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tv   Arirang News  PBS  February 20, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PST

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coming up on prime time news eighty two south koreans mostly in their twilight years. she chooses to wait and see a re united with the long lost loved ones in the north to bring you closer to the emotional effects. it became clear to the world that no one defines cleaners in figure skating quite like kenya. the judges would not be stingy with the points but the spectators learned for sure. bedard and alive mostly calls to the cleaning i squeaked. the more viewers than the us will have access to audio tv courtesy of directv one of the world's leading providers of digital
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television entertainment services. but more than two hundred eighty five chapters in the music and more. i thought santa was fine piano in sochi and ten on a thursday evening here in seoul. canadian tour of europe in korea and hello to those of you were watching from around the world to boxing fights and his life and soul mind if he can send a note and thank you for joining us in a very hearty hello and welcome to those of you watching us for the first time through directv america's number one satellite tv provider that this is a special evening for those of us here in height and tv as we are around to announce that starting today at the mtv will be available on directv and channel number twenty nine e five two o nine
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times. for more on this exciting d view claudia ninety be joining us this hour from the united states has a very familiar name and face showman who is standing by her studio in los angeles no they shun tell us more about this momentous occasion why guys starting today many directv customers in the united states may be happy to see heidi and tv in their channel lineup the directv which is based here in southern california is a satellite tv service that competes with cable tv starting today i din and becomes one of directv is interest channels semi subscribers don't have to pay any extra money to enjoy and mtv programming. we also understand directv natalie goes out the house old olive craft united states but would also be available at airports with past hospitals on the bills and portable electronics. the survey will give ibm and extend its reach right this means i mean i
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know reaches about a hundred twenty three million households in one hundred eighty eight countries which certainly gives our station and greater platform to deliver more news in entertaining about korea to worldwide audience and from or are not condone explains a great potential of this broadcasting partnership for the nation's global brand in each. i need and he has now been added to tv programming as the interest channel in the us eighteen subscribers at the atv one of the world's leading providers of digital television entertainment services will not be able to watch korea's own english language broadcaster id and tv. a korean broadcaster and ceo says it's a truly exciting time for aiden to be one of the pioneers in this field. given the rapid expansion and growing presence of the asian american community. but the deal did not come by easily. because no korean
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channel. and there and there was a great possibility that we will be limited to the korean language package for an international package so um eight it was the we were really short. even until the very act exactly on what type of us market and people two weeks. here a tv as one of the world's leading providers of digital television entertainment said this is that more than two hundred and eighty five channels. subsidiaries and affiliated companies dairy tv provides service to all but two million customers in the us and over seventy million in south america such an ally gmtv is available on directv is not international but the first package and channel twenty nine by. ntp which was launched in nineteen ninety seven is currently available in more than one hundred million hostile to the east pacific europe the middle east north africa and america
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is leading in practically every one of the world twenty four hours a day. cool on the us. new for a day. he's been one of the closest ally this is just the right time to be able to target directly a us audience and let it in the us audience know directly about what is going on in korean politics about what is going on in korea's economy and julie foster from the blossoming of cultural exchanges and going on now between the two countries ayden be added on to dear atp may not be the biggest milestone for the company as ceo says in terms of numbers that she believes it certainly is an amazing accomplishment given that time. this deal comes at the end of the news los angeles. i think this is very important for several reasons for one reason is going to
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help korea in terms of relationships all the world people from every culture who speak english. we'll know more about korea. that is good for the korean people probably also good for the korean economy. also people better understand culture and the arts from korea because they will be able to access this information in english. i am the imax excited at the mtv will be available to connect tv. on a dairy plant yet. i'm a frequent viewer of buying on tuesday and i know it that all of you willing to lead piece covering the uniqueness of korea. congratulations once again the fourth id and tv and direct tv on your new partnership contributions of korean and korean americans here in united states in southern california have been manifold in business and culture in all aspects of our life. and now with this
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merger with this coming together. you have the opportunity to make sure that say why this audience will get the information that they need to improve the quality of their lives or about half of the city congratulations and his two great days ahead. some of them and what she was here in wa says the further explore the debate into the country woman statue placed outside of glendale city hall. it is an exact replica of the original situated in front of the japanese embassy in seoul hyundai cover this story and met with key people for bringing this humanitarian issue for my chia. the os on the stove has reason to the right and it's continued denials to its atrocities in the early twentieth century have not got a notice to come for one is actually glendale city just north of los angeles it's one of the evidence since he installed last summer that come for a woman memorial statue in the city of glendale has been at the center of controversy
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the statue honors two hundred thousand women mostly korean who were forced into prostitution for the japanese military during world war two fellas came and then bar at the korean american form of california which led the charge to get the monuments of hopes the bronze statue educates people. we weren't too. i like the people to know about the pains and sufferings of the victims and the what really happened around doing making good use and would like to to these women. city officials have been under a lot of pressure to remove the statue of thousands of e mails and phone calls. some even from the japanese government. glendale city council member added variance as a lever that removal is not an option. several things for those of one remove it the first thing is that the statue will not be removed. they will not be taken away for ever. on
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offense is adding pressure on the japanese government which has been taking an aggressive nationalist expands recently representative adam smith who along with two other lawmakers sent a letter to secretary of state john kerry asking him to address come for one issues with the japanese government says that such views are probably held among american politicians representative said was also a strong supporter of the two thousand and seven resolution on the issue of time for one they should hear an apology and they should not hear any prominent officials in japan speaking. either of. with deliberate ambiguity or worse with denial about this chapter in history. thus instantly aussie their house i think in the recruiting is acting on an issue that needs
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recognition. christie nationalists and ends at an inn and even increase your possession. the two. it's a shiney and in another hot issue during the us a new law the state of virginia to reform school textbook scenes in in an argument over in washington d c has more on the grass roots efforts to doubt the proper usage of the name e c e when describing the body of water separating korea and japan handle all that. yes side there is a sign of approval colless and sources say will likely take place not far into the matter by the end of this month. there was some political opposition to stop this though and she isn't looking to good use. i can sit down with a school official in virginia to discuss the impact this will pass on the seats the publishers of time in textbooks to virginia's schools in two thousand
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sixteen will be in a quiet anthony e c to reference the body of water separating korea and japan alongside danny sea of japan. this means by two thousand seventy students will likely see though needs a massive history books and adolescents six other schools in the region also purchase textbooks from the scene and baby publishers. the move will affect seven states in total. an education official from fairfax county virginia where forty thousand at one point one million residents are over yet believes that change will have a positive impact on students. i think it's helpful to have bc designation in the textbooks because we are very diverse community and in addition it's going for students to hear their perspectives why certain populations might steal time away in the name i think it brings up a good conversation topic in the classroom. i support from korean american voters that lightly. virginia's governor also played a role in passing
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but only if it's more of a political issue in virginia her current korean american population in virginia and speedy two thousand. for japanese american population is only nineteen thousand so i think it was easy for on the korean americans to make their case. be it. find success in virginia disasters the banister and other states as well. most recently to narrow its also to see if your in jersey and california she seemed to have a similar tale. and each time. i didn't know and act as if russ hear from our los angeles studio at our sister station arcade tv. directv subscribers with access to a new ninety he can now turn to channel two zero nine five are requested from their operator guys back to seoul. thank you john for that and special thanks to all reporters throughout the us for the exciting coverage. when i shift gears
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to an overwhelming sense of re unions that have been dreamed about for more than sixty years eighty two south korean families separated by a korean war cross see in our korean border on thursday to reunite with their families in north. the qpr report to the highly emotional event think i hear some of my piece for the first words from fifty two year old south korean gambling. ukraine says north korean older brother again soon for the first time in decades. helen was one of the south korean individuals choosing to travel to north korea on the m resort on thursday to meet with long lost family. the represent the first cross border unions to more than three years. box elder brother was taken to north korea while stealing on a ship in nineteen seventy two. for more than four decades his family didn't hear a single word from him until today. the not too thirsty scene cuts trouble to
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make his feelings into words all of the one. my parents passed away not knowing how their son was doing. my parents couldn't tell anyone what they were really feeling now this feeling of losing your child like this isn't something one can fully comprehend it will hide any deal and others from the south are still to meet with separated family members on six separate occasions over the next three days for a total of eleven hours before returning to south korea saturday afternoon the second round of north koreans will unite with around three hundred sixteen a very strange relatives from the south. they're currently tens of thousands of south koreans on a waiting list to me one last time and loved ones in the north and hope is twinkling. when you go see the unions are well into their eighties and nineties and many more have already
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passed me. never getting that final chance to speak to you and grace that was the love and miss them and us. and jam i can use. it has reiterated her call for reform of curry is inefficient state enterprises and institutions that are reeling from skyrocketing debts and lax management. she called the ministries in troy's to take a look at the mirror or consulate reports officials from free government ministries went to the presidential office of the day this morning to hand in their status reports and messed with an order from the president to reassess our puppy institutions function in the country. president of the detail once again called on the ministry of strategy and finance the financial services commission and korea fair trade commission to look into reducing the death of institutions taxing mis management and increasing
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productivity. get a little steve and kim and homey and his aunt hazel. it's only a feeling i might still had a couple. when he did what we would do. in twenty days don't you saw this on my lap also mentioned that acts that hurt economically weak business says must be eradicated and cast from the assurance that what we store the people's trust in financial institutions after the recent leak of personal data bank three major credit card companies to do that she asked that the creation of the financial consumer protection board. what act without delay. it's a lot the venue is then the spirit of strengthening diplomatic and strategic ties between seoul and beijing. some forty south korean lawmaker says arrive in china for affording has a column entry draft the largest ever from korea to visit china on that thursday would be things top legislator time the sounds
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and rendered meetings the two sides exchanged views on the north korean nuclear issue. south korean representative tongues and said the greatest threats in northeast asia. it's a new development in north korea signed response said the team stands against the man's possession of nuclear row weapons and added that he supports president of the ms trust building efforts on the peninsula. the curia lot of tourists will visit the free trade zone in shanghai before returning home on sunday. china's vice foreign minister of mines in south korea late thursday after finishing up the forty visit to north korea. use a new unit with north korean officials in pyongyang later this week when he said he had candid discussions of north korea's nuclear weapons program. this is a first time ever that a high ranking chinese official like the new estimate back to back visits from chung young to swallow which is fielding speculations that progress is being made in international efforts to be a new cool ice north korea to his three day visit to spell the minister is scheduled to hold talks
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with its south korean cut apart the dose to the foreign ministry kiddos. the second and final group of korean survivors from a bus bombing in egypt along with the body of one and died. came home on thursday the second surviving victims were taken to hospital upon their arrival but some require urgent treatment for shrapnel wounds the body and tail to sew quilt block the suicide bomber from gaining access to the bus ride in korea this afternoon. the bodies of the two other states how the bees are scheduled to return friday. sunday's apparent suicide attack the need for a bus and the sinai peninsula killed to read korean kilograms and egyptian driver is fine as extremist group has claimed responsibility for the terror attack. and. chai for out of the stories making headlines around the world from chaos in ukraine profession greater
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activity in japan for these and more our duty on joins us live from the un news center in and taken away. hi guys let me take you straight to ukraine where a truce between the green in between president viktor yanukovich and opposition leaders feel that the violin class is to rest. the new records indicate at least twenty people have died in france violence in the ads independence square on thursday morning only hours after the truce was reached a meeting between eu foreign ministers from germany france and poland. but given the honor code that is underway. according to ukrainian media. speaking of the aztecs were all soo brewing and ten s well out the death toll from recent anti government protests has risen to find the latest in a twenty two year old female model. violence continues in bed as well as thousands of protesters away to secure the fates and jailed opposition leader will call the little pest. l lopez has been meeting a week long
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protest against president nicholas made in total for his handling of the economy and shortages of basic food items. hello the united states the department of homeland security is warning airlines to watch out for explosives and the issues of passengers. the us government is working off of intelligence that terror groups have been working on new shoe bomb designs and this is the second such a warning from the us government after it told airline to be on the lookout for explosives and toothpaste to a direct flight to russia i have been hoping for the winter olympics in sochi some disconcerting news i just can't close as one hundred tonnes of highly contaminated water. after weeks and if it does seem a new clear park rides due to a malfunctioning storage tank while nothing has been conference head coach says it's highly unlikely and that the radioactive water bead standing nearby pacific ocean
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that's all from me today but i'll be back tomorrow with the stories making headlines around the globe. where other know what the track and figure skating thinking yeah that is this close to sending her a love that title after her win in the ladies short program for details the command line tool or lend its correspondence with his son in sochi to send the lesson the guys the eyes is the official website announced wednesday he was young that time a whiskey steve s official the world as was his turn to brown on top in sochi. as the molten gold in olympic champion team skin almost plus programs in music sending of clouds to meet the short run and seventy four point nine two points that's all for points order
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all records and bank over four years ago. but some nice nice she should have received a higher score. after ski was claimed. earning her the highest program components or cats don't see that great artistic expression. although keane had no trouble landing her triples team told reporters after performance session was a bit tense just before returning. bush believes in herself and was relieved after her just landed successfully. after a short program performance. fans were even more convinced she will get federal and the gold become the only third female skier in history to win to the second will and the goals and is highly competitive events. the game there are the moment my eyes. we are but she needs to widen or it least maintain the gap between current and the runners up. as a top three are within a single
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point of each other seventeen year old russian anna lena sunday come up fascinating home fans. what a stunning performance. and just zero point two eight points behind him. in telling carolyn costs are also steal a great grace two of the murray and took her in third place. just point eight points short of the top spot fifteen year old russian skating sensation. you'll even as high as six in fifth place after failing to match her last job. clare's to other skiers. teammate seen in parts of the un also advanced a free skating on thursday a day psa qualified and top twenty four. since the first to steve the long program on thursday at ten pm so it is time and thus deny korea time. snell be the last scanning our last free program. dancing to the tangled audience know me know. bring to bring down an unparalleled skating career
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in nc one mascot bites her pants. so once again lying very still be skating in the early hours of friday morning three times. it's all turn on and help her win a historic buildings sexy that's all for me from now reporting from sexy media center. xd guys. rino was our song to some reporting live from sochi. as for other highlights from the games are finally enjoying this and this cd out tiny welcomed the routine and daniela let's go straight to the women's box korea banned from yesterday. i wear a group of communities are celebrating its three consecutive golds and wednesday's team and bob sleigh canadian team had an elise and feel comforted when to get sick on the pulpit to come to court in the vancouver twenty ten games also. but this time he nearly went into effect here it's ot the us team was actually meeting up until the fourth and final run at the events of the locks by a tenth of the second american teens actually to clump of sulfur and the bronze. now
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let's turn to anti gang ice hockey is not really talk to the sport here in korea but in russia it's a bit different i heard it so that we publish what is basically the nationals for over the exact nature that's probably why a lot of trash and are upset today because the russians men's hockey team lost last night to finland taking them out at the battle grounds that it was an exciting atmosphere in the bowl of chili and stone on wednesday at him as he was a sellout crowd. but despite the directions looking at their home turf. a lot to spend like three to one nice happy as a national sport but they haven't won an olympic gold since nineteen ninety two. the cutting that just a few more days until the end of the winter allenby games how can seem adults have a look but right now. exodus three rds of the social impact and actually the metal ring was that the country's top five have been changing by that date that could mean the way it on a top with ten gold medals than their leaders can just see what i was telling the nordic cross
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country event. germany is in second place followed by the us russia and the netherlands of drowning out the top five. yesterday i gave him the top twenty at least in the sixteenth place to shoot forth battle. this is something in the water was in korea did that much but when vancouver twenty ten we went in the top ten run. yet at the top five and actually act in twenty ten we had six gold medals so unfortunately needle had as many gold medals this time but maybe over the weekend visiting some more but also that we have a breastfeeding woman statistically it tonight and so we can also go forth and back to backs and still eat that and other scandals and events tours in the us to kill it at the schedule
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the ethics don't be back tomorrow to fourth with anger for those reports. connie fan paul was a typical sunny winter day here in small but things are looking to put in on them not for the family of the unions are probably taking place for more let's go over trekking but down at the weather center. the dow the main guys come on can that is seen snow at this hour and it looks like another centimeter will fall through early tomorrow morning but the good news is that after this kind of snowfall. clear skies and moderate temperatures are forecast at the north's mount and bazaars and currently the east coast regions are seeing these guys seemed to westerly winds. and then sent to the new province will go well he says seven centimeters of snow but there's some really coming when the snow clears out the bestest present expecting sunny skies with moderate winds at times on friday the rest of the nation will
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enjoy i had to post anything today that tomorrow's politics seven degrees while timetable that is enclosed and reached the low teens moving on and on and says it makes you a deep freeze pop with built in seats at suu. i could see a guy. a study on the broadcasts and this thursday nights and each evening so daniel chan thankful watching will leave you with some images from the cross quarter union among come down in north korea hopefully those from a chain of events the more people showing in hoping for korea to be the unifying some things the eye the lulu. i know. the us. new wing will
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whittle . more than seventy people have reportedly been killed in the ukraine are still today as on trying to break it was with a fierce overseas and at times and he's all these cruel sports cars inside of the at the hotel at the very epicenter of the finest also ukraine result of hostage takings seen weapons and moved up in kangaroo courts as a crisis comes to assemble the war so to say that the village of food counter terrorism


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