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tv   Newsweek South Asia  PBS  December 28, 2013 12:30pm-1:01pm PST

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makes the network. you and named new room. and. i am the company's picks off a shot in this week's episode in a list i've paid by the end of the baht in new and all. off the month in
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captivity. unions say the same in james remains on the day. voted the team's entire united states on a bit about it over the last treatment meted out to indian diplomat good johnny who looks as if it becomes certain indian consummate in your real. she was adopted from the streets by the police. according to state department she did not fulfil the commitment and the promise i have on their feet than me. she took from india had handed approach by the united states has fought all preach in india the united states would not drop charges against indian diplomat begun to cope with the state department said this last week. to be listed in utah. briscoe group but it wasn't listed in new york on suspicion of these of fraud
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and making port stephens after being accused of under the indian beach. she has denied the charges and was hit in the east bay. well i take a couple points to the state department's diplomatic security file and follow the easy standard procedures during your reps after her arrest she was passed on to the u s marshals frame taken to st to freddie additional questions under treatment. obviously this to be at the u s marshals and i sat with her for you than he has seen the statement issued by the manhattan u s but connie on december of eighteen. we need to keep in mind the simple fact that there is only one victim in this case. that victim is baby i need color of the day selling indian diplomat on mission in the united states that action taken against tonga was not in keeping with the vienna convention. they were no good this season the treatment that was meted out to the diplomat under the nom a definition of that
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quote in the english language i still wanted an apology from the us goal of the egyptian mediation. this cobra video was handcuffed and steps those last thursday often complained of need the teacher. she hasn't done it uses digital kit and attempting to guide me home she was handcuffed. she was strip searched. she was put in a locked cell. i and ii it those with the behaviors that were visited upon her she was humiliated by that but she's a strong woman and she's moving beyond that she's stuck dealing with her with her work. she's the mother to a wonderful small children. she's taking care of them that she's involved with that with her family. and so she's trying to begin to put this behind her and i had hopes that she can can continue to do
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the important work that she doesn't have been the year new york. you should just teach on duty as excuses to get over the incidents like the union government the murdoch said that was not enough. the us must apologize and admit defeat we did was take. we are a product that i miss you badly flawed. spot market by media started up again today lugged out of sight. the mpc christy did pretty good. not only cover some of that the inevitably get some i didn't get it. he has all of the deceased's of surprises to continue its security body kids and aunt lucinda seems
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to teach but who was visiting he was a big issue was not by seeing him in the teachings of the pea shoots. state department spokesperson really hard on taking in the kitchen. when asked if was cobra good it would cost the state. he was told would be forced to drop the charges against her. we very clearly i have said every year i diplomatic next every country that has diplomats if at the world that their obligations they have after their staffs. when they bring into the united states we make those obligations very clear and we take any of allegations that they haven't done so very seriously says certainly that there's no discussion like that going on we just want the process to move so any suggestion that you would be putting pressure on the u s attorney's office atop the chart is not true the same. yet this place is in charge people a doctor sometimes you can get
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the games due to too much india has been insisting that the us must apologize action taken against the scooter but it wasn't acceptable. sitting apologies for the government to the top action in the woods and journalists among them and seeing this time the scope of these people and ask to go that route. but u s prosecutor said in a statement that was told that he was going to go to tease me beyond what other defendants according to a new photo has yet to charge me the total close to. and this pic of the guests at the stake. it depicted in the midst of building gets qantas and over what to call india must take a stroll indonesia which country. and that. before us as the conduct of the allston governments. and that the proceeds will go to a show dog alone the flood of
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books according to documents filed in the new york auction was told that the beatles on these application to meet with the people thousand five hundred dollars a month investigators said she instead paid only five hundred and seventy two dollars a month. new york's deepening will each be found guilty. scolded again faces a maximum sentence of guinea's copies of fraud and tidy as well making for statements diplomatic and political pressure that although court custody he didn't say listen to james who was put behind the balls on forced on to suffer defeat by deceit james is ordered as north and the pianist. during his imprisonment he told his eleven month old infant. his comedy have to wait four days to perform last rites off
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the top to bottom. he was fine they tipped off by the local government. here is the heart rending story of snooty james. sydney the tenth to skinny jeans who was recently released from jail in tokyo. when he had been kept in custody last five months. dr findlay on to a homecoming week topped with the tragic death of his infant son the fun. this month. at this moment of happiness seems to be. jeans are called to the water. he went to in togo. i know the lead. the object of time to get the hunger but the will of the stephen decatur. looks like fun. we
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truly gifted some these teams don't tell. once inside it's gone sydney was detained and tofu was released following the intervention of the indian high commission toronto has asked by monks this month speaking to see if i didn't talk to him and our wits and eight. in the media scene said. this was also spotted it and that he is incompetent in its seventeen year old korean most needy. and. he says due to the ceiling. the spots that he had only seen it yet this was the first time that you didn't see him. you just have the bomb he said. that includes eleven month old son
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to father died of sids to see me want to send to am i. ah ha. i did. i look like. like the butler act. we just don't somebody with nobody wants moti. we know that old chicks in law. this means that told all this he said. received the news the sun instead. he called to the events of the nineteen sixteen. this was in the distance and chewed it was attacked by primates. the city some think it was the science of flight of the media the media as head of the government of thinking of the people of india on us to buy assets on
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the eve of his back. two genes avoid tank in sequence and sixteen was arrested on sixteenth july on charges of aiding hide its all schools to togo. seems that the lights in the last week of april. on the form of contact with the uk based shipping company. it's usually post it up into taught us that in ten students into this. he was arrested he didn't see the colts he is actually tipped off aunties on the presence of my dates sydney just returned to india august. i promised a joint city based his wife that these blueprints and tumble inside the box but he said. one team sunday was cold to be fighting to get jeans tragedy struck coming
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in second to stumble. when his eleven month old son the boss asked me to test to see me up. holding the infant underwent an operation in just in the canteen the doctors could not see them as the infection spread to his bloodstream. i am. i am. the vehicle. a house getting some of the back with the old city was leaving and that it is stitched with our kiddos some believe that this does indeed the government and asked him what's to come up the rest of the total government scientists allowed james to put on hold. james and his family was to start life afresh. this is. what does it all for a quick break of august until the discovery top off to the break. dr has
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over future of a condiment the content of the top the musical was something that will buy these are the dough with. your team news leaks on fisher will be on top. fears of going over the future all women prisoners enough on the phone off the vest and troops leave the country next year. she flew two hundred and sixty nine he needs is of the song's second on suspicion of him. those detained at the teen accused of offences. get someone to teach and abuse kidnapping was running away from home and the trains he's jumped onto his feet. the chief institute of quantity husband
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taunts she did nights the city on fire it is. a day the world. mommy's although he's only sixteen symptoms she was accused of getting buses to the middle. a mother symptoms to ets. that's it if it were. and so on. also screening in english and computer skills. both of
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which needs she will be of use of force managers might otherwise have a client. it is to seek support from any kind in the construction team stationed in judea. many peddling has said he had said he has been accused of snow or six keeping on the students of somebody the risks it is to toss and put to the tea tastes to get resentful to get a dog treat the names of those who continue to be seen. it is steve ceo. sitting too the house. seen ufos. steve
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says it is for the moment jones. horses get to see the spokesman added to the teens. yes he said. at the site boasts that he was it lets me do. that's the day. you move on to infuse for a few job of guns bombs blew his nose. us ordered troops to draw international creations mind don't support cheese but it all. it's a bit that didn't the government has shown that interests him for taking on one type of them. most of limited funds. it looked to find the truth. on its agencies. one of our future little and support these small cubes. not that the united states custody it's true on the site has to
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sign. thus a kid i got sucked into the plug on the musical forthcoming bloody within caucus be used on the phenomenal an easy a witness in the entertainment fullback. the amending few months the guy. the atc on humans. the site. the honey which ones. each instalment i knew i i. it's like going to court. asked. the us. i
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had to begin. what they want it. in sixteen. you'll likely have to see what's behind the story. summit. i was stunned when i opened. he said. i'm nt to mention that on the job. she is i'm not real. i know i have paid him i did. it's got. one is
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it's easier to spin and happiness. you can use it all we be. it is it was. i go. it is. the air. though the show i was. he is the show the shorter one the phone. quite the cook the meals. no one. what does he ask me to boston. i was
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issued. and. i see it. this is. the all i know a little the city limits. testament speaking sunday. it is. that
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day. and what happened to me you see. i'm sure no one is not. and here. is it. it will men are predictable box the eye. if it is good you are to be considered screen across the country in seven weeks tia and stocks. i can as for protecting us decide to my own wedding the pedialyte and mike and jack. they are to love a good deal of practice the modern
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day. and. i got to the end of this additional music's off a shot with a back next week with more new laws the laws of analysis on the sub continent. when i will keep writing into a sack and obviously at the end i end up call. this is not awash in signing off on behalf of the entire production team of music's off a ship with. and the sspx is the best interests at this moment in that fifteen seconds contest and came across yet. in october the president said that since its inception that it was and continues to be an important event the positive economic collapse of social and political effect on sectors. he added that sentence could be a great investment destination due to a favorable tax system. i'm
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twenty seven says and a highly trained workforce the necessity of missiles into a defensive stop and speak with seven exhibit is as he talked about. minister of foreign affairs the line misconstrued as mentioned on presidents have extended this coming election bid is getting his recent official visit to cyprus. the two ministers discuss bilateral relations relations between the european union and china and other teaching on matters the senator said she that that is probably among the few countries in the world that understands the cyprus issue whether because of its own internal problem. thing is but then said both countries are ready to say that rating on different issues on wednesday and couldn't understand here that they say talks focused on when to take growing economic condition is seeking to contact secretary and the focus on trade in bed
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that i was back from the tights. the camino the light landed me an american talk about that. how women are powerful. if you empower women empowering birth mothers of raising sons who were either drag us into war but deep inside of our mothers are the ones who are protecting their daughters mothers grind and noticed blood and therefore not empowering women were not any chains this forty to fifty percent generation that's under thirty. also on. i can't help but call out sick the hindus and one main iraq as the place. a stunningly since we brought them democracy that women are educated they were doctors lawyers and now it's thing and it's taking over their being forced into loans they
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don't appreciate and i think that the felt needs of my eye so you know i would just say that president obama. what you tried in cairo was a great start. box. if you don't get the whole picture and realized the role of women. it will never know. i hope that everyone in this room takes a moment today when you come home to think about why the most powerful ways to empower the arab and muslim world is and how the women. so please please stop turning a blind eye to the atrocities against women by at how much i'm pleased with how when a human powered up thinking. japanese houses in their conception although the styles of the house has been changed over time. one room that has
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noon. new moon movie. still this is the focal in the us these families. it's good to get there. and it would be hard pressed to top it so no more to come in it's name. it is just an sms from the prefecture kitchen. he ranks number one country for the production of rice grass and it's yours use. on the map. grass planted in the cool winter months in november and december. and harvested in june or july. as they are. all in all a surface that moment and it's made by carefully reading the red scratch to get there
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it all. stress is placed in the week machine. i'm an incredible between each step its surface it's complete. in it. summers are hot and humid which called on the market town and it's made with materials that helped as well as rigidly committed to i'll address that has stretched over the cooler each person's here in congress this month in the misdemeanor assault it all. years can be turned over and re surfaced on me the swell. at all. strength
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in the city. it's been a trend that leads to read th on the street. bb i am because more and more houses are switching to flooring was to come in answering year. to do the strand. when it gets there. this is the seat that helps people who have difficulty sitting still with me. tommy. nichols. you really know if they are since people will try using enrichment on its own stores and events. we'll see how comfortable they are it's
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good to me. he likes to eat and sleep. which means it's a long history of youths ages two years old this year. chu
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knew when you will whittle. one computer to a new slight bite to eat a bite to deal with the latest of the song turkey's current ceos hit the rack called low amid the country's continuing a political novice up to cling on to government protesters clashed with while police in istanbul on friday the protests to demand the resignation of prime minister rejects type available on all the high level corruption


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