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tv   Kazakh TV News  PBS  January 14, 2014 3:30am-4:01am PST

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sch. thus. cheer extent economy grew by six percent in comparison with two thousand while this was announced today an awkward awe by the prime minister said in a note of the prime minister according to the president on the results of the social or economic development of the country and the main micro economic indicators over the last year he also told about the development of the second phase of the investor or in animated program which has a particular emphasis on the diversification of basic industries the government of costas as most technology in animation transfer president
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of salt in the semis and eastern emphasize the importance of developing specific ways to implement the strategy two thousand fifty. the president also did a commission to continue implementation of such major project has come to god and how much i'm going out with expansion of production infrastructure around them the president drew attention to energy development and implementation on import and construction projects. he also pointed out that the key objectives of the government are increasing welfare employment and high social well being of citizens. all mostly in the simpsons. as for economic growth mr president. all commissions given by you in two thousand thirteen. having completed the inflation rate was four point eight percent which is the lowest rate in the last fifteen years increased investment increased by six point five percent in two thousand thirteen investor production increased by two point three percent in the gross output increased by eleven point six percent. it was the most important objectives of the government are still increasing wealth and employment and high social wellbeing of its
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expenses. to do. because minister of internal affairs offers to test state employees for drugs. cool calm get the casino into the deputies questions and shared his ideas during the first governmental hour of two thousand fourteen in them a jealous. according to the minister of internal affairs. now people appealed to police three times more than they did it two years ago. this does not indicate a growth on crime call will come to a casino that says that this is a result of the connections no employees are dismissed for so called attracting statistics. of course it is a sign of increasing confidence in the police in on the other hand we shall know how many crimes have been committed in the country. this allows to control the crime the minister drew his attention to the fight against drug trafficking the head of the ministry offered to check school and university students for drugs facts of junk sales in smuggling are not reducing moreover mr casino called the fight against drug trafficking and chew valley failure of the deputies asked to look at the problem in
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the movie for me we needed well today the world is witnessing a deficit of hemp which is used for pharmaceutical purchases are ministry of health and buys all these pain relievers and psychotropic drugs abroad. we can produce in a very low cost. that's the thing that gets home the number of prisoners in the country turn out to be another problem today they're almost fifty thousand of them. extend takes thirty fifth place in the ward. according to the prison population rate deputies believe that the need to provide a benefit for the society. don't lie don't let him lead. for example the american company nike many factions the majority of its products in prisons and does not need to enter into the international market eighty percent of prison populations are people under forty years old only fifteen to twenty percent of which are occupied it doesn't look so cool. tw trip. shay knew were there with those prisons don't want to meet the requirements of production. now we produce about ten kinds of goods furniture construction
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materials textiles but is a minor. even on a study conducted over the kiwis did you know a drawer with which the minister tried to support initiatives. the head of the ministry of internal affairs considers the heavy load on police officers to be one the main problems the province the ministry to implement these ideas. thirty four people were killed as a result of a series of attacks and clashes in the dock. this was reported by the french press agency or explosions killed at least fifteen people in a new release thirty seven in baghdad one of the explosions which killed nine people occurred in the car at a bus stop in the area following gunmen attacked the soldiers in abu ghraib killing eight people most of whom were civilians according to some data all of them were killed by fire opened by gunmen in a helicopter at least seventeen people were injured during the attack. the agency reports that several people were killed during armed clashes in attacks in mosul because it into a swollen to more than four hundred and forty people died in january two thousand fourteen during clashes between different religious and political
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groups in iraq the death toll for two thousand thirteen exceeded six thousand people the position in bangkok has started a series of large scale protests. protesters have blocked seven major intersections of the city and made a case of sandbags among those they going to block the bones of key ministries think of how supply schools universities and shops are closed after his promise that the process will last into the government resigns. the government ordered to involve eight thousand soldiers and ten thousand police officers to ensure the security in the city. the prime minister you look shinawatra order not to use weapons against the protesters. however last night. unknown persons opened fire on the opposition and an escape on a motorcycle one person was injured. there was also shooting in the office of the opposition democratic party and night. pakistan's foreign ministry has already warned against going to bangkok now. kyrgyzstan has unilaterally closed the border with two tickets to the ministry of foreign affairs notified that the jacob foreign ministry in a note of protest the decision was made after
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an incident on the border of the two states the conflict in place near the village of oxide a bike in the region to take special forces begin to interfere with the cutest goes to pave the way to bypass the enclave. according to the border service that speak special forces commander of the for shock causing interchange of shots which lasted nearly one hour the kyrgyz side use automatic weapons that ancient border guards fired mortars one of the shows was subsequently found on the cutest into it. it is notable that the customer the fire fight was stopped with the help of the efforts of our border the head of the border the catchment received information from a place set out to the side he was standing right on line between the border of kyrgyzstan and judas and dust the shooting stopped in you can do though. an easy game in this the maze book based on six kyrgyz border guards were wounded during the shoot out two of them are now on the bike and regional hospital three seriously injured officers were taken to the national hospital in bishkek. moreover sixty one received injuries from that huge exciting leaders of the border service in the government's with about ten regions. immediately after the incident ended up
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on the road tunes little enclave an ox eyes closed additional armed forces in subdivisions of the ministry of internal affairs had been attached to the border from two sides we to understand the causes of the incident we should conduct a thorough investigation of the incident together with our colleagues from the rain to take a stand and only after that the border will open. coming on checkpoints on the perimeter of the border between kyrgyzstan and does exist and are close. interim agreement with the un on the nuclear program or enter into force and ginny were twenty of the corresponding statement was made by the participants of the negotiations the joint action plan was developed by six when powers in collaboration with calm articulate in implies that the un will begin to liquidate its stocks of highly enriched uranium the agreement between uganda and the six world powers concerning methods of execution of the first of the joint plans ready. after an interim agreement enters into force to around five permanent members of the un security council in germany will discuss the final version of the document they will have to reach a consensus on a rainy and you can program the country's
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leadership and citizen goes to the absolute peaceful but western countries suspect iran in uranium enrichment program is moving towards making chemical weapons according to the us secretary of state john kerry the next phase of negotiations will be very difficult. we understand that we are waiting for even greater difficulties in the negotiations in the final version of the agreement we understand that these negotiations will be difficult but it is our best chance to sell the vital issues of national security peacefully. president barack obama said that the united states and other countries would begin to get in on modest relief on economic sanctions as long as you don't listen to his end of the bargain reached on sunday to start implementing any new deal news agencies report that the islamic republic will be with to get the first tranche of un frozen funds in early february. north korea open its doors to tours trips to this country which strongly resembles the ussr are probably among the citizens of the former soviet union. this is perhaps the only country in the world in which socialism is still thriving. besides chronologically starts from the birth of kim il sung is
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not a juicy year one hundred and three in north korea instead of two thousand fourteen. even screen savers on the student computers say learn learn and learn however the phrase is attributed not to attend but to kim il sung. you can talk in russian with those over thirty filling which was taught in schools until the soviet union collapsed north korea still has very warm diplomatic relations with the countries of the former socialist camp i had postgraduate study in ukraine's the best of the institute of communications. employees of the ukrainian aircraft manufacturing company in north korea a ride on a working visit in the stores then visited the beautiful mt cotton gown in the mausoleum of kim il sung and kim jong il. that's about the money men of the leaders if he did not do it. he may not be allowed to enter the wu will put in a bubble for a whopping one will care for them to commit. the i was a bit afraid the first time we thought the country is completely close forever when people were shot because there are no cars in the general level of the country's development similar to that of the nineteen thirties. but these expectations were not confirmed within three months
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between our visits there in the taxi was launched in which you can pay with carts to thirty six storey buildings were built is within six months and people already living there knows its construction rates even in our country. all the poses but no wilkinson says that the st bosco this one before there's no diplomatic mission in the dprk in context and just yet. you can buy a ticket to north korea and china or russia. you can also apply for a trip in the north korean embassy in uzbekistan a visa to the country caused seventy five dollars a trip to the cars more than one thousand euros per person the latest news is that three got the dogs cuts out that stevie got kate said and. the two thousand thirteen contestants like tea market grew by more than twenty percent and rose to sixty place from the seventy second in the reading of the international telecommunication union which is based on the index of
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information and communication technologies development the sector was the main driver of growth. thus according to experts the program of the government as well as the launch of informational content two thousand twenty program for security thirty percent annual growth in return. you will be plentiful and we will all services are available now online and ordered becoming more and more mobile every day our customers can get all the services needed right now on the mobile phones. so i think that electronic influences would be very useful for business the government still in the office people in boise we can offer not only an invoice. we can also make contracts and work completion certificates this post assignments. thus we make it possible to make a contract on my blog that when it was awful. after that it would end dates of the political will. the framework of government programs the ship e government services should make eighty percent of the whole market for two thousand twenty the specialist of export party rating agency made this conclusion last year. cloud
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computing and ninety outsourcing will be of the major trends of the next few years. this eco cars extent i keep markets attract leading world software manufacturers the festivals are combining capote approval of the rooms that i am talking about this offer many facts was selling the products because it's the not so much also for national and international companies that are interested in legalizing ninety one weaving software products benefit from the legalization of nike want to get additional taxes and jobs is what it is very important and interesting for us. what an episode of the book on the beautiful knits in all we did that with opponents into which it has to be the most innocent among which there was much into this state alone. our own. large foreign companies are interested in the market most of them are russian and ukrainian companies with their foreign companies operating through the russian representative offices in any way we see an increasing interest to our market. according to preliminary results of two thousand thirteen distribution and supply of equipment and software makes fifty six point six percent
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of the market this sector has been traditionally associated with what's going on in rigorous competition in the future this trend will turn into an intense growth of ip services. consumer inflation in china slowed down to a minimum of seven months in the two point five percent for your december two thousand thirteen. this often market concerns about hiking the monetary policy according to reuters the rise in money market rates and bond yields indicate that the people's bank of china takes the conditions for providing quickly to reduce that can prevent many gross rate can prevent lending rates growth the sharp change in policy does not have any major consequences. the central bank promised her to put a monetary policy in two thousand fourteenth to maintain a reasonable growth of money and loans to support the real economy slowing inflation in december from three percent in november turned out to be stronger than the market forecast of two point seven percent. most of the price is a recognized to be the main cause of it
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the we actually show up when the silver medal at the freestyle skiing world cup. the gold medal went to american comic in another representative of kazakhstan better yet the bow of up to twenty police canadian athlete on his end of the logo was the winner among many athletes battle could mark of the major record in
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the beach and on my shelf to ten to fifteen in forty fourth places respectively because a three star team has gotten three more of the licences. the purported to it which i think it'll be the vocal community. they're anticipating five stages of the world cup we have a chance to win another license and also confirmed those which we have been day was spent another five days in the skull extend training at alpine resort and then they will come back home singleton olympics in utah they all but we knew the mall opened it up and down. let me go play with barcelona is a part of the nineteenth round of the spanish gb chip had visited the content own stadium. the game ended with a zero zero draw. one of the highlights of the match between the two best teams in spain with the return of barcelona's leader leo messi the argentinian player did not play for two months because of injury but he is are we come back and scored two goals to keep coughing barcelona have the necessity of massey has really isn't the first half despite the overwhelming advantage the team looked pretty weak in the attack the home team tried to score twice but with no success as he joined
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barcelona in the second half replacing nice to cover the team failed open the score. the teams tied the game this season maintaining build power in the first round. tony hosted one of the most exciting matches in the nineteen fromnie despite a host of real madrid midfielder of real madrid local men to open the score after the break players of this but you tried to seize the initiative but failed to install site which aims to double their lead as a result the score was zero one. i love i've got to the eight hundred million viewers across one hundred countries of the world. non stop twenty four hours a day. the most interesting news about the rapidly growing country in the world. economics
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politics business sports and culture. the tv. first objective. it is dynamic watch programs on tv situation report. isaac's dad international victims all book encyclopedia heritage. expo two thousand seventeen. austin the city of the world. the tv. in the world. different ways of eating a healthy lifestyle you can go jogging every morning go to the gym on tuesday about that had its final concert of the range favorite sport became
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the hobby for them as a result of it. i'm not too many frivolity was established not making possible the chance to see this and to the general in which they see on the pitch and realize that your team canada. tournament organiser and job i'm going to explain he's good at it let's get the did it to rubble of the city meets the story begun in june two thousand seamen guys playing football with a friend cindy i decided to organize tournament in which an eighteen speed to set the scene. many people like this id information about it instead and in the second tournament in on the team's increased to sixteen we see that in any given time it was i need. she takes as its new cd. he's all smiles when needed. during the seventies in the monte facility about two hundred and forty teams to dissipate
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into ornaments. many major companies of the city organized teams in order to strengthen relationships between police because for that makes the present often to see bits and bytes format that is nothing but instead joined them which is not privy to the tombs of the most important he's got to play and does not stop the current contract with the love of comics house committee. i think some disappointing news is on to the team doesn't mind the effect on his free time it is at stake. for today she wanted to use it for him the main bases organizations all the buckets into major danced to stay connected and raises enjoyment and wilson established contacts in spite of sixteen. in addition to these we have friendly relations with other people when we found out that a tournament in which the majority of cities organizations look to see the team was held in the sixty three also came to boston eight and became three time champions now it's time to time bestie so too see
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this. i had to mention it when a person has in him outside. jerome. it's just something that is. this tournament was held for the first time ten years ago it seems to be played and did not acknowledge has become a significant event in dc tonight he can feel that ur meal for a nap as it is all the pieces of real football including notch organization professional referees and climates to come. the team that is taking in the tournament. danes. it also made provides a great opportunity to have a good time with my friends and josephine of eighteen shots at the sports i think it's impossible to express these emotions. she tells was an excellent opportunity to field a team of professional football player because the referees and fun seeing it looks like we'll haul according to former top ten of kazakhstan national team
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hamas cushioned by many days to members of professional football teams do not miss an opportunity to show the skills and find out whether they still have the skills. i'm going to do so to speak. the sydney eye due to my house and because i'm interested in it. i used to be professional for the night and as people say the new format for the meds so we can express our nation's interest in botany at the next level. the sky see fit so he has some immensely popular and ict and a big number that is defensible suggested its interests on it's becoming pretty cries when is it enough that evening. some teams go to great events to achieve that aim high professional coaches and even evil for it is. was sign any contracts and don't do
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anything like that don't express the gratitude before the visit to the nepalese invitees and opt to not see results achieved. they take the fastest sake until the fat bases and of course that he wanted in some way do any given the terrorists chose the latter teams which issued the west results and they didn't know that we have a thing is that the confession of the book hamas he said sally helps you feel these feedings because football has no limits. do it didn't. in june. i know
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she got to take participation rates with me it's that time and for such
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success. wall street cottage we stayed in the market. this is me. this week. so for what but the system. and this trip and each will go was telstra with ninety percent with the text of what i did for the next book i had looks pretty good. what is he did all of this. look it up instantly. eye. it literally at bay the bicycles and so the fit to lead the wood frame and then tumbled to cover up of bowls
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was very intriguing and that sweet souls thought that it too so the cover will be aboard the station. since listing in building its one hundred percent recycled the five senses. it's cheap combine those with material costs can be urban environmental projects. this can be to get kids to school in africa. then of course. we hope to do less. seasonal solutions to play it seasonal changes means that they should include the names and ages job to cut across its automotive students work on equipment from a local plant life career and employment training bases its income and agreed to a deepak a recipient of a deep respect and show educational stripping project own interests. the project which aims to produce skilled graduates especially for low income families the country's growing industries. partnerships between companies and
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vocational schools are encouraged. students can be placed into. before becoming full time employees. the city on sunday that its identity you can activate it and see not that the district of north eastern state of many plea bargain even the big media. hundreds of e bay from fox and eighty as a baby to queue outside the site for treatment. counts except head on a baking day basis i'm motivated to stop the homie been making this a good piece on north avenue doctors up on some thai fruits idc predicted that they don't give in. that was organized with another patient a good aussie couple in front. insomnia by detectives. what sort of hinted that can then be put into keeping on basic rights so enough said they'd easy since i can't seven iits
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the medicine its descriptions of any sensitive information on what issues would come by to combat it on the twenty twelve proper support and committing to child survival from this review was launched. it examines global trends and child mortality noting rapid progress in reducing child death. data released by the un interagency group for child mortality estimation shows that globally the number of deaths for children under five fell from nearly twelve million in nineteen ninety two an estimated six point nine million in twenty eleven the saints in the world. also on the head and makes the network's top four. born and raised and i quite interesting. and when i became a comedian i never became a comedian because i
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was like i would have preferred the world that arabs are terrorists the world that disabled people can do it. what i realize that the comedian was not. i had no choice but to carry this subject because as an arab muslim woman. quite often in my coming stance. i have never been a month. i've never spoken to and from i've never met. i now know how they think they hear an hour and i was lucky to have the kind of facial hair and one c in the world can feel i was selected to represent the great city of new jersey at the democratic national convention. yes i was so excited i feel. was late to a history making and on the she called and said oh my god may soon we are so excited to have you you actually killed and three single quota. might there not with them. as a myth. someone was coming out saying like a
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listen. we are from the fabric of the american side unlike any other ethnicity reading it. instead we met in the upcoming different states. it was really hot seat. when you look at a standstill. with the disabled community on it's been an incredible journey. right now with a disability is very tall and one the first things i think a lot about it. and there's nothing wrong. a lot of people think that she disabled isn't bad. it's not it's not a bad thing you wanna know why because i get handicapped parking. you know you have been in the brain driving around looking for parking. can you see the handicap space and consist of. might just be embracing the favored side of my personality and seeing the reaction i get from the community has been incredibly impressed with how i want to be there for this generation of young disabled
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philip evans and eight. she then i can do so. new one eye. i been. i am. i have dvds


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