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tv   France 24 News  PBS  January 2, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PST

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little long. i do. i took it straight gets worse every day because breaking the old one lights the eagles to play stock. while. chief says
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sudan peace talks discussions are expected to begin today as fighting continues on the ground that the government and rebels have sent representatives to ethiopia to try and find a political solution to the crisis. ariel sharon is in critical condition his vital organs are failing medical staff and family the former israeli prime minster expecting the sprint for the works. and snow dragon to the rescue. chinese helicopter. it's finally been able to reach the russian ship stranded in antarctica for over a week. he tells me i'm going to airlift operation. it's a joy has their own schools and camps for top story this are top level officials from south sudan are looking for a political solution to the crisis which has left thousands of people dead over the last two weeks. under pressure from the international community presence of the kia and rebel leader react which are absent
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delegations to ethiopia. on the ground fighting continues rebels say they control the town of war. two northern regions are officially in the state of emergency in tens of thousands of civilians have fled their homes when georgian troops on sat are men with the fighting going on still going on the ground can we expect a breakthrough in these talks over the coming days. well firstly is in the face to face talks between the two bids rifles mine to sell the candle or a mug shot off facing off in and it's abit but rick mercer says teammate followed later on. but it's an all clear with a cute little pieces from now there is no end to all students he said. clearly he's using his mitre offensive to put pressure on these talks and ask them about. meanwhile his rivals celtic in the president of south sudan is drawing on his aunt's naturally just messy as the democratically elected president of south sudan which is the world's newest nation. and she has toned
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down react much does keep them on stats say the release of nationalist allies to be detained for war. some look it says is true for making it to an old set itself a k a ruling out any power sharing deal between the two men she said that would simply be to reward those who have come out with this too. regional leaders have tried to weigh in on this crisis none more so perhaps than the ugandan president way it sets a dance important to uganda. let's bring in a map with the two key players in this conflict that is uganda and sudan. now ugandan troops on the airport in juba. and in the background you have a very deep and old antagonism between the presidents of uganda and sudan. that said this has led to fears that ugandan troops may eventually intervened on the side of silva can tell that is a strong ally. all of a ugandan present during the seventy
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and we then might have a situation where react mac shop. to counter balance as at the palau would tend to talk to to omar al bashir the president of sudan with every show has in the cost at tony's open to mystic he aligns himself with khartoum he would not at that stage yet but analysts have been warning all possible trips the wall. if this whole situation sense than escalates and the international community has also been trying to weigh in trying to prevent the crisis from escalating into full blown civil war the us has been particularly active. which yes because the us is the key spots on set up south sudanese independence and it is actually the key ally of the uk which is hosting these talks. the us worked for many years. to promote the course of sounds it's achieved that basically twenty ten the country became an
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internationally recognized nation and a cone afford to see this nation which helps so much now descend into civil war. our intrusion they are. twin suicide attacks in somalia have left eleven people dead. the bomb blasts targeted one of the main hotels in mogadishu has been no claim of responsibility so far that the attacks bear the hallmarks of the shabab militants. the onion and was rushed to consumers so often more bomb attacks in mogadishu. most of the casualties of course when the second car exploded as people tended to the victims and off the phone to my comeback tours between security forces in the attack as in the day night. the scan of the damage became clear the cars use now just burnt out shells. i was here in the hotel when the explosion the kit last light. was she
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thinking that i was terrified because the magnitude of six relation to wish each of them i've only been the target of the attacks the two zero hotel is on a mogadishu xmas to kill price is often frequented by somali politicians and visiting diplomats in two thousand and twelve suicide bombers he hates having the failed assassination attempt on it in half and shape mohan moves this latest attack like many others in the capital source of the work of alex about the al qaeda link is in its group carried out several devastating attacks last year despite the work of african union troops to weaken its tracks. in september the group claimed responsibility for the attacks on the westgate shopping more than i maybe which killed sixty seven people. then she said. you can use involvement in somalia. ariel sharon is in critical condition his vital organs are failing in his life is now in danger the former israeli prime minister has been in coma since two thousand and six and his doctors are expecting a turn for the works. we sat
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at your own exhausted that i can now cost at the foot of the city news. show some signs of deterioration during the following two days with some pt credit. nice functional my functional some of these organs including his kidneys. i use on that. i would say a holler teach them box. we feel that the situation is critical. in some danger is expected for his life. that latest updates on the ariel sharon's condition seems to be are confirming it is really media reports that ariel sharon the past few days left to live through the wooded most dominant politicians it is time to form a gentleman is a hard liner was elected prime minister in two thousand and one and was on his way to comfortable re election when he suffered a stroke. shorn of its old are you a full pullout from the gaza strip in two thousand. in john
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kerry's back in the middle east it will boost israeli palestinian peace talks the us secretary of state has been trying to keep negotiations alliances the resort that in july the meeting current israeli prime minister benny minutes ago today and palestinian president mahmoud abbas to crack the eight weeks up to his last visit to middle east us secretary of state john kerry's hoping for a first step towards a final israeli palestinian peace deal. he's kept the simple framework of course prepares content to clinch the guarded secret but according to the new claims the documents likely to be short. perhaps fewer than a dozen pages long between john kerry's looking for consensus on core issues like the oldest between israel and any future palestinian state. what's the status of jerusalem and the role of israeli armed forces in the jordan valley also on the table palestinian to mom's for the right to pretend to refugees and israel's them on the country be recognized as an exclusively jewish state
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the frameworks the scientists it is the basis for a comprehensive treaty. yet the initial american hopes for a final deal by april this year look unrealistic ahead of kerry's visit leaders on both sides issued reminders of them like the stumbling blocks. she's a palestinian a demo of the last ruled out any deal allowing israel's many trees remain on his own soil israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu's insisted his country remain able to defend itself. while refusing to accept palestinian to moms of all this for a future state. burma's new sheriff was rushed to hospital when he was on his way to court pakistan's former prime minister officially suffered a heart problem. he's being tried for treason and was expected to appear before the judges on thursday but vehemently joins us from islamabad where near what more can you tell us about the sharps medical condition when i talked to let that
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all of the body and into an attendee it be that the wind that was the day yesterday and spent much of what she may not land at an idiot doctor advised him not to take our cat to cat cat lady much but he he had to go to duplicate be that good keyword that of an attack attack attack attack who both appear before an avid coffee and watch that all he was on tv and he kept right on target which now make it look at the beginning of the park to kick the bucket bought the book but that the kids had begun at the peak output i get back quickly enough to be an actor playing until the cheque in the banking cartel of the beach and i go and make the topic is beginning to go. i do it again goblet the beach. i didn't try to kill the life that bit him. i mean speaking you're going to tag you back again. right now and go to antique it expected that the heating vent about four
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pm. old pic from today. i checked out and treatment would be up and then she didn't want to link the bullet and tried to take them to come up eating it now and it didn't look right the politics of this is there anyone. commenting on on the coincidence the fact that he suffered a heart attack on the day that he's scheduled to appear in court i oughta vacation and i don't think he is underway right now that they could end up there and tried again and be going back to the belief in particular that the finality that the kibaki up. the only indian to me that that that knowledge is happening to the right to due with our kids to the court can all look good even going to take it into your palm and be a bit of the tobacco should be the ugly look at it meant nothing in the eye up by teaming up to the bottom of the thirty good. i went to the peak there are obligated to begin the guy that seemed that the league should be about the shack that even the name everybody looking at it. the kitchen and
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the effect that the cubs. it got into bed that i get the art and each gender the people that i could not be the type of cricket at the end of it. it's becoming that purport to awana got to work and whatnot. the kitchen it can be no cat that ate the cake. all rights to its agreement review who lived through some think so. going to say the dozens of researchers and tourists trapped in a sea of ice on board a russian ship are finally being rescued they've been stranded in antarctica for over a week helicopter from chinese icebreaker snow dragon is no need to reach. their rescue is finally at hand. separate entities and i think i aced the crescent is aboard the research vessel academics doubles team are preparing for departure. we just had the ultimate chinese highest grade in june on the taking of a subject that i had just bought ryan a bit of gold as well. woke up at about six
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hours time. the seventy four passengers and crew aboard have been stuck in the tiny since christmas eve. earlier efforts by three different heights breakers to free it failed. the plan now is to ferry passengers to safety by helicopter. groups of twelve people would be flown to the tiny ice breakers note taking and many would be taken by fights in the australian ice breaker of our australians. their spirits up during the week but dead passengers can pose a special new year's son about their plates. it's the fans. at the same in a ninety eight the day. get me the show consigned to the team was hoping to be able to recreate australian expo learned deadliest month since nineteen eleven to
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nineteen eighteen foliage to antarctica. the new year has brought in new mayor to the big apple yesterday deal that was it was officially sworn in he became the first democrat to almost twenty years to move into city hall bill clinton administered the oath of office in new boston new york came to power promising to reduce inequalities between rich and four. he's promised increased taxes on the wealthy to pay for universal kindergarten to your spirit. and another chain drive to get used to in the us for the new year on wednesday colorado became the first state in the country to allow the sale of marijuana for recreational purposes. several shops already opened statewide and there's no lack of constance local media reported more than thirty licensed stores open for what was called green wednesday. colorado residents are now able to buy a two one ounce for just over twenty eight grams of marijuana. all those from out of state can purchase of two one force that the state had already approved medical use
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of the drug that some people like iraq war veteran sean couldn't get it because coach traumatic stress disorder is not the qualifying conditions these are the sole candidate to help alleviate my ptsd it's a stepping stone for other states to help other veterans as well. opponents argued the move is a bad step for controlling substance abuse. marijuana is america's third most popular drug after alcohol and tobacco. but advocates say the drug war has grown too costly to fight into damaging on people's lives under the new law candidates will be sold in packs only to alcohol. twenty five percent levy on the drug will help plug the state budget by funding services and building new schools. we expect that thomas bernard million dollars in sales next year. and across the nation and allied industries will create two point three four billion dollars of economic activity. along with colorado washington state also voted to legalize recreational use
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of marijuana bill will not come into effect there until later in the year. so far no place in the world including amsterdam has gone as far as colorado to legalize and regulate the drug. this is from a school back in fifteen minutes when we speak. aye aye aye. the sprinkler down to it. the streets getting to use every resource of one piece points out of sight due to the weapons that of the doubt but that is the heat. we didn't have the chance to work instead of
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going to make the skin which claims the system. we're here to the rubbish frosting everywhere and sixty two residents would be happy we'll start to strive to increase to seventy one seats to the wisdom of bonsai visit with them but if we knew we pray daily that we upgraded the way walk. the us and. wade played with. i decided to walk. it's one of the guilty if i said hi aside from a client. at this the state. a suffocating sadly people. why waste my
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life. this means taking the internet. with the beasts of the month. the rookie from her eat it too late to what's known as the sea. he said he has wanted fugitives. what's the party away yet. this site follow our laurels of what i didn't know that it was that the position. as for lifting us booking garbage and salty and slightly bitter strike me that it doesn't pay for second at the top of the things of being high. so too. it's monday the fish to be recycled. he adores. which is abilene belief in which owns them. the student is coptic orthodox descendants of the fairies they say. come to the modest number of christians in the middle east i still woke up a storm in
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the center of the convention eastern teams or she comes from a family of crusty. it's really kind of way she snored when i come back to school and left pronounced see second half. like the state use it up to date. state tv cables i am. minus the pc expensive than solo dance my weight. because it's really easy to do this when compared to all the anxiety the cool too difficult the school would be that the shia cheaper fares to wake him up with your brothers. she also helps her father to whom the trading price to three digits in buffalo news on the ground
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floor of their career the new model is showing the rubbish we went outside in the street this is due to its left eye has a lot of people to teach and it's like silent. carrots bread. things like that it's good that he was thinking then. summing to see her apartment and she proudly stands. sadly this is our house is still used it a bone a chance. where do i use it this is the living room settled in somewhere nice to be a calming peace in the ski lift to experience physically distinction between her life easier and his life outside downstairs is very wet and really pray and believe in its nineteenth time and my house is clean. it is nothing dainty him a very nice things to stick it in black and the dad says splitting in a
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clean way. this element inside iran. the trio was only twenty two assists each one of connor's new hosni brooklyn. the reasons the equivalent of war in europe. these unique dorset always said this. plant will be so extensive that took us to do it. this clip he makes his way. it certainly looks distinctive. it's astonishing. europe's champion recycling. much more than sixty two cents. great to hear is typically find high fourteen points. it's reachable. he still hopes. so
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easily. all the organic material. the mother to live with it if you can. baby will be seen everywhere in the city. the residents can all be happy we have to queue this every second day. oh well see which candidate has ever really been close to here about seeking neil barrett's because before it is not really belong to them in two thousand and three egyptian government tried to formalize the city's white candidate. by signing contracts with european companies. you know what the machine screen every square in the capital one blanket trying to clean uniform collect luggage from the streets. foreign companies offer to compensate the conditions in the icu is abilene the c key. i think the big day. it is that it is in shape for about two one
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two before that. instead like it even looked down. most of the fell out with such it is he still has to be on sale till the end of the units at the mall. but that would ease the talks. they'd really should be to take them into twenty two c stamp. a naked and the growling in the middle for a bit to see sam and ben no pay leave them alone w nope now. the western company says the keys to the doctor in the job properly. in august parents is abilene who seemed stiff due to stupid cats everyone seems to agree to your penal his ideal the least to the system's twenty oh two and twenty nationally. current hate somebody. everytime i need to collect my cupboards. i hope to bring. his brother the reverend robert. mrs lo po success. is this a somewhat soft. he carried the wake of the family is illegal but we don't eat curry would be an ace. and
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now he'll start to the appellant at least into two thousand and eighteen contracts with the farm is run out to lunch and more of the contract signed before the revelation this government has nothing to do with it. we have to on other contracts that already signed even if we have reservations he is in the future we will employ egyptian business is to do its work on against the presence of foreign companies here so dust off the objections to clean air and mikey on those who love the beach the rain i read way too high to bring these contracts. mimi because of its current form and beauty founded in may it sounds and it's forty four companies introduced. since it began. no word on it
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coming out of the show them we are trying to be festooned with the body and that's why the notebooks though olds that between my flaws of the audacity to use it's a convention. that's why they do with our tv is included. but we should be that we should be had for what i was with the tumor though. otherwise you lose interest. the virginia zoo they were going to change the face of the scheme the team. acc school when he's been studying since he was nine. today he's cool with large bag of crusty hardcore into the new recycling program. once again sit up. what's happening at that price didn't know is this auntie. the book does which is the delivery of the school would be bias if the rumors that it is from sometimes that he also brings god spoke to him. for each company brings to the school would receive double the price he. like them by the kilogram only in three egyptian pounds when she died between three and
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three. so we negotiate. opal fuel comes from the multinational giant pumpkin candle. it is time to be good people to take in people close to them and think and feel and resell them. the mothers of governors bay mighty fine with us for that the boy is dead and missing the cut to fit those people in the community by the book has been deemed to be the straw i hollered at me and it did in this setup and want to see that it is the excesses of all of the republican anymore so it's win win with that he therefore was the crash you're a key condition the steep up and gambled he is the equivalent of seventeen thousand yuan is now the police can hang these points on how much i study join cross streams creeks and create a map is arabic or how the employees against
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any discomfort with this. ya know. children are going to work with police just like them. and then only more efficient more organized in collaboration with foreign companies. i would not say that we are trying to modernize their dogs. he will work with parents don't know how to be the main streets and know their way around and in the middle. it is here. the study subjects that will make them more professional in their future jobs. in the end. you do these world leaders that overheated. with two points he's going to be grateful it's important to manage his finances. i will read them the students tend to come yet so they can write to
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the engine and lightning schumacher who set it down lunch all my teachers tend to vent and the fathers because i know how to live with it he said. underlining the best way to work it featured some of the men were forwarded to the need for humans the children were the people renewed in an office that the region's new high interpretation. the crust. i know. ch. each. i did. moon
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and when. i know. you knew
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you when you will. he tears it act as his old guard according to the investigating authorities least fourteen people were killed in over twenty were injured. the bomb exploded on the number fifteen trolley bus near in skype district in full garb. the blast blew out the windows and neighboring houses the crowded trolley bus travel during rush hour from the residential district of the city center. but it did not reach nearly fifty meters to stop by preliminary data the trolley came by the hospital with the injured people were placed after yesterday's half backs in


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