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yours. i know the next in the broadcast marking her first year in office as president i can and nelson and dishes every year economic plan to allow the nation to reform and innovate its way to per capita income of forty thousand dollars by twenty seventy. who is close the first set of cross border family re union is to be held over three years. then he viewed as a success so far warmer relations seem to fall out. it is air pollution from dangerous levels of dust particles continues to choke an ancient authorities issue advisories to stay indoors as residents week with the rain i've done it begins now. but
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it did they. h chang all and welcome to present any sixteen states every twenty fifth year in korea life from seoul and when biden announced on wednesday so much for joining us. we begin with president biden is one year anniversary of her inauguration when she became
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korea's levels. i stayed at a first ever female leader of the nation. and on this tuesday to mark the occasion present hardly doubt that the heels of her three year economic integration plan here's their presidential office correspondent on youtube. previous occasion of the two koreas will be a big man sat in line with this comment made in her new year's address. kristen had announced plans to set up the essential breed of teacher preparation committee to seek out ways to break down when she called assisted headache and constructed for unification with apple. he put it up. but they were needed to be helpful. i think a lot i mean i'm curious to win the kelt i push them back the committee while creepy on the purview of the unification ministry. but experts and civic groups from various sectors ranging from foreign affairs and security to the economy and culture dr that i specifically prayed for unified korea. if
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you're your economic innovation plan unveiled in tuesday's address the president acting out racing teaches potential economic growth rate to about four per cent and per capita compared to forty thousand dollars by the year twenty seventy eight. she picked for three goals creating an economy with strong fundamentals making an innovative and dynamic economy and establishing an economy that down system as to the end and exports the president says he will start recruiting and abnormal policies and from practices especially in the sector after the lecture reviews and kept the debt ratio at institutions and to factor per cent. but just the atlantic for private companies to issue corporate bonds. the korea land and housing corporation for example which has debts of more than one to twenty eight billion dollars the ratio of over four hundred percent as of last year. and her
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innovative economy because it is up. it was only me working on. dylan to wait until may the guests and back she also promised to increase investment in research and development two five per cent of the country's gdp by twenty seventeen. as the demand comes as an important part of her cool for a balanced economy. chris is at a target of reducing the nation's household debt ratio by five percentage points by two thousand seventeen. i had to get tax benefits and introducing fixed interest rates and leveled at services for mortgage loans which in june i didn't use. and to assign a grade to present box performance over the past year and to analyze the new three year economic blueprint announce today we're joined by dr d to one professor of economics from nancy university welcome. to be
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here. now i've got to the present working into office a year ago with a strong emphasis on revitalizing the economy. now if he were to get her crate with preventing differ in terms of the car. but to take photos. the feisty last night that is so disappointing the line to look at the cross linking us some take a two point eight percent. the trust's often train noise and the potential growth rate of korea. and deal with the idea of economic vision quest to achieve the employment rate of seventy percent by relying on two policies of economic havoc with auntie sharon and create to be calming. however in three months. weight has been heartily change it. and most of. the so they sense that she actually did that would top the incomes of diplomacy and security issues
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but incomes up to become a methodist. her record was disappointing. paul martin or one year anniversary she did entail a three year economic blueprint day. what stands out about this plane to you well on its insight that she is trying to take over from his disappointing first direct current incomes of the comic. well what interests them solid is that should propose these three three key strategies in protein. he is the punishment of a fundamentally strong economy and promote domestic demand and was so cute that balance between domestic demand and export. and in order to achieve these discrepancies. she proposed to nine action plan. but if you look at those nine action plan space to cali out this nothing of substance only knew in those plans. that is if it's cuz of some arielle major policies that have been proposed so far. so if
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implemented very well and executed. we expect this and you pull the loop reach out to right to make up for the shortcomings that for the past year. yes this and so on. if the ghosts nine nine action plan so well implemented. i'm pretty sure that the squid to make a big difference. aware for those people used to say that that was all racing feet. if you look at the pk overdose nine action plans. the couple problems. osama with those policies may face some resistance from the interest on sol one policy may have conflicts with the us policies in the blender have a conflict like this. i'm geared up to the present for up to the staff to prime minister took wanted me to his policies. well let's talk a little bit more about those interests bad main service obstacles to some of the implementation. a lot of her plan. aside from
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innovation in the rest of the forum and changing the status quo. do you think these changes have a chance of succeeding. well they have different to chip in on the phone main room. police have to please him. if only now not to companies. it is practiced. if on the label markets. so for most every previous resume tried to introduce me fall in these sectors. but unfortunately not many folks say that. so on. it will depend on the contamination of the preston. and kevin. ten or so. if we recall year the family on the need for cooperation from the operation puppy in the show simply. all right professor e thank you so much for your insight and maybe we can get a mid term report card and a third in the middle of the year thanks so much. to be
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the world. after nearly a week of highly charged emotions the two koreas wrapped up their two rounds of three unions for war separated families said north korea's malcolm got the families many of whom are dnc needs said their tearful goodbye which raises the question of whether the will ever be given the right to meet again and again ecp teaching ministry correspondent on sunday reports. it was an emotional day in north vietnam in the ninety day after the ups tracking of their first meeting in a battle for fourth after reading that leads to more than three years. for most this could be the last nine to see their families living on the other side of the border as an end betty over the eighteen eighties. each the budget
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the embankment and added him to brown. the first three games every night found me yet and the final three games every night and north experts say that's rare show of cooperation between the creamy as it could lead to a proper filing an inter korean ties when it signifies the first of improving inter korean ties and serves as a foundation according to family reunions on regular bases. in addition to show the world that the two koreas in soft problems to dial it upon holding assets test of the year. in fact the two sides had that week that fasting. blackberry an issue that has made to the family the unions have regular events and send it to the medically to the north such efforts come in line
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with president park contains principle of approaching softer issues before addressing more serious matters like north korea's new two year program. experts say if the country s maintained the momentum for dialogue. possibility of recovery in the nation is love. who can use cases and there was also pulled a piece by north korea wonder was going to create dialogue and cooperation. even if there was and he was assaulted the google it. on the second day at the joint military drills between south korea and the united states north korea has yet to criticize its southern neighbor unsettled and antiques. no well the two koreas are conducting in check or read the labor unions. a north korean military patrol ship crossed the maritime border in the west sea three times the tree just before eleven pm monday night game three in tuesday morning. south korea's defense ministry announced on tuesday that
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the north korean vessel crossed back and forth the on the northern limit line the defacto maritime border between the two koreas on three separate occasions venturing as far as three and a half kilometers into the zone the south korean military said high speed patrol boats to the area after warnings were ignored by the north although there were no skirmishes the boat turned back at around two thirty this morning the ministry says that it is highly likely that the north sent the boat to the area on purpose since it ignored warnings and lingered for quite a long time the nation's umbrella labor union state simultaneous rallies across the country on this tuesday in protest against a parked in a ministry said. i can explain to what the are rallying for the one year anniversary of president monson operation was not met with celebration by the agency needs. some forty thousand angry workers from the korean confederation of trade unions turned out in force at seoul plaza on tuesday afternoon to give
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the president of finance that down. they claim their administration has been a prissy workers and moving to privatized firms. the union workers cleared space to walk the protests in central seoul before returning to the plus side to hold a candlelight vigil. currently fourteen hundred police on site with water cannons at the ready should the protesters get out of hand. the afternoon rally follows only ones not all studies earlier on tuesday in the morning meant the picture in railroad corporation station one day walkout. in any of the state run railway operator withdraw charges against him is to participate in the summer but just wants to protest the government plan that would create a subsidiary to ratify the treaty. he trains the plan is the first step for the pattern. despite the protests there were no inconvenience is causing railway operation things around and find the hat was passed in eighteen hundred replacement worker the greater protests organized by the korean confederation of trade unions was expected to draw some two hundred thousand people. but
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just fifty thousand to part mainly because of foreign labor union of hyundai motor india motor has decided not to join in. the government has warned of stern measures against those taking part in what it calls an illegal walkout notified citizens to take transportation to avoid traffic jams caused by the protests on the streets honey can i not nice the shift their focus what a quick drawing and won or brushing nine to fifty billion us dollars. that's how high household debt incurred be reached as at the end of last year and it's the height of twenty five billion dollars from just three months earlier. data released on tuesday by the bank of korea suggests that a jump in housing transactions largely explains the quarterly increase household credit growth picked up at its fastest pace in seven quarters in the fourth quarter of two thousand thirteen. thanks to government measures that boosted housing transactions which surged even more in january. household credit
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were first to credit purchases and loans for households that have been extended by savings banks and commercial lender. chris olympic squad returned home this tuesday to a hero's welcome. some came back sporting medals some didn't but they all came back looking ahead to two thousand and eighteen when chris resort town of khan chunk will play host to the gates at sochi twenty fourteen course biased and his son went out to welcome the athletes herself and the alleged attack. this week whether the spring with medals or we don't end on tuesday the athletes were one week she has been home fans after landing at each airport you prefer salty with a middle school for all. we finished in thirteenth place in the medal count at all sure that our initial goal of being in the top ten. all the athletes give it their best especially the female olympian the under achievement could have been disappointing considering the efforts entry over the past forty years
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the kids get eric union and its contents. despite winning silver in any event many believe she should have a wonderful day. and this clock that it's all over now and i was able to show off what i prepared is the time. i still can't believe it's all over now. and nose and made a successful debut are already picturing themselves at the next eight weeks. i'm grateful i'm on the toes of our college i went to prepare while over the next four years and do even better actor and ten. the olympic flag from sochi was also on board the plane ask the athletes and will call the kopitiam opposite to its new home. starting later this week. the country has begun all eyes are now one oz and the study everything from sochi will showcase korea developed country now three decades after was in seoul summer games in nineteen eighty eight. the winter sports athletes and it comes to organizing committee came back from sochi with some lessons learned. but how does a middle games and make this
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thing at home hero. saw this on. i can use it on. i want the latest developments in ukraine that the pensions h leader alexander to her shop has delayed the formation of a new government until thursday. this comes as russia stepped up its rhetoric against the opposition party reports ukraine's new interim president colin standard traction off says the appointment of a new unity government will be delayed for just a few more days. amid intense ongoing consultations on the future direction of the country church not told legislators in parliament that a national coalition must be elected on thursday. yep really set the deadline to form a new cabinet and prime minister on
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tuesday. the empty seats in government however will likely be filled quickly. so officials can seek economic assistance to stave off the faults and rebuild the path towards european integration russia meanwhile issued its strongest response yet on tuesday with an ounce and the removal of present that to get a cold and questioned the legitimacy of the opposition. moscow's prime minister dimitri medvedev said ukraine's internal authorities are the result of our unity. in response the ukrainian the united nations held a press conference in new york and said the change in government was carried out through constitutional means they get these big groan the former speaker of parliament who resigned at the bottom and bipolar inconclusive to two majority connected to a speaker from the position. i'm excited to chino. with eyes that assertion that in ukraine there was a coup. he is the least. upson. law enforcement authorities in ukraine are still searching
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for ousted president gannett co bench after an award for his arrest was issued on monday over charges of killing eighty two people mainly peaceful protesters in the meantime ukraine's central election commission has already begun its campaign for a snap presidential elections on the twenty fifth. all the audio in it when our table again what else is making headlines around the world with their uni and standing by at the new center the answer what is making headlines. hi guys as that was fine as criticisms on japan's territorial disputes with its neighboring countries. china's foreign ministry spokesperson said during a press briefing on tuesday that japan's territorial disputes are closely tied to the country's past acts of aggression and colonial rule the spokesperson called in japan to reflect on its past and current trust and its asian neighbors during practical be he gets all the time has been turning up the volume about japan's claims to disputed islands in
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the east china sea. this is a rare move to indirectly stay and also with korea japan continues to be repeated claims that the berea control of the island. oh well they kiss and all the phone trade show is in full swing over in barcelona on the first day of the mobile world congress monday the tech industry's biggest names for their big gift guides with some electronics being no exception. the car and take time rolled out its galaxy as five smartphone complete with a larger display and sixty two megapixel camera. it also unveiled a new smart lots and fitness and in a clear indication that the battleground for the smaller worlds is shifting from the hand to the risks. the united states is reviewing its really since it with uganda today after the country signed into law a bill that the allies as homosexuality. despite protests from western donors
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and a warning from the eu well as uganda president at your weary move said bonnie signed the law and monday meeting some homosexual acts are now punishable by life in prison. the white house is to test the men's team president is the body has taken uganda one step backwards. on tuesday we are undertaking a review. the list of bizarre relationship with uganda in light of this decision washington is one of the god of the largest donors and it's amazingly than four hundred million us dollars in aid each year that's all from me for an ally now be back tomorrow with the stories making headlines around the world. welcome to prime times for some students at
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the start things off on the greens with ladies golf where top ranked pro i can beat continues to show why she's always the favorite to win any corn and cheese and tears apart whose average ten point three points in sixty one outings retained their place as the world's number one golfer for the forty sixth week in a row. joe's able to reinforce or spot after a second place finish in thailand. her first start this year. the losses and patterson stacy lewis libby ago and you saw it on to round out the top bunk. and move on to major league baseball the top office has enacted a new role that aims to reduce collisions at home plate and its related injuries. simply put it prohibits base runners from running outside the line and making unnecessary contact with the catcher and catchers from blocking the wonders that when the pill at the ball. now i will present all collisions at home as was talked about in the past but hopes to appease the old school fans with its afford the two exceptions. now let's
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get to tuesday's cup matches starting in the korean basketball league. i know ttc face off against the scum song on there. of all things are looking to rebound from two straight losses. the song starts out that it came to see it to run their own too at the half of the dc comes out strongly for third as seven players led by was that good for the period and it's too much for tom's on an atc wins eighty six to seventeen now it's to be leak hyundai capital and kept so many ton on the four round five and checked out tackled looks great start and it's the first set but hyundai capital. not so ron and that the feds helps them to win the next two. now that most often struggles to produce crucial winners from the capital needs of the home when three cents to one. and that's it for now this has been steven chen setback after midnight for more on the world of sports use
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the move. i used to do this i hand in. i couldn't use it in. do they. for the second straight day the capital was under an ultra fine just watched and the seoul city government is taking action for more on the find the situation must have turned her down but i think today was one of the worst state in terms of air calling for a bit of a standstill that's right an actual city government has announced that it would double operation to clean up trucks that spray
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water on the road ends and looks like not continue to stay busy as fine cast will continue to stick around. now karen these holidays seeing one hundred and seventy micrograms per cubic meter of buying that and levels have reached all four hundred micrograms in those other regions. also it's one that is being two hundred and twenty seven micrograms which is five times the normal levels. though it is highly recommended that you wear that specifically designed to keep up my . as for the weather the southern regions are at the edge of the high pressure system which is why it is cloudy down there. well tomorrow the clouds will the few showers down south which will hopefully wash away some of that toxic dust. most of the southern regions will get five to twenty millimeters of precipitation. every no rain is forecast in the central regions of the fine cast will remain as for tomorrow's numbers towel tops out at fifteen degrees while cities down south reach eleven living on sale at their
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beats and presenting peaks at twelve degrees. meanwhile four to add a can that make it through ten and two minus one victories respectively in it. all right thank you brother for that and that its air broadcasts on this cheesy guy i mean by getting chilled tomlin things watching all season. if international audiences are all interested in this isn't the same way that american audiences are and they're interested in you know in america mrs they're also interested in this is from other countries because that again they're interested in the genre itself in the format in the way that that format this kind of existential and answers questions about good and evil and crime and punishment. and so therefore its worldwide. i
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like about ear to the mysteries is that. not only are you. what changed the crime drama. but you also just alerted. you know about the culture of the motherland to barbie and you get the flu in bergen norway. through slept through the third liners you get. you know and ideals would sometimes sleep his life over to the lenders because they're the set in sweden. and of the main character is fabulous to watch his excellent. and we like police procedural. you would want his life but you're one of wannabe in sweden after two seasons. i think scandinavia manager suddenly become much better than it was previously. i
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think pak us and uk have been awakened to a just a question and that's great that the reading great books for years i think just the combination of pop culture and good writing that the state lacks the phenomenon was has brought some attention we tried lots of fun though we like it was the light mist of plots that were to swim in the humor and the fact that andrea kelly areas very much involved in this grid. so it get it through the books and great fun with our best to address one of the folks that brought back from him. and lo behold a few weeks later i noticed that you are broadcasting the show really enjoyed the guys wonderful there exists a look at it and it's very very good after i ate i really like the wall and are serious about high time to qualify that because of what some of the hiring of us. and she is is it that is really going to take off. it
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begins with irene doing the karate kicks and you're really taken to wish you what she's doing you see she's a strong lady. then you see her with her family. absolutely fascinating family. i think women are going to be perfectly attractive country so whereas i saw longer for us on. she may end up being my thing. the very pleased to within the last year or so imagery is now selling the cds online and i've been promoting them on my website design just restocked on because i've really fill that if you enter united states universal opportunity to buy. foreign tv stuff was so high. and i just want to spread the word. you knew
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knew wong will the day grabs really mean green sea of semester four in a show of defiance against the self to clear a government in kiev and to voice support for the new mayor chosen by popular will. on sunday the real path into the eu it's not privy to the german capital b the greek path actress won the financial aid from brussels and the international monetary fund may prove a slippery slope for ukraine. washington models over whether to lease three thousand troops in afghanistan


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