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tv   Journal  PBS  January 6, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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being in prison lou lou will will will will will. aye aye the euro and the rock island thanks for joining us is our life. on a skiing holiday watch video at. it turns a harsh winter and into one for me. in portugal this farewell to one of the country's football today. we start here
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in germany because just a week after a high profile ski accident left formula one driver schumacher in critical condition. german chancellor miracle has been injured in the fall cross country skiing according to her spokesman says the medical fractured her pelvis during her winter holidays in switzerland last week. or. the chancellor is using crutches and will be working from home for the next couple of weeks doctors have been nicer to stay in bed moment the only bone heals. mikel standard christmas break in the swiss alps. she vacations in st moritz every winter to summer cross country skiing expedition when the accident occurred the reason
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the decision by the chancellor injured herself during the christmas holiday will cross country skiing. she sustained heavy bruising and a partial track the meeting with doctors have advised her to rest for the next three weeks i've often and unique. nicole took little notice of the injury first. after her vacation she returned to work at the chancery. later a medical examination revealed a hairline fracture in her pelvis. hairline fractures are painful but he'll quickly it read correctly medical experts say the chancellor should be over the worst by the end of the month. and it's really nice so i'm a foothold did it calls a complete break and split the pelvic bone aiming to use it in the injury isn't that serious. and so it can be treated easily without them they are. fletcher has forced the chancellor to cancel a trip to poland on wednesday. her office national keep official visits
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to a minimum in the coming weeks. well let's check in our thirty four. spinal and bakri was standing by to see up. but i think so much for joining us now for the start of the year for councilor macbook wheel a bit more about. the eighteen years old so that gives you a clue as to how long she has been cross country skiing the world a man standing position and in fact the government spokesman said that the canoe. oh i know that she was asking at slow speeds at the time that the accident happened and frankly yes it's her skiing style is anything like a political style a style we can be pretty sure that she is a cautious the years you know she's often called the chancellor of the small
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steps at any rate she clearly assumed initially that she had simply suffered a bad bruise that when she was back in berlin. i gather that the pain was touched when that's going to the doctor and found out she does have a hairline fracture. oh and apparently free kick and i had to cancel any official visits for the coming three weeks. well indeed she is supposed to remain a mostly had a non immobile which means it is certainly can make for a trip she was scared to go to poland on wednesday that it has been canceled. the asa will not receive the new prime minister of luxembourg actually been scheduled for thursday that she will go ahead with a very important cabinet meeting this week it is the first meeting this year of her new cabinet. she will leave that she is still taking care of some business and of course she will be working from home and essential communication with the stat sheet with the corresponding moment occurred when i think it. now we turn to iraq where the government is launching an offensive against al qaeda militants in the restive
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province of anbar the iraqi military is trying to regain control of two major cities for money and fallujah which were taken last week by sunni militants after classes led to the withdrawl of government forces. mr nor am i like in the aussie assault in a televised address meanwhile civilians caring for their long lives have fled the fighting in the region parts which remain out of authorities control there has been fighting in ramadi for days now the iraqi military is attacking from the air and ground to expel the islamists from the city. but it's still unclear who really controls the muddy. what is certain since the final withdrawal of american troops two years ago. islamists have been gaining ground in the western anbar province. ramadi and falluja have been especially violent. iraq's border with syria is virtually a stone's throw away. in syria islamists have also been gaining strength. their main stronghold of our outcome is
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now being besieged by a rival rebel. hse iraqi prime minister nuri of mikey has called for the residents of pollution to expel the rubble of the message was heard by the extremists to. they gave a warning. i found more group calling itself the fallujah military council released this video saying it would punish anyone who collaborates with government forces. it accused the government of acting along sectarian lines and val took like what he called the government still the project. sean is more of a new level. fear is spreading in the areas where business has taken control many families are fleeing the city's hearing an impending battle between the government and rebel the iraqi army is trying to keep the islamists from gaining further ground in baghdad to use the ninety third anniversary of its founding for a show of
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strength. one way. and again and do our troops are now chasing all terrorists allegedly being god willing our forces will expel all al qaeda militants from iraqi territory. we're going to be the army has launched air strikes on supposed islamist controlled sites on sunday and opened a major offensive to win back control of fallujah and monday the islamists have shown no sign of backing down. help us understand what lies behind these latest developments in iran. we're joined by millie east expert help. keiko was great to have you with us here in the studio. i was started by asking you. he remembers that just a couple years ago the american church had huge difficulty securing solution in ramadi and quelling the unrest there two years after the american troops have left the iraqi government is having problems coming on respect. why is proving so difficult to secure this province. because it's mainly a sunni province and the sunnis are really
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the big losers. lauren power in iraq since the turkish times until the top and some insane. and the shiite majority of pledged in iraq took over and the shiites and other interested in finding a compromise with their son a brother and whom they considered to be traitors. so as the numbers seem only to government and bardot has on everything too early and make this sunday's noticeable to chat central government because it had not been given anything in terms of conscience apart in terms of their region being developed at centro. so the moderates losses of these on a collection of trying to mend fences with the central government without success and it is this failure of a dialogue between the moderate forces on both sides that led to the success of these radical groups the title fight in the central government and they're the same faulty americans indeed. see this happening now. now with this instance the announced by grandma like
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for the reasons and also in lebanon's we have three countries who are in which the neighbors. and these countries the faith hill state school are circling the tuscan sun and his radical muslim groups on the ropes. they tried to profit from this concentration on this very dangerous because of course the circles to europe and the second mass that we see you've all been going really in the whole region. here is the shiite part of your family too so the striking deals with this sunday's all the curse of the country so little. will we will see iraq to continue falling apart not
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only iraq but also ceremony so much for your announcements. move over to another troubled region this one in africa where there's been a surprise development the leaders of sudan and south sudan are considering a joint force to protect the two countries vital oil fields. the announcement came during a visit by sudanese president omar al last year to sell it to fall he held talks in the capital juba out with his counterparts of the key here. but countries depend on exports from their oil fields but three weeks of deadly fighting as the don are threatening to de stabilize the region the former least for now united in a common cause protect the border region and its crucial oil industry after talks in juba the visiting sudanese president promised to back any regional peace deal by the way. we are convinced that armed conflict will only create complications that will do the newcomb. after that. i'm asking the people
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of south sudan must then we'll come back to the negotiating table. south sudan's president silva kate year criticized the international community for not taking action against the rebels attempts to seize power. we are going to build up to communion. we are done when the toads will be the united nations. i'm so full of these countries have the will pull the negation to defend the rights. for a swim buddy state. greenie ethiopia. china has thrown its economic clout behind peace efforts as direct talks between south sudan. these foreign minister weighing the call for an immediate end to the violence. this is apple's biggest carmaker toyota reported record sales in china last year the japanese company sold more than nine thousand cars
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the world's biggest car market. ne comess a urpre to many a tear for you. in the south china sea as her son a japanese relations and sparse consumer boycott of japanese goods there. toyota hopes up the news that german inflation in december when note german inflation data is good news. nice ds. 's lso the danger of deflation know which sho might be too perfect. to add. often hurts today at the frankrt stock this. in going on with very
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low. the fact. the bangs and also trading rooms and cups golf and cricket now too with the ever so slightly down for the day. euro stocks fifty down as well bought point one seven percent over in new york the dow jones industrial average trading ever so slightly down as well the moment. and the euro is up. now parts of the united states or in the grip of a mass of arctic cold sleeping through the country the national weather service warns would dangerously cool conditions vicious winds and temperatures are set to nosedive ten minus fifteen degrees celsius in some areas it's bitterly cold weather has disrupted the daily lives of people all over the country thousands of flights had been canceled and schools of info in many cities in the worst affected
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states. people are being simply told to stay home authorities are warning that frigid temperatures and high winds can freeze exposed skin within minutes and with great instructor sleep i see and accidents multiplying the mayor of indianapolis has band's driving except in emergencies. this was a combination that we're seeing right now with all the snow and cold is unlike anything we've seen in decades. in this area. and i can't emphasize that enough coal to release here. and as such that we were hot temperatures that are potentially deadly force on little white cold temperatures right now we have to be very very careful the arctic for checks as it's being called as much of north america in its grip. people are being urged not to venture outside. temperatures are falling to minors. he is and lower. factor in the high winds and it feels like it's minus fifty degrees. these football and say they're equipped to support their
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team while anti gang. since that sad still can. all are said to such an icon. schools have been closed in several us states but children are being warned not to play outside for long. take a short break to go. i do. you decide you want to watch the images. programs the whole package. dw on the internet. media center dw tell you. i mean the bases. to make sure she
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doesn't stop smoking. she uses it was a unique spin. i know. eastleigh. why is it legal expertise to help the eu. we can also eat into its health for life without her. it is being called the revolving door between governments and business here in germany on reports that on the mare former right hand and wrong not to fall out might be taking up the ca lobbying position of the country's real leader has caused a storm in the media the allegations of cronyism today miracles spokesman said the chancellor has sizeable fallen to take a break before starting a new job. critics say that hard and fast rules are long overdue. within the chancellor eagles although top of the key constraints. she had a direct line to chance the medical
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cabinet and regional leaders throughout germany. there's contact with maple father and ninety lobbyist for deutsche above. the plants which has reignited the debate over the need for a buffer period for politicians leaving government. tunstall knuckleheads noon since november that coppola wanted to work for the private sector. her spokesman has sought to keep her out of the firing line between sixty two but she believes that these kinds of movements between political and business communities must remain possible preferably they would take place transparently and with a certain buffer period between the end of the political office and subsequent professional activity and its psychic distress ink. it's not a new debate when former chanc of a baltic sea pipeline project following his tense push it there was a outcry. the cpu function area named one of hope allah joined the chorus of the indignation. he mentions minimal must have the impression that care much but it is only in it for
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the money bush the second quarter. the attention accompanying pull from this plant use is proving and welcome to which obama. media reports say manage the default position to hiring him is growing butcher bonds executive board is due to discuss the matter in late january the same in germany and a long running rallies back in the news that all about showing an internet company storing data on their customers use it. eu regulations stipulate that the information must be safe to help police and intelligence agencies here in germany the practice has been governed since back in twenty ten the country's highest court ruled that the former legislation was unconstitutional. i was a very controversial issue on the left and right. nicole's new coalition says it wants to come into line with the law but not t minister in charge is saying so phone calls texts and e mails only
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from the idea behind them the two parties in germany's new government agreed in their coalition document to regulate how long that day it ran a story and you can access it. the spd justice minister heigl miles millar said the law will have to wait till it's clear that the relevant to rank it conforms to your privacy rules. you don't win we need a watertight communication data storage in light of the nsa affair is using a method that can pass muster at the european court of justice. it tried to go the spd says that means the coalition agreement clause is dead in the water for them at loggerheads with the interior ministry. so sinful that are not in the use of the kids general on short term storage. less than the two years called for in the eu directive and access only for the most serious crosby's stick with it corresponds pretty much or coalition agreements. so i'm quite relaxed about the whole
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discussion and in the european court of justice will rule on the matter in the spring. but the cabin is planning a closed door meeting before the end of january to finalize government policy in other news washington says this weekend's poll and bond reduction does not appear to be credible and called for dialogue between the government and the opposition to agree on a fresh election. the below for prime minister should have seen him kisses her real action is legitimate despite low voter turnout and a boycott by the main opposition bnp and its allies seven people died in clashes on monday opposition activists have called a two day strike demanding the government the government in all the pole. the prime minister said she will only call fresh elections if the violence stops. reports from cambodia say that's fine women detained amid anti government protests have been released after being held for several hours but more than twenty activists are said to
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still be in custody over the recent state of unrest protests over conditions in cambodia's crucial garment industry has merged with anti government rallies to become the biggest challenge to the rule of prime minister hun sen. police are out in full force on the streets of phnom penh after weeks of anti government protests by human rights. the rally in front of the fridge. its should respect human rights component to it. on the international community although wants to lose their credibility on top of that year. the twentieth. many of the factory's it would damage during classes last week that the gold industry to us to build. although common in people depend on the center for their livelihoods. some
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on it's pink. even that calls for a doubling of the minimum wage has not been met. come back to work because i need the money for my family. i need to put food on the table and pay the rents. right now i think you'll like them heels. the government appears ready to take a hard going anti whaling activists this is illegal whaling off the coast of new zealand on the environmental group sea shepherd unreleased footage it's getting close. on the back of a japanese ship sea shepherd. southern ocean sanctuary where commercial hunting of whales is prohibited. the activists are calling the caption. rahman's
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back. with a squad of former nba player. the match could produce a diplomatic breakthrough. where is this misguided self promotion what is clear is that not once does the topic of this dark chapter in u s north korean relations it's the fourth time in less than a year that dennis rodman has stepped out onto the tarmac in pyongyang airport. this time he's joined by a team of former nba all stars for an exhibition game plan for wednesday. robin says it's a birthday present for north korean leader kim jong il and the man he calls a friend for lunch. robbins critics in the us and slammed his visits to the secretive communist state accusing him of ignoring its human rights record. krugman himself calls it basketball diplomacy the us with your loved one
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one thing. i use to. post we waited. last month ursula or kim jong il and show the world with the purge and. full on. sian about his grip on top. exercise and aunt robin and his colleagues visit comes at a deli ski jump. he likes strong performance in case of cloth and he was again in the cause of his own. with this story
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hundred and forty meter jump the longest of the day to easily win the tournament overall the again detox father had his son's monkey king securely in his hands just three weeks ago when steve hart was a virtual unknown in ski jumping. now he's in town and as a favourite for the winter olympics in salty the data seems to have done the trick the tax on their promise to me. performance was more than enough for first place. on tuesday and moved into second place overall edging up to see more come on and switzerland. for the glory belong to thomas t hart age twenty one week. and china
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the kids. and he was also top score with pork world cup he died on sunday a seventy one. and it's turned out to be their luck. his casket made in state. only it was a great man. tree and torque love. a client. in each. it is fifteen years with the club he led portugal's legendary team to a
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magnificent. the six mood reached a dominating figure in the club. narration the generation of the nineteen sixties the toddler was wrong really play. and it was played all over the world. today i believe soccer is nothing but a commercial enterprise or the political scale the black panther will be laid to rest in the northern suburbs of lisbon. as one mortar put it in cabo is the eternal symbol of portugal's football time and that does for us thanks so much for watching it on one cd the yen. the company to
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cover me up. it always. read your troublesome when he exposes them. local student like me. the thoughts i will get a good player that didn't like it was totally shocked not actors too. through him
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it's no sin to screw you who don't know how to be simple several intersections. job well done. it also tasted good. however while to walk with god. it's like the piece
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defence sources said. you knew you knew when will the wall. e. it is six one what she knew was with grind up some of the chevron bp a lot. winter storms coles more pop up across the country the widespread flooding on thousands are left without power or phone lines but with the promise of fast track funding for


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