academic show kosky has been immobilized off the coast of antarctica some twenty eight hundred km south of the australian island of tasmania. help is on the way three ships with ice breaking capabilities are trying to reach the stranded research it. the expedition leader believes the chinese icebreaker will arrive first
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with just a debate on a sock but it's the check in on the revised ten. avoca is making steady progress giving her it's about nine or the law and the vessel so that he said somebody set them up voting for them to do so quite here yet but to at least we can see it now which is so acute that it improved the prospects that few hours ago. all passengers on board including a number of tourists welcome the good news. they help they can head home to friends and family soon. when christmas has come and gone and the coupon on the receipts some unwanted gifts but don't despair because you can catch an entire week gifting your eye news presents. here's how locals lined up for the mild case of jones faces auction well before it opened up a role too keen to get rid of that unwanted christmas gifts and maybe make a pot and two geez i don't like the color
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of the style i usually only when accidents each new day bt has gone. my aunt sissy any condition is that a good chance to be new and in its original packaging before it goes under the hammer originally the idea was totally trashed the one to teach didn't end up in the nation. and the organizers the city is in your invention waste department. we just wanted to bring to people things that otherwise my students ran away. one opinion. family two hundred presence on offer nineteen chances. to die this is the highest went on a seven hundred units went to ntu and even the young one to eighteen c and continue on a steal at only fifteen years and it sold for two calls entire proceedings can teach us. what do i ninety and one
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person's trash is another person when sin entered into the corruption scandal in taking deepens. the strongest of the assigned to the conti we have some analysis feel less cash to increase prepares for its eu presidency will be back in sixty seconds. david does the air use this to yourself lee says julie. all broadcast times programs tailored to your knee. on the w r t the old pro
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the shooting war. the issue w. to serve growing against turkish prime minister abe and ornaments that deepening corruption scandal since mid december and turns and minds of the investigative fund is going great. and indeed the money concert as well a prosecutor in the proclaimed on thursday he was removed from his job due to official pressure. this is from convenient coolest regular designation the another night to paint and steamy sample his own game corruption scandal in seeming anger hundreds of demonstrators called on the government to
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step down it. it's the one we no longer believe any institution in this country is run in a healthy way and that it is corruption everywhere. a speech at the police don't even follow the prosecutor's orders. it is that mrs would lose many reacted to statements made on cents day. my mom on the last prosecution claims he was removed from the tails off to completing the lessons of the members of the judiciary had instructed his investigation. it's just one of dozens of accusations against the government in recent days. we told ministers resigned. prime minister that if i had one reacted to the deepening crisis by appointing ten new ministers to his twenty six member cabinet. the new interior minister says the reshuffle is the result of techies rapid progress. of the moment it is written well it's no coincidence that after taste great progress and development in turkey
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certain incidents are happening and political stability is under threat of a whodunit and demand something and once for my abba isaac to denton and triggered the ground the influential muslim cleric is based in the us but has supporters in attacking police and judiciary and inspects tv stations and news papers in the country the presidential election is due to be held next year jayden has denied any involvement in the investigations. no one has to do in the studio by middle east expert at me shyly you this when commission. i don't insert this code pink is a conspiracy against him i think union movement. how inflation is a movement is in cairns on the ticket on to how strong is that the guerrilla movement is indeed very strong man that is exerted by some pressure on the other one government the avalon movement is quite unique. there's no similar comparable movement in danger from the united states. it's a phenomenon in the sense that mr green and was
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the muslim preacher of this moment is very influential and that's his many followers but at the same time he's not truly striving to cool for a political office always pulling the strings on the back you might say he used to be close associate of the saddle on the prime minister of turkey. but then these two people on and on the top the all day they got into trouble with timaru with each other. the main reason being that at that said going in as many floors in the state the parent is and also among the economic structures of the concrete box. these goons followers feel that the ottoman government is taking all that a all the cake stall themselves for their own for a reason for this reason there's already a struggle going on full power money and influence and it's rudy the back core of this conflict we see evolving in turkey. undaunted we know what the beans are then going nuts. yes a very good question all depends on the perspective of that you want to take in fewer people
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very skeptical book and couldn't move and planning that this is a second that is fine too. you know influence people and negative sense in the nine states over the green movement is being judged as being one of the most important reformist movement within islam and this agreement has been living in in paris france to linger for quite some years has been received both spotted by president obama and his predecessor president bush. so is very much appreciated also because is not anti american he is not anti israeli. he is considered to be a moderate and he has really caught salmon prawns maine in turkey yet he is really on mon and europe which is amazing because in germany there are millions of turks living air bites of the is not really aware of all time and things well maybe he is in all the dangerous personality so far there is no proof of this accusation. he has his own reformist agenda that many people don't understand and of course he's also be criticized in turkey and abroad for being a front row
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many people. worst political crisis in seeking to alan and his ago when he said find it difficult to say he is indeed in trouble because he is not simply a bolt o'reilly claimed that the kitten movement is just a bunch of lazy people wishing to work this is what he said of all the protests in the easy part which was almost a year ago and in the sun will but the second movement so to speak. the groom followers of very powerful and dave money to bring his government on a fall on as his own party does not think the bomb dropping the saddle. nobody knows what's going to happen in turkey within the next two weeks within the next two or three months. it's really an open question. the commission that is to brainwash the masses. now we move on to eat it for one person has been killed inrters of the muslim brotherhood then we clashed with security forces are both coming in to police and arrested dozens more off all our present
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moment was seized on a last chance to play in the county title in seven other cities after friday prayers. these are the first moscow to assist the government declared an encounter with a tennis organization. on wednesday. thousands of computer experts and internet activists descended upon the german port city of hamburg for a four day meeting of computer hackers me this is all in the late duke of course it's at the kiosk compute cloud and has been on for more than three decades the infection the key of numbers drawn attention to detail security risk. now with revelations of widespread monitoring by government agencies including the us and a steak. the group sets out to navigate the future of the internet nbc and the attendance is expected to reach a deal with the cord that goes. the haka is at the annual chaos communication congress on taking any chances the authority to condemn old
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methods to make their point about sensations in the digital era. the key topics the spear in hand that the nsa spying scandal the total financial tools in sandwich note these revelations we know it was so insistent it's listening in on citizens owe it to well looks like the photo and you can have a chance to talk about bad system and when the winds long to go north of england or the top shelf we had this before. it isn't it's time to talk about how important on civil liberties once you've uploaded the fact that the police and killing ten of the haka is from the chaos computer companies data should be accessible to walt and the private data should be protected. this is in them often since the first congress that he is again since then crippled christie has become increasingly important with mama take mathematics and free software i mean we don't have to depend on the government to protect our data from the a call from aaron government's growing design is to get to our private aid to it with me
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to get weepy when sophie wants to know who to call she has one too. many web sites automatically encrypt transmitted data. if you put an s at the end of the http cost of an internet address that makes it substantially more difficult to send copies to see what your doing. and finally preparations underway for one thing was a tricky events in the winter sports calendar. the token ski jumping championships which start on sunday. now the four stage event held in germany and austria and include some daring and difficult job that brings together the world's toughest and best in the sport by ski jumping is not for the faint hearted the scene on a tipple i'm usually content to attend a month lending is still a distant dream of running and stuff and taking time to begin a ski jumping colts the instructor share some of the take off position to push through their legs and
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examine them. when you buy it kennedy's on and everything in ski jumping and he's got to be practised. a combination of full strength that means tightening and body control. two hours of stationary exercises on to the star signs of affection it's something unusual for the beginning. really tiring the youngest anymore. it's good to us that this is a part of it were especially leg muscles are the most inviting really was. the next challenge. the jump seat most suited to the smaller frame and the two and a half meter long as he's the twenty three kilos and tell without stabilizing steel engines tried to break lunch time and you end up on them granny quickly gets the hang of it. it is due to lack of combat to my childhood
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the junior ski jump when the bishops have a lot of respect for this one was what happens when you look at the bottom. i didn't. the two had spent every attempt to distance his class. last year is an adult the seventh hole the main aim is just to get don the suit states the oaks mall get to warm you really start to split in half to make you way back up here to rule been right. at the end of the day to begin a sentence as compensation from the start. and on. steph and just wants to get down the jump still standing. she
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does look like men. to be to create really takes concentration and stamina or hidden for a short notes the idea mentioned it the more difficult. to me it's being easy and then i expected. and i and sizes all of them. it looks as if ski jumping is then you hop to it we'll still be awhile before they actually make it to port in ski jumping championships stock up on sunday in the bins had been jamming austria means the what's toughest and best ski jumpers in the lead. these guys play bb and i are going to say hi to the end of the press for now bring so much for watching it. noticing longer than others who isn't a website that stage of the dusty from nine a nice thanksgiving with us. and. i
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had. i mean. why didn't they i'm quite sure. let's hope it's all probably isn't all that it's not my thing unless some mechanisms to prevent me from now. with the we didn't want me to sea world you were ever you go to the main city asks for your
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phone is traveling to access program schedules on demand video. my name is pete over night stay i enjoyed the us versions available. this is your marketplace today research makes the network the data. and then you can go to school. no baby yet the devil to get into a new design. tsk tsk tsk. lee
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