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trace the path to gdp mike said. it's easy for women to stay in the workforce would make it easy to hack the main thing that can afford. ttc at a swimming stable workforce the credit. it was soon makes good common sense. i don't ay ay ay. welcome to the gentle wdw went great this is what's making news in this one the city and he still has two sons appeared to agree that civilians will be aligned to the besieged city. gemini friends and other western governments that ukrainian president yanukovich. the meal was eaten. the australian open switzerland with us but recovered to beat to . rafael
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battle to win his first grand slam title well stood at nearly three years of twenty and bloodshed in serie a simple bowl any progress in bringing humanitarian relief to the people of syria has to be welcomed and the un mediated talks in geneva between the government's opposition to act dumb. he meets has announced that the two sides reached a deal to allow women and children to these areas that being under siege from all over the year in the central city calls home is the question now is will not deal holds canadian forces and also the breaker is possible like the brady me knew that he had a difficult task ahead of him when he arrived in the stock but the conference has already achieved something that many thought was impossible. by bringing government and opposition
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representatives together the announcement that the government will allow civilians to leave homes shows that progress is a possibility. in today's two of speech. women and children can use pcs area. in the old city. when come to he immediately. the city on the west of serious senior in footage posted on the internet has been the scene of fierce battles for aldo moro. thousands of civilians there are living without enough food and medicine. they've long been calling for an end to this change. i won't mention that most of these talks still have a long way to go there's no way of telling whether a peaceful end to the conflict can be reached and it's clear that the atmosphere between the two camps remains strained the gemara know what the what when and that we
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have come to attend a conference board. jen and i will not come to exchange niceties at the hospital we've come to attend a conference to end the war in syria and to stop the bloodshed and terrorism chiefs. there's still time for the talks to achieve more the conference is due to continue on monday. from correspondent can see logan is following the syrian told me she joins us now on the line from geneva that easy going into these negotiations expectations were low so has significant is this first tangible outcome. break free from all accounts situation in oaxaca and it didn't fit in the state probably kick in tomorrow eat a plate of relief for people to attend but knowing that it did not get to the degree to be
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the key talking to you in the lead in the karaoke were told that the old pick up a bit deeper to keep it to find common ground level they'd like to take each other the team to probe and the place that i collect debt reduction target and the blue i'll call believe that whether the lounge to begin to keep women and children i'll bet it'll take a big topic asking each other medicaid is the typical complex than many people that the child like conclude that they record the keys to keeping with the discussion is going very well he didn't like the piece with a sheet with it. like complaining that we all know is the chance to see some progress on the key political issues like the future of president bashar al assad. he said that it did not copy save or is likely to respect a liking to me a ticket to hold out talking politics with a pretty good tool to take the play it at eleven a
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two week rule is expected to are the people they come out a statement. i'll probably look like a cake. it might not be protected harbor that we treat each of them but they will take the lead up and walked back and think how he did it with a defeated people. kitty. the heathen people keep it to keep them out. cool cupcakes. we get into the typical discussion in keeping a sense that some of those talks and jeans reducing ukraine where protests have spread from the capital cancer of the paul scholes the country opposition protesters in a report to be built eighteen local government offices in full cds and two of occupied official buildings a million others often comes to heavy clashes with riot police have also been running battles in kiev itself off to the opposition rejected an offer from president viktor yanukovich to join his government the center of kiev
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resembles the battlefield demonstrators are dug in on independence square and in a show of force. mom storm hit nearby congress center during the night. policeman stationed in a word written down. the opposition now intends to use the building as a place to keep warm. and as of press enter. some protesters are convinced they're close to achieving their needs and see president viktor yanukovich his offer as a sign of weakness. are you. the constituents the ukrainian society. i'm convinced that the people here for details. looking to go to ukraine the eu coltrane yanukovich to return to
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the opposition in berlin germany's foreign minister reacted cautiously to the new developments in kiev. the men come from he owns. i believe there's only one piece of advice we can give. as ukraine cannot find its way forward through the use of wild dogs no matter from which psychic comes from it's the guy from the nz on skates. to find his stance that even though the situation is difficult but so ago. the last chapter for a political resolution is up and get that exhausted enough to send its commitment to him. tonight a pretty decent its own. in each house precept. but the protesters in kiev are determined to keep up their fight against the other comics until they achieve victory the widespread anger was in evidence at a funeral sunday for a twenty five year old demonstrator killed during clashes with police. well the ukrainian opposition wants the european union to consider sanctions against ukraine to stop the political crisis and its president the key icon of which signed the european trade deal that he backed away from two months ago. well the president of the european
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parliament monsoon chills told dw. the sanctions on an option. the cia. i think we have to consider sanctions it's like freezing or seizing bank accounts and limiting the ukrainian government's freedom to ialogutween tere thing is sur the opposition mustontinue and we will exert as much pressure ase can on both sides to try to respond with dialogue and non violence. i hope both sides take this seriously. that also applies to the opposition's since you get the impression that its leaders no longer completely in control. thas my official said speaking to gw nationals was also concerned is the german social democrats to lead canada to wrestle the upcoming european parliament elections in may the spd has been ldg a special meeting here in berlin today to decide which of its members will contest
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t a gra coalitiona speedynd government with council anger knuckles consistent in december and this is the first practical difference since then. aussie leader in montgomery on this goal lead role of the spd in the coalition government this has been working on bettering on the deed to make that on the ship with the christian democrats and six cents. the school correspondent simon young was at the spd party congress here and win a tennis today he's here with us now. let's begin with m official season launch his european campaign my in the slowest a campaign to become the first democratically elected president of the european commission is because the dust the top job in europe and it's going to be decided for the first time these elections and the edd criticize the way that the women with the rice to hold that job now was appointed effectively in an unknown
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transparent to behind closed doors the siege at the teen years ago he did say there is still very much for that job today in a speech that he said that he would like to need to slim down commission he wants to repatriate powers this principle of subsidiary tea at bringing me up as of late from brussels and get back to the national governments and to the region's because he loses it when solidarity between european nations is necessary that's what was happened so very much a campaign old today. inresting very technical but very very important indeed as the crowd gabriele a speedy possibly death. he also addressed the conference an interesting speech there are some stories in the gym in the media today that he is told the social democrat ministers we've been kind of miracles cabinet to report to the ms spd leader role of the events of that onslaught that he states that no he wants to be a construct eve of all nobody in this coalition government. and of course. to see its reach to
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the independent institute period as far as possible the deal says it when necessary. it's necessary to have a cool confident and calm but to the protein defending in helping the social democrat policies wh the government's own insight and an interdict the strains within the anglo americans cabinet at the moment. and it called the speech whimsical old embryos when all was lost when the sun will come of those strains in the months to come simon young up with a chorus bomb attacks were much for joining us. he's cold snow and in tennyson is the starving cat has clinched a remarkable upset victory at the australian open the twenty two year old swiss player. the cd will number one run from adopting four cents and in doing so he became the first man in over twenty years to be to cut scenes and to clinch a grand slam title the garden bed happy with them and scatter some paprika celebrated his first grand slam title
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the ultimate comforting words for his key component grow from a resort for your new approach. iraqis are many fine you're really good guy each friend and amazing champion rusty on the doll played the final despite back problems and the brink it took the chance offered to him he'd never be a spanish rival before. in their previous twelve encounters he didn't even win a set. this time it was bursting with self confidence. sadly. they don't seem to be on the verge of retiring at one stage during the second set but he us to give up. at first it looked like the treatment worked. the spaniard won its third set to put him back in the match blog is refundable was short lived medal favourite again and covering the route mapped out the victory in the court said so six three six two three six six three the final score when the swiss player to third world ranking. knowing
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the key matches in the bundesliga on sunday it was a good afternoon for stock and two three valuable points in their away match outcome book deals from tennessee on one salon to this unfold and max maya did the damage in the three nil victory in the a league game raymond brown tried to do little to warm up the fold to one thousand fans and some zero temperatures that much and get real mail. twelve cents today's action produced was to upset them plenty of goals is a look what happened in on bad weather it was a moral question of the cliches in a close race big bounce in his beard until i heard notched their first win of the season the moment finally came. the tigers players and owners will be up over time and will see off the coaches beer and it happened it's lots more. nuremberg for the better side but they needed a stroke of luck to take the lead. two weeks and was shot was deflected in
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defensive error helped them doubled their lead the cypriot mitch was in the right place at the right time to make it to him. it went even further ahead after time. any hints it may be too real. after so many failures this season. they finally believed they could hold onto we're so back to you on to ap text on top and one from pulling a goal back. it really sealed the victory he's taking for me that thornhill and with three points in the bank has said he'd like to hit the city shh historian in his rundown of all this weekend's bundesliga action the bali and took the points. glen boss on friday evening. that is the new and that resulted open drew two all with olds both trying to beat with the cousins free to skip
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the posts to warm add them to mines and never picked up a free one away win to all spoke in front of the task of building one nil and that of the sunday results was that when full shell. he's gentle and this time around here on the general's post more news so there was a going away the act. ew. fruit the win
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the champion of music italian conductor tell you about entering this week at the age of eighteen. korean style is more than five decades. but it became famous for his modesty and willingness to learn from others. no identities even if i make mistakes as well as cool as everyone makes mistakes and i think it's silly someone speaks to a
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ninety eight. even if its role is one that incorporates the citizens of the lists and musicians if that's what that sense of unease is colder there were the world's leading rushers. he was in charge of the berlin philharmonic from nineteen ninety two thousand to have his rendition of the carriage house is an actor in nineteen ninety five was a huge success. works such as readings were cream that he was always trying to re discover. he died in losing to italy after a long illness the european union and the united states officially agreed to relax sanctions on iran on monday. eu foreign ministers approved the measure for a period of six months. during that time will palace will continue to seek a comprehensive deal
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that defines the scope of iran's nuclear activities the decision came up to the un nuclear watchdog confirmed earlier on monday that iran had suspended high level ukrainian enrichment in line with the deal reached with western powers the international community has long suspected that iran is seeking to build nuclear weapons a charge tehran denies. the european union agreed this week to send troops to the central african republic. the cost will be to support french and african forces seeking to end months of fighting between christian and muslim militias. the goal is to establish a secure environment on the capital home to the humanitarian needs can be broken. on tuesday the european union officially open membership talks with serbia. speaking in brussels. serbia's prime
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minister he beat said that she scolded the most important day for his country since the end of the second world war. belgrade hopes to join the club by twenty twenty. but it still has obstacles to overcome before becoming a member. such is mending ties with costs of the and tackling organized crime and corruption turkey's prime has to reach it i had no one paid his first visit to brussels in five years on tuesday the trip was meant to bring fresh impetus to turkey's eu membership bid. instead i want and judicial reforms back home took center stage the prime minister has already repaid schools of police and prosecutors who were investigating corruption in his posse. we fought the european commission president as a model of us or whatever one of the eu was watching events in attacking closely and on about to press on with his judicial reforms
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lacey he offered to suspend part of the bill and growing opposition to come the little atp stokes aimed at ending nearly three years of fighting in syria opened in switzerland on wednesday representatives from some forty countries were in attendance. the presence of your grace is a whole. either this or that. however you could even be. your suv and parties. when the sun porch and ate all the pesky arm can make a new puppy. not that old revealed that two divisions the syrian opposition accused the government of prime similar to those of the nazis syria's foreign minister was beaten while in a key steal position of treason the biggest bone of contention was the future president bashar al asad the mask is said only the syrian people could decide his fate. but
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the opposition insisted assets could not be up to the transitional government and negotiations could not proceed on any other basis syrian envoy left the brahimi was hard to bring the tea sets together and by the end of the week direct olds did get ahead. meanwhile the fight scene continues the conflict has claimed over one hundred and thirty thousand lives and displaced millions. wednesday so a serious escalation in ukraine's political crisis at least two protesters were killed in clashes with police the first day since the protests began in two months ago. the laws banning demonstrations went into force this week infuriating the contestants. the streets around independence square but the scene of repeated battles as protest his face don't riot police. and i'm on duty. when will people here wisconsin in the right legs
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the police said today an adjustable sights. because of that kind of difference to either drink it plain to see jen's mom home loan move to soften. president viktor yanukovich held talks for the first time with them and opposition leaders. he promised a government reshuffle and to allow in prison protest is to be free but he rejected calls for early elections saying only that the future of the government would be discussed in parliament next week. i am the president refuses to compromise with the people they'd been protests in fifteen months and hasn't taken a single step. he achieved anything my week has continued to fight. meanwhile the protests have spread beyond kiev to the cities. the temptation is calling for international mediation to resolve the crisis. in this week's
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tour another shocking case of sexual burdens in india the twenty year old woman from west bengal say she was gang raped on the orders of the city council. police arrested fifteen min. the was reported to be imposed as a punishment because the woman was in a relationship with the man from another religious sexual violence in india has been in the spotlight ever since two thousand and twelve when the gang and murder of the dead the students to get national l train germany's coalition government appeared back on track fast i offer two day retreat at a cost or component. the aim was to iron out differences and agree on some key policies but the end of the two days it was smiles all round isn't this fun always been a fantastic stuff that i'd like to think that those letters in her office for the wonderful preparation when the heat on everyone
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here has insight so that we come back here again in the summer knits sock. so that's a reason to say we want to make kill everyone he is sitting at this table has the opportunity to meet in the next forty s some support the government agreed to forge ahead to put the switch to green your bow energy. not to the price of jeopardizing german industry. listen i think it's extraordinarily important point. i think we have to make sure that in the area and energy policy we need to see us or our industrial base and our economic strength up to them the government also agreed on reforms to pensions the conservatives on social democrats on the actual lines the time snow will be to retain the goodman as everton politics in berlin the seams the government of south sudan signed a ceasefire deal with rebels on thursday. it was the first sign of progress tough two weeks of negotiations in the ethiopian
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capital at this sad about thousands of people killed in the fighting in sasa done and around health of millions displaced. the violence is received in a power struggle between the country's president and his former deputy. despite reports of ongoing fight scene. it's hoped that reese will be a first step towards lasting peace canadian team called son justin b there was arrested in florida on thursday creating headline news around the world. he was some stupid drunk driving and racing has humbled me to miami beach it is called parents took place via video link from prison. he was later released on bail. take a bit messy and concealing marijuana and prescription drugs. focusing on the comp he's also been charged with resisting arrest. no your honor but they do pretty much for hearing aids right is the latest in a series of negative incidents involving be done which have tarnished his squeaky clean image. only
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you to slow migration secret agent. the aussie pair the beach was extradited to germany on friday to face trial for his alleged role in the cold war assassination he's been linked to the murder of the yugoslav dissident in gemini three decades ago. you just love the agents like that of its sleeves that dissidents abroad. the croatian independence he continued in senior row. in an interview with dw tv just a few days ago pack of its denied any involvement in the killing so with their mothers the thing that connects me with markers. the most comical. i set a long time ago that i have absolutely no involvement in the killing of your calls it wrong or other dads do too much. i was involved in classic secret service were graphic and that means defending croatian territory cream of potato jim and federal prosecutors issued a european arrest warrant against that depiction is full of balls
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qureshi refuse the months to extradite at the beach related to the eu threatened to withhold tens of millions of viewers in haiti. some men to dance the former business partner of kremlin critic mikhail khodorkovsky was released from prison on friday. his release was ordered by russia's highest court. the fifty seven year old led the jets have been in jail since two thousand and three convicted of tax evasion and money don't bring like what a costly. he was freed last month that the best imprisonment was slammed by international observers as physically motivations the secret of greatness is studying young video emerged at the end of the week of the safest a full day in australia the two year note is still in diapers that can skate bowl but the best of them. the toddler comes
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from a family of skateboard enthusiasts and is apparently been practicing since he was six months old the video taken by his father is currently going viral and that includes reviews the week's news the new the changing one's mind is will we choose and use the peace process was for many years. in twenty oh eight and its brightness of this trial. what i'm talking of interest. i know. the wind
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and rain and wind. read about . well today from france twenty four. allied to the top of the day. one day concert at seven pm optional i chopped off. according to one. to find a way to stop and a squeeze play the process the caught up i don't. each cage the world. it's good to be kidding. god i come. cheer
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you you you will . fan. its this week's outrage. in this week's episode. by the tv john employees bought this fall


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