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tv   Arirang News  PBS  January 24, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PST

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yours. i know the headlines in south korea sets north korea's proposal for reunions of families separated by the korean war. the latest sign of improving your driver's license. a special single seat f torrance it from japanese prime minister i've been involved in a controversial war shrine visits and earth is the fifth of its previous form apologies of our world works she was a disappointing quarter prescribe some electronics cover december prophets of the world's biggest mobile phone maker
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sad missing earnings estimates. the stores and more text and content. why is it friday gender twenty fourth year in korea life from seoul minute. and from limping so much for joining us. we begin with the new development in inner korean relations right as most of the nation was wrapping up the workweek hours ago north korea offered to hold for unions for families separated during the korean war and in uni in response south korea welcomed the proposal for more on the latest sign of improving inter korean ties beacon that much tragedy and sitting by the new center billy and what can you tell us to see a shiny new with me at around six thirty pm korean time in the family re
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union proposal in a telephone message sent to south korea as a restaurant by the inter korean restaurant on the last time and on. this according to korean central news agency the location of every unions that would be the malcolm done some resort as previously agreed upon and by the two koreas. as for the tightening of the re unions the north said they should take place at the most convenient time for south korea has denied the weather eases up after the lunar new year holiday. castillo after tanya made the proposal the south korean government issued a statement welcoming the menu. the unification ministry said it will still contacting us about the d tales of putting together working level times for the re unions as he guides me remembered north korea a unilaterally canceled family we you me and schedule for the september at the last minute citing south korean prosecutions. so we are north korea's proposal makes it seem like the regime may actually be serious about easing tensions on the peninsula. direct
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the action is in line with the letter tongue and said she told earlier today. they claim that its proposal to stop cross border slandering me last week is actually since the year and a letter in the stress that tongue and is determined to create an atmosphere of reconciliation and realize every unions of separated families among many others like the sets on now that the proposal has officially been named to the dump. we can now be stored and that they were serious about alisa one thing for now though nine has been tearing out a nice offensive ever since the north korean leader kim dong and called for improved the lease ends on the korean peninsula during its new year's day speech last week it because ending all cross border slandering the last poll to poll on its upcoming annual joint military drill with one st and south korea has been this regarding north korea's piece of sunset. suspecting it as a deceptive the lid to a new round of military profits he says. and today as
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recently as our hearts before north korea meet the proposal to hold our new beginning and the south korean government called on countdown to show our actions instead of just using words. the countdown has acted and can now hope that the much delayed and much anticipated family of the unions which would be the first in three years. i'm deeply sometime next month all right as our duty and reporting on palin's family re union proposal life and the new center. meanwhile officials from the two koreas met on this friday to discuss ways to ease restrictions in many cases in france it at the inner critic is in fact resell the dots are focused on improving an electronic identification system that would make it easier for south korean businessman to enter and exit the industrial complex. the officials also touched upon the issue of internet connectivity at the complex. this meeting is the fourth of its kind on reforming the transit and communication rules and
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the first inter korean dialogue this year following the one held back in november rooting out to the escalating tensions in northeast asia it appears the united states may be stepping into the fray to act as a mediator. american officials are reportedly planning to ask japanese prime minister is still out there to reaffirm past apologies for wartime atrocities. what can be the first x men times in the region. a poly reports prime minister shinzo and they can teach it as japan's already strained relations with korea and china with the remarks of the world economic forum in davos earlier this week. ahh be a game dictated his december visit the yasukuni war shrine which dollars the country's war dead including several class a war criminals. in apparent intent to calm regional tensions. the united states is reportedly reaching out to the japanese leader of course the wall street journal u s officials last
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prime minster abbey to consider re affirming tokyo's previous formal apologies over world war two. and the humble apologies. back in nineteen eighty three nineteen and on course for crimes and acknowledge that it snows for a fourth asian women into sexual slavery during the war. the u s officials will also ask the prime minister to refrain from making further comments he knows will offend japan's neighbors and to reach out to korea specifically. though japan is yet to respond to the us request for media outlets expect the two countries to speed up diplomatic efforts ahead of us present brought the bombers trip to asia in april. some potency at the me now show some more restraint because he believes he is prudence of a national leader by visiting the war shrine in december. but others say that given his high approval rating. he may continue with his ultra nationalistic way it's called the audi onions
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her and the u s state of virginia as senate bill to call the body of water between korea and japan both the ec and see if the pan and school textbooks is one overwhelming support to pass the legislature thirty one out of thirty lawmakers voted yes to the bill put forth by democrats an eight member team from our stand while only four voted no. the bill is the first state legislation that requires schools in virginia to teach students about both names the korean government argues the andaman sea of japan is a legacy of japan's imperial was to pass the japanese government has been lobbying virginia lawmakers to block the bill. if the virginia state house approves the bill the law would become effective as girly as to lifers. south korea will set aside ten percent of its budget this year for defense
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and to break it all down for us we bring in kenyan been and dr can show to senior research fellow at the korea institute for defense analysis welcome both you and your parents they have the star of the year to counter potential provocations from town now that the budget is about four percent larger than last years now. while mr and give us a clear picture of how we're going to spend this and defense spending for the souls of the fence was in austria's most other countries even israel's get the big picture of south korea's thirty three point five billion dollars defense budget is split into two parts. two thirds of the money maintains a force of around six hundred forty thousand at the cadets and service. and as you struggle that is used for maintaining a military equipment and weaponry. of the rest is used for research in the bowl no weaponry and other products such as the cocaine and a creator and defense system was down its nuclear and missile threats from
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the north. so why has south korea said such a high budget for itself. others what you do to the swing of regional tensions especially on the korean peninsula of the wood growing threats from the north of us take a look of this part of which shows the defence capabilities of both north and south korea oh one to south korea's doesn't fall defence white paper or three house prices means troops in south korea the north has also the state advantage when it comes the number of reserve forces the past. china has thousands of conventional weapons double the number of combat aircraft to more than triple the number and eighty combatants. even though the more costly than numbers most of every season but ms old and worn out. lhasa last month for high tech weaponry the sauce not able to think in terms of quantity. south korea's focus on maintaining and upgrading its defense capabilities. so the care how concerned should the of north korea's new weapons system considering south korea's defense capabilities. most leos. on the top of the new stuff leo ruby. in the sense
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of the iraq has combined his posture. even including the new clio banana. so this was a keyboard piano or time passes. in so called asymmetrical warfare strategy which includes a special question forces and the soonest and even nuclear weapons. so i think the north koreans of income especially hectic. soon engage in outcomes so the strike so than in the pack and unexpected time and manners this union is fact and cooking could eddie cruz de but god can it go by most weapons. so when warned north korea is you know like the feet and is said that the standing on the use of negative piece won't go into media and then they're off but persistant forty and one i'll post it then number is significant. so speaking of these irregular attacks howled as south korea have
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planted a big range of long tour to canada. the reindeer on the calendar said the keychain is an altered the year of twenty two from wheaton on. on the board to morgan to pee and honest too who have a more updated as the mecca for the example featured new system so put pack two and a pepsi packs an easy kid to kid you not what the system. so whenever it comes from the north stand with them is soon weakened the tech tree and to detect and intercept who was coming you know well up. well possibly provocations. so i think the dog door stops starting from early warning system in on the memo we are in identifying those koreans the impatience of school diana contact me soon and see the nuclear weapons we cannot we didn't see in a week and preemptively attack contest contest and you kind
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of a search of defense dod that it uses the best though and on when you come up with that said it but the long term strategy. we have stuff we did pdp addition no no screaming and weapons seized after the mutiny speaking. we have to pay for the worse case scenario which means they cannot get woody and i'm her what she did mean it should be news to audition was truly overwhelmed. how can people do business that's the scary part that's my wheel up operating with the united states oakwood extended deterrence. this is speaking to clear the matter soul. though our starting point of view for the few known into creation research the new graduation called north korean nuclear weapon i can't thank you very message and thank you very much for joining us to see for your dns and another began. get the latest online
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soul expert analysis from ages fourteen with the viewpoint of the covert its local network and why on arrival that has seventeen always on standby. south asia's top off this president i can is expected to issue thousands of special pardons ahead of the lunar new year holiday next week the justice ministry said friday that the parties will be issued to two roughly six thousand people and include the first time offenders and small business owners charged with minor crimes as well as those who have had a driver's licenses suspended or revoked the pardons will be discussed during a cabinet meeting next tuesday and are expected to be issued right before a lunar new year which begins on thursday. some
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disappointing news for samson electronics for the first time in two years the world's biggest maker of mobile phones and tv saw its quarterly profits drop largely because of declining margins in its mobile phone division machines and then has to be tense. the worst thing is smart filmmaker on friday posted disappointing fourth quarter results although its operating profit for almost two thousand thirteen weeks an all time high of thirty six trillion won for over thirty three billion us dollars. hosting the first decline in its quarterly performance. some songs that its profit for the october to december period fell eighteen percent to seven point seven billion dollars from the previous quarter and this is also down six per cent from a year earlier the company said its profits were hit by the strength of the wind. but the disappointing result was mainly due to its worse than expected earnings from its main smart film business which accounts for two thirds of the company's entire operating profit. yet
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the korean brand maintained in market share of thirty per cent in both developing and developed countries reaffirming it as the top local grant a special touch on its officials at the companies aiming to sell some four billion smart guns this year an increase of ten percent from last year by expanding its smartphone line with new models and lower prices and also by responding to growing ltd me and xinyi wrapping china. the company's overall two thousand thirteen sales hit a record of two hundred and eleven billion dollars up fourteen percent from a year earlier. its profits from its semiconductor and household appliance units polls showed increases. analysts say the coming year will depend largely on his performances in business for high end smartphones and creamy mtv's particularly in seat of the art ultra high definition and curves on tv. suzanne and items. more news on struggling profit margins korea's number two carmaker
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kia motors and its largest shareholder candy motor company recorded weaker combined profits last year compared to the previous year as exports were hampered by a stronger local currency hinge and outlines the automaker's challenge us. korea's second largest party kicked him with what we can actually pretty big drop in its operating profit last year to an unfavorable exchange rate at six three in one state and against the cap just yet. yep was in operating profits of around three point two trillion trillion won are roughly two point nine billion us dollars in twenty thirteen to nine point eight percent drop from the previous year. the korean won gained an average of twenty five point seven percent against the capitals him last year. hurting his competitiveness against japanese automakers the droppings get yearly operating profit for twenty thirteen was proportionally larger feeling and experience and as such profits fall one
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and half percent to seven point seven billion us dollars. yep officials said the company is relatively more vulnerable. the cnt rate fluctuations the convent as it's more dependent on exports within forty percent of guests heels rely on exports will be carefree hyundai was roughly twenty five percent. deliveries of gas price here models at home including a sporty suv in a small black and helped to offset losses from seals in the us which fell four percent compared with the year earlier. gates yet how to apologize in twenty twelve for the state of the fuel economy of this year causing a scene that a car seat desk my years as reimbursement for higher than expected fuel costs the company combined deliveries are expected to increase four percent to seven point nine million units in twenty fourteen according to baker ten intel mobile earlier this month you see on the ends
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the lettuce i had bird flu was spreading in the nation another flock of ducks was found dead in central korea just north of where the virus was recently found so far about four hundred thousand ducks and chickens have been called. it looks like a more will have to be slaughtered in the future. ideally as well as flocks of migratory birds make their way around korea to splinters. it's easier to carriers and they tend to be his first lap three. on friday. local officials announced and more tasks have been found dead in a city close to college in the central province of st on them. in further south in the nation's port city of tucson officials are tested to see the perfect dead birds they are also tested positive for the latest age five. any strain of bird flu as their exact cause of death is being determined officials have confirmed that an editor of the ducks found dead in a river in total and the province was
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infected. any strain of eighteen and polenta. this is the first confirmation that a i have spread to other regions in the country. that santa to come down with her and her tongue when county were found about fifty km north of port townsend county in ten of the province with the eerie amber that her flu outbreak started. to prevent the virus from spreading any further. local officials and teaching them to have it and if that weren't any movement of farm workers in britain within a ten kilometer radius of the infected area. but these at first may not be enough serious ministry of environment said spirit currently about three hundred sixty thousand migratory birds and the southern and central parts of korea which is likely to make and he meant it more difficult than anticipated. so far a total of nine foreigners have now been confirmed to be infected with h by any strange
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birthday. funny me. the emmys wesley person all information in korean history this week as second life i lead on pain of reality companies ranging from conglomerates to local pizzeria answer according your private personal information said why are they doing with all the data on salon has this report information is money. and for that reason the private information of customers is a commodity of all types of companies from conglomerate stakes on sunday tonics and hyundai motor to financial companies and internet shopping malls. you all ask customers for basic information like phone numbers and addresses. i even asked whether scientists memory and one year anniversary it's too ordered chicken rp tap on the delivery service sis me ask the president registration number is on some coffee not require pressed on the net just to use my thigh. customers are
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enticed to offer up their personal information to give always discount benefits what are the companies to meet with all the data. any nominees as archers all that to find out their client's interest. they can provide them with customized services they do that. however if that information gets tweaked it can result in serious than a match. information is often sold illegally to sa for service business as a wedding consulting agencies insurance planners and gambling and sites. the victim then gets bombarded with spam messages and e mails and is exposed to stats. the korean internet security agency says the number of cases in which her a backpack and friends jumped from thirty five thousand and two thousand and nine. nearly one hundred eighty thousand in two thousand and thirteen. not every business is that an isp that. this also commerce company provides they're
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recommending clients with all of their services but only asks for the minimal amount of personal information albany the mean time being we need christ to skirt the resident registration numbers of all our clients on the twenty four two thousand well we haven't collected new one since then weigh all we ask is for a cell phone number and email address korea's financial authorities pledged on friday to crack down on businesses or individuals responsible for leaking personally data because in the future could be sentenced to up to five years in prison and fined fifty million won by forty six thousand lives. the next the last. i'm new. there is good news for south korean speed of persons to our athletes will be joining the squad for the winter games in sochi. tuesday joy
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is in the sports center with the details all and also for the olympic ski jumping team but get this in the team has more than doubled in size raising their medal chances at the games the christie association announced that come to go and has no will join fellow nationals to be tarred and king county who qualified based on world rankings. now with four jumpers in korea will be eligible for the team ski jump backs and with that south korea's delegation has grown to sixty six the most ever for the winter olympics and speaking of the games defending figure skating champion team the top is being compared to the best in history. a gal who sports opinion he suggested that american dorothy hamill who made her olympic world and us national title runs in nineteen seventy five percent to sixty two. with every run for her money. it's also been mentioned alongside that irina bit and sonia handy as he tries to match their elliptical to be. and heading
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to the greens teammate spin on the vehicle came firing up the heat for first place at the lpga season opening bahamas classic shows type or to lead with south korea's union up at five hundred going into round two which is ongoing as we speak meanwhile for the pta its farmers insurance open stuart st has the early lead after round one at eight under while simon cox all koreans at seven. and something to basketball the national basketball association has announced the starters of their twenty four team all star game on the teary sixty eight. miami florida the bronze saints with a fan favorite earning over one point four million votes. today is an all star appearance for the keys oklahoma city's kevin durand skin in seconds to start for the west. meanwhile paul george and stephen curry rounded out the players that god more than a billion bucks now let's get to friday's
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video mash ups before he owns the k t seventy two to sixty four but now it's time for dinner tonight. the sk and i stood on human health as they come out flying and has led to the point at the e u n presence in the second half but it's too little too late to this day gets away and eighty five to seventy nine eight per cent. that does for me here to sportscenter this has been speaking to attack baghdad midnight for the latest in the world of sports the eye. detroit
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spring like a winter weather here in korea on friday but things look to be taking a turn over the weekend pretty itself a covert work in the gown that the weather center of gal. good evening guys. this afternoon's tolerate seven degrees celsius and push and dumb to thirty making it feel like marks instead of january however a nice light showers are forecast for tomorrow although accumulations will be less than five millimeters and sunday late eighty s sunny day with mild temps were in the way under the influence of low pressure trough from the west that is why embrace the cloudy sky across the map. now the list and i want ill province will be the police once the snow tomorrow. three heavy snowfall lots has been a sit on the mountains of taiwan where up to eight centimeters of snow in town. why did try but no one is still in effect incomes and not to providence
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moving on to tomorrow's ratings salt of the day at five degrees but the height of seven mi ma cities down south it wrote in the teens holding onto their beatings and antiques that ninety trees need blood taken and for the week the two seventeen and eleven degrees respectively. that's all for now and back to you that after broadcast on this friday nights and the sea came so natural and thanks for watching over the weekend will see soon. i was the books it. having is it that you think. in many of these seats about forty years of age. ninety six to tie the rule and if i could have said to him to prison i was going on fourteen if i make myself and i was fourteen i
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wouldn't recognize. this of course in person today. it's the same was fun and reduce like normal. for all to read and see what i know everything about them and cut it off long beach. no these guys going to be the same now below are the prosecutors what really makes you will be interesting is the fact that these changes. you will not be the same tomorrow us don't. so i run out of me trying to work in the caribbean sea in the conduct of life changing no only giving you the ccs so changing opinions of all things but in all circumstance so we must live in person. i believe this one c to twenty years becomes pope. i fear the cops. it all
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you can see that. he said well world is cooling his own home. it's no use to be seen in the inquest in another direction then in use them. the same vintage. this mole is the key. consider the sea. nature makes you in no way around. nosy. looking at the horizon and new year songs for something. you don't know what to do this along the backside to the horizon and you don't know what it is too long for kink to stay moved by love it's a man whose longing for something. he's only had this long for something but he doesn't know what is wrong. i
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did. wind chc!vez would willingly . rest in ukraine the spreads to other cities where crown derby see the local administrations while in the capital and temporary truce is holding is the opposition and the government vowed to continue talks. many protesters dismissing any negotiations with the original know what the other radical elements in in trouble are fuelling violence. now there is no face to face meeting for


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