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tv   Arirang News  PBS  February 18, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PST

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who knew when. yours. the eye the family up on prime time news auditorium in the southeastern city of collegiate collapse is taking lives and injured over a hundred purely results of the investigation pointed shoddy construction. as a reason behind the catastrophe we are survivors of the dead the tour bus bombing in egypt are returning home. local authorities reported al qaeda affiliated group that is clean responsibility for the attack. and in sports in the women's short track relay team korea hills victorious as anticipated and delivers on their products. we have this and other look big updates from sochi for these
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in more stitching. while trying time in sixteen states every eighteen year in korea flight from seoul. i need to pay non dental chair was filling a fish on them was on of the rain poured this time and brought it on tv. thank you for joining us. yes even with the billing collapse in the southern city of qom to what is claimed the lives of at least ten people and injured more than a hundred others mostly college students. emergency crews are still on the scene with rescue and recovery operations now win their final stages are on ginger has the latest in only to give them ten seconds for the roof of the auditorium every short n tell and the city of qom june comes in
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and of commons to collapse and indeed night. sent by victor sixty students from the present university of foreign studies where in the middle of an orientation event for the freshman class the ceiling started to crumble above the stage set up in the front. ten people have been confirmed dead and more than a hundred injured with two people in critical condition. everyone was sitting comfortably on the ground and then everyone was heading to the experts on loved ones. it was total chaos as for what caused the collapse. the theory had received a record level of snow over the past week and the snow that had piled up and the roof was estimated to weigh nearly one and fifty tax. the building was huge and nine inches square meters of the time no pillars to support the roof. come down in manners the ceiling and outer walls of the auditorium were meted sandwich panels which are usually used to
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build temporary structures for sports. the six sandwich panels are made out of thin steel plates filled with star family during an eastleigh into our moisture. even though this never seems likely to be the primary call trent many experts are pointing to the weakness of the building structure as the main factor behind the collapse. the government and the police have launched an investigation into how the building was constructed to determine whether the auditorium was a coyote gulch honorably. president back in a trade cabinet meeting tuesday morning express prepare for the tragic incident and offered her condolences to the victim's family. she also ordered that no investigation into the cause of the accident. fourteen shoe i didn't need us. shifting our focus to the aftermath of the tragic bus explosion in egypt. we still have called it a suicide attack well beyond qaeda inspired group has claimed response leaving for the attacks in the loss of fifteen people who
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sustained minor injuries are scheduled return home on wednesday because a lot of small. egyptian security forces say a suicide bomber was probably the highest on these deadly bus bombing inside a night that killed four people including three koreans. after reviewing cctv footage of the attack police concluded that suicide bomber had boarded the tourist bus and detonated his explosives near the door. a spokesman from egypt's interior ministry said monday that the preliminary investigation shows some been set apart to get their backs when a man walked on the box and an explosion followed when you reach the third step the boss caring mostly korean tourists was waiting to cross into israel at the border when the blast took place. an al qaeda linked islamic world is our big calm and peace has claimed responsibility for the bombing saying it had previously warned it was planning an attack. in an online statement monday
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the group promised to continue to target the state's leader is an economy by hitting tourism sites in blowing up natural gas pipelines and threatened additional attacks in the next few days. sunday's bombing was the first part of interest since the overthrow of president mohamed morrissey last july sparking fears is not a minute and said turning to attack egypt's tourism industry which is a pillar of the country's economy meanwhile fifteen survivors who were not harmed in the attack had been expected to return to korea on tuesday but there's still an israel has been struggling to find the flights home. an official at the korean embassy said the group is planning to board a flight from istanbul and added their scheduled to arrive home on wednesday afternoon. another group of fifteen koreans who were all injured in sunday's bombing are expected to depart for korea on friday. some of them will need additional medical operations. as for the three koreans were killed
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the process of returning dead bodies is ongoing. and so on. aiden news. we had about two days to go until the start of much delay cross border family reunions were mourning in the south koreans will finally get to see their loved ones for first time in over sixty years from lord howe be mostly event will be carried out in the next few days of palm sunday reports four separate family members had achieved for me and loading them up last thursday for the first time in over six decades. the reheated and for families separated since the korean war. at first did more than three years ponting place for the period twenty s through the twenty fifth at one thirty s now can have a need to be sent to me and abiding family members will gather in its toll on the province on wednesday and spend the night there before crossing the inter korean border on thursday morning the elderly for dissidents most in their eighties and
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sunny and there in nineteen hundred ls and full health check out the night before their departure and receive instructions about how they conduct themselves in the cotton states. on thursday he will travel by bus to the mountain resort the site and every unions fear the south korean family members will be joined by a one hundred and eighty north korean professor thanks for the first round of the canyons and friends for three days. the offender he composed of six total meetings with the first five lasting for two dollars each the final meeting on saturday the last just one hour. if every union the event goes as planned the separated family members had only eleven hours to make up for lost time. millions of koreans were separated from their families during the korean war and around seventy thousand registered embodied family members in the south are leading to the unite in a long lost relatives. with no telephone or a letter exchanges allowed
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the trains. it hasn't been cheap for me as he accused the government of may to the unions are the only chance they have the humanitarian and that is also an important barometer of inter korean relations just last september the north called off a round of three idiots in a heightened tensions of the korean peninsula disappointing hundreds of dividing families on both sides of the border. on sunday activities. japan wants to form a high level talks with korea to mend their own fault relations which have been sinking to new modes to call for dialogue comes ahead of us president barack obama says it to a shack in april of historical disputes still active for at the prospect of improved ties appears grim duty and has this report the huge it can really change that remain strained due to territorial and historical disputes to dive in december when japanese prime ministers and a lot and that if the controversial yasukuni war shrine. trying
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that on earth world war two as war criminals. in any debate over two months of sign language and then tights japanese foreign minister whom you can see that a news conference on tuesday expressed the will to meet with a south korean counterpart in the uk if the signs in court is of trilateral cooperation between japan and the united states and south korea in the face of threats posed by north korea. you see that already conveyed hopes for higher level pox when he met with korea's second vice foreign minister took pity on last month in switzerland on the sidelines of an international conference expecting your call for talks comes ahead of us president barack obama visit to a shed this april. earlier this month at a meeting in washington us secretary of state john kerry tshirts teaching and the piano to improve the region's with korea ahead of president obama says that high level talks do not seem evident however that there's been no
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resolution to speak out on the historical disputes and the divine korea and japan the panacea to offer compensation to the so called comfort women who are forced into sexual slavery by the japanese military during the second world war. and this saturday's dependable but controversially banned its traffic is claimed to korea's eastern islands of cocoa. we're talking seem as they're called in to pee and despite polls repeated calls to scrap the max. beauty and the news. here in korea the nationalists only ones answers about what happened last month when millions of people that crucial information be it as part of a massive data breach. to say that two individuals believed to be responsible for that very incident at some tough questions to answer our team young u s to the tips. it was the biggest data breach in korean history with millions of people affected at a hearing on tuesday lawmakers heard testimony from the two
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main suspects indicates an employee at the korea credibility ratings agency was accused of stealing a purse confirmation of more than one hundred million people from banks and credit card firms in recent months is suspected of selling information to an advertising agency executive for twenty three million water where little less than twenty two thousand dollars he was pretty spontaneous and intended for personal reasons it didn't contribute to growth. the majority of the twenty four person committee said the match should be indicted for perjury. both men if convicted could face up to ten years in prison or a fine of up to five hundred thousand dollars lawmakers also presented evidence from their own investigations. one lawmaker presented evidence that a pawn broker had traded korean klein information with the korean broker another lawmaker on the committee said it had never use the tv claiming credit card but that is partially from a tin hat still be stolen. had traced
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the lead to a single transaction made twenty years ago. take a deep cleaning bag he said there should be laws imposing harsher punishments on farms that did not control the weight and donna is shared among institutions and their affiliates. finance minister tunnels oakes said the gunman is doing all it can to prevent additional weeks in the future when we are flying to thoroughly overhauled the way we penalize companies that are responsible for data breaches we are also working with other government bodies unrelated legislation the government is also planning to impose hefty fines of up to one percent of the company's total sales. if they're subject to future data breach its ceo is from the pre credit card firms katie and me both the ongoing up from which the personal data of up to twenty million koreans was leaked last month said they had strength and my attorney of their employees and established new policies to better control the sharing of customer information
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between affiliates. snow again. add the onions there's never a shortage of art to enjoy and saul and this week is no exception from traditional and modern craft words to private collection. the former american soldier was stationed on the korean peninsula tree in the korean war the call to correspond to one reports put your station twenty four in st roscoe lee a former train station turned art gallery. more than three hundred and sixty pcs of traditional and modern korean press parts. i sell one hundred artists are now on display. being clear a traditional craft art piece this thing in korea masters such as that nowhere in may when the mother of pearl. as well that contemporary pieces like a maverick and press breaks and incorporate elements of my art and installation art too. curry
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is cost aren't as many some areas from textiles and landed to metal acts. my work is based on intel's sewing by hand which is a traveler at any craft. the exhibition is free of charge and will be open until march night except on mondays. the highlights of the pretty tree and our connection to our attorney on this me in seoul. one month ahead of upcoming art sales scheduled for march and peace deals in eur. the optional and then steve perkins and the conviction of robert moore one of them is well known best and collector south korean art. getting to riyadh this week to chill about a dozen pieces from his one hundred and ninety five item collection. since his first visit to korea eyes or stolen during the nineteen fifties. moore started collecting antique korean art pieces. trump worse than jars to fold the screens. he said this is the unique features of truly an art that has
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drawn him and can't room twenty years and they can be used by everyone. including the court and the most humble people. they can be very good or they can be just ordinary things but very good things as you see in this gallery honor. special and that's what attracted me and that's why i've been devoted to it the only treat the look in kenya until wednesday at cck gallery in central scully. a team on the dmz hoops. she is to be asleep. the resort city where direction par for a wetsuit for spikes and a flat ceiling going where sports on the mountains. but the city is now bustling with tens of thousands of people from all
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corners of our world paralympics correspondence with the sun reports on the excitement in the air in sochi it's practically everyone walking around should see it states that analytics merchandise for their team's uniform. and those who aren't lined up and shops. an animated by an on air. and why they're here and it demands. it's cool and calm and centered. even if you were unlucky enough to get a ticket to the themes you can still be part of the let the excitement. tear it down does not see the lid on his ally both among domestic and foreign and gathered here for the let's begin by saying here's what's on going east instead where favorite athletes had one of the mine sites across the city. it's hard to get each day. the sites have become place for all to join despite early reports tests
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which she wasn't fully prepared for the detainees hands are enjoying every moment. capital and danced with him following the winter olympics. even before the switching teams are already looking ahead to twenty team with the police and will be held in term time i suffer everything has been fantastic the volunteers of been really helpful whenever getting lost and that everything's been in a well organized and so into vancouver in twenty ten i've been here and now twenty ten are plenty here to see the next disobedience. he scans the only pity is that the olympics that's for just keeled over two weeks. and another twitter for years is a writer and a foreigner just as a dance for the athletes. scoot on. i can use to achieve. today's highlights and the latest on the games out of sexy we have are kindly join us and the studio on the spot them kitty named as one just two hours ago reaction to cool
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and not the gold medal at silky am talking about the korean women's team and at three thousand meter relay race. the finished product that it was a tight race but the tree and teeny at the five member team that and kept saying he sees the key to lay in pools and donkey man. first the canadian team took on the silver and italy took the bronze medal home now with his second olympic medal and silky fur packs and he won the bronze in the latest five hundred meters and a second medal forcing turkey who won silver in the fifteen hundred meter race over the weekend and this old natalie can see here that crying tears of chile is curious in acts of keadilan pay. so congratulations team korea can be cut and during these three korean leader's out we'll have another test for echo. that's right she hate coming up on saturday will be at building and turn the short track were fine arts fantasy for the relay race to date the release from reacting to the ideas for the one thousand meter short
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track. it seems that he packs and tnt not on all finished first and then threw it all the different than the opposite happened next five hundred meters heats today. i bet that pepsi pepsi on any kind being fishing at the top ten team korea fans can now look for it to the short track finals on saturday. in the past we see more medals than plea on a cd for my aborted the plaintiff's reputation at stake saying bakery a win will win gold for the latest corporate release on their site and listen to he who attacked the shift into a full news here in philly to go for the team. we also believe there are some teams actually going on right now even as we speak like us and yes there is a game going on right now it's them and zach ten thousand meter i read leave rates on having the race the ten thousand meter speedskating race with reenact the eastern poland now he's competing for him at all. well actually if you can actually get on the billionth time with the handbrake elite off
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the men's five hundred meter short track last gleefully have a chance to step up the metal benefit guaranty halo fans were disappointed with the last performance the anti foreign leader to see if he can get on the podium and maybe give us a new medal means. well i guess we will not have something like well have been four years ago that sort of a help but using them in the battle. somewhat by a stroke of luck in london other than this wooden railing on the all new twenty ten winter i didn't know what will come to the other countries to come to be sure that we had new records here today also. right well let's first talk about it here at the fair. skeeter is at friday the u s let's talk about team usa's meryl davis and tony why it's now been one of america's first olympic gold medal and i can see here. the pair has been practicing together for the past seventeen years. now i think of anything the anstey rushing past me sick on monday. new pink pretty slick and storytelling speed and precision for curly
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neal secure another pair of athletes here from korea will sink the country's best performance to let the performance to be exact at pacific games consoles or right let's talk about korean pots letter and will not swing with never a popular sport in korea but on monday addie was actually an achievement for the korean team who competed in the tomb and oxley act and that this is the first time that a korean team competed in this offense at the twenty ten winter a letter to the korean team competed in the form and lasting effect and finished nineteenth. here at sochi in the team encapsulate our one dimensional anti gambling didn't come close to winning a medal but their eighteenth place finish was passed after i clean olympic boxing team now why didn't i see that they had their eyes set on the next winter let the teams here in town. add an extra tissues are already high for them for twenty one. so very humble beginnings to wear the mask expectations and it will just blow it will in no way in the next olympic games
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so with the leaders call for korea where do we stand in the middle east right now so kind as korea has actually moved up two spots in the medal rankings korea is now at fifteen placed with two full of medals at a total of four olympic medal. you see here. germany is the number one with a cold metal scene when underway had moved after drinks. she's fine with having to look at all. that number theory and natalie. for those wanting to catch something. or early tomorrow morning with a look at the scheduled for the past
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a cheer i have. tomorrow i don't think it was funny but irreparable all the way this out of something. i now sitting here so or to other sports and golf putting the is still the best female golfer and the world as fun or steaming to join us in the sports center with the team kills the other steve though. hey guys soo that's right but has yet to swing her clothes and competition in twenty fourteen has managed to retain her position atop the woman's world golf rankings. mainly because of her masterful twenty thirteen season. actually the world's second ranked call purses and pedersen had a chance to overtake talked with at least the second place finish at the woman's australian open last week but finished way down the order. other than patterson no one has really come close and with that caucus now spent forty five weeks of topless ladies golf as he joins the honda lpga thailand on thursday for her first art of twenty four tea
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now moving onto champions league football action the crucial knockout phase of competition has begun with the first leg of the round of sixteen set to take place on tuesday evening or wednesday at four forty five in the morning korea times powerhouses manchester city and barcelona will battle it out on the pitch at the st times put it in and buy here will be taking on the sg at exactly twenty four hours later arsenal takes off the defending champions by and get a small piece of lawn bowls of kids at the medical was driven home in san siro and first leg action continues next week. by the fourth and fifth to take on scenic and russia meanwhile menu chelsea and the redoubt madrid based their respective opponents the matches. now let's wrap it all up with tuesday's top katie all met up first. i know ttc took on the cake piece on the phone and their six matches this season. okay d c last out this article i'm going to have forty four
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twenty six but kt start to climb back into it and it's neck and neck until katie season when bill leak in its title but the last second now it's bonus ball cdc thinks that its houses on it and waits eighty one to send the set. and that for me and sportscenter this has been stated set to baghdad tonight for latest olympics updates and more in the world of sports. each it is for those
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trees. he's coast they're finally getting a break from the snow tomorrow. as for that and to look at the weather conditions and so she lets go return can go down at the letters center again. the evening guys with temperatures remaining in the mid teens in sochi many what worried that the warm spring like weather would never let up. however numbers dropped to the low teens on sunday. now wednesday will be as sunny day over and says he and temperatures on thursday will rise to that maybe he was with cloudy skies. back then in a sense of pride to the east coast region sightseeing cloudy skies due to westerly winds. now heavy snow fly by three zero lead after four pm and the east coast regions blog and has no free day tomorrow. however before that early exit ninety
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one during come and go out and said thanks dad and now that seven centimeters of snow. also please keep in mind that i'm not the ground that snow is forecast for their state taking a leg at tomorrow's greetings. i like it when presented six victories the mop tops out at eight. loving on sale and every day and they will be a cloudy day on skates in the month will do and i can get tickets to one and two minus seventy priests respective leagues. what i thought i have for you this hour but i'll be back with my updates after midnight thanks down and answer broadcasts and this tuesday nights and need to hand sew them daniel chan thank you for watching will see a scene is you you you. routine. do they. do they. father i meet
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a couple jill and john daly he planned to retire. they went to the beat thailand among many many places they say well this is the place i'm very end of the baum there have been off with the dogs around. here don't think they each can all be looking to build on what's in those doubts. stray dogs so this is something. well miss something. and about two to having a sword information six near st so that's why tyler. the case of jail. what happened to her. she was rescued dogs and she got out of material and intellectual both legs written about. i'm a couple of years later. um well the setting was intentional. somebody helping themselves to. most of such a
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tragic tale. then informs me nickel basements mention it in silence. she was named the occasion of the year was the first person than on stage. to be a champagne. i really big thing. a really special person. i mean when you see her. i mean i is for all this you want to remember she went to thailand to retire. now you know that's that's good that's her new life coming and it's a person that you see the image that is if a woman mail. it's amazing that it will destroy the strain that she has a lead they held themselves feature works by weight on only time in a shelter just hundreds of dollars on a range of medicine and abrasions. over the coming days. no need for anyone to do it by herself. it's amazing to them. do they. do
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they. in been moving well. ah eye . grace was once again engulfed and find this as a first past the porch with a nice examples of government missy came into force wilson represents its own choosing legislation that would legalize the use of an eight day is on the grounds that he was pretty jazzed to be its parts i will survive at all. my son came home


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