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tv   Journal  PBS  February 2, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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shh. ay ay ay. six cylinders are all welcome to the gentle to all seem to be seperated this is what's making news just in time to go to the election. my descriptions of the opposition boycott jim insult of all priests they take their losing streak. belief in a row
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the few xp or vista is suitable for that. in the taiwan's election as the multiple edt decisions in the country. it was however little violence reported during sunday's poll although protesters opposed to the government of prime minister yoon collection once did manage to pull to reduce drug dosing of hundreds of polling stations in the capital bangle and in southern taiwan voting is over and thailand's election remained largely peaceful but the country's political drama is far from over despite the village of months of conflict between the election it was and who follows all set to continue thailand's prime minister is calling it a victory for democracy i would like to thank all time can go to help maintain democracy election was peaceful. sydney
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the election revealed thailand's political divisions in the north wish it was the strong voting went ahead as normal. the scene provinces in the sales and areas of bangkok many polling places stage shots due to opposition blockades millions were prevented from casting ballots heel position has rejected the poll as the legitimate protest leaders that it talks about it says supporters will disrupt by elections the theory is we constituencies were kept from voting. and i don't know how many months it will take with them due to my head. it all are you sure you they will not give enough representatives to open the parliament. the electoral commission hasn't announced results that will only happen once voting is complete in every way. and with the opposition ballymore disruption sunday's election may herald gets more political payoffs. of course
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fun than a can of us has been covering the story in bangkok on wheels to the leo was partial construction might mean for the election outcome well although it hurts him the thai people clearly said that they wanted to go to many of them in bangkok and chop it into a franchise by the opposition movement in the week that the election coming and who are denied by election for the lord would not try to calm the paddock last time they can to get on quilting and today and there are in the kentucky to take place in a few weeks from now on i don't know a few weeks or even mom could be a very long time in politics. and we ought to have to keep in mind that the campaign. i only have limited power tools there's a lot of fun to get ahead and very likely more violence ahead. osteen uncle the overseas things human rights group claims at least nineteen people have been killed in syria is a lack of
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weekend as government helicopters drop so called barrel homes. the scene of the victims were reportedly children. the pro opposition syrian observant recent human rights is minute ritual was targeted rebel held residential areas. an internet video purports to show the attacks and instead of demands. daryl blooms on it to police weapons packed with explosives and nails human rights organizations say the use of such devices constitutes a war cry the last three days as a tool to munich security conference has now come to an end some day it was meant to focus on the middle east but ukraine continue to dominate the gathering. the european union's foreign policy chief catherine ashton said it is michael to the violence that stokes and that there is a constructive dialogue. he's due to visit the capital kiev based week. the ukrainian crosses was hoping to generate heated exchanges between russia and the united
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states to me in a canal correspondent linda crying course up with the conference chapman's was going fishing and to get his take on the tensions. this is the place with the reset button was pushed supposedly other in ushering in a new era of u s russian cooperation. frankly from the rhetoric it this year was sounding more like a new era of cold water. will you ride it said things are and what they should be days of school is frustration over the inability to come to grips in syria there is anger and frustration over of the dispute. the tug of war so to speak over to corinne and savior. but let's face it we will need to work with russia. and that to me i believe russia knows that the need to work with us with united states and europe. so i regard this as one of the balance. and then there will be other ups again. so i
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don't think we should dramatize it is not a great moment of our relationship with russia. but better days will come. and that was most engaging a sticky mess to melinda. now is ukrainian opposition activists who says he was severely tortured has been allowed to leave for treatments include few atm to retrieve a lot else has reportedly called brady left ukraine. it's a calling at least two opposition leaders i did make it go and visit devout souls with aunt ats hospital. his mistreatment provoked outrage in ukraine and in the west. there's thousands of anti government protesters again mast on independence square in the capital bullied bali offers of help from the munich conference and in a separate development ukrainian president of the tournament as each days he will return to work on monday. he was off field full number of detainees to the country currently lacks leadership to the president accepted the resignation of
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the government last tuesday storms have done said council is only for today in sicily to women and the second year old child on sandals to the occult was swept away in one of his and the island was one of the region's was hit on sunday and the italian mainland hasn't been spent about whether the leader it's for close to continue for the next few days the one buried her nose full snow and in bundesliga sulk a turbulent match here in berlin this afternoon. a local site and to finance an investment deal on friday which cleared the club's debts bought home some day the crushed right back to us with a three one loss to resurgent norm back. posts have been equally symbols and put the score to bomb them with denied a penalty when the referee rescinded read come decision against own bed made to the ongoing anti mill bags and sealed. what was an event second win of the season with a late penalty to climb back and
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told the relegation zone. in sunday's late kickoff body and unique the front looks funny snail with my new goals and scoring the opener in the school's main trunk or thirty are in robe and dante and ammonium and uk completed the program. now all meds today. cumberland sunk to a disastrous defeat in a row losing three mills also time for the full bundesliga palin has is now in freefall and in grave danger of suffering its first and for relegation and the locales of in the tea house of ideas and delta flights. only this and so to any team lost to unseeded the satisfaction that the team the hand to touch it and move like that it speaks no dates are the ones with debts of them even if on an open mind into a fourth minute lead. that goal shoot it beamed down salts on one hand that could only blame
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themselves. but what followed nicholas and then headed off and mind into it soon you'll eat the chili unopposed on the stroke of all time. and that defeated the lake and it says. it was the same in no way in when andreas beck drilled in hope and minds that to cap a miserable day sun and. . the his mom and i keep saying the same thing we will not stay in the bundesliga if we keep playing like death and his aunt friend of thoughts assessment was also beaten up front and the spouses relegation now looks a genuine possibility for the only club admitted to its amended the top flight status lol so one cents a day carnival hosted mention colombo in a match which had repercussions for the scrap the champions league spot. it was coming over to try and showing just how much they've improved since replacing the coast home to discover new head of the cote de food
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court it is re energize his team suddenly they looked hungry again. against mention god but they were well organized in defence and with some lightning fast counter attacks those plenty of problems going forward. in the fifty seventh minutes of boats was deep roster on loan striker out students who admits he headed the hosts into the leaves. and of it that the second in the eighty second minute it was again from posting. the hungarians inched past the glove box defence before crossing brilliant. this time it was monday you if he died on the end of it to power a home another dead hand of the simply wanted this win more. but still regrouped and two minutes later premium of up to ten months tomorrow. i never would not be denied to us. maybe it's the one at the dance. it's back to back wins the mooted hanover has been transformed with the foals those consecutive defeats could prove costly to their champions league
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ambitions. the rest of the weekend's results us all look like a smiley because it's not too late to one win against togo shell ks gold is going to win over paul spoke old book from graham and three while mowing speak for the book to nil. and on friday tool long beach branch by at least the bundesliga table looking like this off to the nineteenth round of play money and remain well clear of the top with an employer is of course maintaining any pretense of catching them. i shall come i can see an age in the race of the final champions league spot. you can go on about being different. a wasteful in the blossom how it has been a disastrous weekend for them but they now plunged seventy two the table. one of the automatic relegation places of the branch by all behind them. staples cold it is of course the pinnacle of the american football season one of the most watched sporting events in the world the denver broncos and the seattle seahawks myself late on sunday in super bowl
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forty eight bc and the big game takes place just outside new york. don't feed them the us. thousands of fans descended on new moon can you dizzy to stand down in the mind state. heavy snow in full force teams to deal with the final training sessions denver based in afghanistan's defence the court did not contain any old lady named them as the needle i had this season there are more. hopefully we can carry that preparation to play until sunday and plan on standing opponents. got to ten utc and told the team with the best defense to win would give them the offense and a steep the bone thing to me well we're into the home stretch in the run up to the salty wind to olympics and the opening ceremony just funny states away and we'll be covering all the winter
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school section on going to the us website that dw don't the east last olympics the police one of the crowd favorites of course is that you make an old sled team and they are up next on our previous hearings temperatures in jamaica are hitting thirty degrees celsius in the moment this though the country's bob sleigh team is preparing for the winter olympics and the u s state of wyoming. where is a more suitable temperature closer to mine is fifty every day. this tool gives you the least important than making it a creepy. he has wanted his team qualified for the games that other nations had to withdraw from the tomb and bought the pants want to parse the last time to make a qualified at salt lake city back in two thousand and two he says his age was told
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that. the six year low scrape by. if you look at me and my twenty six. so it exists in all three of the team needed financial help to compete at saatchi fans responded by donating more than one hundred twenty thousand dollars online within two days. to make up are expected to win a medal in the event. but the team embodied the spirit of the olympics. take heart is everywhere. the thing that my heart is too i'd like to apologies olympics. debate on thursday and felt it was a fourteen year ago. well with some breaking news just coming in and it's not use the oscar winning actor philip seymour hoffman has been found dead to open the parents don't over drug overdose in new york. he was forty six years old. police said they are investigating
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the incident. hoffman who was best known as a character actor in movies like the talented mr ripley magnolia in boogie nights to the best actor award in two thousand and six policy. he had struggled with drug addiction in the arts. using a digital the back of the soviet go. they are. i do good. rules. i was. it began
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with signs of progress in ukraine's political crisis after talks with opposition leaders president viktor yanukovich made some key concessions. he promised to rivers tough new laws against protests and offered an amnesty for detained opposition activists. but as his justice minister later pointed out. there were strings attached. i'm used to it and the amnesty will only take effect once all unoccupied buildings and roads are free. if that is
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not done means any violations of laws that were committed and will not be given amnesty over the next few days those conditions were hotly debated in the ukrainian parliament the bill was eventually passed despite the opposition's boycott of the flow. on the streets of kiev. protesters say they won't give up until yemen cold which has forced from office. he's refusing to budge but he did accept the resignation of prime minister nikola oz row. it's huge it's army gave the go ahead for its leader general fund. it's easy to run for president. but says he was appointed by former president mohammad mossy going to make the spearheaded the movement which led to more sees ousted last year. beyond is not on cc came a day off to the interim government decided to move to egypt's presidential election if all went to mid april in berlin
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the boys to start commemorated the red army's breaking of the siege of leningrad in nineteen forty four. german forces encircled the russian city now called st petersburg for more than two years. survivor dani and i mean describe the suffering the rations we were given were pitiful. and the people became weaker and weaker auntie but kept dying faster and faster. you know. those trapped in the city had to survive without electricity or clean water the cold the hunger and the german compartments claimed more than a million russian lives monday was also dedicated to another summer world war two anniversary. holocaust remembrance day. members of the israeli parliament's joint survivors to mark the liberation of the l cats
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death camp where more than a million were murdered. on tuesday the form of bosnian serb army leave their record to lead it refused to testify at the trial of his former ally rather than carriage each. he denounced the u n's yugoslav war crimes tribunal in the hague as satanic. but they attend parent teacher accused of being the chief architects of serb atrocities during bosnia's bloody three you will. us president barack obama used his annual state of the union address to focus on the economy and the fight against income inequality and he had a warning for obstructionist lawmakers that he'd go with a loan if they refuse to work with him america does not stand still and neither will i sold wherever and whenever i can take steps without
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legislation to expand opportunity for more american families. that's longer than that. obama called for support to raise the minimum wage for millions of working for the president's reform efforts have been frustrated by the partisan gridlock in congress. but his winning popularity could hurt the democratic party's chances in november's mid term congressional elections american folk music geico and pete seeger died at the age of ninety four. many of his songs became anthems for the peace and civil rights movements. classics like if i had a hammer and where have all the flowers gone. seek his political views gone to collect listed in the nineteen fifties. he went on to be adopted into rock'n'roll form of fame. on
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wednesday german chancellor and the man who presented her government's legislative programme. delivering her speech sitting down because of the recent skiing accident she singled out germany's transition to renewable energy as a major challenge the overwhelming majority of germans support his decision make no mistake the world is watching with interest and physically. wondering whether this transformation will succeed. up up and be on view in a tube in the game. metro also spoke to the growing criticism of mass surveillance practices and the chalk boards for certain our lives it's a dry that are closest partners like the united states or britain gain access to every imaginable peace and detail that the justification that it serves their own security and the security of their partners. no that isot rightbut the opposition
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wasn't buying her indignation one or sort of florida and the cia employees who was going to lead germany. why a federal prosecutors not investigating these offences the opposition will have a tough time being heard in the bone this time. with the three quarters majority miracles grand coalition will face fewer obstacles to its program. a iq is column is linked to the limits on presidential terms the constitutional changes of our longtime president tiny lot to get to be re elected indefinitely potentially keeping the sunday news to me the impala for life lawmakers also approved a ministry reform that further strengthens the hand of the army. though. the crisis in ukraine took another turn on thursday when president viktor yanukovich announce he'd gone on indefinite sick
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leave. some suspect a tactical maneuver. as bad sign that said the ghosts are always here for. some soviet union leaders have to make and folklore decision. they go to hospital. but the g later the embattled president was well enough to sign into law and amnesty for jailed activists and repeal and to protest measures the opposition remained unimpressed and so to the international community in berlin germany's foreign minister warned chemical which not to play for time it's that time took on the action live on what he promised the opposition says it's doing well. rush also warned it will hold back an eleven billion euro bailout for ukraine until the new government is formed. this picture. us defence secretary chuck hagel accused syria of supporting the hand that got its chemical weapons. it's up to the international watchdog
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the npc w revealed syria had surrendered just four percent of its deadliest agents. it also called on damascus to pick up the pace. the syrian government says that need special equipment to carry out the jaw. on the un agreements serious anti chemical stockpile has to be eliminated by the end of june the second time an italian court found american amanda knox and her ex boyfriend roughly in the summit cheap joke guilty for the murder of meredith character the court sentences and then the marine on the twenty eight years in six months in prison though the court his family were in court for the trial. they welcomed the reinstated verdict but said they were still searching for the truth the pritchard cases full of armed self contradictions and inconsistencies. the british exchange student was found stabbed to death in november two thousand seven. in this house in judea which she sharedanda knox. knox returned to america in late
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twenty eleven after the original guilty verdict was overturned. she's vowed to fight any attempts to extradite her. meet joe schumacher is still too disgusted to bring the formula one legend else a peaceful weekend she's kona the forty five year old has been in intensive care in grenoble france since sustaining major head injuries in a skiing accident it was the first update on his condition since january seventeenth in a statement schumacher's manager warned the waking up prices could take a long time. on friday the world's top diplomats and defence officials gathered for the fiftieth munich security conference the three day talks were preceded by calls for a stronger german presence in allied military operations in opening the conference germany's president also supported a more proactive role. institutions oh nine at
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home because of its experiences in protecting human rights and a little gemini could do more to reinforce in shape and the framework of the instrument by the u and me and makes them good and the united nations help pay for it and went to home. us secretary of state john kerry stopped in berlin for talks with chancellor map go. he admitted that relations had gone to a rough patch but remained uncommitted to a no strike deal with germany. we are the partners above and beyond bumps in the road. and we will find our way to be able to move forward resolving any kinds of differences in an appropriate way that respects our relationship. kerry said it was time to do with the future including the negotiation of a transatlantic trade agreement in geneva a week if the school so the syriac ended on friday with no
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concrete progress the government and opposition remained at low to his over the future of president by shah said. and there was no agreements on getting aid to the besieged city of homes un mediator lumps ebrahim he tried to be positive because of their difficult. but the sites have become heroes. the second in the same room. that presented positions and listen to one another. a major breakthrough handle a screen on line clear that olds. the fest between the warring sides in serious civil conflict. brahimi wants a second round of talks to stomp own favorite aunt boswell the old position has agreed the syrian government delegation is still refusing to commit. and on friday millions around the world ushered in the chinese new year. the traditional lunar
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calendar has now moved to round two the year of the ports. the celebrations are normally accompanied by a company of fireworks and firecrackers to bring good luck and scare off evil spirits. but this year was quieter than usual due to concerns about air pollution and smog. and that was the week in review. i think he said. no time the week can you. i issue this week in
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which the agency said today i knew that. why am i. i got one. we immediately ordered that. but military effort each. are you child patients the weekly checks. o'neill but that time i find it on and all. after that. i
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caught the ball up the walk watch out ch you when you will. do . i am. the complete music stopped they share in this week's missile. many of them started. what about the asian games in arkansas


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