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tv   Newsline  PBS  January 7, 2014 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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the walk together to teach new nm moving you eye. daddy with us on this edition of nice line is when seats and i ate and passing comanche and two camps. iraqi forces are trying to find ways to retain two flash points. militants linked to al qaeda's seems to cities west of baghdad a week ago. ever since the two sides have been wrestling for control. sunni militants made into the mind into town last wednesday. they seized police stations and other facilities the main voices have been
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trying to retake the city local media before the forces killed twenty five militants in ramadi on tuesday in missile strikes and enforcing the militancy to the streets. the man was and is more time to fill the gap and eight scientists around the city. i believe is that trying to top the bill extends into leaving. sunni muslims are a in and i bet many of them lived in ramadi in from the shack and their increasingly frustrated that the shiite led government of prime minister nuri al miki. nni militan on establishing they've repeatedly attacked civilians and security forces white house officials say they're speeding up until then three other military equipment to iq. they say they maintain a strong relationship with the government back. we remain in close contact both from washington and. our embassy in baghdad with iraq's political leaders about how we can continue to support the government's efforts to defeat al qaeda
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chinese and us officials would send ten was a barrister as to its been weeks and more air to surface missiles within monthsme american lawmakers say the situation in iraq as god worst since us forces pulled out to more than two years ago. police in afghanistan have detained a young girl after she said she refused to carry out suicide attack the ngos that she was ordered to target a police checkpoint by taliban commanders. one of whom happen to be her brother reuters newsgency says the incident occurred in helmand province to go said she was ordered to carry out the attacks. she's ten years old they are leaving for school to pick on the seaside fast. they also gave me trying to seize two when after croing the river the draw me close to demand that it crossed my mind i sold the wanton and coldness i count it. un said that it
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is called and i couldn't cross. the ghosts as she was then taken home and beaten by her father. she made this land and cemented to police in a nearby is at least the next morning. you as you can see this is an innocent girl and she shouldn't be doing this. nolan or religion should entitle her to do this it's rare that children had the news to carry out suicide attacks in afghanistan international comment was this i said to complete their withdrawal by the end of the cn. however taliban insurgents are stepping up their attacks ahead of the presidential elections scheduled in april. for months people in the central philippines have injured a state of misery. tyson honey and then barreled through the region in november leaving planned communities in its wake. two months later about four million people are still living in shelters the super typhoon ten homes and other bldings into
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splinters. a drugstore and that is more than seven meters high. authorities say nearly a thousand people. i had gone missing. residents of the city of toronto bonds are some of the first and then some elementary school students have gone back to class. people using those buildings as shelters. so the children instead of contents. jimenez dishes and putting up temporary housing but they are running behind schedule. i tried to provide residents with johns. so people can support themselves millions are still dependent on money supplies. the nasa elitist and is a sneeze election officials seem to be making things a little t easier for carmakers from other countries. i didn't imagine this now from this assessment more on that night that morning the morning cafe and as you know we follow this story before carmakers in other countries have been complaining about a tax break that the russians have given to domestic carmakers. they say it puts their vehicles at a disadvantage. now officials
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at japan street ministry said the russians will and the tax break. russia has revised the wall so that a recycling parents will find it domestically made vehicles as well as imports. consumers pay as much as thirty one hundred dollars when they buy an imported car. the text doesn't apply to fashion made automobiles. officials in japan and the eu save the tax violates world trade organization rules. they want a level playing field. rich russians have been snapping up new japanese cars by japanese auto exports fell about forty percent after the tax was introduced in september two thousand twelve japanese officials say they'll keep a close eye on the situation to see whether the tax will now apply to brushing need cars. the us stock prices rose tuesday started shrinking back in the country prompted investors to buy back shares after losses in recent sessions. the trade deficit in the us fell to the lowest level i fou years and
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the dow jones industrial average rose two thirds of a percent to end at sixteen thousand five hundred thirty izzy had japanese markets are faring this morning was that he'd lean meat was at the tokyo stock exchange. you mean good morning. the shares in tokyo have been down ever since trading started this year. what a scene this morning. what do i want to have a positive start after those jeans on wall street and the rest of the opening levels for wednesday genuinely. he's up to zero point nine two percent. i was on twenty nine five percent now at fifteen thousand nine hundred and sixty three and that's after he fell about three percent in the first two trading sessions of two thousand fourteen and a broader topics this height year by zero point eight four percent now from january to february. many japanese companies who used to walk daily paintings reports as to the us on tuesday some media japanese and he has announced that result so we may want to
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keep track of them to the seven i holdings. he openly opened his doors and simple life gets the point that is because after a net profit of one point two billion dollars for the much too november two thousand thirteen period and that's an increase of thirty two percent from a year only here and this convenience store business was especially strong and healthy me. who then we fill it out in the jeep brand also been focused all of these results for the nine months to november so we'll see how this affects the share prices today and am moving on to klcc at dalton and faced the league and is now at one hundred and four point seven six to seven seven compared to the low low one handed for apple auntie's the investors are buying the dollar on optimism about the us economy after strong us treat a decaf but movements making t need to be going to head out to
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the east of the minutes for the fact that this meeting only get to be. investors are also looking out for friday's know it from here on the ne yo is also high teens to you and your units were at one hundred and forty two point five seven two six two summaries appetite has returned as i climb and dearie in germany wasn't that big end of market consensus of jobless people in the country to peace by fifteen thousand in december ips yao also kept ahead of the european central bank meeting on their seat. so with the henry kaye. instead we get this piece may see some support for our export levy that she s today and will also keep track of ideas in the asia pacific region at tea on sunday doing things like elaine lee from the tokyo stock exchange. an influential us senator is urging washington to end the ban on exports of domestically produced oil lisa murkowski the top republican on the senate energy committee me a comment
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at an event in washington leading the prohibition on tree oil exports would serve to increase domestic oil production and the entry of this going out onto the global markets will put downward pressure on an international crisis. and all things equal. this combination will help the american consumer. the us introduced the ban after the oil crisis in the nineteen seventies. but many people say it's one of the day of oil exports doesn't make sense anymore that's because oil production is rapidly expanding thanks to new drilling technologies that extract crude oil and natural gas from shale rock. some experts say that the us will soon become the world's biggest oil producer. the us has already ease curbs on exports of natural gas but some members of congress say that domestically produced oil should be preserved for its u s industries. when it
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might be in business next hour here's another attack on the markets in. the yes unlike the thirty fifth anniversary of the fall of the camaro readers the brutal regime led by pol pot which responsible for the deaths of more than one point seven million people in the nineteen seventies the ruling cambodian people's party held an event to commemorate the anniversary in the capital phnom penh hq
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asking santa for points. he still couldn't send it to stay seated. he's been in trouble for twenty nine he is a steady money. david cambodia's people was copied on cpp a chance to at the highest it's actually a menace. oh boy that he is the poppies leader is over a stone at me and those at the end of the nineteen seventies. he also secured international support and pave the way the economy grows when having a paralyzing people. some say that the anti government forces in january nineteen seventy nine the mini tape backing from vietnam. no stamina to cambodia next saturday. he said he's poppy get played an important road in the country has given up they were the cambodian people's party moved to within three months to defend the constitution and the duly elected royal government of
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cambodia. i might add. he faces a number of tenants is on friday the twenty two home and all and to try on people protesting labor conditions. set apart as does look cute and many holidays and this could make it five hundred thousand workers. i'm like in cambodia's diamond industry. the sec that the subpoena get out of the company's robust economy performance. common occurrence and begin thinking of eight leading to a non running play but the students the kimberley had lemon tree and actions in tonight and since no team lacked the discipline seems to copy the fewest allowed to give the sox need is on the cambodia and the status of the psyche of what he was an accident getting to know the it was nice and is taking the offensive against
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prince and government clients and he gets around to greet them in the case. should we union. anyway dear spoke in a tissue or living with them who can dance. to condemn violence. with tears. now the section is a gigantic be open season and now finds its home a number of men and six the cpp suffered a major doses may need and the cambodians like firsthand the dates of the tragedy of the leaderboard. and the piano playing by many in the lead pot. to win support from mimi still once the us government may have to prove they can run the government i keep me instead of just relying on a list of hostility. content. nhk will be on hand. prime minister may sit tight airline easyjet ten am meeting with his
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counterpart sheen still have that. the two countries already have a strong relationship and the ones in this it could take it to the new level and humans medical card that tells us more. ill go on and on days of leave stuff that too often those folks that point because the partnership agreement or epa lyell receipt i can't seem to find customers who seek it. people can use the cool of the country. i do. these weeks to contact the sun. in eight months. the babies it didn't hurt it once last year when the babies to turkey in may. he and the last nine on the link to listen to these companies want you to yell it
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at that moment to type. i mean october. the sign an agreement will see japanese and french farms joint lead cute turkeys the second new clio cough once. ntu is not an estimated twenty two billion dollars main reason of babies that the country in october was to celebrate the ninetieth b bursary of the funding of the turkish republic. a bus in commemoration of the activities included the opening of the subway tunnel connecting the asian and european size of the stumble. the kids be kids cd. the first of the sign up i like everything the japanese name. i'm sure the subway to deal with japanese support will be wonderful. i bought two one hundred turkish business people are joining alkaline on his visit to japan. you name it just means business when he does to me that long walk for future cooperation
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and investment though. anton said in an interview with nhk he called for increased cooperation between turkey and japan. especially in the fields of getting the structure of energy and technology. she could. gold is on the improvement is the opponent does. in turkey it incorporates them into energy sectors such as natural gas and renewable energy and hydroelectric power generation. sometimes we can also tackle air pollution. which poses a challenge for turkey so on we hope that japan will start building new nuclear power plant in turkey incomplete at the end of the near future the two countries also be looking for ways to walk together in that defense few. they're examining the possibility of
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jointly developing engines for tots. the speedy speedy close to the defense industry field. we are ready to invest in a possible areas of cooperation with japan at the talks are continuing. we would like to cooperate more in this area with japan. he is appalling economy with a population of over seventy media. champion keith play for japan to pull the middle east and europe. attempts to put turkey is that it's a long time friend and a democratic country and building a championship taking place behind body on japanese technology and innovation. and to be joe formal than the songs we know how industrious the japanese people are. the turks are also hard working towards this week among your strengths and work together we can both achieve a lot and i really believe so. tolkien
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ruth andrea m o i also agree to walk together to try to steal the scene syria will be presented in seoul foreign powers meet later this month the chain effect. many called got out and into the wall and i know. ice rink on style but it may hurt that touches us down. the stench that's justice on the sec's tv on for elderly people in nursing pad. a large number of seniors in japan are unable to eat solids says they make up and going like it's the industry's claims more than one billion dollars a year. i'm now looking to create new and better products to try to catch them will post the years. this pharmaceutical co has worked on creating missing too
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the company has developed technology that can soften truth. but with little change its appearance. two plates of soup fried shrimp green chillies olds. one of the right has coped in the usual way. the one on one of his nursing care through to make it like that the companies using cutting edge in design technology the same enzymes that people have in the digestive tracts as the enzymes penetrate the truth. they soften and bring down the protein to find. the judge reached mice treated with an enzyme dissolves in water in just twenty seconds it is one problem with using enzymes they tend to leak the food's taste bitter or acidic the company has tested over two hundred different enzymes
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for some additional tools to use before they came out right. the debate. it's not enough just to make it soft we're on to make ribs tasted it takes time. other companies have different approaches. this is a missing kid version of the traditional plate so did new year in japan. it looks as good as the real thing besides making trips often also tasty. the appearance is also a crucial. well that's amazing. i chill. the nyonya dishes were produced by a company in yemen to the prefecture that specializes in making school lunches. oh and people will compete in the saga was
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the president. that's the first thing people see they take aim of the food looks like a sneaky peek and see what kind of coded is that will help give them an appetite. usually when people aren't strong enough to swallow to normal. but having meals blended into a puree but that can put people on clifford. the medical community. this is a major issue. how to get elderly people to enjoy eating again juvenile. people feel that teaching a special fruit is a sign maybe lost strength it's important to provide them with meals that other people that view is being special is there. youtube site to find a few years of trials to develop a kind of loosing your fruit that looks just like real pinch. he starts going through smashing the british been forming the page and if the chips to make sure the crucial christ the moulds had to be exactly
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the right shape he got delayed by a company that creates mannequins. using real slices of fish for the molds. the individual skills of being carefully read critics. to give the fish exactly the right color. this machine is here it's a printer designed especially for food. using food coloring to reproduce the patent of the scale. for elderly people eating is one of the greens to egypt. i came up with these crews because i want people to be able to experience this planter right up until the end of july. as japan's population ages. the market for nursing care for it will continue to grow. and so will these edible innovations. as an outside seconds of whether people in western europe are dealing with severe weather
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conditions and i cherish it as a silly dance. airline captain in every land and sell western portion of europe it's a similar pattern since yesterday we had a very stubborn high pressure system that site like a barrier to the stunning move this isn't that also. on the highways for battering much of the iberian peninsula yesterday they have a video to show you the situation from that. how far we've said portugal on monday and tuesday the highest alert for wayne's was in place. that leaves caused wide spread flooding in the three trees damaged dozens of cars and buildings and injured some people. the fierce weather also battered france and spain killing several people the worst is over but the waves will be remaining high again on a wednesday due to this this and that still sitting in the several areas as i mentioned the weasel be as much as eight meters high across the coastal regions in portugal especially and also the wins will be quite time for example in northwestern germany about seventy kilometers per hour gusts and also to norway about nonsense to me to come to stardust is
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going to be expected again that is is is that this is and will be weakening but still has severe weather will continue this sentiment a new nation stella has scattered thunderstorms to be in for a cast but in the training we still have that says spring like temperatures that will be dominating much of the area during twelve degrees has set for a team as we progress through the week are still looking at two well above average temperatures in munich paris prague and in the cervix so please do enjoy that when airline can. a living of it in the eastern continental a set of very different story from yesterday and in the korean peninsula and in japan the cf will be like the eye again starting it today with this incoming system that develops over east china sea. this low pressure system was already affecting southern south korea with very wet weather go to the north and that's precipitation turns to snow same thing happens and the incoming into moving into tokyo metropolitan nation
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that good news is that we haven't seen rain for twelve days i must say this is going to be the first rainfall for this year hasn't been raining since december twenty seven period to commence upon two nations that that's going to be tapering off that rubio dryness that we have been feeling for quite some time inside and raining here in the afternoon hours into thursday. the men of heady patches of rain could to on race risk of flying but to really clear and your eye across some of these areas as he can seek an incendiary in cold air will leave me be dropping the temperature is as we protested to the latter half of this week a collegiate that hong kong twenty oh one to sixteen degrees killing an minus five the suffering the highest reminds hit and sold minus three forecast for thursday the extreme cold is still dominating much of the eastern half of this continent a spot in central park new york yesterday it had four degrees fahrenheit that's minus fifteen point six degrees celsius as a record since eighteen ninety six points entering
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the seventh and this kind of cool will continue on to friday in some places finally we are loving seeing a recovery in spring like temperatures will be on the turn into our. next week at lake effect snow also still be kind of too much of the areas in the great lakes region of sixty centimeters of snow fall and forecast a different story in the center is at twenty degrees meanwhile the cooling unit in aquatics reason that sixteen career high in kinston cleaning up brakes and a protest. i am noon. and
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the eye. sth. the hours of
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this exists in a nice time this exists in a nice time laughing my message on the us. the us
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the chanting students looking to introduce you to come together in the beauty of form and content to wear to four hundred year history earthy and sturdy. it's ideal to break into teaching on particular concern to create an exclusive for serving and teaching launching a huge bbq the next. yes pm four am. a
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weekly roundup of developments in afghanistan that's the stuff is made up of the the dogs ate toast post two thousand and fourteen. the afghan report sundays at six thirty. i know you knew you


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