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tv   France 24  PBS  January 1, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PST

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the school as well. new long ruling will. i do. i took history gets worse every day because breaking the old one lights the eagles to play stock. while. good news
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the streets held hostage for seven weeks returns home father george bush was kidnapped by islamic militants in camp. south sudan's government and rebels had to pee stops two and two weeks at ethnic violence in the world's newest nation it's still unclear just what has talked with that. we're very happy two thousand and fourteen it to you all take a closer look at celebrations that rang in the new year worlds. q what's your thoughts. thanks for joining us to start now with the return to paris a french priest in georgia and unabashed he was released tuesday after being held hostage for seven weeks by the islamic militant group vocal from the priest was kidnapped at his parents in cameroon before being taken
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into neighboring ninety area he was welcomed on his driver here in paris by french president francois don't. he made us all to do since my release i've been finding out about all the people he reached out to me. all the communities he prayed for me. north sydney those days in captivity seems terribly long. the same time that's nothing in comparison to other prostitutes who are held for longer. and it was still being held. it's a tendency in perspective for me the key nice pair of torque from as he was still hostages miles every guys put out its wintering on the statistical became. so she said to watch i want to salute the bravery that it's clear headedness and self sacrifice their father george. you will tell you himself as he had to stay faithful to his beliefs and his religion. today in order to survive his capture human
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toll of the dog away. and it'll show. you won't want to george. we can see by the georgians from the faith and ten ha when don't i don't know how he manages to have so much so that they were ready to continue his mission work with and i want to express in the name of all french people that live joy to have him back and admiration for him but will it be that on the us for this and the funding shortage it was reportedly freed out of compassion meaning no grand sum was paid. that's from a local hair around the source said or would it be and the afp news agency. zappos or wrong that obviously has any good this year on a plane at intel's bit more about them and for international affairs at her arm to reach you. it's been a rough year for france won't smoke play abysmal approval great exodus at least is one happy ending
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and it's actually the third hostage release in the last few weeks in mid november the french hostage the school gave his captors the slip in nigeria. and in legal trouble for french hostages kidnapped by al qa'ida in the islamic might grant worth a read. i went to the french president to do with same as it moves in his tv address last night. that's six french captives on still being held around the world the majority of them in syria. i made a mess this has been a rough year for french cousin postpone look impressive. the lead on the global stage in twenty thirteen when he wants to foreign interventions one in mali and one in the central african republic with those at the request of the worst ortiz in those two countries the only operation has launched tv and seen here and bronze as being as having been quite successful the cdr is a much tougher nut to crack as the french defence minister himself admits it because you call it necessary to identify
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the enemy and this could indeed the last much longer than six months that would be nice in the amount of aid of the region's costs won't look too tough on iran holding out for more stringent conditions before signing on to the deal in geneva in november and he said it is tough on syria moving towards an strikes against the sand regime of tibet chemical attack in the second oldest but of course his plans with de railed by the united states one of the key issues has actually been relatively quiet for instance on the turmoil in egypt following the ouster of president mohammed more see adults the home the whole battle more recently between europe and russia the ukraine nominally own letter to clinton famously saying it's the econ any state that it seems like that seems to be haunting ponson on here at home at least we get snow for the foreign interventions have been held so much in the opinion polls there was a
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slight bounce in january said it exactly a year ago when he just wants the money operation gained one point and then in a poll. but then it was back to business as usual with this lie in the opinion polls own is not the most unpopular of french president of the fifth republic which began in nineteen fifty eight. it comes down to on tax pledges on unemployment has taken the apathy figures for twenty thirteen the same figure in the first two quarters ten point four percent job or less. and then at a roni is in the third quarter to ten point four one eight percent will have to wait till the end of this month of january to get the figures for the last three months of twenty fourteen to twenty three eighteen am sorry but sadly so far it looks as though beyond is failing to keep it that key election promise to bring down
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unemployment in france. i mean is they have also known as in the coming months of twenty fourteen. governments of south sudan has confirmed that it has lost the key town of bowler. tennessee's in the latest clash with militias loyal to the country's former vice president reacted shark. list of elements could be bad news for the key stops that were going to start soon in neighboring ethiopia the fighting has been really know ever since it began two weeks ago on sassy down leaving at least a thousand dead from pushing one hundred and eighty thousand from their homes. jonathan crane reports. as expected imminently talks aimed at bringing peace to self feed on the presence of a canyon antique european mediators on monday and former vice president re match up perfectly to send their representatives to add a snap of a widow with her though i'm going to go there go without it would be. it was the other side put
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the traditions and confusing her too the cooper said the tomb of the bowl in my chart he's rejecting face to face two walks with care had been holding up the price as stated previously that she wasn't about to sign a deal with them on the merits of pressure from the west and east african leaders appears to have paid off. i see this commitment is a negotiator status. the first day. but a very important step toward achieving a cessation of hostilities. the beginning the negotiations. despite the apparent progress strike team continues to rage on john says his forces were bouncing on the capital juba having taken the strategic town of oro adding there would be a ceasefire in its initial talks with satisfactory. several thousand people were believed to have been killed in clashes between the two sites the marcy divided along ethnic lines since the fifteenth of december that's when kiera keys musharraf tried to mount a cutie content. click on pics
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for some one hundred and eighteen thousand people to flee their homes. well formula one legend michael schumacher is apparently in stable condition now three days after the tragic skiing accident in the french alps he suffered severe brain injury sustained during the tax net when he was going off the track was skiing with his fourteen year old son his manager said the uncanny can see this as his condition stabilized overnight well so very early this morning the russian president but indifferent went to visit the site of the tories suicide attacks earlier this week as bombings at the main railway station of all the grad and honestly the trolley bus killed thirty four left dozens hurt. i met and visited some of the victims in hospital has been no claim of responsibility yet for either attack but the deal comes after the leader of an islamic insurgency in russia's south to call for attacks in the run up to
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the winter olympics in such heat. it's not. south korea's kim jong il and has given his new year's address in that speech he hailed the result of recent execution of his own call. he referred to it and some take it as a quote scott hannan and saying his room to let helped cement you'd see in the country this is the first time the north korean leader has publicly commenting on the execution of regional correspondent or sound enhancement. she did a speech it is small insignificant what it is always changing i will never actually spotted so this this new jurisdiction was great getting new year's speech is this marks the week the balkans and sounds of the actual content. i should mention here the panel but the chill of the killing of his uncle turns into ice factional suggesting that that has been some action was a wooden needles korean
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regime. today all of their own measures that included the traditional some combination of united states sounds good to read it all starts to just push the buttons on his new shops career that's the message which will be on the barren soil. and in times of the address. well lately actually. admitting that has been in action. the next will be a leech is rich rising i'm somewhat shocking married and now jack and stephen roach and deed executed strong sense that there are one of its unsold books. she has been so late it is one of the trial did not achieve that. one lesson states or more must renounce their pets. the state of the changing of the regional
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press on and her son interviewed by a shot entirely on foods and cats generate first is a big day for the u s president barack obama and his signature health care law. today the last major benefits take effect. along with an unpopular insurance mandate and a risk of more disruptions. macquarie's virtually every american who get coverage either through an employer a government program or by buying up land directly. when it comes to healthcare dot gov website that does not appear to be largely fixed one and two million people signed up but you still seem to be bugs in a system designed to look rather in washington explains the last bus to generate twenty fourteen that necessarily expect long wait in queues of pharmacies throughout the united states or indeed in waiting rooms that's what this was to generate twenty fourteen goals mean is the first time there will be affordable healthcare for those who might not have any health care before off for a walk this mule was called the affordable attacked the republicans here in washington that prefer to call it socialized medicine whole obama camp is busted and we will also be the start of the individual mandate
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what that means is that the students have health insurance in twenty fourteen all they could see a fine as high as ninety five dollars worth of posts about individual mandate remember was upheld by the supreme court in twenty twelve budget the tables in the end of the big political debates over obamacare and it will continue in twenty fourteen with republicans still criticizing the presents toys comprehensive health care overhaul and that will specifically be the case in november of this year that we will see it the midterm elections in november. will they will be when people go to the polls and possibly react to both belied the beatitudes for a fat roll outs in twenty fourteen for its affordable care act. to fill the air in washington this tuesday also marks at the regular six month change in the presidency of the european union is generate first greed takes over the reins. time is breezy seen by many as at the center of europe
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sovereign debt crisis. as you can see that didn't keep that mystery in the new year with a beautiful display of fireworks over the acropolis i was just one of the many new years eve celebrations around the world last night and if you missed the use of the cute little trip starting in new york. the in typical new york fashion forward to our favorite city but not doubt times square heralded the start of another year with complexity and the unmistakable voice of frank sinatra. adding to the party atmosphere i know the south in brazil more than one million revellers packed and re engineer its copacabana beach to watch fireworks light up that day the big day in court in twenty fourteen london aims to help the fireworks pop concerts and crowns on the banks of the river thames exclusive display was a multi sensory sharing with each plate it's not edible
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but not to compare tea and orange scented bubbles. in front it was a slightly lower voltage effect. more champagne and embrace is in full scale violence on the shelves in the same parents. despite the fireworks even more scary the new year celebrations were low key this year in russia. festivities have been a fish at eight point two suicide bombings in photographs. some notes on the basics needed to come into every saturday this year to the lucky happy and peaceful. who knew no more earnestly no conflicts. and no catastrophes. tobias torture for clinical record may have been the largest fireworks to add to the highest frei work of the night treats more than one km into the sky. five hundred thousand fireworks and four hundred firing locations are synchronized by one hundred pieces whose stations across the uk. land is the senior very happy two thousand and fourteen from
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olive is here in austin kept him away. i got them. welcome to the fifty one percent in huge debt that women who are they checking out lo. coming up. experience the aim is the problem is to roll back abortion rights opposition parties and events that science can sit back women's rights to the dock to its gentle frank has to say was that we take a look of the whooping making them knocking when she said. i took down the pub got it this is the email comments of the french class egyptian back out. the festive it's been an outpouring of anger induced by spain's consent to have been too tired to restrictions on abortion. now occupies the lubbock texas but i knew the amount in the case of right away if it's serious health risk opposition parties and
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women's groups say it's a fact that smith extension sulking and legal abortion the covering up the pot he is my intention. one of its nine campaign promises. back in twenty eleven and its large majority in parliament means that bill is likely to become will be for abortion ought to be a crime. first there must be a threat to the woman's life or physical or psychological health. more second. the pregnancy is a consequence of a crime against woman's freedom or sexual integrity. the beauty of sichuan and intimate. and it's already been angry protests and spending here in paris on friday women's groups thanks to rally in front of the spanish embassy now for more on this story that's good too. mallika to speak to dr i'm still stuck at the spanish sensation of abortion providers doctors doesn't take the spanish capital appears to be bucking the trend here in europe when countries if anything i'm neutralizing their abortion laws. why are they doing
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exactly the opposite. so we are not tax their government is. try to satisfy the right wing party. and in a church or is he wants me to me is then due to lost a play or nations. that's the one who made her all over the trial of you. face it women nineteen. they can't see the size of east tennessee in deference to liberty. so they want snow to come bac stating that he should continue walking with a bp station in there you can. elections. so we did was wrong reasons are they were anxious. also
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they're teenagers. and there with the dishes. sigh what can it be the inspirations of the snow. you get the most important issue. he still needs to still drive the old woman. it's that guy. so england it's going to be so doctors can use. it's now it still has to go before parliament replies that given the popular party has the majority is expected to pass comment. what a great site mules kinds of days to fight this bill. we either needed it. and they would be the coolest way to the women and how he really going to happen now going toood
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when did you know he did the walk upon. so we want to let my knee. without going into it even call it the original. they play the piano. glad because the weather. such a thing with just awesome. i'm gonna have to think that they have that stuff just awesome. it's in the spanish association of abortion providers. winning album among the women have been making headlines in twenty thirteen with the fame now pop musicians from the sea rocks. now under a surprise amnesty signed off by a russian peasant that idiot nation the spring bloom at least one child family had been imprisoned since march twenty twelve for profanity blaze protest in moscow as nine cathedral and ndp as the astute and cal hasn't anything. kristin is defiance against the country's political and the beaches establishment of a mosque i press conference. and in the mounting the ndp is cooling on people to boycott between two gangs that will be hosted by russia and
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savory worst still my locker the boycotts for the summer and ten's until now. the kids in and takes in russia which means an acceptance of the internal political situation he and his acceptance of the demand to tunes political course. it is she's more interested in any running in and takes i guess it is a personal ethical decision to each individual if nobody is appalled but not at peace and is doing and whether they're prepared to come to russia for him and picks. don't get to this he had gotten. it's just the women them to see dr he captured the headlines issue dying architects to look at this his nineteen ninety in twenty thirty. how many she was the embodiment of britain's fines for riots in twenty thirteen. leahy says science can read his campaign
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to kill education. one of the eu is the second row of human rights price on his sixteenth with a one year of t shirts and had to fight taliban gunmen to speak here for what she believed in determination and extraordinary maturity. she turns the ninety six. this thought. in gaelic outlandish names. mike met the team in mind i said this we priests. she now. if it die. staying. bob up and the need for more. i'll make it seemed each piece into the euro as its permanent the yen. the french justice minister nobody was that of racist taunts and four was taken down. the students attending events the u s and
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since for the cassini and give them their collecting the spokeswoman. well it's the seventh grade the gentiles that was reelected to the new intelligence economy the town in dc and one. the makeover may have competition. janet allen was named as neat as president of the us federal percent confessed and a female to hold that position in the second time since the country's independence the woman has been named in his psycho has had only just been standing on top rate would continue to fight against corruption in his new role. les has appointed as the rest with the city and increase the cat. adt relatively stagnant in that creates his studies and journalism as well as to nineteen percent as a skillet hoping to start. jack says
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she wants to paint a different picture of the southern gaza. although he kindly agreed to name and the creative tactics critique eighteen acre micah's parents and panic. sierra listening to new compensation of feminism and a black case that held the baby remained blank. the will to dates. and finally instead of denying very much still dominated by men and immortalized in the hollywood made the top down here in france. twenty eight the road has become the first time as the french fought to get the file. it is a life choice that comes his sacrifice is as calm brown reports. her voice calm and resolute. just a few words to inform don't complain too much. sometimes when heading off again and she resumes the trail. her codename jump on the mission today to for the type of enemy planes mission accomplished clear as disruptive for flight
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training were using only her first name in accordance with military protocol. where is the first female pilot of the raw file twenty two jets in frocks. it is like a sauna time to take advantage of the opportunity. twenty years old clearance entering the boys club. it's a dream come true for the daughter of a plan that brought her to an airshow at the age of five she's wanted to be a part of it ever since. after ten years of training she came over to talk with the class shields for the round file a flight to git reserved for the highly skilled and coolly by men. until now. to all the delays will likely be nice for a bit hesitant radiant barrier that impossible to cross the offices and larry. maybe just keen to see how it's all ten cents. suddenly . now that she's passed the test this is life appeal. she may be on cloud nine. there's
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been recently. the husband to fall as the land would be quite difficult. but it must have still been at least not likely to decide. i have to stop flying to what's coming up to half ago announcing to attend a local focus. having a family somewhere on the horizon for the moment where is focusing on just one trajectory of the time. and that's it. this edition if you want to comment on market just saying you can check out the facebook page three for four with slashed the fifty one st. only he can send us a treat for them to school to be bumps in the admitting that love to hear from you and until i make her grand kids find the net. the gays
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like just wasn't invited to apply to the town of thirty thousand inhabitants and if you can mix perched on the mountains. this is where the greatest drug lords of the past thirty years came from. the source of reno uncontrollable violence. such as cooking and chopper was mine. the leader of the seattle at cartel considered the most wanted man in the world since the death of osama bin laden he died at what cookie is considered a benefactor. not long ago. his mother donated a plot of land to build the school. they have one of those mother who was at the helm of a communal organization donated this piece of land as a mayor whom i'm very thankful for that and for good goodness of her heart was the norm for this event for the song into sunday's he conceded that it doesn't it. i hear him and it was so nobody has anything to say about a one off. i personally do not know him but that's when people say it in. the for decades the mayor says the state has neglected the development of the several areas allowing the drug dealers to do
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the work of the offerings this road for example was built by one of them. i have asked for use of this road did not exist in the nineteen seventy and saw that there was no pavement on. he and the people of niger neglect so notice story as i did the silent with this road was built in the beginning of the nineteen eighties by mr plan to cut open to all of them serve them later when mr fired celtic when tara was imprisoned in the end of the road was left without maintenance this to the mexican government did not pay enough attention to the city of london was the long memory of all of our problems and so there were no luck though. it was the biggest drug court the nineteen eighties he was released last august after twenty years in prison. it was he who brought electricity to the nearby villages. the cha point at anfield are among the main employers in the area. and
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they pay well. round and the best we can only make his own hundred and fifty s hundred and sixty pesos still stuck at the fair last chance to meet two hundred pesos and they give you a male therapist iran from karen counterterrorism a new grape tomato and chili pepper expose it. and second is for the local close of bounce and forget it and use them what they say it certainly feels that has people working in several sugar content in the making the new fighter for the card. he is very easy to get into the kingdoms of man. after his imprisonment his fields were still worked on my people he trusted. as for his criminal activities the taboo seems well read here. winnie was around me he was very well esteemed by everybody. we hit the head of financial him having the feeling i'm going to home losses to tell about it. what was considered a penalty for
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my son and a cursed land to others. the region remains in pa for tea and will care for a long time to speak about drug trafficking. moon. he tears it act as his old guard according to the investigating authorities least fourteen people were killed in over twenty were injured. the bomb exploded on the number fifteen trolley bus near kaczynski district in full garb. the blast blew out the windows in neighboring houses the crowded trolley bus travel during rush hour for the residential district of the city center. but it did not reach nearly fifty meters to stop by preliminary data the trolley came by the hospital with the injured people were placed after yesterday's


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