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tv   France 24 News  PBS  January 4, 2014 7:00am-7:31am PST

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healthy and he's our captain the us. shea. the cats was a weekday. because breaking the old one. so much. eagles to play. the stock. while good news. the us. leaders
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of south sudan's war that was hard to lay it all down fighting intensifies on the strategic oil town of four. cambodian security forces to protest camp in the capital the government facing growing opposition from striking workers demanding better pay. and then say goodbye to one half of influential us music duo the other two brothers joe adelaide has died from lung disease. it's so beautiful this headline star prospect thanks for joining us. first face to face talks between leaders of south sudan's that warring factions have been delayed. according to a rebel spokesman the two sides will not meet its own agenda has been drafted by negotiators and agreed by both sides
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we're on the ground the fighting continues on friday. army moved on the rebel held town of four thousands of people are feared dead in the country after nearly three weeks of fighting that any reports only if the others above but share it in a warm welcome to representatives on both sides of something on the plate. on friday government and rebel delegates help was told to mediate its on site today that said to me face to face needed to save its accounts paper ceasefire. but so far this new agreement on this daunting for any treats. some of the disney put signs on medium flame for telling his clients great. on friday there were reports of heavy fighting else like the rebel held city all. government forces say they are ready any assault on the capital juba. ultimately they would agree. and when finished. we did on sunday up there with them and from there we started to run the industry and from oyster bit muddled he returned from united
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states to take care of sick mother. i need to find himself caught up in the one team when rebels attacked his town. if that gnawed at cabo he should be put to hear that right. i've been on my blog i stuff she got a broken that well. the violence is taken in and pretend with detroit's loyal to the president and his form and get bt read much of going head to head. amid the killing the united states a bite to eat it it's going to see stomp on friday the eighteenth the deteriorating security situation. in neighboring central african republic the planetarium situation is worsening. according to the united nations half of the residents of the capital bond he had been driven from their homes in total nearly one million people had been forced to flee the fighting the un also saying that mounting violence is seriously hampering relief efforts. the crash in the majority country has seen a wave of inter communal attacks. this mainly muslim rebels staged a coup last year french and african union troops have been deployed in
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a bid to restore order. he says parliament has begun a historic vote for a new constitution. the deadline for the constitution to take effect is set for january fourteen all adoption of the charter would mark a key democratic milestone in the birthplace of the arab spring of two minus three can speak now it easy in and that he made then that rbi thinking very much for taking the time to speak with us know you are taking part in the voting process for the constitution. describe for us at the event. what does this mean for the country. a typical project is to give you a story of a mission trip the only thing today have to be a trio of the typical shutout to go to the conviction and death other than to be keen to go to that the new constitution i think it's good because
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they go into it. i think onto it. what you get to a two to finish it to be the condition of the force of up to the condition of devotion to have. hoping to have a bit too much about. read the top connected to or like the idea can't tell. because think we can get to the most important the thing to do it today too thinking that this thing we can continue to hwy at wheat we have all taught that we have only had to take a difficult enough to make a potentially hostile to the tune to lowe's today to do with each other to them to be a democrat . they are and also to note the road to the path that the patient to to read the bio problem with the help with it the ideal dog will buy it buy it by heart by gary getting into a coffee in the religion in after that. i think it's
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the perfect either think straight. now we are. we begin to go to the conclusion we have a very long. they did that to go to the people choose to put together. we have adopted it didn't seem to be the beginning. we think now. and two. thank you very much on this committee and in the guardian for speed and since then. now thirteen people had been shot dead in egypt the latest clashes between police and supporters of the muslim brotherhood this is the crackdown on the organization intensifies the wake of its classification as a organization. hundreds of people have been detained as business continued to voice their anger at the army's overthrow of president mohamed more c in july mind works in the kitchen council as protests pumpkin vine and scratches across the country in connery muslim brotherhood members on sports a special called the police vehicle on three studies in
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seoul. ortiz. he responded that a gas. with the threat to the rest hanging over them demonstrates is defined to the minute you banks governments and took to the streets. they've been holding daily demonstrations since the only day that the muslim brotherhood great last week. every friday they will rise projects beat the heat up in the destroyed cars. i say that peaceful protest is ethanol the demonstrations did to begin peacefully off to fight the press and sometimes violent soft touches with the un tool to protest its inquiry police sealed off the city's main square of the vehicles involved one. in this money a male and female protest is one had to choke down within minutes we roll these taunts aimed towards on the cheap pills to ncc cadet the ousting of former muslim brotherhood the ex president's mohamad small c in july. the roles of demonstrations in alexandria lean and mean here the unilever hundred people have been arrested and dozens injured. some faithfully
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the clashes come less than two weeks before the interim government's plates on the new constitution. on the back so don't use a deployment schools derail the political transition time that's means to pay to return to democratic rule by next summer. afp are putting security officials in iraq and saying the city of falluja west of baghdad is no longer under government control it's one of the two cities in anbar province where iraqi special forces have been battling sunni militants. links are cut in the past two days will of course. three more on this as the story developed that comes into the newsroom security forces and the cambodian capital had to stand for the nt government camp set up by protesters it's a day after a bloody crackdown on garment factory worker workers allied with their movements. four people died on friday when police opened fire on demonstrators are demanding better wages the government faces a growing political crisis from striking workers and
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supporters. the opposition see and our party said the government extended its lead to power. party leader sam rainsy has condemned the violence. we grow our baby and then the titans that's the not false the derby. such ends up being the current government a friend used to. the gains that there were tears. so we had mint and a theater. who both sites. with tears. and our forces do with their all dual stop using the phone stop by. residents in the north east united states are digging themselves out through snow and ice this saturday the region battered by blizzard like conditions the song was called that caused the deaths of at least eleven people. residents in many places have been warned to stay indoors. flights
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canceled and roads blocked by heavy snowfalls. i can't scream or psd counts both tony and taking on the elements with sixty centimeters of snow blanketing areas north of the city the population was warned of dangers ceo temperatures of minus twenty degrees celsius over nights its residents along the massachusetts coast line but it's coupled with the worst effects of the region's first major winter storm. indeed from new england's to the upper midwest motorists and homeowners have been taking their way to deep snow and ice in new york city dwellers on the moon faced a cash amount of travel ten days but many were determined to get to their destination despite the conditions of her bright pink as it's called him uncle jared is the better it is for cross country skiing the city's new mayor though pleaded for people to for go unnecessary trouble. as the cleanup continues. we have to realize how hard these guys are working. and
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we can help them buy get no other way. so they can clear the streets the more than four times and international and domestic flights were canceled and a string of airports during blizzard conditions on thursday nights and friday ten cents more for teammates. little little little and said most of these people are very frustrated tourists may have been enjoying the winter wonderland scenes around washington dc. but in major cities and three teams searched the streets for homeless people at risk of freezing to death. weather experts have warned that preparation should be made for another arctic blast over the coming days. they could be even more severe. all extreme the weather has hit the united kingdom as wild storms lashed the coast of wales south west england and northern ireland. several seaside towns were flooded by a combination of heavy rain hundred and forty km an hour costs and high tides. parts of the norse north western
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france have also suffered flooding. but changing gears down and joining us from foster care to residents in music critic is mary and sobbed and that many new tapas but a tactic loss in that music community. yes i've sadly leg injury and harry can sing a few and only one ha of the rock and country judy and me about this pos delay at the age of seventy four in california fighting after losing his battle week and casino. after exploding onto the scene in the fifties. everybody is in chile seeds of defeat. let's go back to the glory he is and revisit a much loved classic wake up little susie
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since. i know. the seat twenty six top forty hits the brothers' stock of calling the degeneration of the deed in this silly looking to connect more deeply the music the artists and great papa today. it was a no brotherly love and harmony and the benefit of a very nice and cuddly they kept calling it quits on state in nineteen seventy three after sixteen years of its story has that feel monday's get tiring yet and stormed off to spy. despite the nineteen twenties later the attack. sitting at the hunter they could live a quiet break back in a few days. and now we continue to amanda i feel heavenly wheat one and he's made is tax day tea for the new stake when leaving you today. we've bought by love from the enemy baba's him only him. but i love pink. in the moon. mind
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you . pacy. opening day of december the seventh nineteen eighty eight in the depths of the armenians with a magnitude six point nine earthquake hits. righteous for what it's like a bind off to shop a fine point and to many hundreds more off the shelf for months at an area of eight economic incentives just east of armenia's second biggest city in an attempt now known as the ring. there is all the nearby towns to that
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level for more than haunt the buildings and anemic and itself damaged or destroyed up to thirty thousand people were killed another fifteen thousand the rescue to cool from the rubble. mostly within the first few hours following the disaster the numbness will make us by a series of factors the freezing temperatures and inadequate building construction. receiving no reply. the time of the claims of insanity lead at present the council which offers in new york on his fast of a visit to the us was forced to abandon his trip and head straight to the us clients yes these days. today's the most important thing is for the nation. before anything else we must remove the rubble. kids are still many diesel alive underneath it. everyday we see people from the rubble i myself have met them it was at the zoo the first half that we need to address. save those who are still alive. then you
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move the body says the victims of the bbc clearly. we are grieving michael full of suffering around the world. when people begin to mobilize thousands of volunteers from around one hundred and fifty countries went climbing at how many many more said monday. famous french on me and singer sean as it will raise millions only through his charity record the yuan me to the top french shots ten groups. now today twenty five years late at posting cats team of alexandra not a layman can read in an omen georgian been to make some of the one in aid to victims of the quake still living in makeshift housing. you read via stood the landmark amid
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the changing fortunes of this city. the brewery was founded in eighteen ninety eight avery was then on to the russian empire. marston the twentieth century the mass production starting in the nineteen seventies. my mommy me it was a savior when the city was called lending them come off the sound of the ussr rule the trio from the quake and this is the collapsed as q marie's top industrial employer. manager said recently and is confident of a buffer the future. yet that to me. somebody got us if you'd been here twenty years ago that's that. on both toby did see nothing but ruin his best. humble silver factory was questioned by the earthquake. so the authorities didn't even try to get it going into
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the mosque i did notice that for the cause. around two hundred thousand bolton's a roll down here every day this brand is very competitive on the armenian market. above are not exporting it yet. but it's much better than so be it here. and that's priceless humor epa employees of them point hundred people. that's a three person team with sixty percent unemployment arum gregorian has been here for ten years. i'm not demanding the herald called the children got a lot because they could have choked by what they could make their families happy so i'm very lucky. if god did not. later isn't around one hundred and fifty us dollars a month. that's almost double the city average. dems want our community and stay with
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him. she was a point to every university had to settle for me the link opens the eyes. i graduated with distinction in civil and criminal. i'm not and cheney's it's not just once i'd like them it's impossible to find it troubling you. i've got. it's been launched to back shifts mm mm mm mm everyday to gross a wasteland. lulu. this is alyssa left off the quake and the death of the safety of centrally planned economy remember this industrial zone in the old days. then i started it got into him not to miss everything collapsed in the earthquake. yes our cherry tree still standing in queue result drury i applied it to use the machine to make up for it doesn't exist in oregon it was a great fight
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at school today. it was a race with a price estimates it doesn't exist right asleep on the dot that they are releasing instructions seem not bagging on the catastrophe was in the skew a savior republican means a natural man the world's attention suddenly focused on this ancient christian nation millions of dollars poured in to help the homeless and ten for each job has mushroomed. today these shanty towns schools across jewelry. local school until next eruption with meaning little house was going on in these three bands have become permanent homes for fifteen thousand people among them the group koreans. and yet it did at the thought of taking the name is david says in the annals of entries is still a far easier to do a lot of people attending. it's a grateful for everything nice than that. he is a motorist home improvements haven't dimmed the memory of
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that is austin that landed them hand. thus as the gemini is simple. great company as saying it is like torture is announced. i have no memories before banks. every child aged african camp and i'm unclean hands arms and ran down the stats accounts. this caused if the rules. this in the unschooling here where oil is now the foreigners coming to tune up on staff member the unknowing storey buildings fell down now there was dust everywhere. i couldn't see anything with more shrimp wanton i didn't understand anything on them the tram strikes just the day. december december nineteen ninety eight. she fits the making of contraceptives. tom has lived in the still make since he was a child. now his children and running on hand. anna and
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connie age four and seven due to school while their parents with respect to reach it. the family has few prospects of moving elsewhere don we could get a house from the government because technically we not considered progress. it is comfortable to qualify for the re housing program and to cool it is going to ruin them. it's a struggle to make the place noise for the children messina in the win puts incoming faxes accounts and going to be at least eight new paper from the wall the canadian wind has calmed and units that kazakhstan is in one week i afford to treat it as everytime he comes off of honesty if he can count on to cairo. it is so fun thing to do in winter temperatures plunged to twenty six degrees below zero. that's a challenge for personal hygiene is tremendous the streets to stop. brazenly have to carry water from
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the outside in a testament to the seats and into the metal and concrete indiana to work on you. freezes up on the antics of tumor. yup you are like so many men in the jewelry. adam tried his luck in russia. to find a better paid job to buy new house for his family. so he went back to the brewery outside the home to muncie and is taking the kids nights as usual. seven years his dingy and has recorded the details of every family waiting for bedtime. bought this phone is lou lou. there might be a little on it. who is the meaning in him. or in the shadows of the inning it's often the pope will stick with awakening to sony insider them. we have toughness in the us the armenian american groups though they look of it is
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going to get humanitarian aid to towns like you. few days will come back which includes neutral. another thing the winter working your the marianna. on the screen and schoolteachers the aussie new flat and green allergy to dogs are optional. we wouldn't have the situation today the us for the hoff thousand families live in makeshift accommodation michael klim. sometimes new apartments were given to people who hadn't lost a mini earthquake potomac river. one or two people who went even jewelry. the stats were given in exchange for bribes horses. we had for the old town and hispanics on the fall. it's barely changed since the brush and so was ruled a hit two centuries ago the zulu dueling building supply to the earthquake we've come to the headquarters of the huns and g h t rex and to mingle
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to the region around you read this book were present during the pitch is good for him and yet they're fine the team has already cut three hundred videos online to attract foreigners and it's been a long overdue loan and that the song to them thanks to these videos armenian americans polled fourteen apartments the families and then. well what can one week channel one million dollars in securing the loan which can cause. a million dollars. that's equivalent to a third of the city's budget the sentence the film's tone is handing out new house keys to earthquake victims. that's a safeguard against corruption. you won't need a wee bit. these videos on youtube. the process is transparent. he can actually see who is getting the home and spoon. yes your taps into a loophole armenian diaspora prominent figures such as
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singing show as the pool helped off to the quake about two thirds of the world's armenians live outside the country. diaspora armenians and other rates next month and as for now it's just on the hoffa for new homes built off the sauce to the soviet an armenian governments pay for the rest now on the nearest source of money and had to laura for russia to pay for this new districts. the vocals. so that it is those who oppose the state allocated nearly three thousand cats and the last reason it's sort of what they've done hoffa billion dollars from russia the episode here. to quote she really isn't very good when i go through. while we're here. the new place to live off to wait in for a quarter of a century supposedly these buildings of quaker it's a weak student ran my last list but that was a small one with the boat
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with the law was open. you're renovating already up. if any of the wall. why didn't he i'm putting you in it there's nothing under the wall of windows right to the front. what follows is woven. just like the defects to spanking new complex is in great demand. and yet its only home i'll keep going like this poem also with only a short words what has been the most addictive it's easier than last year the gas pipes and finished with sick people companies that don't exist on austen's books. all the quake victims were meant to be re housed by the end of twenty thirteen this was some thirteen thousand people were still waiting. many of the next like this. experts seriously in the ruins. these buildings have been officially classified as uninhabitable frontier people into a steel framework into the room and sold it to mold from growing this happened to look after
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the earthquake was in the buildings became more fragile which collapsed or proving that that you'll be even more three thousand to a list of fourteen pace mortal danger every day. hans priority is to get them out of here as soon as possible nevertheless on emusic and says he is trying to emerge from the shadows the light this year to maria's the cultural capital of the few regions organization this renovated main square shape cases the commonwealth of independent states. that's a group of knowing for soviet republics. like armenia to read politically close to malls to bend to your. i gregorian family catches the festivities off to the factory shift. it starts to get away the dam wall
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paper and bobcats. we loaded up in the parking lot watching things will get especially with the new mayor of a faithful friend and cognition is for us we're working for our children on this. you don't have a good lawyer. when making an effort to get them out of my life think means nothing. and the core market of what god does the heavy side in its defence team still i did nothing to people smyrna the key to your face instead of smiling faces so that the guys who bought the cd storage and signing a player in history. the thing is like merry go rounds to the children making the right thing. there's still a lot of work to keep most of the parks that once made residents ground having been rebuilt. and the city's industrial parks middle of the us. schools and hospitals have risen from the ruins and the human race children
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the wheel of fortune may be turning the light. the people of armenia still living with the us. thus this one on the backburner while kai as a teen was in a stand for the hearts and minds of those who witnessed the ravages of the true war on terror. try to understand how the group's been able to carry out large scale devastating attacks in the one memory that right here. the man. this to you what's truly understands what's going on in this country


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