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tv   Newsline  PBS  February 28, 2014 8:30pm-8:41pm PST

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so in keeping nigeria have no perspective the sky and theh of the country. as in huge problem and to defeat as of this is in the last lesson was a great tool to fix these problems. he was gone when sony kentucky are gone when the house. julia to the angle its foreign debts of the force to be the new house they bought us many good causes. had acted in terms of speed into some hope to be astute to the people in them thank you tim. some don't some bucks. he can retire on the top of the woodland edges of you when you are you're asking a soft landing him in there too to problems in terms of it in terms of this regime and a soft landing
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the first is one of the reasons i suspect without being a specialist on algerian politics in general with this kind of regime. one of the reasons why that if it does is being pushed for it to rhyme is because it's almost like postponing the inevitable. if there's a vacuum of power. it's almost more dangerous because then the real man and that many could become a new month the second thing is that you have this disco leadership generation. and that has been in power since independence with no known said no next generation oh one to pass the baton on to because they haven't been to the political system and free generates an unstable man as continuity isn't it generates the next generation of leaders. it promotes young people into positions of authority and their people there to pass
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the baton to hear it seems like there's nothing there's there's there's nothing there afterwards. and everyone it's this battle for power at the top and a draw in their seventies and some even in the eighties in eighty years old i mean there's even a toe myself wondering is that if we can even knows that he's running for president. which is like. this is a mean that they can comply with the child is in relation to see everybody knew who was a very sick. this inflation is there a very dedicated. we are talking about playing with fire in the wind and trees. i mean states and can be a very big big problem in with the youth in the streets with no jobs is the variable at that age. let's talk about
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venezuela mass protests now in their third week the present is ten months were placed in the lead for good shabbos. responding with a bold plan. the extension of carnival week ending thursday and friday for the long holiday weekend. company these truths are stories that are sent each of these systems were against the current government have come up with far fewer numbers in the capital of at least they did on thursday in other cities in the country really are and what we've seen mainly in a few years covering what's going on even as its capital but also the social media is happy in i have in place and this is the media's eyes are not really for me what's going on in the rest of the cds i come
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from a c in a school may be the third temple which is hernandez and that maybe the impacts of the two main cities that are needing these bottle in the streets. i moved the repression in those two cds moon and maybe that is anti stalin are terrible and massively dead leaves and the national guard's really attempting to their human rights in the way to proceeding to stop the riots and demonstrations. and adam it's it's a situation that is completed our hands up to the station and up the government's because he has started we found a spontaneous movement of the young students in a nearby city requested
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security and requested a move them more respect of the rights. i'm in now they're facing in that situation denise makes it all the problems in the cba can only come out said security program problems and will start up of a past affairs that we have been even in the last few years has been sated. due to the mix of different issues. it has sometimes been confusing than it into the outside night started. on campuses. who did this protest. problem is corruption and here. in europe the debate has been about chad feasible to none yes but actually it started with the students requested security team and how it works. a few days after that last week although by the second part of
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the opposition leaders who decide to. to capitalize on what was going on with the students and they make at home makes up for the problems that we have in the country. and it's true that the new obligation he said. it's just barely seen police use against tom and a geology and east is a legal problem but is more than that in the beginning people would not request in moderately that powered the way just requesting to do his job and the ministries as well. and now well and has a belated to add a point that nobody knows actually when they requested and the opposition leader and we couldn't resist trying to whistle or did you know that and in trying to conduct of david moulds and
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the administration's to laugh at times lady in a leading pro. mr casey an impact. you can visit the country according to opec sits on the world's largest oil reserves to produce two point seven million bottles a day the commitment made like unto him that each country but somehow they put in time and money the country. today i was a beast of a lot of people have come out of poverty in the past decade with how i went to compass few times and i called it in the predictions that nice when you are a compass to works of wood for the coup on the mobile phone to reach the keys divide it into. and dom. but i think. they did the regime that is the blame for what's happening. because
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they hop from one like in nigeria then how the and they come on and on to the content likes of the people and doing some extent. in a statement the problems that are that dennis will is facing a manner causing that the protests now are not selling you the violence has been around for on for quite some time to cross the criminal violence has stated a violent and scary in the streets. and the economic problems in terms of inflation and things like that have been around now for quite some time been there two things that are missing the first his job as the congressman betty and in the fierce attachment and devotion that his political followers had him as it has a political leader in the second is the oil revenues because of him after
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the financial crisis a liver oil revenues dropped for venezuela. and that due to the problem was that venezuela has brought people out of poverty but their model for doing it wasn't the same as for instance in brazil. and they manage their oil revenues the way the cheery managed its copper abuse. so today they threw money at the problem the good services away instead of instead of the moon cash transfers for instance has been shown to be more effective than the second thing is they've been subsidizing cheap oil for the entire region of like minded arrogant government something in the carribean and south america so you know it's in which on is that his charisma and the money from one or two to paper over these palms those are gone now and it's now bubbling up
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what does it justice to miss a day to come in from one of the news was a turn towards ukraine. don't forget the protesters in venezuela people around the world very emotional when it comes to venezuela to either completely behind to beat china chinese nor completely against the yen and that is because of this attendance has not had good success and that has the same path. but then when we took one thing that the missing now that we can see all kinds of content and hollered and to. it gets in the end and with as many mini reaction from latin american countries like the season said he hated to say something that causes the finance now. mine is fond of position and repression so it's going on and on and


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