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tv   France 24 News  PBS  January 30, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PST

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who will rule. woo hoo hoo she cleans the president is on sick leave. official announcement comes as the country's political crisis shows no sign of him in central african republic and south sudan are top the agenda at the african union summit will be getting more from our correspondent in ethiopia. vertex out to be handed down a trial of amanda knox she was first convicted
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and then acquitted of murdering british student said. watching last two chapters to this developing story out of ukraine and the embattled president the piano comics is on sick leave. the announcement comes as the opposition says more protests are on the way ukraine has been brought back two months of major demonstrations plus the president from our one on this latest development in kiev that spring is the single best not to the announcement of the president taking sick leave during this time of christ has come as much of a surprise there well yesterday i mean do i put into the trip to the dreaded be different from acute with a victory in the thick of the night with peter. and so we don't really know wharf where at them now the first time in four years or you can buy with that effectively communicate the beach. he opened the shinto or it again and
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then comes the bride anything like that which tends to get the biggest written late in extra force and came to the bottom and quite the comedian the key to future until we get to vote for a lot of heat that with a controversial topic and add the wet timing of the barricades. i was told late in the knit witch of the bed he was a question over the head of the president quit responsible for the bed then the home anymore or maybe more people to be taken to wit do it quite clear that there is a pretty busy for me and the pressure and in oakland the morning. i'm a poet. the second lights in the second president is on sick leave. i actually had on the protest movement. well lead to heart today and that the film that would be very very quick to react again open for it but mostly in children love the irony but no official reaction came from the oh please read it yet. so the president of the moment. you know that the president the head and did not get too much for long
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time. indeed during the huge bucket that had been the doing of the country. but she got to cutting all those willing to buy a few weeks that he would come to realize that somewhere there would be the basic going wrong so they become conditioned going to the negotiations or white but maybe not when sure that anyone biblical christ he didn't think people are still in her will be legal for the position that it keeps pulling pulling the strings of the good that it magically turn into building a personal connection to people that day saying that she was coming from the bacon having to dive into that would be something too two words. the potato dishes or do i think it s best use of their reporting from the cnn show in the meantime the opposition in ukraine says more protests are on the way the century defiantly rejected in an email that was hammered out last night the party and the bill would free opposition activists detained during the recent protests but only if protesters left both the government buildings there occupying and the main protest where it is cold and cnn's you can see there is
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some protesters doing daily warm up which naturally warm ups in every sense. mix for us the violence continues in at the central african republic has capital of banking the flow of refugees into the neighboring drc continues to grow. and now nearly sixty thousand on the other side of the new bank the river. maybe men dead and some are homeless for two a family reunion ninety eight. three weeks ago saddam to his loved ones away from the province of central african republic and brought them hit the conga. they stayed with a cousin of his enemies he timed his eldest son still live in bondi. i'm very happy to see her again i wasn't expecting it. god wanted to step out of them wanted me to see my family that never before had an abortion. i didn't know exactly where they were. when she caught her she called me i kinda want to get another time to find. weeding is
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tasting and feeding seven of the cousins. it's not easy but she says it's the right thing to do a few years ago she was the one who had to feed him. as of this war and their country he leads me to receive them here. yes normally creature brother is it's hard to welcome them because i hate to always find ways. the situation and bumpy worries us because their brother is. what happens there can happen to us. but then we would sing to their country they would welcome us living conditions are basic the city's hearings on to they had found what they could never going to happen on beef and is the son of a nail. we don't hear the sound of life is easy to do him some time here reading peace we are saved. i will wait for peace to return in a country them out and about then do we go back and found her improvement the family
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prays for easter a time once again it's time the hot sun to head back the donkey to make sure that counts is not the needs that. i cross the bank the river hoping to see their families soon. each of the cease fire in south sudan is still ten to tiffany and praise. government troops fought with the rebels loyal to the former vice president before that fragile truce was signed last week. meantime the humanitarian crisis in the world's newest nation is devastating. we encourage a friend reports. the united nations convoy on the streets of mallika of the local market destroyed in ransacked several aid agencies have also had their warehouses looted the situation so dire the world food program has begun air lifting food from the capital juba. we are blessed. in the foods to feed with a two hundred thousand
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people for the month so far we have verified. malik rose local hospital suffering from lack of medicine and the facility is now doubling as a camp for internally displaced people. meanwhile as the chief iranian people you see in a hospital here because of the water needs any team he or anyone we didn't notice as in we told them to return home and i say that for a couple ago. after intense fighting the lakota is now controlled by government forces. residents say in security remains the metallic on the new commodities new markets holder has been destroyed in the region last month. people are wondering what they would do if they stay is home to get a business edition and if you stay at the hospital this insulation doubt that the speaker really confuses must not be given a guide in my dryer. a ceasefire was signed last week but sporadic fighting has prompted many people to remain in un camps
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hiding in south sudan and central african republic will be key points of the african union summit that's on today in ethiopia and has done and what society is covering that story across from this happen yeah right they get both be at this meeting we choose to keep up the mess. the magic of the day. a method that has shifted now underway to try to post that the ppp situation particularly in the central africa. already this week the un security council approved the deployment of its six hundred strong european union rules which will let alone try to make it to africa in may. on the ground in front
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of african republic. now what can happen that day. i take some shots today. the change that. maybe mama. good money on the table to scale the peak and that intervention aimed and shot in the picture. now that murder trial that had three countries hop is now set to get the new verdict. the re trial of amanda knox and her former boyfriend raffaele sony t t o uncertainty set to be handed down later today for the sexual assault and murder of british student meredith per share he was stabbed in two thousand and seven when she was doing a student exchange in italy knox and sunny quito where first convict about her killing men acquitted three years ago. isn't he consults with the details. twenty eleven and under yeltsin reference thirty to forty from accra region courtroom offer only forty eight an italian jail. they had been appointed at the mad and said to have some sad not to push his housemates never did
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catch as catch and was found stabbed to death at the top tube exchange student said it was and the two thousand and seven. prosecutors said it was the result of drug fuelled games gone wrong knox and so did she kill a need to be convicted bake some confused on deadlines and dna evidence to discredit it in the twenty eleven week trial. with the let's turn our house didn't like the city's highest court ordering faced fresh trial the defendants are being tried in absentia. we can all is not planning to attend from the us wanted to post it hasn't been said before that committee is seeking an agent in lincoln in the league and to the supreme court. it's easy as any in the case of a defeated to the conviction of its elite asked for an extension. and any attempt to be decided. amanda knox had set of symptoms in eighteen eighty one is a word she said that america will be not mean that the apple with my wrapping done. three d grade
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after me i freak i just admit it the mad and awestruck trial in two thousand and nine. a texas family still believe that milks and sweet tea can help him. the latest controversial french canadian judge and a keys to less than earlier this month over accusations of antisemitism today nate is also under investigation for fraud and money laundering and the book into a head wednesday when police seized six hundred and fifty thousand arrows and cash from his home town and hawkins has been investigators from age three to jenna's house. indeed they discovered around six hundred and fifty thousand yen aids and fifteen thousand dollars in tax. it's the latest headache for the contravention french comedian he send the packet was found early this month being anti semitic. nice down to and from within him in contention if he's saying in a scary scene feet every he performs a nice puzzle same sense. no it says the money came from ticket sales and is
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on above bullet. the guinean is nothing stopping the county from keeping such a sum in cash. they did this isn't typical questions as friends call the team and having fun today he and teammate bankruptcy. in a sixty nine thousand units and finds the convictions including inciting racial hate it. a year ago he appealed on line descending nations. if you want to loan me the money that can be arranged. i will repay you after the two works several preliminary inquiries has taken place. they should contaminate the way the money came from and if it is deemed a plant. or you may remember yesterday in wet dreams we told him that the on line furor surrounding actress scarlett johansen. she's the new spokes person for soda maker so history the company has come under fire from pro palestinian activist maintaining a large factory in a news release
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saturday when the criticism seems to take its toll. today the act has announced she's going to step down as global ambassador for the humanitarian group oxfam says he's held for the past seven years. the sixty s quote. differences of opinion with outstanding. it is all straight and israeli settlements same year an eagle and denying palestinian rights. we view it that i'm cheating here in paris said before we go over the years in a rolling stone magazine has featured many icons of pop culture but its current cover stars perhaps the most holy. the february issue features none other than the it's the first time staunchly liberal magazine has featured a roman catholic pope. kathy catherine has more now on this latest proof of friend since forever the titans they are changing the price was being tested response as rock'n'roll enough to grace the cover of rolling stone magazine the magazine hit news stands the pope assistant aren't as ever. the seventy thousand
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people tried to send some pictures square to see him he seemed intent on giving as many as possible a souvenir photo opportunity the kids for one baby after another. even pretend for a pirates. the master of communications. francis was the first pope to pose for a self seed. yeah he's even being painted as a super hero in graffiti coax them back again. likely to eat it by the pride couple pr team for guaranteed spiral six cents most of them. it is really beautiful a platonic the details that whoever took the two ways you can tell that the parties reaching these people can no longer be watching you think things on the will of that now they depict nineteen sixty rome this is beautiful to look for my bed or in this country syrian online which is peaceful and by eleven point five million people. after she three times more than a spree to censor ban on the sixteenth. he sat times lacking in recent weeks by
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enticing not yet married couples to spend valentine's day with an encouraging mothers to breastfeed during a baptism service the sistine chapel. baptizing a single mothers baby. becoming known as the man opening the turks distillers cia to those who have never even liked it before many feel a kind unique and intense you're watching and dance. lol welcome to the entry here on fostering kept well it's being hailed as angry or success story in an arab region that's otherwise rife with war and conflict tunisia is adoption of the new constitution one that in shrines democratic freedoms separation of powers even women's rights. it's being held up as a model of what politics by consensus and compromise can read. but the picture of course is far gloomy or elsewhere we look in egypt syria libya the road to transition in those places has seemed at
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times to be are dangerously off course my guest today is that david pollack that thanks for being here sure your e a senior fellow at the washington institute estimates suggest based in washington d c again asked for near east policy you've also served in state department are you an advisor on democracy reform issues women's right across the region u s africa tonight yes that is the middle east middle east. i wanna start with that success story i just mentioned are too nice to be a bit past the constitution. with a lot of these democratic freedoms hardwired into the competition and eat it by all of them getting together e islam as the secularist the liberals leftists. how typical that often even have the two unknown else's been able to in the region. that is true it hasn't worked in the country at least monday and i think. and at least not in such a peaceful noon constitutional way with a cruise or a civil war is over or mass violence and. i think
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the reason is. team is ironically it's precisely because tunisian society. it is divided. musicians that every party. whether is this mama's or the secularists whether it was people who are. carry overs from the old regime or crc(me revolution it was. youth were veterans of the political opposition in tunisia. everybody realizes the nobody could take everything for themselves. everybody had to compromise because nobody can claim to be. the one party or the one point of view that was dominant but david did help me out here it's the same scenario in egypt is it not you have a society that's divided on the one and between secularists leftists liberals and dad his
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lobbyists and yet they can't seem to get along the route but here's what happened i was the winner takes all the chanting not into it the reason i think is the in tunisia the secular are. elements of society and politics were very well organized. and in egypt there are very disorganized it's true that in egypt there are also at least half maybe more of the society. but there are fragmented and. very new to the political game and in tunisia. by contrast. you have a divided society you have been organized islamic point of view and political party. but you also have an organist. secular liberal point of view in a polluted an educated guess. but here i think the key thing is that
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you have any for example the labor movement in tunisia that was national in scope that was independent of the government. it was very disciplined. and was able to play a role in an organized way. you have a political opposition. that was. able to mobilize itself around. in other parties that were rifles to the islamic party so in egypt in the first election because the secularists than the liberals and the non fundamentalists were so disorganized and fragmented the muslim brotherhood and the solid fees. one seventy five percent and finally got the power you can envelop they ran roughshod over all we can do it ourselves we don't need to compromise in tunisia the islamic equivalent of the muslim
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brotherhood been on the party only won forty percent and they knew that they had no choice but to combine again at the right just go about their assured that the teaching is looking over eighty chipped in seeing what's going on and he said that's not gonna happen just that it's not that that's true. the tunisian news didn't want chaos. and they didn't want dictatorship whether islamic or military or any of the car and then also they didn't want even though it's probably unrealistic in tunisia and they didn't want a military coup. they didn't want the military to have to try to intervene in one else to see it you know that in general in tunisia on a new women's rights you may use the youtube advised a lot when you're working for me to stay two hundred thousand take issue with us the tunisian seem to have gotten a balance right on that one is well on women's right to be stuck it on paper right now it is and why why have they been on the us's worded to take it for what
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you like and so to speak with regard to gender equality than the other countries in the region. tunisia. enjoy is a long tradition of women's empowerment. and it's true the this was achieved in an autocratic way. under a political system first thunderbird cuba under been only in tunisia for two generations who are not democrats who are not. open to political competition. but they wore on women's issues they were. i agree i think we can use the word unlike me they were modern they were progressive on that issue and that tradition has paid off. it has produced the large community of very well educated and very professional. we acted very politically active and very self confident women in tunisia who will simply not
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allow the kind of abuses that we've seen even in egypt where the revolution actually turned against women. i liked it too. moving on a little bit. i'm not off the success story we were talking before the show. he's wrapped israeli palestinian peace process if you wanna call it that read you wanna call it but if you are telling me that you actually say that the one sign of hope here is that they are having serious talks. that's not the impression every right to be my tapes told andrew that we stand. yes i i i do think that the general impression is probably wrong and we don't know for sure because the talks are being kept so secret but to me that's a good sign that means the both parties. they are trying to come to grips with the really tough issues and they know that the group have a very hard time doing that if there are leaks if there is . cupe behind the scenes is more progress
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and we're hearing that i can i do think so and i think. as best i can tell the progress is limited. but a sign that they're making some progress over these dealing directly with the hard issues and not just wasting time. a sign of that is that the hardliners on both sides are starting to get nervous and you can see that they're starting to protest so that for example in his rule. when primus or netanyahu said something that he meant in a conciliatory way about the settlements and settlers. one of his own cabinet ministers publicly said that that this was crazy and eighty is an agreement between them last week i take a hardline its name this as we say we have to do i know you're speaking your constituents. i'll speak to my no i don't think so but don't think this is my agreement. i think this is a junior is inching genuinely genuine spirit and you have
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the israeli minister of defense giving up publicly um and calling the settler vigilantes who do these price tag and taxes they're called the israeli minister of defence stood up publicly and said that these people are jewish terrorists and they're every bit as bad as suicide bombers. if the palestinians the palestinian prime minister or president. we're willing to say something like that publicly about his extremists. and to stop calling terrorists heroes and start calling them terrorists on his side. then i think we'd know for sure that something was really happening and then add a new tie up with syria. i want because i i'd be remiss if i can ask you to geneva to read the latest round of peace talks of a joke. i may be totally manipulated by shire side is is this prime progress so fleeting and so has attained that it's not going and really well last jerome. i think that these
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talks have achieved nothing i wouldn't call it a joke because it's a sad and i would call it getting some flat iron i said joe absolutely and totally undecided is as soon as i sat on on both sides. i don't think so and i think that what's going on is as you said correctly the asa is playing for time is using these talks. as a cover for tactical games that he's planning to try and divide the opposition to try and embarrass. the opposition's so called supporters like i'm sorry to say my own countrymen in government it states and european governments and others who say that they support the syrian opposition but aren't arguing remote and very final question we should david you know a few months back you believe the un should renew its non lethal aid to non its opposition
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you believe they exist where are. i do believe that exist in the world to the exits but i think that contrary to the sensational reports that you often hear about the is to also do exist and syria it's the mom extreme elements that are still a large majority of the opposition with its three syrian army. or most of the parties that are part of the islamic front which is islamic. that is not extreme in many cases is not eat his life yet cia and other groups of the civil opposition the civilian side of the opposition in places like aleppo where half the city the biggest concern is controlled by opposition but non on what i believe without id also just throw out the suggestion that perhaps in light of what constitutes moderate opposition is shifting a little bit more towards the this camp a year from the us
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with the i r a i wouldn't say that i think the what we've seen is that the us and the country is in the media are focused too much on the is an on and off on everybody on everyone else did it all fortunate enough to leave it there perhaps a slightly positive note. a college senior fellow at the washington institute for near east policy based in washington based here in paris that without the cna very much are you a broad range of issues across the region. watching it easier on us than that. i know. moon. i them. lynn. and all. i do. i am. i can. all
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in the eye. is this the ch
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story each day. excludes any team that works. the top story wednesday. intriguing topic as told by nhc premier global content partners back to back in english. it's like naming washington seeks enlightenment you have are
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lacking here in philly this weekend is here. i was seventeen with me. thanks to a doting aspect that i can say that stealing is just too new and it makes the networks to work on in each seat. he wrote continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter the top story on the m a c networks. snow resort to resume in extremism is tough and from now on these crimes will be there for two series or high crime wto imprisonment up to twelve years in more than twelve years respectively. such rules appeared in the new criminal code which was approved by the members of the chill is in the first reading the deputy general prosecutor of context and present a bill to ban peace hohoho


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