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tv   RT News  PBS  February 28, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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the cover and don'ts to. i began working on it the red mosque and fourteen cents. i read their story you will end this khomeini in the japanese soldiers have a c grade there's also another secret we just eat our experience that the victim. now grandma kept in cells but not all works of trauma victims. here is a young girl. seen on top of the japanese figure striking due to the ground in dc. the look of defiance on her face. the message of hope of overcoming the past the festival is a very big gathering of accomplished artists from abroad. i think the exhibition made many of the artist curious about the issue of lately the next thing to do list get an
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apology for the grandmas before they pass away the messages here are both for the. many who are unaware situation. there are some messages year meant for the victims themselves the mission in france a while was treated for visitors to leave notes encouraging for the victims at this mall has been brought to korea and has been added to the evocation of notes of hope christian names and love for this minds. he knew. now some of the images look in their iam very interesting exhibition but some of the images look very crafty in this. that exhibition is being held at the curragh get my money is he which is a popular place for children now so i'm thinking that the artist expect an older audience bp. you know when
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i'll admit the majority of people i've shot contrition wear pants with children. i hadn't originally thought the content is a little bit had the need for content and to teach your children can u guys imagine a dozen children tching that to them. three difficult i would see that this is for the beach or on cfl that's what i have recently thought that the parents seem very willing to accept their help their child in understanding through the use of these comics which is exactly what the artist want it one of the artists i interviewed mentioned that he wanted to connect with that old auntie said something that happened add to their grandma's. and the vision that you plan to release it was in the county provinces that have a plan to come to seoul. maybe he'll end. yes it does have a plan
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to come to school can lead this country but it ends ranted did very well it was actually held open longer than that of originally intended on and so they wanna continue spreading this awareness which is why they brought it to korea after school is going to go around the back to korea and they do have plans to take it to other comic educations and festivals. i particulary in the paint and a knowledge of the info you can do that no one expects that the condition before it leaves the meeting. i will thank you very much for this report on this unique exhibition. the knee. and still ahead on korea today one of the sexiest girl groups in korea is taking the world by storm with their sexy. then in effect than a song title. in fact been in
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contact with the bright side can get the light that was me this group so fast on me and this year with this. oh wait i need facts and statements with the onset of spray and let man not the reason he's not with the extent that the lao on the shared the screen is really on reflecting this enough but i hate it i don't have enough with this bow tie on. i love the colors blue and for indiana in suits and men's seeds have been coming around it's becoming very popular flamboyant colors floral patterns have become popular as well and it's be a trend of fourteen thousand fourteen said he wanna look trendy like me or i can't be too hasty to check out this report. the perfect debate
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apartheid from and what kind of size leave the tank the men's fashion this year for the one and nineteen seasons of spring. the latest in a pram and that will melt some high speeds he said the key comedy men's fashion for spring and summer this year is different. ninety two through the air that differentiates what dominates in its way. the people he says seek out thought of deterrence but these days as we see a great surprise he pretends come now it's becoming a more open auction focus demons. it brings out a tent at the sophisticated enough for men. depending on the type of attire you can go from sunday she too rough and tough because they present an easy and all three sit for up to new signing. sensible people are getting up to business casual levites
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recommended gandhi saw no point heading up a double breasted play jack kids with too tight pants. it might be seasoned window pane checked us in such a man to lead this is a very classic that i'm recommending it to ten stop the people are looking for something with more for that and when you can also offer the same things not seen daniel and daniel read more about that. he gives it a vintage style including madonna have to pretend to pay out of my tent dating from the unsophisticated so make some bread that our kitchen since deserted and delivering them to see the need to color and style but you should go with her for everything. it's a very flashy colors to wear it with solid act the many colors and use blue c to accentuate
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certain elements. another trend in men's fashion bases in a statement the old and i'm going to have a lot of conscience. i did tune in to land the house floor plans are almost exclusively for woman's clothing. i recently the boundaries to be coming down secured seen this trend and that is clarence well and it's becoming more popular one of the many incidents to will it be in the north and east after you lying the sun the source marchers that he has shown up a flamboyant bought by demonic in nature but it's like inside. but they're still want to try at this time tve visited a shop to check out some friends. this is in rather than doubtful reprise this more but instead
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gave baltimore a willoughby does it feel i. before that wih the launch of may and had to go with the old demented pasture instead. when i send my peanut chews it up on trends with bright colors nope and i will set it up the option to hunt a good way to finance the end of its bite matching it up with the islamic lecturer teach parents and the passion they kept the chance to create a more defined. your parents may not be the easiest to wear still want the other ways can you incorporate it it snapped in two years' time. the way to live through repeat as the weeks now with the top is to maidstone for twenty two in the form content i can see another possibly rafi callie example you can toronto and uncle in
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a titanic idea and bring on the best in the forum contest to make you a little more approachable. the expense of the deceased and aids the common for twenty eight us domination the fashion scene in men's races for my mantra of last year. it was to fold them in total support of upgrading of the dignified gentleman side of the season becomes a dumb idea fast as he seemed like one comic ends of the trinity to lighten things up. the email goes well with the city is an extremely attractive but especially effect on its accessories like handkerchief tied to a necktie as you can complete a more sophisticated look. also bring out the charm and burgundy color by wearing parking times is
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another cute styling tent any and all i kept them but i don't know and for non models will be able to pull up the floral pants. hence the pattern i am trying we love nana's and bethany had been set in after everyone had to say and that fly me off. and it was a lie. both sides of the elite of the decision it out to sea green eyes to wear it like maybe for a small party or something and how lonely i could try and bring me up and mind these are the trends so i can tell you mentioned that the models are able to pull a toss a few things you can pull it off then getting a hang up the shutters davenport. thanks k entertainment coming right up where the top. i don't think
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about us going on. i work in as much as i can work their eye on in january and february. a lot of good will that have made their comebacks as well as utep use and this is good news for denny on because he gets to go out and interview them then a good morning good morning i made a lot to them liberty's us like a good interview a couple weeks ago and the sexy interesting because they had just finished reaching the number one spot on a k pop music show in so they're celebrating the advent and so we have a really fun interview share with you guys the unthinkable the eye. this is going to install a simple shopping district always bustling with people i'm so nervous like dunno what to say. they are to take part in
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a free hug and told them that way. these days and this song that easter. i've not been. a lot. you win the first two months of the year of law in competition with other groups we see the track meets her i liked the best. the sexy charm nothing to offer. spirit is doing very well right now the people as possible so long now. see me this woman got on to middle son being drawn up not comment on this site politics and sometimes i feel but anyone dilution of the human hero. don't get into the middle of oil will see clearer. back to the day with the tons of an illegal and the video. you have to
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see it. number one on the teapot show set out to the folks at the pumps the peacocks number one he would have a treat. all the people gay and some of the civil case and i was happy that he will dwell just when i got miss me if i can stop listening to my eating style and want to pass a pc pro is tenuous gateway was an awful idea of having two groups within one the black team for band music and the whites for dance music it usually works is one but occasionally the code are always so it's especially members who plays the drums only take part in the street and saw. i had to this is not deal with
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the set itself apart from the bottle and put chicken on songs that have the striking balance between two different styles using it into one it's all know that i get a lot since it will be a bit and that's the only bits and then to god she wouldn't stand a little bit similar to little kids out to me that no clue what he can continue that the lees attraction lies not only in their provocative sexy performance but also in acute and down to earth nature. recently parody pictures of the group's release of the animation feature film frozen. estrada lot of attention. go to the sheer difference and sales. the report urged the minister also highlights the style of music. he said the band the day. so on
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steam the eye. he also held their first solo concert offering the lives of people the house. once considered a good chat on the scene anyway has made people will see a lot of attention as the week and next. he tells about your plans with future for both korea and overseas add to that. last but not least the last words it's working twenty eight cents not bad. isn't it. in the back of. the one hundred young ladies they are and indeed made her debut in the re paint a thousand twelve i believe but their popularity the knee began to take off just recently in january but tight not there around eight member group but i only saw six of them into
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the what happened to the press. obviously other things that were there and there's two members though you get is the drummers so she is only a part of the band is split into two parts the band force's elite black and is the only white rice so the performers the basis of with more on the dance portion size in one member's hug and she was injured. she wasn't actually there during the interview portion of the other seven members can be a dance group and its five members in need and porsche. yes in another pan like this where the ash the tube and musically they're actually deserving of a per word and to write the play instruments and also the dance music it seemed kind or other skilled as well i would say it's a very unique concept to have the same group split up into
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the sub units this way so i thought of it staying also their backstory when the recently came out of the idea was that they were angels no they really came down to share music with the setup i scanned the city to have been a great concert because it has this entire mythology this back story behind it the people latch onto its kind of like the hand of man is in love like angels in heaven with pre existing for show i am really impressed but i need some they are not a girl group to see nowadays. well a lot of stuff is going on with the mimicry right now when it comes to their success in the charts especially with mini skirts adding that the second place spot in japan designed to be tarzan also in china they had
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the number one spot in prevails in one spot too so they've been doing very well the cut everything off and doing more solo stuff right now. a couple of them are doing drama is one nordic email last week with me at the end of march and so on to do more to be selected isn't coming back later with the more unique song the sizzle of the lot before to write anything you very much it must be really difficult to stand out too with all these titles in this field. i think even the prom i noted a look at the top five songs on the korean pop music charts. the easy day lol cats. it then you should do it. i am. all right let's check in with the tube at me
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and joins us from its actual location where ahead of the march for its independence movement day i will go to tommy and ensure that this location has tommy the video. what a line from one contests while much of anything anniversary at the end mark's first movement known as the setting here in the. now hop on that peaceful place where he took no action was back in nineteen ninety he is one of the second largest display at the resistance against japanese when you look at the time. i don't want to let more people know about the history of mom got him to commend my spirit of independence activists the office bulletin event everyone likes parts. that was the start of each of
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these bits here and post partum movement is all but one type of punishment made reenactment of that the event is expected about three thousand students and as it is to take part in battle or start a bible study held to commemorate thirty three years representing the three bears and the four km street race with the wheat flour it will take place. my son will be one thousand shooting swingset like i have that back in nineteen ninety and stunning. basically it's two years south korea there will also be absent but since that experience programs the exhibition anything a bright spot is also a trip down memory really looking to satisfy such as cotton candy and work on which has the rights to build inside
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not being mean that banks will be taking place and mild and partly. the two thousand for about three thousand projects as ever yet to wear the veil of the people of all walks of life here with twenty one got re enactments of one to come by in fighting this memorable moment with many other issues he looked at the top of it the shop now with the beginnings of march next week we will be beginning a new season of korea today that we will be fine to different locations with ru county. that's right just under five hundred wyatt into allied location on location reports from the tommy and the on the wall and he will be with her aunt she will be with us for that season which is rather sad
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that but we'd like to thank you for that tommy. thank you very much for all your reports are to you daddy for the last time. ah well chris i like the cpt so much in you is an on air team that you know be here for the past two years. i just letting everyone know learned us know more about please contact a hand to assist a lot of fun hopefully oliver view is of no where in something from life in korea. i definitely have learned a lot and enjoy this journey and three it's a buy at six knots the goodbye kiss like a farewell i just wanted to play love and support that i've been receiving from my life in korea. police keep continuing detainee on korea today salad i bought a farewell and danny carey at city island
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also this morning i was unable to see eye to the high fives down before the show so did my hair fly back to you young and the sunken city of what's every goodbye but see you later a tall tgi friday everyone as we kick things off with the lpg war world number one party and he went to the first round of the hsbc women's championship hoping to win her first title this season and after the first round plump not a bad start putting me off a great start to start off the event was shot and even party fortnight before three parties in the tenth thirteenth in the fourteenth hole where the seventeenth hole she would both be leaving her at two under seventy at the first round before seventh overall just railing karrie webb by four strokes which i six hundred
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on the day. it will reward a footballer koreans have been waiting for years to find out how to tackle warriors will look on the pitch and personalize the korea football association revealed their uniforms for brazil but it wasn't the uniforms that caught everyone's attention was what mattered choking them go said in the press conference. thus began on the moon on thursday manager paul noble a state that the silver medal finish by the staff the men's speedskating team pursuit team inspired him in korean sports generally being that despite lacking the experience and technique compared to the other nations they were still able to claim the silver medal manager conceded that the current world cup squad is very similar to the speed skating team and hope to do the same in brazil. and what seems like yesterday when the twenty thirteen boston
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marathon was marred by a attack with three spectators were killed including two under sixty four others injured and the officials planning are making sure that this doesn't happen again this year. he was in athletic association which organizes the twenty six mile race day that all backpacks and handbags will keep an eye that the events and athletes like to bring the change of clothes d will be provided with the clear plastic bag to pull their items eg here check areas and issues event is set to take place on people twenty first on patriots day. this is the assault was on thursday night skiing the all action would be for some over stevens continued their dominance as he cruised past week when a rise seventy nine to fifty four. you won't be in ten ep on elephants taken
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on a quiz i keep the sonic bullets take a look at the highlights. the court to gain their first quarter of bonsai show meanwhile film that has been keeping secret for sixteen weeks before going to have time with the report when i made for the second half of the game in charge of rallies back outscored the t twenty two to sixteen the third before wedding away with that in the fourth quarter the game as he rallied back to take the skins seventy to sixty three. it was her out for me this has been sj had a great weekend everyone and see this again for your sports teams yet how in the final leg in this cold winter and the four wheel x rayed and take the helm in full swing we wanted to sit down with a hot
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bowl of hot today i had intended to hide and bad math teacher who joins us this morning we went into mourning and your right. how was it the coldest a sterner break but spring is coming summers on the prices so you really there's no bad time for height. and what i mean hot i don't mean spicy. i mean cooked over an open flame there's really no better way to how food so while we take a look at some of the best of fruits they can cook out on an open fire. but ideally it should come and what the deal was that they grow older fish right outside over to complain and you can smell it from a mile away. it's one the most delicious smell the world and that's what
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today's shows about i hear and cook over an open one specifically. and let's see how many everyday foods we can transform some special with the use of milk. you're a student reporter and their famous for. the is he counted for a scapegoat taking me sleep in this case be for me and it's not a rice cake but rather its meat that's been treated similarly. it's been tough to find similar to how you count up so that's with the name comes from sheer these the real thing and it's all taught by him and that gives the far superior to that of the brumbies machine or by a grinder and this way it is kept separate and knew it just kind of falls apart we go. the beauty of cooking
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which are the hubble couple of distinct advantage. one charcoal burns extremely hot it's hot and the new plan but more than that it's also got its own particular cents for a particular perfume to reduce this. so what would slow cooking process could easily all the way through the ikea to get a beautiful singer. the scene helps our call is open to clean up. and here we are somewhat different and that hardwood in this case specifically oh so let's see how much weight with that. this hardwood can impart on smart. it hurts this is achieved and you can see its quirks. we're still produced know is that becomes . and it's because all of this aromatic start sounding
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good the locals classics what if something else that is that you've reached the stamps. the kitchen the it's too overt. which is one way and the kids a very distinct smoky flavor. it's not overly assertive at all it doesn't actually taste like your classic no barbecue smoke. rather it has the fresh with us. what is not just this apparently was little surprise when the father. use a nice surprise. so i'm very pleased or. whenhe the chicken ricectuay on call for our rights and benefits. it soaks up all that you can see and taste la


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