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tv   Arirang News  PBS  February 10, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PST

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next in the broadcast despite north korea's threat to cancel the upcoming family with union self green united states announced the dates of their annual toy military drills. no pals nation's east coast while windshield drop temperatures to reach the levels that will continue throughout the week. yet the ice with her and go for korean speed skater vote at bald eagle in a speedskating champion defends his title in sochi russia. fried onions. a
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month they fit very tense here in korea life from fulltime to hang them from laughing so much for joining us. we begin with the surprise trip of former u s investor to south korea donald gray to north korea which has been seen as a possible move to secure the release of the captive american associated press television news reported that craggy is leading a four member to non governmental delegation and countdown although the reason for his visit has not been disclosed experts believe he may be in the north the winter really sets cafe a christian missionary who has been held for over a year after being sentenced to fifteen years of hard labor and charges of crimes against the state the qq it like to invite sung by a robber came was initially scheduled to visit tammy and this week in augusta in this release but the north pulled back its
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invitation. citing the upcoming one military drills between seoul and washington. and speaking of those military exercises between south korea and the united states to bits per cent. the two sides are to kick off the joint exercises in late february as planned in a move that could affect upcoming cross border family re unions are unification ministry course by on sunday explains. seth curry and the united states looking in their annual joint military drills in the last week after enduring a plant that could jeopardize it earlier and her korean agreement with the long standing the unions for families separated by the korean war. since it's the rok us combined forces command who hold the key result exercises in the new defence training trail from the tree twenty four months it will set times of the foal eagle exercise these rituals that a place every year for every twenty four to april
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eighteen three the dates coincide with the upcoming family the union's scheduled for that theory twentieth to the twenty fifth at north korea not in that regard the defence ministry said kent and was informed that the date on sunday but has not yet reacted to the plants north korea has after previously threatened to scrap the unions should the south go ahead with the military exercises. you too. we're really seeing the dialogue and it's a war against in the report says norton reconciliation conference south korea education ministry reiterated monday that trials involving tens of thousands of troops are good at giving nature and should not disrupt plans for family the uda. you won. we have repeatedly explained that the key result exercises on a new defence training trails that will be conducted separately from the family re union offense. the south korean government thinks
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the re unions must take place as planned. no matter what's in it. millions of koreans for a separated from their families during the korean war more than six decades ago and some seventy thousand south koreans those in penang now in their ages are on a waiting list to see their loved ones. one last time amid the uncertainty south of the act has been preparing for baby union in fact since last week. education ministry said that all the work and that's all over one meter of snow over the weekend to help file set by south korea has our bed even if most of the snow that accumulated at the prospect of being in sight. sunny and nice. we're all staying with the north it appears as though the rogue state is ready to conduct a fourth nuclear text appearing in purple aces session at the national assembly on monday south korea defense minister king and king told lawmakers that preparations for a test at north korea's main underground nuclear
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sites include eighty appeared to be complete. the site was used for every team's third leading protests last year he also noted that the north is in the early stages of preparing for in long range missile launch its northwest test sites able to tell me you're short of a south korean military is keeping a close watch on movements there. also at the national assembly or re unification of the korean peninsula at center stage in and she has more on the heavy debate simple man to present company's policy objectives to unite the two koreans on monday lawmakers question members of christ and his cabinet about the government's re unification policy. just one month after the president said a unified korea it would be like hitting the jackpot ruling party lawmakers expressed support for the president's efforts including her vision to create a peace park in the military he says no
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the proposed setting up a joint committee to establish new world peace park in the dmc middle of the two koreas and the united nations this way because it will engender cooperation from the international community it is on its own challenges while welcoming the site yet others including making reunions of separated families more regular unification minister due to it and said the korean relations must first proof the lawmakers expressed concern that the president's recent rhetoric suggests this horse of course a beatification scenario in which the south would absorb the north. following an abrupt collapse. but when mr toma ones said the package administration does not support the re unification by absorption. but rather one that is fragile and basing improve inter korean relations. at that hearing the democratic party expressed opposition to the ruling party would create human rights belts are doing it supports the pic for us every two weeks and anti
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north korean threat. the bill is approved it. north korea's human rights groups will get funding from the south korean government. this raises fears that anti north korean groups will use the money taken from state coffers. to further insight to korean relations opposition lawmakers demanded that government lift economic sanctions against brother and i were put in place after your stinking up the south korean warships could end in twenty ten however the government said it would keep the church considered lifting the sanctions known as the maid twenty fourth badgers. on tuesday the national assembly were reviewing the intercollegiate session with the focus on the economy. the nation's biggest purse on a leaked last month and the government's fall on the jurors are expected to dominate the discussions. can see. i then it's. and a former u s point man on asian affairs had something to say about the developments in north korea's nuclear weapons program. christopher hill
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the ex u s sen massacre to south korea stress that comes as possession of nuclear weapons is not acceptable to the standard of the region the team until his will christopher hill said the road to peace on the korean peninsula will be a difficult one but the strong relations among korea china and japan could be the key to achieving that goal. i think we can improve the north korean attitude. if we have better coronation and cooperation involving china and japan. so my hope is that we can do that and that we can have a closer understanding of how to proceed at a six party context. speaking in an address to the national assembly on monday before us about sitter to south korea who also made the us delegation to the six party talks and a new clue lies in north korea also spoke about the prospects for a resumption of talks. he said that in being fed to the talks resume the five
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parties of south korea the us japan china and russia the two agreed outcome yet not be allowed to have or develop nuclear weapons the north korean commitment was to abandon all of its nuclear programs and for this reason that has to be the starting point. not the ending point of any subsequent negotiations. bill also two teams and hardliners in the us who he said seemed to be more interested in criticizing the negotiations we knew what curry at them preventing the north from having nuclear weapons he said they are actually giving come down the hope that if they just stick to their guns they will habitually be allowed to become a nuclear state in northeast asia. mr hill said the most important part of a new roadmap to peace and the acacia for the two koreas is that they do and mom were talking together. he also said the six party talks of the best way to kickstart inter korean cooperation describing them as a stepping stone towards the nikkei said
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snow depth at the canyons for your ds and another began. the latest online from seoul expert analysis from ages fourteen with a viewpoint on the cold its local network and why on arrival that has seventeen always on standby it seems pay is determined to push ahead with their plants reform the enterprises that have been under fire for heavy debts and lax management. she warned that any labor attempts to derail her dr presented sector will be tolerated. about two one reports. during a meeting of the presidency and secretaries monday morning.
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hot piece i speak only companies with an lax management and called for a reply. she pointed out that on the upcoming end of phrases that are deeply in debt. still all pending police excess benefits even covering intuition for a new person this for some of their employees to attend. she pressed to hold them responsible. anyone who tries to sabotage our lives and that she's particularly concerned about the opposition by unionists at some of the perverts. she said. that probably accompanied me till we came to trust. the act if we do before implants. quinn didn't know till my hubby did it without meaningful. cool in its upcoming can lead to heal with time and onion. meaning it could shake a stick to the cuyahoga. new to the gate to sum it up again and people who will get us a subtle tone
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i could see the total payout to push me. hancock also criticized the medical progress. and this is a nation that stuff. evidently we know which aims to allow for a lack of access to government information tunisia is this if there's a more transparent. she said the information is not shared systematically an organic fundamental improvements to her plan. have to love ibm means. tougher penalties will be in palestine companies found leaking client data are using its advanced or the sense that this is the latest measure in the government's response to the largest ever personal information breach that still has many rattle the ad has the teacups. it really was the daddy party and government financial agencies have and the look of total price that a preventive measures against future detail weeks. this ask me to continue to cope with the fallout from the massive
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leak of person one from each city and the country's three major credit card companies last month. the scottish spend tons of penalties on financial institution's found guilty of leaking or uniquely distributing inclined information to third parties under the high and it was found guilty of leaking from the city would face up to ten years in prison or a fine of four hundred and seventy thousand us dollars. that's three years longer and ten times than not the current penalties in addition to those found guilty of using claimed the victim. that's their business activities would be forced to pay a fine touch it. went to up to one per cent of their net seals going forward financial companies and institutions with the required a deal he signed the debt within five years of declines last transaction. those of us now go after the national family but if passed it will be implemented in the second half of the year. mosman to information requests the third largest in global history with two hundred and
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four million people affected the leak prompted more than two one a half million people to cancel cards or have them re issued. ut and i didn't use. besides x rays i t industry is off to a strong start this year the nation's exports and the information and communications sector rose last month from rising demand for local semiconductors immobile phones are on ga as he tips korea's exports of ikea products which include semiconductors and mobile phones inched up zero point two percent last month from the same period a year earlier to thirteen point one billion plus dollars the trade ministry said monday that the rise in outbound shipments of ip products came in spite of the week japanese yen and financial instability in emerging economies. the trade ministry attributed the rise growing evidence to us that member countries in the european union. shannon
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said while the families in particular search oh four fourteen percent last month from the previous year to two point one billion dollars in more than twenty percent spike in exports of smartphones like the right exports of semiconductors also rose about fifty percent to more than four and a half million dollars. shipments of display panels ever fell more than fifteen percent to two point two billion dollars as exports to korea's largest importer tighten up fights korea's imports of ikea products. meanwhile dropped two point seven percent to six point eight billion dollars sparring eight three point four percent gain in the nation's streets or pots the trade ministry expects the upward trend in ninety exports to continue teaching the economic recovery in korea's major export markets like the united states and european union. a lot with the growing demand of smart
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jackets and american economy finds the idea. once after typhoon high and devastated the philippines engineers and medics from the korean military are rebuilding schools and hospitals and offering free medical care to local residents as part of ongoing relief efforts can and incense as this report from taco bar this is a cemetery for victims of typhoon high a affiliate the province. those so materials are not so formal ten or more. the pro side plots. more in the province were devastated last november when i was struck by what was one of the stronger tropical storms the record was killed thousands and displaced millions more. for survivors there's much left the international a passport then. curious one of the many country is a house a relief workers to help the v a refill. this chenille military engineers and medics
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towson name a role. which means sun and open it up a lot. as a reminder of this mission. the couple local streets for a bright future for now. the raleigh has focused on building schools and hospitals. they also provide free meals to roughly five hundred children as they have done each day since arriving in late december this is what the hospitals i was rebuilt by the all round unit will see more amazing is that the head of the running less than a month. another step in helping the people here get back on their feet of course from the juniors focus on reconstruction there are dozens of doctors and nurses to get a free medical care to area residents. i gave him plenty of time maybe. why everything is me getting an a nap. no menu. no gates and fly ins every member of the wrought
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unit. it's a fault you. it was hard to make a difference in the world. next monday to come online and complete our mission for the kids and i think that in mind he will get more of her loves to locals and foreign mission is complete. he has provided the medical equipments and healthcare services to people in the three major districts too late the prophets. no word that the foreigners bought a top two. and in other news popped above twenty fourteen winter olympic games has barely begun in such few of the melbourne phoenix and new rising stars emerging even some new olympic sport for more on sochi two thousand fourteen are olympics correspondence from the sun joins is in the studio soon she's a weakness of the fifteen hundred meter short track it's an event
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where teams reuse least shines but not this time around. not that the pre semi finalist only one korean made the finals and he hung being pointed at best a final fitzroy of the earning a medal in the meantime cans trials only one big goal for the coming two minutes fourteen point nine eight five seconds all by chinese can you time and naturalized russian skater daycare on what i'm canceling korean won the bronze. the triple gold mill us at twenty two ten and six so that is still a tunnel spirit. after leaving korea falling coffers with the country's getting governing body and a false tears a few years ago moon it's disappointing but can we expect some metal fan of the mill spot in the coming days. we see it because it is that the mill squad had a better day starting with that three thousand meter really the best of finals clocking the fastest time at the event will be held on the eighteen sixties cases eighteen for that event. and let's move onto figure skating ever said there's a strong contender emerging on the way the sign to us right and right from
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the home and host nation russia won the first goal eighteen pst on sunday the aipac and the usa and verses fifty l skinner you hear that the sky has visited as a medal favourite. i need to love one to fourteen points after free skiing on sunday with a clean performance. somehow the initiation kenyan of the new warrior. i'm not exactly but there's a point to note here first on the first shots kind of programs is sustained. both the triple triples the lights and snow. but in times of john schemes triples two biggest deal with longer in the stands and of course higher heights. the huskies gems are smaller fish are often just off on the ground at whiskey nana always executes exact gems. but the russian strength is an incredible spends showing off her flexibility. and if all my chin after i'd spin is almost vertical with their legs lifted up by the scary here. such is the medal count where does korea stand right now i can expect a medal tonight while forsaking korea
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has heard no mild so far. but now it's become a get the bill stands for other countries put this monday evening. you cannot have my head to tulsa with fleas will finish with at this guy go bald like norway with seven medals overall. and with that i went in the third and the lead in fourth place. and as for the females would think with me at the queen's club made its first medal a bit tonight. but the optics ninety dense koreans be scared when tae bum returns defend his title at the atlanta region scheme century and a five centimeter another one in the walk of many for the five hundred meters. base price elasticity of the championships held at the same day. we also have the men's freestyle skiing moguls off it down in our lives with you about is that the mp year when competing for a place on the phone. so stay tuned to catch or pc that said that first night in the back with more stories for you that's why i deserve to be a long night thank you very much for that update
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spinning. well the world is focusing much of its attention on second or other sporting events taking place around the world scene into a joint is with those updates starting with y'all. on the eye is on here the kyle's rolled in for the final round of the pebble beach national pro am corny but it was still upright bass for jimmy walker who held on to win it all. he started with a comfortable six shot lead going into today but it came down to a final part to secure his third win of the season. he sank the five foot par putt to avoid a playoff and take home the trophy and the nearly one point two million dollars in prize money. and with the wind walker now leads in the fedex cup points standings after the events. no one to world football top class striker liam now. messi scored twice and helped one in barcelona's for one victory over cynthia in week twenty three while the action. all that along
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with the news except that his two goals kids in three hundred and thirty four total for bars up giving him the most goals forty single club in spanish league history. messi has struggled since coming back from an injury last month but seems to have returned to top form with this latest performance and ending off the judo grand slam parents to place over the weekend and you know cut the queue one from home the gold for south korea at the international judo federation season opening event. he earned a gold medal in the men's ninety fuel division after his opponent bowed out due to injury. it's the first goal for korean in paris in three years. and that does it for me and a sportscenter this has been stated check out the back at midnight the latest olympics updates and more saucy you that. cheers region saw a
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record high melts the snow today from our extreme weather conditions in the part of the country we connect life or can bow down at the weather center and a book out how bad is the situation. well guys from the theories six thirty dates in what amounted income legal province had one hundred and twenty two centimeters of snow fall which is on record and today one hundred and sixty six goals in the province cancel classes and about five hundred and sixty thousand dollars worth of property damage has already been reported transportation has been caught up in the mountainous regions of kunming is cocoa in the province and citizens in those regions have been isolated since last thursday
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more still a ton of weight or later tonight up to fifteen centimeters of snow will fall and the pala no province and the mountains above takes you. when the wind chill pill. i went up to five centimeters making matters more is as strong when life has been a steady income windows so there is a high possibility that the snow me freeze taking a look at the current conditions and a symbol of raspberry be under the influence of the high pressure system from nine am which is why we're seeing this guy is a map. love the snow and the east coast and take a while back they stop by tomorrow afternoon i've not laughed that snow is forecast from this thursday saturday and other than that tomorrow the rest of the country will have its eyes taking a leg at tomorrow's readings celebrate its four degrees while trying to teach at six clothing on sale at every since. did you make it to six degrees while munching and tops out at times ten. well that's all for now and bags you guys
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thanks gal. the broadcasts and this monday nine and if it means so much on when things were watching the season. i was. it seems to me. contact century. he said. all spring and i'm only home. first two. two explosions at its peak. roo
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bruce. father i meet a couple
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of jail. john bailey. they plan to retire. they went to the beat thailand among many many places they say well this is the place. i'm very end of the baum there have been listed on iraq. here are all winter they each can all be looking to build on or what's in those doubts. stray dogs so this is something well miss something. and about two to having a social formation. six iranian state so that's why tyler. the case of jail. what happened to her she was rescued dogs and she got out of material and intellectual both legs written about. i'm a couple of years later. um well the setting was intentional somebody helping themselves to. most of such a tragic tale. i laughed about that informs mean accomplishments
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that she did in silence. she was named the occasion of the year was the first person than on stage. to be a champagne. i really big thing a really special person. i mean when you see her. i mean i is for all that she wants to remember. she went to thailand to retire. now you know that's that's good that's her new life coming and it's a person that you see the image that is if a woman mail. it's amazing that it will destroy the strain that she has a lead they held themselves feature works by weight on. only time in a shelter. she's either totally got into medicine and abrasions. over the coming days. no need for anybody to do it by herself. it's amazing to them. do they a a
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when will . all six as the host nation on eileen begin the race with a bronze medal initial try to answer to the russian team to think is pacing gold. monday performance in the team event oh for the sun switzerland with its economy at risk by narrative approving the proposal to keep lauren is going to be defined as a mental health agreement with russell. there's a lot of this there have been forgotten or just collateral damage. and don't eat raw most of the last eight of the console to chu


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