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will will. the news on him israeli media has reported that the condition of former israeli prime minister ariel sharon has taken a turn for the words saying the former prime minister is suffering from kidney problem. repeated calls to officials and tell how shore hospital in central israel were not answered and sharon's son henri refused to comment. in september. sharon underwent surgery to insert a new feeding too. sharon was at the height of the political power in early two thousand and six when a devastating stroke
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incapacitated m b a five year old has been connected to a respirator since then his family is said that he sometimes opened his eyes and moved his finger the palestinian ambassador to the czech republic as dotty hours after an explosion at its home in the capital prague. jamal al jamal passed away in the hospital after the blast because of which is being investigated. no one else was hurt in the new year's day morning explosion the palestinian foreign ministry is sending a team to help with the investigation jamal had only taken the position in october a fifty two year old woman believed to be and why it was taken to the hospital suffering from shock. i the lou. i the team. and
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more i knew the news all day and more the chicken. the two
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. stall. dennis went along when i was on. and on. he's going in and out sledding. i say. isn't it
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the controversial site in eighteen ninety his anti semitic hate speech. maybe try to reach or consort spend the night telling her it's prosecutors have agreed to a preliminary investigation begins to donate money to compile a focus on to racial hatred. often he implied it too scandalous don't need to stand on a tv show in december to donate is famous among fans for his twenty oh two to one which appears to show you a salute in reverse according to jewish groups the comedian use the gesture as often as i am anti zionist campaign in two thousand and nine european elections the cornell so it was recently used by famous footballer nicolas anelka during a toll separation to donate poured praise on the no cafe using his chance to go into it was heaven each announced by the football association and british media the west brom startling information is against the establishment and act against the jewish people france's interior minister many will doubtless has revealed he is considering political means to prevent
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any performance is quite good on him. last week. japanese prime minister shinzo abe visited a shrine for war did in tokyo. the temple keep its bid to dismiss this blog japan's world war two militaries. japanese politicians visits to the yasukuni shrine at the neck with anger from china and south korea is trying its lease with japanese leaders convicted as war criminals plane and light tribunals. with pork. she still only is the first japanese prime minister to visit the shrine in seven years. instead he has no intention of hurting japan's neighbors doing so. one of america's most influential jewish scholars has weighed in and has called on base because it's immoral. rabbi abraham cooper is the founder of jewish human rights organization has increased
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its entered the compound speaks and teaches the last stop on us. the appropriate for a is for the japanese leadership and people to find a right location. to remember their dead. and to ensure that they're not simultaneously sending a very negative signal to the rest of the world that somehow they're showing respect to people who don't research deserve our respect. you don't show respect and reverence for people who were involved in mass murder in the eighties. and another terrible crimes. first it's ok for japan to remember unwarranted but they should not treat war criminals as europe's as the wiesenthal center statement. it's very clear it is wrong because tomoro. it sends the wrong message to bend it takes away
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the most precious commodity of all an international fair trial. as a result of these visits china as it will show the japanese prime minister and that he would no longer be welcome in china. many analysts believe that they could be flexing his muscles as japan and china remain in a dispute over territory in the east china sea. xian that december the thirty first deadline trade with serious most dangerous chemical weapons has the means to the international operation to rid the onslow was delayed due to various factors including bad weather changing battlegrounds on the complex nature of buying equipment the syrian government agreed to give up its weapons by this gene on to the deal off to sarin nerve agent gas attack killed hundreds of people to install it under the plan the syrian government is responsible for safe packaging and transport of the weapons to the ports of the ikea last month government forces managed to
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regain control of the main highway between damascus and the tightest deliver there is still fail of an ambush by rebel fighters officials in the sixty open to the rules are preparing for the operation including logistics and security norwegian and danish ships seen here awaiting chairman of the weapons crews have been training for any eventuality including rescue operations and decontamination exercise the cargo ships for transport the chemicals to which they will be transferred to before they destroy it following that tonight the ships were returned to cyprus or four days ago i expect it to sing the mission site the cost of destroying the weapons is still on track the delay comes as the death toll of the syrian supports the houses hundred and thirty thousand people according to the syrian of seven treat the human rights. the and mm
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several thousand rebels in the southeastern mexico had gathered to mark the twentieth anniversary of the pt stuff friday supporters wearing trademark ski masks shifted on the slogan and played mexican folk music at the event which attracted people from the us spain and italy. and jenna were in first nineteen ninety four without the cheese the national liberation army to emerge from the mountains with weapons to protest against discrimination against the indigenous people all over the preceding two weeks. dozens died as government forces and rebels clashed although it came to korea was signed in nineteen ninety six occasional confrontation still occur. i know and i now intend to reinforce and globalized of resistance and to many and when old that has no class and criminals who call themselves the government of mahmoud still attacking us. i had an eye. devotees that
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still recall how their movement show mexico's political foundation the rebel commanders that the liberation army is still striving to improve health care education and government in their community. however they still lack the autonomous region they demanded twenty years ago fresh and frozen flattery or two she has visited the southern city of boulder for us to honor the victims of the twin suicide bombings which killed at least thirty four people on the trolley bus and a train station last week two day visit to hospital as victims and place flowers at the sight of one of the bombings. any meeting with the interior ministry and pledge that he will find a way to make precious eight amid rising fears of further attacks less than six weeks from the start of the winter olympics and saatchi. putin has heightened security nationwide with more than five thousand police and interior troops mobilize the suspect in december twenty ninth street station bombing in kabul to choke in is a russian man who
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converted to islam and joined the ranks of dykes any militants suspected involvement of converts to islam the russian attacks signals duration jihadist be on the muslim province of chechnya and die discover that the aggression from the moscow suburbs dimitri so below is also suspected of constructing a suicide belt set up by his daughter's tiny white then a bus bombing of a luger and in october the team has put his reputation on the line for the games and saatchi a region which lies on the west edge of the caucus is now six and within an area of land that is the most insurgents want to take progression and transform into an islamic state. suv crashed into this indianapolis home over the weekend giving husband and wife team and we will call an all too familiar feeling. this is the third time a vehicle has ploughed into the side of their home the couple says they are just happy to be ok. have no idea how a top and didn't hit
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her she was sitting just on the other side of the wall there. local indianapolis police say that over the past decade. on average every week for buildings are hit by speeding vehicles in the city that statistic doesn't worry them. calls to the states they can fix their home declined to stay i . israel's ambassador to the ua run grocer has asked the security council to ensure that the recent fire exchange with lebanon does not escalate into a conflict all eleven us cross border rocket strike on israel which prompted the jewish state to strike back. crews are also labeled hezbollah's military use of the region near the israeli border as they were corrupt and that their arsenal of miss aisles and rockets in southern lebanon are in direct violation of international law. prime minister benjamin netanyahu says eagles favorites and has a lot responsible for the strikes which for the second violent border incidents in recent days they are truly after idf soldier was gunned down by a lebanese
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sniper last week the un who has monitored the border between the two countries ever since the twenty oh six second lebanon war has requested that officials from both sides ease rising tensions. lebanese president michel suleiman recently revealed that saudi arabia's prince eleven and three billion us dollars to purchase arms from france to strengthen its military the president made the announcement following the funeral of senior lebanese politician muhammad to top who was killed in a car bomb attack last week to tie was a harsh critic of both syrian president charles saw the lebanese nobody has a lot of taxes. no one has claimed responsibility for the bombing which cause allies blamed iranian proxy hezbollah. saudi arabian hezbollah are fourteen and opposite sides of this year in conflict saudi arabia's a two lebanese army is seen by some as an attempt to counter iran's whale of a nap which employs two full indian army has a lot. we swam in
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the long tradition of getting it bites and some of them have turned their talents into a career primarily by stalin's for jewish immigrants to more contemporary names like ann landers and washington may get miss manners herself judith martin. she's been waiting for the key column since nineteen seventy is then seen casey and proper guidelines for social behavior. and she's come to the jewish community center of greater washington to share some of her wisdom. now if you yearn for the days when everybody behaved well just tell me when at once her column isn't the only place to find her thoughts ms martin has also authored a series of books. the latest isn't on the day kicking off its called miss manners minds your business which he co authored with her son was
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wonderful i have written a book that my daughter before and i wrote this in with my son. and we made love getting into it. and of course they were extremely well brought up as you can imagine. and this isn't the first time ms martin has come to the jewish community center. this local audience is receptive to her rules. many have been reading her column for years and they always have lots of questions barbara we got the gcc explains. i believe that she use to take yearly are interested in doing the right thing. belconnen africa level than a moral level. and i are now manners level. in jewish daily forward speech or brief was one really jewish american envoys column the jewish diaspora left use trying to learn how to fit in in coulter's although for the world. when people come to a new culture. they must learn the language. that culture. and auntie angie
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sage you spread the love of the world and man. yes i think it actually is a connection but some say to these rules of my kids are as old as judaism itself. corus um teaches us ways to live not just from an historical praise from the perspective but also how he should live that life is our laws and i've always been in laws from the beginning of time. how we should eat how we should dress how we should worship and ms martin agrees that moves and they can have featured in a plethora of jewish texts. obviously there is in an. a jewish literature along religious literature a long tradition of tying in surface behavior with and morality. miss manners has rolls for every occasion and our dedicated readers are looking foward to many more years of her wisdom to come i'm rebecca foster fridge and windy in washington. and
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additional un forces have arrived in juba following the security council's approval to nearly double the number of peacekeepers in south city on to look after civilians amid fears of widespread ethnic bloodshed in the world's newest country the additional forces will boost troop numbers to over twelve thousand to reinforce you in cases with more than forty five thousand civilians are currently seeking shelter it received a total of seventy three. so this is in them so the intermission corporation the tree that is off to the un security council response that is all she can do so for all twenty cities to be able to come and assist us though and post it mean to you in order. my list broke out in the capital juba in december fifty if the country of ten twenty million became divided along ethnic lines and then you are in the deacon western states in the african union have attempted to mediate the political struggle
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between president celtic year a deacon and rebel leader rates which are a new worker who had acted as vice president until killer fired him in july while most foreigners involved factions kirin which are both stated that the conflict is not tribal more than one thousand people have been killed since the start of the crisis the i . it was nice and cannes be like teaching that's definitely the case for what israeli entrepreneur six ears of his life to develop a boring game. now played by many businessmen around the world. you have to improve professional skills entrepreneurship and interpersonal relations. this disease again. for the development of friendship and were thinking. it's in order to help people develop a new way of thinking. a creative way of thinking what frequent and cheaper no one
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minds. cause we believe that towards changing the reason you get to know what think it's a new game friday against business. you have to understand the new game yesterday on the new words and you have to say that adorn the new students on how to play the game once you get the worst excuse for the new game. then you can live a life abundance anything you want to accomplish you can find a way to do to make different things that either you an answer for norwegian knocks you for life at twenty knots. what one would suggest that the leather looks cute is that we shift into being and when words it's our team of entrepreneurship it's a game where you have to see opportunities the opportunity to buy to sell it to make a move to not make a move. and this is what the game is all about. it's about a different kind of thinking and i think that this is not too long. it is beautiful towards each and every business that really wants to develop and to think outside the box. who knew how
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to feed the ducks and business skills was just a sophisticated again. well according to this entrepreneur and restart the game it is to practice again. then you can apply to life without even noticing it just to note just feels like it's your life it's worth a mention on again to more than national. the teen soap. when you play the game the auction committee business environments. that's a bit off too many layers of visits to the teeth yet this opportunities we can start businesses. when you could do collaborations and corporations. and you can now leverage o own stash to ski as. and yesterday sixteen team to get you thinking so what the elements that our enemy like a new business council based in the game. i looked like. i got six points and three five five six stocks and to get stops. is that. the israelis who joined this be a fun learning express took the game is meant to greatly contribute
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to their personal and professional life. a pity him afresh this with my wife last june in just the past few months we've been able to earn a few hundred thousand shekels baxter in a real stinker. just to explain the game a fresh bid to find those toxins into our life and a real estate business we are willing to pay my fee in order to conduct a workshop in order to grow our business and to grow ourselves. it's an investment in yourself. i just need to risk dying that we can go in four days after exam i had a meeting of the report leading the way i've lived in that meeting was because i was playing the game. and the israeli entrepreneur behind this game is quite scared his nationality has a lot to do with his success being in his eye has a lot to do with the ability to create such again. the ceos so use to. innovative features to create the theme key notes this may sound it
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really reflects the way that people are painting in israel and ask that you use weekend to more than ten countries made anime. with over three thousand people. for denver just let it not when acting to spanish russian and hebrew many mourners its own. and with that. we're with almost any type of ordnance from scored hits the edge of a concern to business owners and for norris does a sexy th it's amazing to see how my own share of the safe use to use this same to me insane limit the delayed so this is why it's relevant for anyone because we basically. i'm going the same. israel has long been referred to as a startup nation with many ideas coming out of this small country in the middle east. most dancers looking to expand globally. i think anyone can see that her fever no answer . mm . the new
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commands has rejected the decision of the team still going to label was improper to a organization nationally the novel that also huge luggage enacted murray jackson taken a vacation from the muslim brotherhood group. no one regardless of their influence to push hamas or any of the palestinian resistance factions at two am in their ideology and their history in a while in. statement reaffirms toys between a mass on the lp mode islamists may plant a mess. founded in nineteen eighty seven considers itself to be an offshoot of the egyptian born muslim brotherhood group which seized control of gaza in two thousand and seven from about to sink in the us
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backed south action has been a major reason since islamist prison dynamic mode was ousted from power in july since then the egyptian army has little to make a campaign to destroy some one thousand two hundred smuggling tunnels and lifeline to gaza's economy the border between egypt and gaza has remained much the place recently neighboring israel has also maintained that i've played on the gaza border. egypt has accused mass of helping militants in the sun not need to head straight to the insurgency. last week a couple of sets off outside the placement courses in an oil filter killed at least fifteen people. it's an art based militants claimed responsibility for the attack israel the us and the eu will consider a mass to be a terror organization of take me to itself to destroying israel india this week a spokesman for top posts in the bourse mass to stop interfering in egypt of the members of the palestine liberation front. still the mets should not give up
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on its principles. the new year started rising to new multi billion dollar industry in the u s steel will ride him his people from all over the country lined up to the ice and recreational marijuana from the new vehicle candidates chops medicinal marijuana is legal in twenty states while washington and colorado and taking it one step further by legalizing recreational marijuana and regulating it unseemly as alcohol. starting from tuesday new coke and stops the car out and start selling cannabis according to the market on the packaging and the property boasts a typical reading period for customer gets served in one of the shops is two hours will post soon majority of americans going to the deletion of canada's industry pioneer see there on the paving the way for my kids someday becoming me to my business and sleeping
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continues to then use the euro currency a day off to the former site the site became the eighteenth country to join the eurozone and shops have a two week transition periods when customers can pay in euros or old collapsed to supermarkets in the capital riga was trying to get their head around the new money. some seem all the keys to the novice with elements of the time and although i gave her trial at which to get me back twenty euro in cash although i applaud campaigned for five laps and chocolat for five last ten laps were to be subjected to all take a look later once again. it's not as new years fireworks display to divide the disguise of riga latvia is acting prime minister howard is gone from skis ten afraid to try with storing a gear and back tonight from an atm in recent months lafayette has gone from being in financial crisis to one of the pastas growing economies in the eu however the population of two million is one of the forest members of the uterus and chief economist at swiss bank left the mountains cause that has
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been explaining the boss just hope the new cars. bailouts all. already the media to build on this one of them to support themselves. the new swingset and risks like speculative attacks on the currency also link with the axis of the ecb themselves. all fall by the liquidity killed in the crisis times and things but of course also been tons of cotton seeks changes due to certain costs for companies who are of private individuals. preparations for the current seachange went home was on my most lesbians don't have many feelings about the change in november support for the single currency was at fifty three percent plays to the european average. for those not into august allergy. now the old car seat they will still sell them in tangible form. i eye
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will you. do. will be. i mean to me. will. who are. i will gurus yes . idea. i know
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the wall. wall. with gardac-
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who will. says. taiwan market on the street a street called transition period came to an end on january first. but the official launch of the new electronic toll collection system. while tough conditions were normal on the nation's freeways on the second part eastern bhutan and took auction


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