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again next time one destination to see the song he is. i am. just below in a very warm welcoming deeds to the jungle. the deal put on pizza can even go in and these are all top stories this one. turkish prime minister read to tie it to do on the dress is a political rally in the fighting colds for him to step down in the wake of a corruption scandal. this is due to its old un reinforcements arrived insisted on while placing in the country continues rescuing . lights off the coast of antarctica is
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more difficult than expected the eye. we begin in turkey where the country's embattled prime minister read to tie it at one has held a political rally in the southern city of money said is being seen as a baseball in the turkish leader to shul on banking in his own ranks and the opposition calls for his resignation. everyone appeared in front of thousands of cheering supporters of his ruling ak policy. so far managed to find tall as prime minister despite a major corruption scandal. three of his ministers were forced to resign up to their songs were arrested on suspicion of bribery going to construction projects and they're the one himself is accused of knowing that the d max. well corresponded under single is following developments in
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attack and he joins us now on the line from istanbul. i'm sure in his address to prime minister was talking to his elusive colt is the question is who does anyone have anything like majority backing in the world population. two weeks ago when it extremely popular five minutes to get one free general election poll that asked me to vote election that much of it expected to win the election fairly calm i'm geeky was on target to become to keep at it and went up that elections are held yep but of course things have changed quite dramatically up. mohamed who would control the political agenda to which you too. i've had the testing method of adding to the other two canal having to react to the courts
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this can go to the belief that the need to know exactly how much of an expanding the pole to pole and ten the hits will come to court but that you'd think that it's not over yet though he carried out to fight the battle for the next couple months. and then the economy's going to be on call in to him that the market with a bit skeptical about them. he really had a major part of it until we get to know how i'll do to effect. listening to dj on the storm is different this time and today joined the growing chorus of international criticism also incorrect. damaging is this that it was a little. but it carried out in the team. i was already up on him by a series of demonstrations throughout. do not doubt that without the environmental devastation to say about the park and it doubled the police. i've had much to do to live in tn radically but the bomb goes off attached to it. much. it
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will and alienated to read on a good party from the international support the people began to look that much closer. is it that the turkish merkel the economic revival about double that made it to look into it. we created a new turkey out of. the help the political establishment has nothing to do damage to the local mall because that would have created something you can get it back to keep going back to the old abbot of hounding of a government mired in corruption. i'm a good future due to an important ally to toot not to determine the nature of the state. a tricky player that region and i think he was for me to justifiably concerned that the depth of the statute ordination should be the increasingly leadoff single in the symbol of august to lead his arraignment in diesel plant up to. now we continue to
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toil on students has donated more than a hundred or more rested on saturday discussions continued between homes police and students. but kyra as islamist al azhar university two buildings and the campers coldplay in the violence students protesting the government's decision to label the muslim brotherhood a group human rights watch has accused the government of attempting to suppress the gym. the main opposition the gnomes state news agency says a nineteen year old man wounded in friday's come bombing in central beirut has snowed all night. raising the death toll in the attack to send them to investigate isn't working out the cycle the boss which targeted politician mohamad countdown a senior aides to former lebanese prime minister is not a deity. the sixty two year old johnson who was a critic of syria and its lebanese allies hezbollah on it was also killed in
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the explosion. here is the increasing utilities in the conflict instead of saddam to open the stall and still the nation from sliding into civil war. african peace brokers case president of acadia and de sac to rebel leader eat my shop until december the thirty first to begin face to face people the two weeks of fighting in the country has led thousands dead and more than a hundred thousand of those displaced the un base in cuba for two weeks it looked more like a refugee camp. thousands have fled here from the fighting many reported being targeted ethnic persecution in terrible atrocities. and all year for the future even outside of those roll in the fight continued you know and the government does nothing to do it. and so forth. sure snow melting and president of the cube i
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actually had a meeting with us diplomats he promised to seek dialogue with his former vice president and rifle the car. curtis made the release of imprisoned analyze a precondition for a ceasefire that said very encouraging that. there'll be movement to try to bring about an immediate cessation of hostilities. so people can be assisted. the united nations is also making efforts to end the conflict three days ago the security council voted to strengthen the un peacekeeping force in south sudan. now the first units have a ride. silly putting up forty staff from any school. abc's and i did step on it but his unit's i can get with the icing tube as the landfill pricing. tom being here. aimed at those i write the sort of august the kids to help us in every store that counts. when workers have made it their priority to improve the catastrophic conditions in the makeshift refugee
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camps at an all here hope that peace can consume no longer be needed. well for my country to the conflict in syria and activists a syrian air force helicopters has killed at least twenty one people including two children in a film about a real bomb attack on the rebel stronghold of aleppo the air raids targeted the hospital and a marketing position held areas in the north of the city. so cold the real bones the metal oil drums filled with explosives and shrapnel. the crude weapons scandal point lead when they explode causing numerous civilian deaths and injuries the range of madrid star has the keys targeting terrorists security forces in iraq the restive sunni will make up on terrorism count his daycare that killed the man's brother and one just has gone during the operation to detain him as he received will make a buck out of money has been prominent among the organizers of semi
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protests against iraq's shiite government. the post here well the much discussed and mailed it has happened over a teasing china formally approved the easing of the country's one child per family policy introduced in the nineteen seventies as a means of keeping down population growth the policy has always been controversial especially in the country what children traditionally played a central role in caring for their parents when they grow old she and john have experienced the worst thing that can happen to parents. a year ago that only some died of cancer. on top of the name comes is about the future and i moved a lot yesterday along with laurie is not only financially but also with up to us when we're old. there's even if we don't have the illness is they'll still be lots of problems. at least a million couples in china have lost their only
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child and the numbers growing china's one child policy has dramatically cut population growth in the last three decades. campaigners say it's coursemates abortions and forced sterilization the coleman county announced the policy change in november it means couples may now have two children. finally there is an only child seat on the twenty oh eight we the sons of the ageing of the reform will tackle the problem of the rapidly aging population. these are but predictions are of the room. one hundred million bucks in the next twenty years. he's not. china still faces the problem of excessive population so that we still need to focus on the policy for a long time assistant and cheer we meet up. whatever policy changes may be decided in the future this one comes to a cushy in town. the two won't have anymore children. changes to
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know we just told beginning with tennis and world number two novak djokovic has won the first exhibition tournament off the new season we took him on an hour and twenty one minutes to see kill his big thing of the state has adopted program the world's tennis championship in abu dhabi on this list on the joke of a voyage through the second set to win the match seven five six two. the center's new coach jim and legend boris becker watched from the sidelines until it closed out the match in typical style with an ace. the silky winter olympics contender wayne johnston six justin grant takes two weeks and that kim and downhill race in maria full appreciate it is the favourite to win gold but reese disappointed at the women's world cup giant slalom saturday the austrian race and having clinched the win with a compelling time owns two minutes seventeen seconds into sending this to korea victory
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so when the legal fees. all schools taking a swing to break a rib in bridging the gap only presenting three candidates for the michael olsen german football. i am today awarded jointly only the german football association. dw and others now the most of the three he's been preaching to the wall of the year you if a cop with a rose to mention the bow in his playing days police say he coached college to attend a small town team into a very competitive some lead. and since june ladies hit the fifty three year old has been cut to jamaica's national him i reviewed on a rainy day stands out in jamaica. when he took the job as national team soccer coach the squad was still trying to qualify for the brazil wellcome. they didn't make it despite the performance improving under the new coach l shape is focusing on improving but the team known as the reggae boyz and the country's infrastructure memory when you see
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the conditions they have nate likes and takes the asean summit with five win over the other two do you think the suns have big expectations of them and they simply call the country. more to go talk to you. they read this if you are during the first team with the recall committee. yes we saw plenty of cupboards open it. first i didn't ask despite the enthusiasm the soul can to make the shape is not having an easy time trying to inspire young guys to take on the sport seriously use of this country is passionate about the antics of the cd singles to individuals on the bourses in the sultanate is an opportunity to highlight the women who keep taking up the un cousins but no one notices last week we were conducted. but he was saying both could actually make jamaican so cool coconut star sprinter says he wants to play professional soccer
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when his tractor it is that about. and then teach it to his head to include him in the reggae boyz lineup. so then the maid is apparently still positive on bold approach and wrestle the past being trapped in pack ice off the coast of antarctica since christmas day but rescuing the people on board is proving difficult. the kind of life has lifted the reserves as it will be healed in the academic shock else in the house and being able to meet the old days thus enabling the chinese my spray to try to top it all to see my screen. now a second chance. australia is on the way the state. itv station next to stop and stop a bow at about seven goals the vase of white space facing the weighty now but one of the other icebreaker vessels he is ready and at the soho and started to come and help support and to get it to flapping of a dose of breaking rule despite the change of the reserves team on board is staying optimistic. they are using the extra down time to assess
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their findings in antarctica expeditions. mike weeks falling off the antarctic explorer sir douglas mawson and on that way i am on tuesday wednesday on its back on what. won't you stay with the company. do. new york
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city where this cause as much a part of the city as the sky nine. with dreams and illusions are intertwined funny kabul and new york is the cultural capital. all the while. she came here from gemini just four weeks ago it's a bold move by china can stream is to make it on broadway. ideally with a row in fact some of the opera if this site out of me to
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use an aldi up then she says our little star she went on his phone. yeahh the net which come to new york to find germans who are living the american dream. what drives them. also they have to overcome. to find some of the opera when she was always held. and the budding singer fell in love with the story of the clientele it became an oprah style. she said is just as safe as seattle she says the story captivated her when she found sort of musical production moved to. she wanted to be like christine to be a singer. now she says she's concert to go. on the cookbook. i know wants to
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make it be just like your favorite musical protagonist on the twenty five euro will only be added to stay in new york with the welcome he said and for that she'll either contact with the music producer . makes ends meet with occasional performances in restaurants. the editors of american stars have a special place in many new boss. any chance some experience she had dozens of kicks back in gemini off to finishing a daunting trip to the fullest degree. he and the pressure is really on to no contest. no one to my face he says. staying. there's no time for that now. looking dude is part of the jaunt you can never be short two will be in the audience in mind just be someone who can get for a pee break
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the ceiling the few encouraging words. i missed she keeps it all. even if the audience could be content ay ay ay ay. i have found its heaney. i can sleep i was reading the aisle. a she we'll check back in the can and a couple of weeks. in the meantime we're off to brooklyn right next to manhattan. it's a sort of bleak city within the big city. popular with many new cars to force the astronomical grants in manhattan. but he's one of them is on top and a band of men. he's agreed to show us his company stc. it's
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maryland his formern odd university about his community. their product tends normal cell phones and digital house keys. cookies can also be sent by the time of unsuitable people called tells me that their product lets people use cell phones open doors and that they can send a keys electronically to everyone who comes to visit it's his idea will help him take over the american markets. that's why he and his co founders made to move to new york that he can hear so now they're working on to this apartment for a few weeks rent free. the actual tenant is offended and off the shelves of town. at the moment they are living off the thirty five thousand dollars in prize money that they want within his new side to unite york. it's a lie this series from adopting as a business coach who helps young entrepreneurs is cause of the mentoring program offered by the city government designed to help clinton company's culture red
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tape. today ben auditioning attempts to ash's change is that makes it has an infrastructure that say they had a great business idea for new york city. they identified a problem which is accessing buildings that is really the problem in york city. the second thing is that had a great addition to whether one expect the company. cc may someday help thousands of new yorkers get into their offices. for now the company is still looking for an affordable office of its own. thanks a twenty seven year old ban on days off to an important meeting. he's getting to install one of the sea systems command new york office. seriously though what its mission takes care of the technical aspects one go and the man says this is the fastest cases devices to be installed in new york and they hope is the walk. there
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was evidence that something isn't quite right. htc device doesn't seem to walk. you say it's great when you have to consider it. electrician come find a problem a setback with that very first customer is a sale here. the key sea cruise american dream i stand before it even begins. in the lennon says the device didn't want to say it. now they'll have to come back next week and install another relay. it's up to the young invented to do damage control. but he tries to explain the connection to the customer. but the myth of them. i think it did and accepted or accordance with a passport or whatever. i'll pay him enough to sit in a couple of weeks to see if he has his product and running or lexus art form the site
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checking to see how lasting a week of bowman is getting along she's met with which uses almost everyday and pancakes and practice time networking skills. but still no contract. to keep the spirit of a naked takes long walks through the dream city. she loves the excitement that deal has brought into life. the rent on broadway dream is home she says. so she's ready to make some compromises. she says until then she will definitely stay in america and do something in the ops because the acting was singing in the nikon i can wrangle on broadway. zuma she's on stage acting singing all that. and of course she misses her friends and family in gemini. i asked a onesie so determined to stay the men's team and the caves she tells me it's the people and their passion for music on she says she's not ready to get that top. one i want to kneel she meets people who
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seem bad dreams away the almost fifty million people in the us are dependent on food stamps canada doesn't want to think about what will happen if she doesn't realize her dreams of becoming a broadway style she's determined to make a name for herself in new york for auditions she needs to have shelves you don't want almanac is here to help them in fact he's in new york based off photographer and a friend a mother. he's worked with the likes of heidi klum and kate moss. my sixteen joint issues. of course he says it's especially fun working with someone who said great tumult and do you see good feedback. sadly no just the person your liking with is having some too the photographers can to help out young people even at the beginning of their
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careers it's always good to help before it's um. this weekend. and you can help somebody doing something good and fulfill their dreams it's a beautiful thing because the compiler that drinks. don't sweat tears on a camping parchment to dispute the dream of broadway say. man that man is also confident when i meet him again. he's gotten the bonds went out to be zapped. ethan has his flaws customers. i asked him about his plans israel can tell you what i want to stay he says because if i make it here. then i can make it in gemini to the doesn't really apply the other way around. we all kinda not mail signs is the hottest markets in the wilds. the diesel ready to close the door on gemini the monkey and to bring tc back on once the companies from an established. a couple
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of days late and i need to make a barman in an upscale restaurants. she's nervous today she's signing on with the new manager. the dude who bore the title track that size. i am. his name is robin room. she mentioned to a friend's kishore she's got a real chops. maybe he's started planning the next performances. finally any signs to toe the line. it still does. yes i quite like a marriage contract at the comic is relieved to have found a manager like robot room. he's already held to launch his new thomas campaign stops on the broadway stage. and he's well connected in the music scene. now that was signed the source has to do is to have to give her a work visa no one beats that will allow her to officially working in a belfast tonic i will have to return to germany for a few months to apply for a web
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comics. sin is its issues to be back in ye olde chasing her american dream. once. it means cannot manage and then to new york times. he and his team on introducing the and to visitors. he says business is running smoothly the moment sponsors. we have twenty customers in manhattan and brooklyn he tells me it's great we're earning real money. we need to expand in manhattan and reveal the field in the coming months to keep the business of time when done with this new york thorns. in this market. full ban on to stereotypes mean good business. key benefits from the fact that americans considered yemen's very trustworthy when it comes to security matters. my next tee and he expects to be in the back the old one thing about this but not the sense of following his dream and moving to new york last wednesday. of course it was
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risky but everything worked out. and now he and his crew are a success. it's everything they could of had it all. the us remains a place that fascinates than not and many of pajamas making that american dream a reality. take strong willed potluck and a piece of chalk statistics. you know. you know the too much the us. now on dvd. will rule. they are.
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sells. steve. the resulting war. the stakes are and what
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it is. mentoring us. that time sth. oh my. too bad i had to get a bit humid and dynamic economy. i feel i can


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